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We’re a Tough Crowd, but don’t let that Discourage you from Asking for Advice

When a particular comment reminds me of something I want to warn you against, it sounds like I am coming down on the commenter. Coaches are not known for being particularly subtle, so please take this once and for all: I am not calling for an apology from the person who made the comment. In fact, worrying about the comment itself takes away from the general point I am trying to make.

One my articles was inspired by someone asking how to answer someone who said whites were guilty of taking other people’s lands. I used this to make the point that you were generally forgetting basics.

This basic was to ignore the crap and point out the guy is justifying genocide.

In football practice if a player asks Coach about a basic he has forgotten, the coach will call everybody over and repeat his question and make the general point. In that environment he makes it very clear that he expects others to forget the same thing.

I do the same thing with a general article. This was not written to condemn the question, it was used as an opportunity to make the point generally.

The coach does NOT want to discourage his team from coming back and asking him questions. He has to assume that everybody worth having on his team is tough enough to hear the thing aired in front of everybody who can benefit.

The point was, as I said, forgetting the basics is a very usual problem of people in the heat of the fight.

I want you to understand that the BUGSER who asked the question did exactly the right thing. He came here to ask what to do.

That’s what we’re HERE for, gang.

If you care enough about the winning the game you will expect the coach to be a bit rough.



Organizing Anarchists

A SWARMER asked about what he should do because he spend his time posting, and didn’t have time to report each and every posting.

He then went right ahead and answered his own question. He made a report, brief and to the point, about the things he was doing.

Another SWARMER declared with exclamation points that he had tried too many points too fast and failed.

Once again, he solved his own problem. BUGS is probably the only site where pro-whites are interested in a mistake like this, rather than in some ideological obscurity.

Like the first example, this SWARMER solved his own problem: He saw his error, declared it, and went back into the fight.

I am sure you would like to believe there is some All-Knowing Leader who could do it all right if he were in your place.

My Lord, I wish there was a guy like that!

Bob Ain’t Him.

So you have the next best thing. You have a place to discuss your activities with others who are doing the same thing, and speak the same language, a language of experience.

Let me indulge in what the world drove an old guy to: Self-pity.

I spent many, many years going from site to site, from convention to Convention, trying to get people to who could talk to me in Mantra terms.

None of them ever seemed to have convinced anybody, but they had not put the slightest energy in how to do it.

I hope some of you can appreciate SWARM the way I do. Those of you who are becoming good at this, try to put yourself back into the position I was in, when there was absolutely no one to talk to about real strategy.

Ten years ago no one in the movement would have understood what the hell you are talking about in SWARM.

As Frodo asked Gandalf, why did the Evil have to come in MY time?

Bob is not Gandalf, and even Gandalf had no answer.



A New Name is not a New Thing

The fact that something has acquired a name does not make it new.

What we have recently begun to call Stockholm Syndrome has been all over forever.

Every drunken father who spent his life beating his family and was loved by that family for the times when he had a little mercy demonstrated what we now call Stockholm Syndrome. The people Stalin DIDN’T send to the Gulag the night before were sincerely in love with him.

Respectable conservative behavior toward leftists has been straight Stockholm Syndrome for well over fifty years while I have observed it. Leftists have no mercy, and conservatives are lucky if they get off with just being called racists. On the other hand, Buckley was so flattered that Professor Galbraith would associate with him it, made one sick to read him glory in it.

Nowadays I get the impression that if Christopher Hitchens visited National Review the male staff would rape him. He said some honest things about the Clintons during the controversy and conservatives keep praising this rather mindless Marxist to the skies.

Stockholm Syndrome has been around the corner with every little toady who ever came to love his buddy because the bully didn’t hit HIM.

People who find Stockholm Syndrome novel are exactly like someone who read Newton for the first time and said, “Gee, I never noticed this gravity stuff before!”

But people do not analyze what they have no name for. We always knew political correctness was required by leftists. But it was not really discussed generally until the standard Marxist term slopped over into everyday discussion.

The fact is that one can prevent people from thinking about something by not giving it a name.

One’s brain, like any computer, is limited in the number of steps it naturally makes. So if every time one hears someone say political correctness and that person does not know it is a standard Marxist term, one must go through that extra mental step, and the process stops there.

The establishment sets a limit for how much any conservative who wants to make his living on his respectability can go. Twenty years ago one could debate Martin Luther King’s politics. The day came when anyone who wanted to make a living as a “conservative” had to grovel when the Great Name was spoken.

When a paradigm like this changes, you are ruined if you don’t know it and you are ruined if you mention it. This is the environment I made my living in.

The day that something becomes verboten for a respectable to say is a lot like the Israeli Lobby on Capitol Hill. Everybody knows that you never mention it, only respectfully and as little as possible. When you do mention it you talk about it as if it were just one of many lobbies.

But if you ever really BELIVED the Israeli Lobby is one of many lobbies you could never get a job anywhere near a congressional office. Anybody who doesn’t make the facts about that group part of his everyday thinking would have to be a genuine retard.

In the case of knowing exactly when a respectable disavows the stance his side made a quarter of a century ago, there is nobody who is a practicing professional on either side who talks about it, and there is nobody on either side who is smart enough to get a job who doesn’t recognize it.



Gar 5’s Whitakerism

Gar 5 did some thinking and came up with these for our section called “Whitakerisms”

The more money we pump into the education system, the stupider we get.

Truth is stranger than fiction, maybe that’s why people prefer fiction.

A bad generation will raise a worse generation.

Intelligence is knowing what to do. Wisdom is knowing what not to do.

The Roman empire lasted as long as the Romans did.

The smallest things have the greatest effect.

Rotten eggs make the whole cake taste bad.

If statistics ever changed anything, statisticians would be driving fast cars.

If there is an afterlife, it’s going to be chaos – all those enemies in the same place for an eternity!



That Global Warming Waterloo

The exposure of the conspiracy to give false data between the environmental “scientists” was a shock.

It was not shock that they were doing it. Fake science to back PC conclusions is routine. If Political Correctness needed frogs to have hooves a thousand PhDs in any field would line up and swear that frogs have hooves.

What astonished me was the EXPOSURE.

Now we find that Fox News in Britain, the country where that exposure of emails took place, has been exposed as reading emails and other confidential stuff. It could be that the PC pros were on that from the time somebody nailed those British “experts” from their emails.

Or not.

That exposure really derailed the Global Warming freight train. The word was already going out to respectable conservatives that they could no longer publicly deny Global Warming.

It could be an indirect connection. That exposure could have made the PC, meaning the entire academic community and its allies, very sensitive on the whole business of anyone who looked into their real communications.

Either way, I have a strong suspicion that Fox, especially the part of Fox that happens to be in Britain, paid the price.

I warned you that being at the front against PC is dangerous.

The amateurs on our side cannot even remember the main points of the Mantra, but our Swarmers can tell you that their opponents are repeating them flawlessly.

Not one of the people who interviewed me could remember the Mantra as well as all our opponents do.

They can quote our Swarmers, but whatever our tens of thousands of amateurs say blows away with the wind.



You Are Forgetting the Basics

One commenter asked how to answer the “whites took their land” bit.

We have been over that dozens of times here.

First of all, any argument of that sort is JUSITIFYING genocide.

Am seeing a lot of this in BUGS, with anti-whites getting away with the simplest things.

For example, I do not see anti-whites who complain about our repetition getting what this sets them up for:

We won’t stop saying it until you ADDRESS it.

We can’t have an adult discussion with you until you stop outlawing and start debating what we say.

You have only a small window of opportunity, and it makes me sick to see you forget to follow up on them.

And, for the hundredth time, all nations are nations of immigrants.

All nations are created by immigration.

All nations are destroyed by immigration.

Too many of you are beginning to sound like respectable conservatives, only there to answer THEM.

Maybe we could use some reminders here by someone besides me.

The instant anyone brought any of the points you have such trouble with, I would just tell the truth: “You are justifying genocide.”

Get with it, gang!



The Alamo Lesson Again

The Alamo lost the battle and won Texas Independence.

The three hundred Spartans — actually Spartiates — lost their battle and saved Greece from the Persians.

But all of them died.

Those environmental “scientists” who told each other in their emails about how they were doing the usual Politically Correct cheating on their data got exposed.

Almost from the first, I have told you that, while our side has no idea how effective Mantra Thinking is, the other side is made up of pros. They will not forgive and they will not forget if we are as effective as we can be against them.

Being in the small group that reverses the tide of battle is always risky.

As I said, the Torchlight Paraders on Stormfront would have panicked and run if they saw the present match up.

The handful of Swarmers — which to a political amateur is contradiction in terms –is in a real battle while others who sit aside and beat their chests are playing a very juvenile game.

And every BUGSTER who is not on the front is in the rear.



Short One

EG — Liberal Freedom of Speech = Fredom of Speech for Liberals