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Bob Doing the Mantra

Bob Doing the Mantra:

One of our commenters pointed out that the best statement of the Mantra he had ever heard was mine in my own broadcast years ago.

Instead of just pointing this out, one of bugsers, maybe the same one under one of those codenames you folks use:

Stop Racism and Genocide

This is Bob’s Mantra under a left wing title, LOL.

Attacking these people from the left really seems to upset them.


I was younger and had more energy, and I, the man who spent years making the Mantra was stating it as clearly as he could, so it certainly tells you what I meant by it. I was trying desperately, after years of effort, to get ONE person to use it.

I did this on Stormfront Radio and when I looked at Stormfront, I got not one comment. They wanted to talk about IRAQ and JEWS.

Now that I hear it, it IS exactly the way I wish had the energy to do it again.

So this is PERFECT. Our commenter went back and DID it.

Her did NOT suggest maybe someone should do it.

He DID it.

Please go to

And listen. It’s less than three minutes long.

It’s the best I could do, and back then I did pretty well.