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A Long and Complex Explanation

Posted by Bob on April 20th, 2012 under Coaching Session

One commenter said he could only find three articles recently on the informer scheme and he couldn’t understand it.

Well garsh dawg, let me give you a long intricate explanation:

1) We fine anybody HEAVILY who was in on the anti-white movement. We give a percentage to our informants. We are talking about Bill Gates and big anti-white conservative donors here.

2) In a hundred years, long after the Torch Parade guys find that the novelty has worn off, we are STILL paying informers to do detailed research let us fine the HEIRS of these anti-whites.

WHEW! That was really a complex thing to describe!

  1. #1 by Jason Here on 04/20/2012 - 6:18 am

    Did someone say the old KGB might have records that support deliberate anti-White programs? Information they recorded (like the Ted Kennedy stuff) . Could we grant them some immunity in exchange for handing over information (if they were involved) and even give them a share of proceeds?

    Although there is a ton of material such as the Ford Foundation working to bring in brown immigrants (which they wrote about) to change the political demography forever, so it may not be necessary.

  2. #2 by Epiphany on 04/20/2012 - 6:36 am

    Why did Americans not stand by Apartheid when we had the chance?

    • #3 by beefcake on 04/20/2012 - 11:06 am

      Because they were not on a consistent message.

      That is the POINT of the Mantra.

      Wake people up to what is going on, show them the big picture on the Puzzle Box cover, a picture that shows white GENOCIDE.

      End of Apartheid is just a tiny detail on a Puzzle piece, and talking about such things does not open someones eyes the way showing them the BIG PICTURE, the Picture on theBox the puzzle comes in does.

      That BIG PICTURE to open the eyes of Whites to see is the Mantra.

  3. #4 by Bob on 04/20/2012 - 7:24 am

    There are PLENTY of records. That’s why we need so many PAID informers. They’ll still be finding stuff a hundred years from now.

    Nobody will be allowed to forget a damned THING.

  4. #5 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/20/2012 - 7:29 am

    I’m going to repost essentially what I tardily posted on ‘What You Mean ‘We,’ Paleface?”

    Everyone, please, read Bob’s perfect 2010 essay on the necessity of the “informer” scheme TO MAINTAIN VICTORY, that RobRoy links.’t-lose-the-victory/

    The issue is not at all what kind of punishment should be exacted, and it’s unfortunate that it’s in that context that Bob’s analysis of HOW TO MAINTAIN VICTORY has been raised again. In my words,

    The issue is wholly and completely how to keep distaste for anti-Whites as alive after our victory as the anti-Whites have kept alive distaste for Whites after their own victory.

    That’s how anti-Whites have maintained their victory, and that’s the only way we will maintain our victory.

    The essay RobRoy linked is one of the clearest things I’ve ever read in my life.

    I don’t believe Bob’s mind contains a shred of liberal illusion about human beings. Bob is PRACTICAL.

  5. #6 by ANOTHERWHITERABBIT on 04/20/2012 - 1:47 pm

    i am very surprised that there is so much opposition towards this informer program it almost seems like hitting a anti white with the mantra hammer and him not converting. To me it seems to much argueing amongst team members. I really don’t care as long as my race wins i’ll leave the politics to someone else. I understand wanting to deal steel I grew up in los angeles and remember the summer of 88 no matter how many times my boots went to work there was one more monkey to deal with you mess with one monkey you mess with the whole jungle or one bean you get the whole burrito but they are still in los angeles so a new way to fight them is due so lets pay informers to punish them sounds like it might work don’t knock it till you tried it

  6. #7 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/20/2012 - 3:46 pm

    “I really don’t care as long as my race wins…”

    Well you SHOULD care, because what use is winning if the victory trophy sitting on our mantel goes back to the anti-White team a few years down the road?!

    That’s the point of Bob’s 2010 post I linked above, “Don’t Lose the Victory.” His informer program is about one thing and one thing only: keeping the victory once it is won!

    If anyone has read Bob’s 2010 post and still doesn’t get it, it must be because they are peering dimly through the lens of “punishment,” and are reading Bob’s 2010 essay as an essay on “punishment,” even though Bob says nothing at all in that essay that has to do with punishment! Punishment is NOT AT ALL what the essay is about!

    I believe Bob is addressing our (well, it was mine at least) assumption that victory, once won, will stay in place, despite the fact that a struggle like this one never comes to an end. Bob points out exactly how the anti-Whites have kept and deepened their own victory (I hadn’t really thought of the anti-Whites’ PC program in exactly this way), and urges us to use the very same method.

    (AWR, I’m not really snapping at you, I’m just trying to be emphatic. I’m frustrated that everyone won’t simply read the 2010 essay and understand.)

    • #8 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/20/2012 - 4:12 pm

      Some excerpts from Bob’s 2010 post, “Don’t Lose the Victory.”

      “…genocide against US will be a crime that will be paid for on and on and on…And that money pouring in will be used to tell about it, to warn against it, to encourage whites to have children. [Exactly as anti-Whites have used the Holocaust to maintain their own victory, Bob points out with his phrase, ‘IT WORKS.’]

      If white leaders can refuse to use the Mantra, I can easily see them taking the easy way out and joining the establishment with all forgotten and forgiven. They would be happy there and join in the steady slide back into anti-white action…

      When you win the war is the time you must continue it, or you will lose it again.


      • #9 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/20/2012 - 7:18 pm

        Wanting to emphasize what I understand Bob’s prescription to be for not losing the victory once it’s won is my excuse for posting this.

        But unlike this anti-white program, our program will have no need to be dishonest.

        (Raul Hilberg is possibly the world’s most respected establishment Holocaust scholar, or possibly second only to Yehuda Bauer).

        RAUL HILBERG:…I, myself, was researching actions brought against Swiss companies, notably banks, but also other enterprises in insurance and in manufacturing. And the gist of all of these claims, all of these actions, was that somehow the Swiss banks, in particular, and other enterprises, as well, owed money to Jews or the survivors or the living descendants of people who were victims. The actions were brought by claims lawyers, by the World Jewish Congress, which joined them, and a blitz was launched in the newspapers. Congressmen and senators were mobilized, officials of regulatory agencies in New York and elsewhere. Threats were issued in the nature of withdrawal of pension funds, of boycotts, of bad publicity.

        And I was struck by the fact, even as I, myself, was researching the same territory that Professor Finkelstein was covering, that the Swiss did not owe that money, that the $1,250,000,000 that were agreed as a settlement to be paid to the claimants was something that in very plain language was extorted from the Swiss.

        (I couldn’t resist including Hilberg’s second paragraph, even though it’s not relevant to Bob’s point).

  7. #10 by Dick_Whitman on 04/20/2012 - 4:26 pm

    Bob asked a great (short sword) question to one of the tribunal tough guys a few days ago (of course Bob being Bob he posted it on the wrong thread). Anyway, here was Bob’s question:
    “herrMajor, so an informer system is just a myth to you real MEN, eh?”
    “There is no open Terror right now, all that macho slamming people against the wall is not happening, but anything else is a myth, right?”

    “So why aren’t you using your real name here?”

    Of course, there was never any response to this question by Bob. So I figured it must be the Nuremberg Trials which causes everyone to use a pen-name?

    hahahaha lol rofl hahahaha

  8. #11 by Gavin on 04/20/2012 - 4:51 pm

    Sounds good to me.

  9. #12 by phil white on 04/20/2012 - 7:28 pm

    I get the idea of having white holocaust memorials, of funding white holocaust studies, of constrant reminders.
    But that may not be enough.
    We will always have white liberals. Tell me if I’m wrong. Liberals always oppose the group from which they sprang.
    Jeanne Kirkpatric said they were the “Blame America First crowd.”
    If we live in social/economic/demographic contact with non-whites (which Jefferson warned our ancestors against) white liberals will lobby for a hundred years till the minorities get the vote back, assuming we’ve had the were withall to remove them from the voting rolls in the first place. And anti-white racist philosophy will lead to a reserection of anti-white immigration flood.

    Explain to me how we will have even a couple of centuries elapse before we are back in our present situation?
    Unless as Jefferson and the American Colonization Society proposed, we have geographic seperation?
    The informants will be recruited and funded by our own version of the ADL, SPLC, Ford Foundation etc.
    But Henry Ford less than 100 years ago didn’t set up the foundation to be anti-white. It was infiltrated and taken over witin 50 years and turned against whites. Because we had minorities inplace in our society, along with white liberals, boring away from within our society.
    As one bugster said, “anti-whites want no white clubs”. Eventually any white’s only Foundation For the Preservation Of the Race will be declared discriminatory, illegal, imoral or fatening, because the white liberals, minorities and something like the Jewish underground will be boring from within.

    • #13 by Gavin on 04/20/2012 - 8:50 pm

      That is what we are planning to make sure doesn’t happen.

      • #14 by phil white on 04/20/2012 - 9:57 pm

        OK, and I won’t ask how, because that should be “burn before reading ” material.

        • #15 by Gavin on 04/21/2012 - 2:11 am

          There is no secret of subtle plot. If you want to know how we are plan on doing it, read what Bob just wrote.

          It’s a plan for defeating the anti-White and anyone who threatens the survival of our race and KEEPING them defeated.

  10. #16 by shari on 04/20/2012 - 9:19 pm

    Phil White, Who’s WE ?!?

    • #17 by phil white on 04/20/2012 - 9:42 pm

      In some of what I wrote this evening “we” would be whites, or in other parts “we” would be conscious active pro-whites.

  11. #18 by phil white on 04/20/2012 - 9:35 pm

    Assuming the revolution doesn’t achieve racial geographic seperation, we are going to need some institution with the staying power of the Catholic Church.
    I’m not Cahtolic, but undersand Bob converted. Maybe he’s learned something?
    The Ford foundation was subverted. Maybe what we need is a secret organization. Like the Masons of conspiracy theory.
    Ideally I’d suggest a group that isn’t even publicly know to exist. Such a group would be constanly monitoring, analyzing and guiding social attitudes toward white preservation.
    But It’s going to need a culture, a breeding white community to draw recruits from every generation.
    This so called long term solution is not going to be easy or simple. Not in a society that includes white liberals and racial minorities.
    Maybe the best soluiton is to take back the Christain churches, point out that genocide of their parisoners is sinful, un-Christian and that the Churches must oppose it?

  12. #19 by AnotherWhiteRabbit88 on 04/20/2012 - 10:15 pm

    As far as I am concerned this argument can be saved until after we have taken care of what is happening NOW. There will be plenty of time to talk of tribunals and the like when that time comes – “We will cross that bridge when we come to it”

  13. #20 by BGLass on 04/21/2012 - 7:40 am

    “….we are going to need some institution with the staying power of the Catholic Church.
    I’m not Cahtolic, but undersand Bob converted. Maybe he’s learned something?….”

    Bob converted? He seems southern baptist, but goes to show “conversions” are always in name only. You simply can’t really become what you aren’t. You can only say ‘I had that influence, then sought this other influence…” Your thinking will be informed by previous influences, and to deny this Reality is non-Bugs.

    The catholic church killed a lot of people in tribunals. Imo, this is the main reason they achieved traction. But they have seemingly had to get ever more “dumbed down” populations, in the third world, who best receives the message christianity became (the poor inherit everything)— Hinduism, according to Pew, attracts highest IQ group, and is also associated with caste system. Trauma-based conditioning, inquisitions, killing anyone in disagreement, solidified the catholic establishment.

    It’s effective, but handled that way, you live that way. Other prices are paid, in terms of the way society works, how people are conditioned and acclimated to scarcity life, fear, learning to crave “expert” top-down bureaucracy to tell them how to think, the rule of men in dresses, and so on.

    Seems it’s had “staying power,” but the same people haven’t stayed, in terms of demographic.

    If you do it that way, which is what I thought Bob was saying don’t do, you can wind up with a population that can’t think, (after killing people for heresy, which is thinking from another point of view).

  14. #21 by BGLass on 04/21/2012 - 7:44 am

    Increasingly, that’s how society functions now, on a deep level— scarcity, bio-terror, fear that comes with central planning, as average people lose control of basics in their lives, crime-and-violence, the “issue” of whether it’s ok to even protect oneself when the nightly newscasts are violent beyond comprehension, the saga of child services, etc., threat of having one’s children taken, children being born seeing all this on t.v., knowing they could be taken… fear, fear, fear.

  15. #22 by Genseric on 04/21/2012 - 7:49 am

    The “We don’t need to worry about this now” crowd needs to wise up and quick. Bob wrote about “Planning for the win” a LONG time ago.

    We don’t want to end up being the proverbial feral dog who chased the bus – and then caught it.

  16. #23 by phil white on 04/21/2012 - 10:22 am

    The more I think about it the more I can see the “constantly remind them of the near death experience of the white race” can work, even with a mixed population of pro-whites, liberal whites and non-whites. as long a whites are over 65% of the population.
    We have to learn from history. We are about the only white nation that still has legal freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.
    That is because not only did we write it into our constitution, which is deliberately hard to change, but we drumed the bill of rights inot every school kids head for generations.
    But we cant’ rest until we’ve got the population down to 85% white and improving.
    One way would be for a man to hire a black male about 30 to manage his laundromat.
    Then once the black had a couple of kids, say 5 and 7 years old, the owner tills him ” I’m getting old and can’t take these Kentucky winters anymore.
    I’m moving my business two states south to central Alabama. I’d like you to come with me.”
    So a young black family moves into the non-white area of American, the kids grow to teenagers there, meet local young blacks and marry.
    Then the entrepenure sells his Alabama business to the now 45 year old black. The new black business owners has put down roots and his kids are married to the locals. You think this family’s ever going to move back north??
    That’s one way we could gradually accomplish geographic separation.

  17. #24 by shari on 04/21/2012 - 2:39 pm

    Phil White Have you tried listening to Follow the White Rabbit? The podcasts definately take your imagination out of the routine past.

    • #25 by phil white on 04/21/2012 - 6:46 pm

      Yes, and there is where I firstr heard talk like “There will be tribunals, intelligence agencies all over the world are keeping records.
      If you go into gencoide you better suceed, because if you don’t suceed your are going to bein a world of hurt. You won’t be in a trial, you will be in a tribunal.
      You better get yourself a lawyer, oh forget a getting a lawyer. Hire a violinist. You are done!
      Go find Sadam Hussein and ask him if the Kurds were a social construct. He didn’t get hung for killing a social construct.
      In international law there is no such thing as a social construct.”

      Or words to that effect. Remember?

      My guess is we were attracted initially by radical talk, but now we are being calmed down to do practical things, like only leavying fines versus handing out long prison sentences.

      I’m also worried about simiply “encouraging” wihtes to have babies.
      As I recall Russia has been giving majo’r subsidies for children for years, and France for decades.
      How’s that been workin out for ya?

      • #26 by dungeoneer on 04/21/2012 - 8:31 pm

        Horus talks about lots of things in his podcasts,but his most important subject is getting the white genocide consistent message out.

        “I’m also worried about simiply “encouraging” wihtes to have babies.”

        Another change of subject Phil?

  18. #27 by beefcake on 04/21/2012 - 6:17 pm

    Well, I don’t know HOW it will be achieved, but I’m one of those who believes there MUST be some form of geographic separation from non-Whites.

    I’m not saying the whole planet needs to be re-segregated, BUT I don’t see how things could work out for us in the long run without having enough land for our long term sustenance exclusive for our Race.

    If there are still some mixed places on the map, fine with me so long as we have enough for our Race long term, and that means geographic separation.

    • #28 by Harumphty Dumpty on 04/21/2012 - 6:27 pm

      I liked the system we had in the South in the 40’s and early 50s when I was a kid. There was separation, but enough contact for useful bleed-over of culture in both directions. But I guess we see where that helped lead.

  19. #29 by shari on 04/21/2012 - 8:37 pm

    It’s just that I don’t think we can plan, based on how things have been. I don’t think this is going to be an ordinary revolution. We don’t even have any idea of what has been hidden from us.

  20. #30 by phil white on 04/24/2012 - 8:00 am


    I take this to be prof Bob’s teaching class. I ask questions and raise concerns.
    Staying on message is for what you post on youtube/yahoo or sodahead etc.
    You want consistend message here?

    Ok, “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”’s
    “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”
    “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”
    “anti-racist is a ….”

    That was for all the unawakened whites who’ve progressed to reading Bob’s channel.

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