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Don’t Miss the Point, Lord Nelson

In a recent set of comments in Swarm, Lord Nelson corrected someone who wanted some variation on the word “genocide”. By saying that I have reminded you of the time when he made a similar mistake in wording and I called him down about it.

LN’s ,modesty is all right if it doesn’t make you forget the real point of that criticism.

My point was that when I made the correction LN got it immediately and started WORKING with it.

That is the contrast between BUGS and everything else people are used to. When I stood in front of that convention and began to try to explain to the audience the chasm between what the other speakers had said and what I was trying to introduce, I felt the familiar sense of helplessness.

It takes a long time for someone to understand the difference between my criticizing LN and his agreeing with his Leader, and what that correction was REALLY about.

Outside BUGS, hear and repeat is all that is asked.

Lord Nelson had made the mistake of going on the path of least resistance. He talked about non-whites ”overwhelming” white countries. He found that he got a lot less argument with that, and felt he was therefore succeeding with that approach.

But the REASON that ”overwhelming” was easier was because it did not criticize intermarriage, assimilation, the Holy Grail of anti-whites. As they multiply, there will be plenty of non -whites here to do away with the white race, so they don’t really squeal when the Tea Party criticizes immigration policy, as long as it continues to grovel to assimilation in the person of Saint Martin the Luther the King.

This is a VERY complicated distinction. The point is not that Lord Nelson repeated The Doctrine According to Saint Bob, but that he GOT THE POINT.

Can you imagine trying to explain that to an audience that had just finished seven hours of speeches from their Leaders?

I don’t expect you to just ACCEPT what I say. I ask something a lot harder, that you BUILD on it.