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Hand Me Down

Posted by Bob on April 24th, 2012 under Coaching Session

In the 1970s one would see a panel of network anchors sitting around and talking with expressions on their faces like they had swallowed a quart of lemon juice. They were bemoaning the growth of cable news, and they said that the “National news professionals” were being overlooked.

They would make a few stabs at neutrality between cable and network, like “Well, they do provide more coverage,” but you could tell their attitude was the Age of the True Professional was over. These were about as convincing as their attempts to claim ideological neutrality.

These claims of ideological fairness regularly took two forms:

1) We have no bias at all, and

2) Of course we are biased. In the Real World, EVERYBODY has biases.

These two opposite comments are very typical of an inbred place, like a university or the national media, where no one is allowed to question what you say. There is no one to demand any logic, so logic withers.

By the 1980s, it was the CABLE networks who were just beginning to bemoan the passing of the True Professional. Now anything put on the news, by Network Television (Tah-TUM!!) or by new “professionals“ at the cable outlets, was being replaced by the work of AMATEURS.

What was worse was that a lot of AMATEURS, like Drudge, were making a lot of MONEY at it. Money they did NOT deserve and that should have gone to Professionals.

And here we are, at BUGS, being ignored by the Big Guys like National Renaissance.

I’m already old, but I wonder who you guys will be denouncing as “amateurs” after you have demonstrated this WORKS and it goes viral?

  1. #1 by Jason Here on 04/24/2012 - 6:32 am

    I want this to go viral so bad I don’t know what to do (except post it more). A part of me thinks I’m missing a once in a lifetime opportunity by not going public one way or another. You know what they say – a leader is someone who figures out which way the crowd is going, and jumps out in front of them!

    I just want to be here to see the a certain subset of anit-Whites face public shame. Not the Jews, not even the communists, but the wishy-washy Whites, often conservative types, who NEVER provided support, who never backed us up when we needed. Excuse my language, but goddamnit I would like to shove it right in their face. OK, sorry for the venting, carry on.

  2. #2 by Jason Here on 04/24/2012 - 6:45 am

    The Video has about 80k views now. Sure would be nice to make it to 100k for its one-month anniversary.

  3. #3 by Dave on 04/24/2012 - 6:48 am

    “I’m already old, but I wonder who you guys will be denouncing as “amateurs” after you have demonstrated this WORKS and goes viral?”

    This will not happen to those that master the implications of Mantra thinking, something that is not related to someone’s age or life experience.

    TRUE PROFESSIONALS forget the advantages of those TOO YOUNG to be “professionals”.

    That is why Mommy Professor, a TRUE PROFESSIONAL, takes it upon herself to ERADICATE that advantage and the teenager, under the pressure of parents and other “adults”, succumbs to tragedy.

    Anyway, with respect to “news”, I will take the cable news network mini-skirted babe with breasts and cleavage over the suspendered TRUE PROFESSIONAL anytime.

  4. #4 by BGLass on 04/24/2012 - 8:22 am

    Fear and ego seem to get them, a lack of faith. To go into the unknown, to risk not being the bigwhig you are now for the uncertain future, and at an age when you may not ‘recoup,’ to know you could wind up ‘nothing,’ with no one to remember the highlight moments of your small grandness, that one day you got the big award…

    The second they decide that, they’re over, but may survive for others as a cautionary tale, going on about their glory days. Weakest Generation reborn.

  5. #5 by AnotherWhiteRabbit88 on 04/24/2012 - 8:57 am

    The work we do here WILL go viral, I can feel it. I count myself lucky to have the opportunity to be involved in something so powerful at the ground level.
    The work being done here is truly revolutionary, and we will have our day. I have been messaging many people on YT and have had a few positive replies, so hopefully we will see some new BUGSERS coming on board soon.

    Thanks all..

  6. #6 by Dave on 04/24/2012 - 9:38 am

    You hit the nail on the head. I wish I had a nickel for every person, who in fortune of making it to old age in comfort and some professional rank, slid into the tepid waters of CONSOLATION.

    I must have been 13 years old, a middle age teacher told me, “Wisdom doesn’t really come to you until you are at least 55 years old – that is the age where your mind is most clear”.

    That bumpkin could not imagine how hilarious that was. I had him pegged as a poseur from the get go, and after that I plotted for an opportunity to beat him up.

  7. #7 by Linux Lewis on 04/24/2012 - 12:33 pm

    So long as the program of “diversity/white genocide” continues, I am thoroughly convinced that Mr Whitaker will go down as a hero.

    What exactly is going to a stop a white child from looking at his history book & noticing that all the great men in that book look like him? What is going to stop him from looking around and noticing that most of the other kids around him look nothing like the people in the history book. What is going to stop him from asking why it happened and who was fighting against it and why people wouldnt listen to them?

    The mantra will go viral where it matters, it’s a guarantee

  8. #8 by backbaygrouch on 04/24/2012 - 12:53 pm

    In the 1970s PBS had a popular program, The Advocates, which debated topics in a courtroom setting. Each debater would call witnesses and the issue would be tried. There was a liberal advocate and a conservative one.

    But it did not start that way. At first there was a liberal advocate as the attorney for the liberal point of view and a liberal as the attorney for the conservative side. You see, attorneys are professionals and their biases do not cloud their work product. What happened was that the ‘conservative’ would set up obvious straw arguments and lose. The public saw through it and tuned out.

    Faced with a hook looming off stage some one had a novel idea: Why not hire a conservative to present that side. He would not be a professional but somebody’s job was at stake. The most frequent right wing advocate was Bob’s friend Bill Rusher and he made the show. He won more than his share and was the essence of a professional.

    You would think that when setting up a program like that the first idea you would have is hire someone who believes in what he is promoting. But that is the last thing Mommy Professor and his acolytes think off. Lenin said the best way to beat the opposition is to become the opposition.

    The moderator was always a liberal, most often Michael Dukakis. There is only so far our opponents will reach out in the name of fairness. If there is one thing the “media professionals” are not it is professional. They never were.

  9. #9 by BGLass on 04/25/2012 - 10:15 am

    You have to always be ready to let go and be a no one. No one will know who you were, or your contribution, or how you fought, or even what you were fighting for, or anything.

    Daddy always said, “Never take credit.”

    Among certain kinds of people, taking credit is frowned on. “Tooting your own horn.” It’s a defense against arrogance, not to value it, but also, one can just get more done not being the front man type.

    Those who take credit are anti-white turncoats; who else will “see the new opportunity,” and do what they do—ride tides for credit and money. Their biggest fear is always “missing the boat” for whatever new thing. “Updates.” Being left behind. This is the lingo they live in.

    The real people rarely get anything. It could be annoying to work hard on something new, then watch somebody else cash in. But that’s why they call it work, perhaps.

    Homeschool passed this mark way back. “Movement people” use it as a signifier seems like— a code word for “our sort.” But really, mostly it’s the yuppies who can afford it, who have absolutely no connection to why it started, who started it, the ideological reasons it started. They could not comprehend if you told them. They pass their own marxist “education” onto their children (it’s all they have to pass on), and believe it’s “right wing.” They sense they don’t know much, and are somewhat happy, secretly, that the state governments have increasingly asserted authority over the HS process, with testing, home visits, etc. They use public paychecks to facilitate a “stay at home” life while advocating “freedom” and see no ironies and so on.

    Everything is like what happened to HS.

    Beneath it is the desperation to hang onto a WORD that was something new at its inception, the made one “ok” for a minute. The abnegation of ongoingness, of here-and-now reality— the stress of how it changes at every second.

    Most are scared to ask the most important question: WHY. Motivation exposes the gulf of differences, the realization that we all have so little in common, that there is no society, what immigration does to forms of cohesion, etc.

    Some say “go straight for the top,” (the lingo of pundits, experts, bureaucrats, hierarchy, top-down). But Daddy was a secretaries kind of guy. He’d say, ‘just talk to the guy’s secretary.’ They usually know more than the boss, also handle his schedule, you can find out everything about him.

    Today, you can meet stone-communists flying Gadsden flags.

    It’s most disconcerting for them. The new “right wing trendy” things are hard to keep up with. What are we supposed to be saying??? (lol)

  10. #10 by BGLass on 04/25/2012 - 10:36 am

    One thing it boils down to: is that convincing people a tide has turned is of utmost importance. They will never be “alive” in the same way as thinkers (engaging in the minute-to-minute reality, with shifts in words at every second…um, how to translate that, lol?)

    Their main motivation in life is very different. It is “Don’t miss the boat.”

    Right Wing Trendies are the exact same animal (psychologically) as the ‘left wing trendies.” EXACTLY the same.

    This is why “anti-abortion” can be a big signifier for them, (code for “I am moral.”) While its great they don’t wish to kill babies, there will be no irony is being equally “pro-war.” Or for supporting “adoptions.”

    they are “pro-family”—- but, for instance, so are gays. It’s just a matter of WHICH family. (And gays have a real trouble, in that they cannot physically reproduce together; so therefore, they have to create some way to get babies, literally— in this way, artificial insemination seems a Godsend for poor white heterosexuals (those carrying the most statistically desired babies, yet who are most vulnerable —the babies most easily taken away—and so therefore demonized in places such as therapy settings, (assured they can’t afford their child, or that something in their background might make them bad parents, etc.) —in other words, where are facilitated the agreements to give away their children for adoptions)— so that “more deserving” couples can have their biological progeny. With AI, female gays, anyway, can ‘have their own.’

    For Right Wing Trendies being pro-adoptions gets them off the hook—but they could never look at the seedy underbelly of the Adoptions and People Warehousing Industries. How, exactly, the “have nots” (of babies) have the industries for getting them.

  11. #11 by BGLass on 04/25/2012 - 10:45 am

    New media is new politics. That was decades ago.

    T.v. to cable was more quantitative, more voice in a same medium, but the Internet functions differently. A click moves a thinker through centuries in time— it’s tailor made to allow connections between things. It’s a medium for thinkers, in this way; the other media was not.

    This is a true game changer, maybe. Not for “getting a message out”—- but for changing how people SEE.

    It facilities not the lingo of ‘a message’ or ‘getting it out there (but that too) but connecting dots.

    cause-and-effect reality can emerge in a way t.v. cannot do, cable or otherwise

    The Internet IS Bugs. It’s a fish to water for them. Because they want to THINK. THINKING is more important to them than APPEARING smart. Thinking is always messy, and involves plenty of stupidity while it’s being done.

  12. #12 by shari on 04/25/2012 - 11:04 am

    “Thinking is always messy, and involves plenty of stupidity while it’s being done.” lol Oh thank you BGLass for that.

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