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Use the Full Mantra Until You Learn How not to Need It

Posted by Bob on April 7th, 2012 under Coaching Session, Comment Responses, Mantra

I mentioned before that YOU were working out a shortening of the Mantra.

In BUGS, unlike other fora, one commenter did not head off for some Wise Abstract, but asked what the hell I was talking about. Actually he just politely asked what I was referring to, but I was reminded once again that in BUGS, some people actually THINK about what I say, not about how they can get deeply philosophical about it.

In short, I said something, and I got called on it. Which is what BUGS is all about.

But life was certainly a lot simpler when all I had to deal with was people who tried to make things more complicated rather than being unapologetically proletarian and calling me on what I said.

Once again, the problem with what I said was that it is simplisticated.

I insisted on the full Mantra because of the tailgating tendency. After tens of thousands of debates against the actual enemy, I was familiar with the phenomenon that is NOW, TO YOU, second nature. Now that we are knee deep in the Mantra and you have actually BEEN smashing anti-white teeth out the way I was used to doing, you cannot put yourself back in the world where nobody had any idea what Mantra Thinking was.

But to COACH, you still obviously stumble over your own feet while giggling about how smart you are.

I know you tend to forget that, just a short time ago, nobody EVER said “anti-white” unless it was about non-white antisemitism and they said, ABSOLUTELY WITHOUT FAIL, “anti-white AND anti-Semitic.”

In every case we all knew they were talking about non-white antisemitism.

I call myself a Coach rather than a Teacher or a Source of Wisdom because that gives me the right to be blunt and just plain nasty to you in a way no Confucius or Buddha would have been.

So now let us go back to my original point: you don’t realize what a short time it has been since when the term “anti-white” was utterly unknown. So you don’t know how amateurish you still look to me.

Oh, yes, compared to the average AMPW and, God knows, compared to the general population, you are geniuses.

I read your comments on those who say the white man deserves extinction, and what I do NOT see is the approach I always use and advocate here, again and again and again: 1) “You are JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE and 2) NOTHING ELSE.

The point, 1) is “You are justifying genocide,” and 2) is the most important thing in a debate is SILENCE.

My heart welled with pride when I saw someone quote Lord Nelson in an interview, when the interviewer was caught flat-footed by the Mantra and tried to get off on something, else, Lord Nelson just said, “I have made my point.”

But, to be as frank as only a Coach can be, damned few of you are Lord Nelson, and Lord Nelson often looks like an amateur in actual combat.

And THAT , ladies and gentlemen, is the reason I insisted on the FULL Mantra.

The FULL Mantra comes from tens of thousands of actual combats and conversions I did ALONE

To be brutally frank, you have not been at this long enough to deal with the obvious points they are going to make, as we all can predict, without stumbling over your own tongue.

If you are satisfied with where you are now, I will demand the FULL Mantra every single time.

I HOPE the time will come that, having been out in the field hundreds of times, you will no longer get all confused when the same point is brought up predictably for the thousandth time.

Another difference between a Coach and a Learned Teacher is that a Learned Teacher is never just plain WRONG. Here I am either right or wrong. I demand you to use the full Mantra because I frankly don’t believe any of you are smart enough or disciplined enough to run right over them on the points you know they are going to make.

I think you are going to act like “race doesn’t exist” or one of the ten thousand versions of “whites deserve it,” is somehow NEW. Like a freshman football guard, you are going to stumble over your own feet.


I don’t think you can give a shortened version of the Mantra and block them totally the way I have learned to do.

So if you wonder why I insist on the full Mantra, concentrate on the lesson only Lord Nelson seems to have gotten right, that one time.

Most of you frankly don’t know the difference, which one terrific commenter pointed out, between “population shift” and “genocide.”

When the Mantra becomes public property, we will have to go on from there.

From what I see in your comments, you will be as helpless in world of free speech as the anti-whites will be.

By now, knocking anti-whites on their asses and keeping them there should not be rocket science, on ANY of the predictable pieces of crap that crippled pro-whites for decades.

Right now, you look amateurish to me.

But it took me years, too.

  1. #1 by Jason Here on 04/07/2012 - 7:39 am

    What exactly is the difference between “population shift” and genocide? A place on the site that really fleshed out why this can really be called genocide would be helpful – I mean beyond just quoting the UN treaty. If it already exists, can someone please point me to it? I know that initial resistance among many pro-Whites or even honest neutrals is the word “genocide”.

    • #2 by Lord Nelson on 04/07/2012 - 8:44 am

      Jason Here

      I used to stumble on the word ‘Genocide’ too. Because the Anti-Whites would try to use it to change the debate into a debate about the meaning of that word. Took me some time to realise that that was EXACTLY one of the main reason why we must use it. OVER and OVER again.

      ALL White contries and ONLY White countries. It’s GENOCIDE!

      And don’t ever let the B@stards forget it 😉

    • #3 by Gavin on 04/07/2012 - 1:19 pm

      The program of third world immigration, integration and assimilation into EVERY White country and ONLY White countries is calculated to create a world without White people, it’s genocide.

      This is no more a “population shift” than the holocaust was a “population shift” of Jews.

  2. #4 by Roderick on 04/07/2012 - 9:42 am

    You’re right Bob, I don’t know the difference between “population shift” and “genocide.”

    Is it that one involves a deliberate targeting of a group? That one happens BECAUSE of government policies vs one that happens DESPITE government policies?

  3. #6 by beefcake on 04/07/2012 - 10:38 am

    Bob will throw a Boot at me if I’m wrong, but I think the reason we say Genocide, instead of “Population shift” is because Genocide is a CRIME, and we are charging Anti-Whites with a CRIME against humanity, in the form of supporting Genocide of Whites .

    The reason we do not use population shift, is because that is not charging anyone with a Crime, and it is not pulling the moral high ground out from under the Anti-white.

    The goal, so far as I know, is to pull that moral high ground away, and expose the Anti-White as a Genocidal maniac.

    Once this is done they will not get the moral high ground back in front of an Audience.


    Now a Question: What to do in places where we have too limited space to post the whole Mantra?

    So far what I do in those situations is keep hitting them with the GENOCIDE hammer, and tie any objection they have back to them supporting Genocide.

    Example of an reply to an Anti-White statement, in limited space:

    “Nobody is trying to assimilate Blacks out of existence in ALL Black countries, or Asians in ALL Asian countries, and then calling Blacks racist for opposing their own Genocide.

    No instead, Anti-Whites insist the answer to the “Race Problem”, is for ALL Whites in ONLY White countries to be intermarried and Assimilated until we are a “Blended” humanity.

    Assimilation is Genocide, ask the Aboriginal. Genocide is a crime.

    Tell me, what did White people do to lose our right to exist?”

    Of course if they take the bait, I immediately hit them with: “You’re JUSTIFYING Genocide. “

    When in limited space, in front of an audience or readers at home, I always figure our job is still to take the moral high ground out from under the Anti-White, and expose them as desiring our Genocide.

    Would there be a better way to handle them? Because so far this method has seemed to be working when confronted with limited space.

    • #7 by dungeoneer on 04/07/2012 - 11:47 am

      “Would there be a better way to handle them? ”

      That`s looks OK to me Beefcake,it`s got parts of the mantra in there except for Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,but otherwise it`s sticking to the mantra points.

      Like you say,where you can`t go full mantra such as on Youtube you have to adapt it.


      • #8 by beefcake on 04/07/2012 - 12:49 pm


        When the Anti-White then chooses to engage and call me a “racist” then I go for:
        “Naturally only an Anti-White could call anyone who speaks about White Genocide an “evilracistnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”.

        Anti-Racist is a codeword for Anti-White.

        If Blacks had no exclusive home left on earth, and if they called it Genocide via Assimilation would you be calling them names? ”
        Again this is for places with limited space, and is a follow up to what I posted above.

        So far it has been working for me. Not perfect as full on Mantra is, but when there is not room I still do what I can.

        Bob, is this method of first hitting them with Genocide & Assimilation crime, then this follow up to their name calling ok in your view? For confined spaces of course.

    • #9 by Roderick on 04/07/2012 - 11:53 am

      Oh woops I thought Bob was talking about the words and their definitions.

      I always and only use the word genocide to describe what is being done to us.

      • #10 by dungeoneer on 04/07/2012 - 12:32 pm

        “Most of you frankly don’t know the difference, which one terrific commenter pointed out, between “population shift” and genocide.”

        I know I know the difference and what to do if the anti-whites try that line,and I`m sure most of the “veteran” BUGSers do as well.

        I think when Coach says “most of you” he means the new people.

        • #11 by Genseric on 04/07/2012 - 12:51 pm

          For those who don’t, THIS is one way to deal with that BULLSHIT in one swift kick to their ass. I refer to this well-crafted mini as the Mantra machine of simple truth. And you’re off.

          “No one is flooding Africa with millions of non-Africans and saying ‘Why that’s not geNOcide. It’s a Population Shift.’

          No one is flooding Mexico with millions of non-Mexicans and saying ‘Why that’s not geNOcide. It’s a Population Shift.’

          They ONLY say it in White countries. You are advocating genocide for White children.

          Why do you anti-Whites hate White children so much that you would immigrate, assimilate and intermarry them out of existence? Why genocide?

          Anti-racist is a code-Word for anti-White.”

          Double standard exposed. And it’s YouTube friendly.

    • #12 by Genseric on 04/07/2012 - 12:37 pm

      You did well here.

      In my estimate, and I fail to remember this in the heat of battle quite often, it is beneficial to use the Lord Nelson variation/method on YentileToob. If you get a nibble, don’t just jerk the hook so hard that you outright lose the game. ASK them a string of questions which hit ALL of the Mantra points. Get them to REPEAT their advocacy of White genocide. By the time they realize what they have just done it will be too late. The audience will see. Finish STRONG. “White genocide. You say you are anti-racist. What you are is anti-white. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

      It behooves one to continually go back, list them and STUDY the talking points in the Mantra. This way you can memorize them in short form and then you will be able to dangle the carrot and bring those jackasses right back to our lair. Ripe for the kill.

      We own this bitch.

      Edit: If anyone really wants to see how it is done, then go to SF’s OV section and study how Bob DID IT. There are THOUSANDS of his posts. The only problem there is that SF allowed the ENTIRE Mantra. That is, there was/is no character limit. I REALLY can’t fathom how Bob did it with all the AMPW’s operating in that same space. It must have been enraging beyond belief. The chorus of those whistling past the graveyard over there is ear-piercing.

  4. #13 by ANOTHERWHITERABBIT on 04/07/2012 - 11:35 am

    you are right bob problem is the mantra barely fits on youtube and i heard lord nelson say ask a question to keep the energy in your corner which jewtube dont allow you with the space it has so you have to double post. I am still learning thats why i come here I also keep the talking points up in another window for help and I appreciate your method it helps to remember if i mess up I dont need a hug and tell me its ok I need a slap upside the head and called a dumb ass when im being one.

  5. #14 by Genseric on 04/07/2012 - 12:12 pm

    It is not Replacement. It’s White genocide.
    It is not Displacement. It’s White genocide.
    It is not a Population Shift. It’s White genocide.
    It is not the Final Solution to Poverty. It’s White genocide.
    It is not the Ebb and Flow of Humanity. It is White genocide.
    It is not Karma. It’s White genocide.
    It is not….. It is White genocide.

    Anything that intentionally brings about a world with LESS White children is genocide. They celebrate White genocide while they claim Anti-Racist status. What they are is anti-white.

    anti-racist is a code word for anti-white
    I ALWAYS go full Mantra on news sites which allow it. If it sees it as spam, I use a mini. I have seen a White Weasel YT tailgating to the seventh circle of hell on anti-Whites’ asses. He needs to get back to the basics.

  6. #15 by David Joop on 04/07/2012 - 1:24 pm

    Genseric. You mentioned Bob’s Stormfront OV threads.

    Does anyone have the links to those threads?

    I’d like to read through them if possible.


  7. #20 by Jason Here on 04/07/2012 - 6:59 pm

    Thanks for the comments and for the links – very helpful. When dealing with SOME ampw’s as well as many regular Whites who are asleep, being able to EXPLAIN why the term genocide is appropriate and not hyperbole is crucial. Most Whites, even pro-Whites, are unaware of the rapid decline in Whites worldwide and the impending loss of a single majority White country.

    I think it is CRITICAL to explain why the term Genocide is the PROPER term to be using, and that it isn’t just an inflammatory term to get attention. Pro-Whites who are not onboard with the Mantra probably need more explanation as opposed to repetition.

    Does anyone have links to the UN projections on the number of Whites in the future?

  8. #21 by Jason Here on 04/07/2012 - 7:42 pm

    By the way – and please don’t take this the wrong way – but a few of you guys have “88” in your name, which is a code. I suspect this may get in the way later. It allows enemies to talk about THAT as opposed to the ongoing White Genocide. Just my 2 cents.

    • #22 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/07/2012 - 9:36 pm

      Jason, IMO you’re 100% right. As we grow and get discussed in Anti-White publications, etc., they will harp on that to the exclusion of anything else. The couple of you who are including that in your names, please reconsider.

      Also, inevitably someone in the know will point it out in the middle of a swarm. Exactly what we don’t need.

  9. #23 by AnotherWhiteRabbit88 on 04/07/2012 - 10:02 pm

    Those were good mini Mantras by Beefcake and Genseric I have copied them to my BUGSbook and will use in future. I’m still learning but I think I am quickly coming to grips with using Mantra online.
    I want to learn effective ways to drop Mantra points in the real world when speaking to people. I have the time to think about what I’m writing online but don’t have this luxury when in a verbal conversation.
    That’s what I need to get better at, I’m listening my way through the FTWR podcasts but it is going to take me a while before I will be confident in using Mantra talking points in real life.

    Could anyone here recommend an episode or episodes that I could listen to to learn the best Mantra points when first approaching the subject of White genocide with friends? I know in episode 5 I think it was Horus mentioned he would do a podcast that got into this.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  10. #24 by c-bear on 04/07/2012 - 11:08 pm

    I’m certain I have heard you give this lecture before.
    Even so, it’s been a long time coming. Once again your timing is perfect. Most of us are geniuses in our own right. That presents a problem for sure. I had to go out there and get beaten up several times myself before I came back to Full Mantra.

    Let’s go out there and use what works guys – Let’s go FULL MANTRA!

  11. #25 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/08/2012 - 12:00 am

    @ Jason: You write:

    “I think it is CRITICAL to explain why the term Genocide is the PROPER term to be using, and that it isn’t just an inflammatory term to get attention. Pro-Whites who are not onboard with the Mantra probably need more explanation as opposed to repetition.”

    I had to think hard for several days before I was convinced that genocide is the right term. Since I believe it’s extremely important for me as a functioning BUGSer that I’m convinced, I agree with you, for the pro-Whites who are actually willing to take what you say and think about it.

    For those, the best I’ve come up with so far is the following, which combines several posts in an attempt to cover the topic:

    The 1948 United Nations Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Article II states:

    In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group as such: (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Part (c) is the part that principally (but not solely) applies, and the “conditions of life” we chiefly consider are the present flooding of all White countries with non-Whites accompanied by the legal forcing of Whites to assimilate with those non-Whites and be blended out of existence.

    If the different varieties of white-tailed deer that evolved in the environmentally different valleys of the Great Smoky Mountains were removed from their separate valleys and mixed together in a single area, then in a few generations there would be only one blended “variety” of white-tailed deer.

    In the same way, flooding all White countries with non-Whites and legally forcing Whites to mix with them will blend Whites out of existence.

    Anti-Whites argue, “Humans are not deer,” and “everyone has choice of whom they mate with.”

    Yes, humans are not deer, but they are part of the animal kingdom, and that they will mate if mixed is shown by what has happened in Mexico over the last few hundred years, and by what is happening in the U.S. today where the same process has only just begun. News articles note the steady increase in mixed race families in the U.S.*, and many of us now know personally some “White” family that today has mixed race children in it.

    As for the assertion, “Everyone has choice of whom they mate with,” advertisers learned long ago that “choice” is highly manipulable. Whites or anyone can be sold ANYthing, and TV sells constantly the falsehood that black men are strong, capable, intelligent husband-material that White women desire. Just think how many commercials you see that pair a blonde White woman with a black man who is helping her choose the right product…him.

    Returning now to the U.N. convention on genocide quoted above, note also the requirement of “intent to destroy in whole or in part.”

    When a roomful of college students wildly cheers former President Clinton’s mention that Whites will soon be a minority in the United States, can anyone doubt that the desire to see the White race drastically reduced is now spread amongst us to the point of being celebrated?

    And you say anti-Whites are flooding us with non-Whites principally out of economic motivations? You miss the whole picture, but even if you were correct, if you murder someone in order to rob them, do you absolve yourself of the murder by pleading that your principal intent was to rob the person?

    Anti-White hatred of Whites has produced many explicit statements of the need to rid the world of the White race entirely, including the following:

    “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him,”

    ~Jose Angel Gutierrez, Chicano activist and university professor. His remark is referenced in “Occupied America,” by Rodolfo Acuña.

    “Treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity…The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

    ~Noel Ignatiev, Harvard professor.

    “We have to exterminate white people off the face of the planet”

    ~Kamau Kambon, former professor of African-American Studies.

    “The white race is the cancer of human history.”

~Susan Sontag – Partisan Review (Winter 1967)

    And cancers of course must be eliminated.

    Even if there were no such statements, if someone has pinned you to the ground and is slamming a rock down on your head repeatedly, do you require a verbal declaration that he’s trying to kill you before you conclude correctly that that is exactly where his rage and hatred are impelling him?

    Can you think of even a single action that anti-Whites have taken against Whites that hasn’t been a rock slammed down on the skull of the White race?

    Hatred of Whites is taught in schools and colleges and universities today, and those messages of hatred are routinely repeated by the graduates of those institutions. Just read the comment section to any article that concerns race. Just listen to the college students cheering that Whites will soon be a minority in their own country.

    * ”Black-White Kids Surge in South Where Mixed Unions Once Banned”
    I KNOW that if my understanding keeps increasing, three years from now what I just wrote will seem amateurish to me in some ways, so anyone who sees deeper now and is willing to critique it, please let me have it. Otherwise I’m prepared to use this post occasionally as my reasoned explanation of why genocide is the correct word.

  12. #26 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/08/2012 - 12:37 am

    “I read your comments on those who say the white man deserves extinction, and what I do NOT see is the approach I always use and advocate here, again and again and again: 1) “You are JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE and 2) NOTHING ELSE.”

    I believe I have #1 firmly in mind now. Thanks principally to Gavin, who with wonderful clarity always reminds any of us he sees straying from that.

    But #2, oh yes, that is a hard one! To just say, “You are JUSTIFYING GENOCIDE,” and then say nothing more! It’s as hard as eating one potato chip.

    Let’s all try to remember this point and remind each other. My impression is that most of us haven’t been following it.
    I’m sure I haven’t.

    It’s an instance of the point Bob has made that anything extra in a post just subtracts from the point we’ve made in the post.

  13. #27 by Jason Here on 04/08/2012 - 1:27 am

    HD, thanks for the additional information. And it IS hard not to keep arguing with those hateful anti-Whites, but maybe we need to think in terms of EXPOSING them as genocidal haters, more than trying to “convert” them. I mean really, once you have done that, you HAVE won. What else is to be said? Some of the most effective moments on shows like 60 minutes, that crucify people, is when they leave the camera on them … letting them twist in the wind in silence.

    And we should note that Israel never argues whether they deserve to exist, they just point out that one of their many enemies supposedly doesn’t think they should exist. That alone does it. It’s a dishonest tactic in their case, but it works. If someone said they wanted to wipe out your family, would you really continue arguing with them about it? No, you would simply go to the authorities and you would point out what hateful nutcases they were to your neighbors. I am trying to do this more often, wish me luck!

    • #28 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/08/2012 - 2:26 am

      “maybe we need to think in terms of EXPOSING them as genocidal haters, more than trying to ‘convert’ them.”

      That’s what we already do…we don’t try to convert anti-Whites…our exchanges with anti-Whites are for the benefit of the Whites in the audience who can be reached. That’s one of our basic understandings.

      You’re doing fine…you’re reporting here what you’re doing in enough detail that Gavin can come along and show you how to do it better! Lol! That’s the approach I use for myself here also.

      • #29 by Jason Here on 04/08/2012 - 3:54 am

        HD, that long post with the explanations and how it relates to the UN treaty is very helpful, thanks again. By the way, you probably know Derbyshire, who was far from perfect, got fired by Nat Review after guy from Forbes called for firing. I see a LOT of resentment by commenters against his firing. I think there is a change building, but Whites don’t have the words to express it yet … but we are providing them 🙂

  14. #30 by Jason Here on 04/08/2012 - 5:15 am

    Two things: First, I would like more update on Bob’s feelings about Russia and it’s future. I find it fascinating. Second, I love the appeal that was put together to appeal to Russia for help with our genocide – I signed it. We need to get this circulated and signed by as many people as possible. Great propaganda value if nothing else.

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