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The Key Word is “Silly”

The word no one will use is Silly.

To be a respectable conservative you have to say that Communism fell because it was “not viable.”

A bugser would say it collapsed because it was so Silly.

These statements are worlds apart.

Our rulers are examples of Hardy’s Law:

“Nobody is dumber than a dumb man who thinks he’s smart.”

Respectable conservatives are paid to keep the academic self-image alive. The lesson of Occupy Wall Street is that there is lots of money and “activism” on the left, but everything they have proposed is not only a failure, by now it is a string of LAUGHABLE failures.

But no one who wants to get paid in the media can LAUGH at them.

The Euro is another example of this.

Mexico is poor because it is inhabited by Mexicans. Southern Europe, even inside the same country, has a standard of living which correlates best of all with the shade of he skin of the people in the area.

Brown is poor. White is rich. Unless the whites are silly asses who are Communist.

So for Germans to have a common currency with southern Europe leads directly to a collapse.

Europe took all that nation of immigrants and One Nation crap and actually TRIED it. Just as Eastern Europe took the idea of a group of professors running everything and TRIED it.

OF COURSE it failed. It’s ridiculous.

But until somebody is willing to use words like “ridiculous,” nobody is going to get the point.