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Cults and Trash

Posted by Bob on May 17th, 2012 under Coaching Session

One commenter said I am just like Jim Jones, and thank God we are not in Jonestown. I guess it would be Bobstown.

How many people would take an insult like that?

No one has even mentioned my discussion of the fact that after I wrote about Jewaholism and then wrote another argument, over seventy comments came in about Jews and Jewaholism and only one comment on the new article had anything to do with the new article.

I pointed out briefly that that was enormously insulting, but no one has mentioned it since.

It seems to me that insulting me is free of charge here.

Someone once called me white trash, and I pointed he had just proven I wasn’t. I pointed out that at that time in South Carolina, if he had called white trash white trash they would have pulled out their broad-bladed knife, which they opened with one hand, and slashed his face if he was lucky, his throat if he was not

Anything even vaguely approaching a Cult would make it fatal for a person to call me Jim Jones.

It doesn’t bother me. I expect a lot of silliness.

But if you’re going to learn to Mantra Think, you first have to be able to see reality.

  1. #1 by dungeoneer on 05/17/2012 - 11:19 am

    It`s so damn easy to insult by thoughtlessness.

    I hope Coach did`nt find my suggestion about the white genocide reparation organization insulting,it was meant in deadly earnest,but if it was a dumbass thing to say I`ll add it to The List.

  2. #2 by Gavin on 05/17/2012 - 12:01 pm

    Honestly I don`t really pay much attention to accusations or drama that goes on. I come here to learn and report, not to get involved in petty spats. Maybe Bob feels bad that more people didn’t rush to his defense, but it just seemed like irrelevant background chatter to me.

    It is interesting how in an actual cult, someone accusing the leader of being a cult master would be met with shrieks of horror and an angry mob crying for blood…not the “yeah whatever” that seems to have been the response here.

    • #3 by dungeoneer on 05/17/2012 - 12:25 pm

      Coniglio the troll calling Coach a cult leader and HD agreeing with him is not much of an insult on it`s own but also ignoring Coach`s congratulations on mantra thinking is the thing because Coach can`t have any confidence in having a proper conversation with us if we won`t even say thanks/comment on something so critical.

      • #4 by Harumphty Dumpty on 05/17/2012 - 1:12 pm

        I said that we aren’t a cult but that we have some attributes of a cult (both things being so obvious that I can’t understand why there’s been any fuss about it, except possibly for the provocative way Coniglio spoke and the provocative way I “agreed” with him), and I said that I believe that our having those attributes is a good thing.

        What have religions been historically, except cults grown large? And haven’t they been effective in organizing and directing human purpose?

        Bob, maybe it wasn’t reflected specifically in the threads, but my impression was that your two posts on jewaholism made a strong impression on us. They did on me…I thought especially about your saying in the last one, “not a drop,” and realized that even if the mini-mantra at issue had not been a problem in itself, it would still have encouraged others of us to mention Jews in other contexts. Beefcake mentioned the same point in one of his podcasts, so maybe your posts caused him to think more about it also.

        I forget who it was now, but some BUGSer’s hilarious (to me, since I’ve been in a 12-step program also) reply in “12-step” style to your admonishment on jewaholism I thought was as much acknowledgement as could be desired that your post had been received and understood! I took his “spoof” to be also completely serious.

        You had also felt that in something you had written about Dr. Duke, we had missed the important point of it (that Dr. Duke doesn’t focus on the fact that it’s the White race that is under attack by “diversity”). But when you pointed that out it certainly did make a strong impression on my own thoughts, and in fact I’ve been thinking more about that particular issue every day since you last wrote about it.

        • #5 by steadiness on 05/17/2012 - 5:41 pm

          This isn’t about anyone’s wordist wish fulfillment. This is about loyalty to our own blood. Where people are bound together by an opinion, there can be no freedom of opinion. Where people are bound together by blood, they can think whatever they want.

          As to the issue of Jews, they’re a puzzle piece. Yes, some Jews hate whites. Whoopdy-doo. Since the anti-whites are trained to pick up on anti-Semitic attitudes wherever, as a tactical matter, it’s not a good idea to bring them up.

          The other day I was arguing with some anti-whites, and I called them the “Popular Judean People’s Front”, a reference to inconsequential leftists in a popular Monty Python film, and they were all like ha you said Jew everything you have said is now invalid.

          That’s why we don’t talk about Jews.

          Anyway, yeah, diversity. In 2009 the Tides foundation gave the NBA an A+ because their players were 78% diverse. It’s funny, I’d thought of that before, how diversity is the percentage of not white, but I’d always immediately disregarded it as heresy. It was shocking when I finally heard from someone else what I’d always known.

  3. #6 by stradivari on 05/17/2012 - 4:14 pm

    “Someone once called me white trash, and I pointed he had just proven I wasn’t.”
    “Anything even vaguely approaching a Cult would make it fatal for a person to call me Jim Jones.”

    Excellent observation.

  4. #7 by Dick_Whitman on 05/17/2012 - 6:02 pm

    “Anything even vaguely approaching a Cult would make it fatal for a person to call me Jim Jones.” (Bob)

    Bob, we don’t even ban trolls even after it’s obvious that they are trolls.

    • #8 by stradivari on 05/20/2012 - 3:56 pm

      Whitman, you’ve been dicovered. Give it a rest.

  5. #9 by Cleric Preston on 05/17/2012 - 6:59 pm

    ‘Cult’ a word used by someone commited to THE CAUSE,to describe a group commited to slight variation of THE CAUSE

    ‘Heretic’ somebody who regects THE CAUSE to achieve The Goal

  6. #10 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 05/17/2012 - 7:00 pm

    Minority Status

    The vast majority of the population of Earth is brown. Every one of those brown individuals has minority status.

    The vast majority of the non-brown population of Earth is black. Every one of those black individuals has minority status.

    The small portion of Earth’s population that is neither brown nor black is White. Of that small population of White Folks, more than half are White Women, and they have minority status.

    Remaining are White Men, the smallest group of the smallest population on Earth. White Men do not have minority status.

  7. #11 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 05/17/2012 - 7:21 pm

    On any important issue, whatever the Anti-White Racists say they are for, they are really against, and anything they say they are against, they are really for.

    Every Federal Agency is devoted to doing the opposite of whatever they call that agency:

    The Depart of Education prevents any real education of White Students (the blacks and browns prevent education without any help at all).

    The Department of Labor prevents White Men from working, by imposing racial quotas for every group, except White Men.

    The Department of Defense prevents the defense of the Federal Borders.

    The Federal Government is a Proponent of White Genocide, and every department in it is designed to advance White Genocide.

  8. #12 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 05/17/2012 - 7:32 pm

    The Jewish Media Mafia not only allows racial slurs against White Folks, they actually ENCOURAGE the use of racial slurs against White Folks.

    A racial slur such as “redneck” will be used freely, but do the operatives in the Jewish Media Mafia ever refer to a Jew as a Jewneck, or a Mestizo as a brownneck, or an African as a blackneck?

    What racial slurs are allowed in the Jewish Media Mafia to be used against non-whites? None at all!

  9. #13 by Genseric on 05/17/2012 - 9:51 pm

    “But if you’re going to learn to Mantra Think, you first have to be able to see reality.” – THE Bob Whitaker

    TOM on the Mountain is a Mantra thinker. I recognize the ability to see the obvious & simple truth and call it as such; I recognize that talent ANYWHERE.


    When someone accuses Bob and/or BUGS of cultism (or ‘passively’ agrees with such an obtuse claim), what they are REALLY trying to do is get the F-O-C-U-S off of STOPPING White genocide. When “someone” pretends to have a Greater Understanding of words, semantics, and their placement in the Mantra, what they are REALLY attempting to do is get the F-O-C-U-S off of STOPPING White genocide and onto something else. Quite simple really. As Holmes would say “Elementary, my dear, Watson, elementary.” 2+2=4.

    “I’ll be watching, you.”

  10. #14 by Epiphany on 05/18/2012 - 7:13 am

    The whole idea of using bad names for White people is ubiqitous in this society.

  11. #15 by cecilhenry on 05/18/2012 - 11:21 pm


    I don’t know where to post an article for Bob’s attention, so I’ll try it here.

    I really appreciate the work you do at the BUGS. People all over the world are watching and learning from you. Thank you.

    I wanted to draw your attention to this article from my alumni magazine (Queen’s University, Kingston ON). They are increasingly ‘going international’ and ‘promoting diversity’. (What this means is massive numbers of foreign students on campus who displace Canadians, then since their educated, are allowed to permanently settle in Canada after a fine education). This article below is very offensive to me. It promotes ethnic dispossession of whites from their own countries without batting an eye.

    I enclosed attached a rather amazing picture, the link to the online magazine version is here:

    ( see pages 16-17.


    No doubt you know all about this behavior, its all over the place and very brazen. Its genocide by default, but its not accidental.

    My question is how do you respond and challenge this? Just say the Mantra and ignore the specifics?

    These types of articles are so implicitly offensive that they leave me enrages and nonplussed. Absolutely dumbfounded that whites can look at this and not be grossly offended.

    I just wanted to alert you to this shocking example. If you want to respond to me specifically that’s fine, but if perhaps you want to address this type of article more generally in one of your writings it would probably benefit many readers and activists.

    I thought others should see this, and write the journal in response.

    Anyways, thanks for your work.


    Newmarket, Ontario

    In the shadow of his smile

    (see attached photo for this caption)
    Members of Bruce Alexander’s Shadow Cabinet visited rideau Hall in February. Pictured above (l-r) are Hiwot Adhanom, Arsema berhane,
    Akosua Matthews, Felicia Mings, Jemy Joseph, Helena Shimeles, bruce Alexander, Com’60, LLD’11; Governor General david Johnston, law’66,
    LLD’91; Sybil thompson, Sarah Yun, taisha lewis, netila demneri, Safiah Chowdhury, Artsci’11; viva dadwal, and khadra Ali.
    Can a bold new initiative that aims to foster leadership skills in young people help to change the world – and them – for the better? Bruce Alexander, Com’60, LLD’11, intends to find out.

    By Georgie Binks, Artsci’75
    What if you had the chance to bring together Canada’s best and brightest young people – not an established group, but up-and-comers, people who you felt could really make a difference in the years to come?
    Several years ago, Bruce Alexander came up with the idea, and today the retired Toronto lawyer has created what may be a world-changing – and definitely a life-changing – venture for a group of young Canadian women. Alexander has dubbed them “the Shadow Cabinet,” and they’re a group of young people from a broad range of cultures and backgrounds. He has assigned himself the task of cultivating and mentoring them in hopes they will then strike out on their own to help change their communities, society, and the world.
    Bruce AlexanderShadow Cabinet founder Bruce Alexander (Bernard Clark photo)
    Alexander comes to his latest mentoring role with a lifetime of experience in law, business, the public sector, and volunteerism. To name just a few of his accomplishments, in addition to earning his Commerce undergrad degree at Queen’s and law degree from the U of T, this longtime member of the Queen’s University Board of Trustees served as an assistant deputy minister in the Ontario government in both the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the Ministry of Community and Social Services. On the federal scene, during the negotiation of the Charlottetown Accord, he was Special Adviser to Joe Clark, the then-Minister for Constitutional Affairs. Since 1999, Alexander has been vice-chair of the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Appeals Tribunal. He’s also a founding director of the John Howard Society of Toronto and has been deeply involved in mentoring young people especially through the Community Foundation set up by John Brooks, LLD’92, to provide scholarships to visible minority youths in Toronto.
    It was with the latter organization that Alexander felt the desire to take mentorship to another more strategic level. “I wanted to work with kids who had leadership potential, not only in their own communities, but in the broader Canadian context,” he says. “I wanted to give them the connections and confidence I had when I was their age to allow them to achieve their potential.”
    So Alexander selected four young women he felt were compatible, who demonstrated leadership potential, and who showed an interest in public service. He then told them their job was to expand the group and to reach out to others whom they felt met certain criteria. “They had to be comfortable with diversity, work well with groups, have an ambition to change the world outside of business, and maybe make their careers in politics or NGOs,” he explains.
    And that was how The Shadow Cabinet (TSC) was born.
    As the original four added new members, the group soon grew to 15. Some are studying medicine or law. Others are more interested in the social sciences. Alexander wasn’t aiming at an all-female group, but it evolved that way. He’s now in the process of recruiting a second group comprised of men.

    “One of the things we share, though we’re all very different, is our desire to put our talents, skills, and energy back into the community and to provide for others those opportunities we’ve been given.”

    The key components of TSC activities are mentorship, professional development, networking, and building broader connections. Not only does Alexander mentor and support the group’s members himself, but he gives them opportunities to meet with distinguished and influential individuals who can also serve as mentors. So far, the group has met prominent Canadians such as former Prime Minister Joe Clark, former Speaker of the House Peter Milliken, Arts’68, and Senate Majority Leader Marjory LeBreton (Con. – Cape Breton), to name a few. Members have attended Question Period in Parliament and toured the Supreme Court of Canada, taken etiquette and career management seminars, and enjoyed theatre performances together.
    Right now, the groups’ members all hail from Toronto and Ottawa, and that makes it possible for them to meet in person. Alexander says, “It’s created a network of peers. This group of 15 is becoming an important thing in their lives, in terms of changing their lives.”
    Safiah Chowdhury, Artsci’11, is one member of the Shadow Cabinet. A Political Studies-Global Development major, she served as AMS president in 2010-2011 – some 50 years after Bruce Alexander held the same job. That’s something that drew the two together when they met at a Queen’s reunion. Safiah is effusive in her praise of both the group and Alexander. “We’re all young and at different places in our careers,” she says, “yet we all share a vision for improving our own community in our own way. Our cohesive bond is that we all know Bruce” – and clearly admire him.
    She says the women in the Cabinet all have very different interests, but they share a common purpose: to use their skills and talents to improve their communities. “The Shadow Cabinet opens up possibilities to work together and share ideas. It’s the kind of work that doesn’t get a lot of praise but it’s so crucial.”
    Chowdhury remembers experiencing some challenges at Queen’s that stemmed from her Bengali race and her Muslim faith. However, she was pleasantly surprised about the progressive views held by politicians and others the group has met. “Based on my discussions, I find people who’ve been in power a lot more amenable to the ideas I propose than my undergraduate counterparts were. It’s surprising, but reassuring.”
    Chowdhury’s TSC friend Sarah Yun, an Oxford grad now in second-year law studies at the U of T, shares Chowdhury’s sentiments. “Joe Clark really understood the minority perspective that we were bringing, and he wanted to talk to us about it,” she says. “I’ve been pleasantly surprised that everyone we have met has been so open. I’ve also been surprised how these people are happy to take our questions and want to hear from us.” Clearly, Alexander has chosen their contacts as wisely as he chose the Cabinet members.
    Yun praises the diversity of TSC. “I think most of us are first-generation or second-generation immigrants, but although we’re very close to our own cultures we’re very committed to Canadian culture and to learning more about each other and supporting each other in our careers and lives.”
    In fact, every member of the Shadow Cabinet has a background very different from the others. Alexander says he and his initial recruits purposely set out to find additional members who were first-generation Canadians.
    “We deliberately wanted to give them a leg up and to create for them the environment of a third- or fourth-generation Canadian who has established networks, understands how things happen, has the benefit of mentors and extended family who have helped them with their careers.”
    For Yun who grew up in the U.S. and moved to Toronto in her high school years, the Shadow Cabinet has opened doors she might never have stepped through otherwise. “I can’t even think of any way that I’d have these opportunities to speak with people who have enjoyed such successful careers.” She includes Bruce Alexander in that group. She says meeting him has been a life-changing experience. “Politics was not my first choice, but being exposed to such a wonderful mentor makes me think about possibilities that hadn’t occurred to me,” she says.
    Alexander has attempted to introduce the young women not only to powerful and influential men, but also to women who have overcome the odds to triumph in their fields. Yun was very inspired by her meeting with Mary Anne Chambers (Queen’s Executive Management’95), a former Ontario MPP and cabinet minister and later a business woman who has also been active as a volunteer. Yun says, “She was a great person to have speak to us. We could really learn from her experiences.”
    No less inspiring was Senator LeBreton, whom Yun says succeeded when there weren’t as many opportunities for women.
    Shadow Cabinet members have a chance to keep in touch with the people they’ve met. Yun says, “It’s not just a one-time meeting – I know I have potential mentors out there.”
    Not only do Shadow Cabinet members have each other and a desire to be supportive as each strikes out on her own, but there’s a yearning to do the same for others.
    Says Yun, “One of the things we share, though we’re all very different, is our desire to put our talents, skills, and energy back into the community and to provide for others those opportunities we’ve been given. It’s almost a pay-it-forward situation. We’re empowered by what Bruce has given to us and we hope to do that for ­others as well.”

    • #16 by Harumphty Dumpty on 05/20/2012 - 2:47 pm

      I wanted to use that photo and possibly the article on a site allied to this one. Using Firefox, I could outline the photo and then copy it into an article on the other (wordpress) site, but when published, the photo was just a little question mark inside a tiny blue box that one sometimes gets. I don’t know how to get around that. Shame, since it’s an article very characteristic of the way things are going. And doesn’t that photo contrast with all the photos in the magazine that are still of Whites!

      • #17 by cecilhenry on 05/20/2012 - 7:34 pm

        I was able to copy the picture by clicking on the picture in the pdf format and copying it to a separate file.
        Then you can move it around as you wish.

    • #18 by Gavin on 05/20/2012 - 8:15 pm

      As a young White Canadian nothing in this article surprises me. It has long been clear to me exactly what the attitude of the anti-White establishment is towards myself and my people.

      My ancestors were good enough to farm the land, drive the trucks, design the infrastructure and do everything else to build Canada into a wonderful home for ourselves and our children, but now the ruling class of Canada has made it clear that we are just garbage to disposed of in favor of the new people they are importing and training to take over what my people labored centuries to build. Then these anti-White race traitors have the unbelievable nerve to attack us when we resist this genocide of our people and theft of our inheritance.

      It’s mind boggling. Can anyone imagine the ruling class of Nigeria importing a bunch of Asian people, training the young Asians to take over leadership of the country…then attacking any young Black person who objects to this?

      Believe me cecilhenry I understand your fury and that is why I am working with BUGS to end this program of genocide against our race and theft of our inheritance.

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