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Genocide is Worse Than Discrimination

We are presently engaged in trying to convince Jewaholics and passive-aggressive anti-whites that genocide is a crime. Doing away with whites is not only not idealistic, it is the sort of thing a lot of people got hanged for.

So it is far, far too soon to point out that genocide is, believe it or not, considered a more serious crime than discrimination. Certainly we cannot discuss future racial policy with anyone outside BUGS until free, and I mean totally free discussion, has LONG since been allowed on the present policy of demanding that ALL white countries and ONLY white countries be open to massive third-world immigration and forced into assimilation, with assimilation meaning intermarriage and an end of what THEY call the white race.

The general one comment per article policy has been totally ignored by many, so I will once again repeat this for those who are too rude or too stupid to understand what I said:

We cannot discuss future racial policy with anyone outside BUGS until free, and I mean totally free discussion, has LONG since been allowed on the present policy of white genocide.

We cannot discuss future racial policy with anyone outside BUGS until free, and I mean totally free discussion, has LONG since been allowed on the present policy of white genocide.

We cannot discuss future racial policy with anyone outside BUGS until free, and I mean totally free discussion, has LONG since been allowed on the present policy of white genocide.

So it is far, far too soon to point out that genocide is, believe it or not, considered a more serious crime than discrimination.

Until we get the basic message of white genocide across, we cannot go on to say that genocide is considered a far, far more serious crime than discrimination. The idea that a plan to completely get rid of a non-black race is worse than putting black people at the back of a bus that would meet screams of resentment and bring out the Thought Police.

But we are faced with the utter destruction of what THEY call white people when there is immigration or punishment to be inflicted. THEY have set the precedents when it comes to discrimination.

If mere discrimination is cause for affirmative action, genocide is far more so. Which means that the program of doing away with all white people to the point where Europe and America are to be majority non-white in this century requires a lot more than merely changing this policy. It calls for affirmative action at a far higher level to make up for this criminal behavior.

It will call for affirmative action so extreme that it is as alien to this genocidal age as the mention of hiring blacks over whites would have been when slavery was the issue.

And slavery is a lesser crime than genocide.



Submitting Articles

My doctor brother and I had the same problem at parties. People would tell him their symptoms and want a free diagnoses, which is not what my brother was at a party to do. As a writer, I had an endless string of people asking me about this book idea they had. Usually an autobiography.

My brother’s standard reply was, “Call my office.”

I found one that was equally effective. I would say “Hundreds of people at parties have asked me about writing their book. I tell you what you do. You WRITE the explanation and SEND it to me, and I will give you the best advice I can.”

Out of hundreds of requests, in twenty years or so I got exactly ONE written piece of paper. I was impressed, gave him some really good advice, and never heard from him again.

I have been out here a long, long time. Every initiative of mine that has worked, there were a hundred that– you couldn’t even call it Failed — but went down without a ripple.

My BUGS approach asks a LOT of you. The Stormfront “Here’s a place to bitch, send money” is infinitely more practical.

Stormfront was hard. BUGS is impossible.

Getting people to send money either works or not, but it takes a lot of dedication and effort. The people who founded SF could have made a LOT more money elsewhere.

Getting people not to just send money, but actually to DO something is an effort that no one but a lunatic fanatic like me would stay with. A good TOO type could spend a week explaining why this can’t work.

I expected the present result. I got a lot of chatter about that article somebody is going to do. But they don’t want me to just publish it without looking at it.

Fat chance, dumbo!

What they mean is that writing it down exposes them. I know that. It takes a LOT of cajones to send anybody a DRAFT.

It’s is one hell of a lot easier, a hundred times easier, no matter how broke you say you are, to send in a twenty dollar check than it is to put one effort into cold print and put it in front of me.

It has to be WRITTEN, it has to be SENT and you have to face the music.

No one will remember this, but I am not interested in your grammar or spelling or sentence structure. I am a professional rewriter. If I find an idea in there I will help you express it.

If you want to really piss a professional writer off, take something he asks you to read over and explain the grammar and spelling you corrected. He is giving it to you to READ. He is in murderously competitive market and he wants to know if it WORKS.

So get up some guts, spend twenty minutes and get it down and TO me. Screw the spell check.

DO it.



All Hail Chairman Mao!!

Thirty years after it was bombed out of existence, the Japanese PER CAPITA income reached that of the US. It was scarcely noticed then and is forgotten now.

If China, finally, after far more than twice that much time, finally grunts up to one quarter the per capita income of the US, the world will stand up and cheer. From pole to pole the cry will go out: “Communism WORKS!”

With four times the population of the US, China’s will be the biggest economy on earth.

And nobody will be allowed to forget it!



Guest Authors Wanted

If you would like to write for BUGS please leave your request in the comments below so I can modify your user role.

All articles will be placed in a queue for Bob and I to approve.



Mantra Thinking on Jews

We are doing fine at so much that I, like all coaches, want MORE.

For example, I have written article after article about “Why is information produced?”

I sometimes get answers that address that point, but they are strictly Stormfront stuff.

I freely acknowledge that Jews in general are out to destroy the white race. In our terms, they say so all the time. They invented “melting pot,” which would have sounded odd to the Founders who wrote “We the People.”

But this is different from the Stormfront comments that are dripping with acid. For me it is an integral part of history than a group that has identified itself as an “out” group for two thousand years would take the side of other “out” groups.

I yearn for a comment on an article that shows why some information is produced.

This simple Whitaker point goes by you like a gamma ray, but the fact is that when you show someone is INTERESTED in a particular piece of information, you have gone over half way to discrediting it: They said this is BECAUSE is a major blow.

ESPECIALLY against Politically Correct people. They are saying things they have to say to not be called racist, for example.

Everybody KNOWS that, nobody SAYS it. Including BUGS.

To say this is embarrassing to them but it is ruined if you have to SCREAM it, like Stormfronters do.

“This is how you are acting” is easy to sell when everybody knows it is true. But screaming it puts you in the exact category they want you to be in.

If we did this only BUGS, once again, would be doing it.

And I will not be here forever to point this sort of thing out to you.

The difference between my simple and calm judgment on Jews is that mine doesn’t have to prove they meet in Conclave at 3 am or that they are Just Plain Evil. Our side has been doing this for sixty years and losing every time.

Of all people, KARL MARX made this simple observation. He said that Jews were not protesting Christian bigotry, but special Christian TOLERANCE.


The only reason Jews influence our society is because they, absolutely uniquely, were allowed to live.

A Calvinist in Catholic territory was not merely forced to wear a sign on his clothing. If he was brave, he would start screaming when the flames reached his face and stop half an hour later when he was dead. If anti-Semitism killed a Jew, it went into the record. There is no discussion WHATSOEVER of our ancestors who followed OUR early religions and were murdered and burnt.

No matter how often I write about it here, comments do not make the connection.



Dealing With Passive Aggression

Do not let any anti-white get you bogged down on White Nationalism or any other specific policy.

And how do we keep the anti-whites from bogging us down?


Until we can freely discuss racial matters, we are not obligated to, nor should we, discuss our approach to the problem of white genocide.

Until we can freely discuss racial matters, we are not obligated to, nor should we, discuss our approach to the problem of white genocide.

Until we can freely discuss racial matters, we are not obligated to, nor should we, discuss our approach to the problem of white genocide.

If you MUST talk to these sewer dwellers, and they say they are for free discussion, you might just want to ask them WHAT THEY HAVE DONE to counter the censorship they are tacitly supporting.

I coach. I advise on how to play the game. A coach wants to know what tactics THEY are using.

We are dealing with a largely passive aggressive group. They just want to say, “Hey, man, be cool! I mean, I’m for free speech too, but why should I care about this racial stuff?”

One thing we will have to learn is to dig the bastards out of their hole.

That is why they are turning up the desbots. Like minorities, they take anything that digs them out of their passive aggressive hole, like “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” as an excuse to tell YouTube their feelings are hurt.

That is passive aggression.

You can embarrass some of them by pointing out that they are hiding behind mama’s skirt.

Maybe somebody wants to try it and report on his results.



Us Lowah Clahss Types End Up WINNING, Part II

We hear abut the defeat of Nazi Germany 65 years ago daily. But no one discusses the fall of the USSR.

At all.

From the point of view of our established religion, every single fact about the fall of the USSR is bad.

It is also a testament to the Mantra Approach.

You see, the greatness of the Centrally Planned Economies (Communist states), was an article of faith to both left and right. So the Communist own estimates of their miraculous economic growth were faithfully reported by all the major media the CIA. And the DOD.


The more dangerous the USSR, the more money the CIA and DOD got, so left and right played along with this, the left to show that bureaucrats could run the economy just great and conservatives because they do LOVE to flood the military with taxpayer money.

At UVA, which I entered in 1963, they knew very well the Soviet Empire, the Centrally Planned Economies, were running a fake. In fact, I suspected that when in 1958 they put up a basketball sized Sputnik from a design used on American missiles IN STOCK.

But the result was a declaration of the superiority of Soviet Education and tens of billions in an act funding for Universities in the Defense Education Act, the renewal of military welfare for Europe and lots and lots of money for slavering conservatives to put into the military.

It’s TOO simple: We were Fighting a Superpower when we should have been exposing a fraud.

This should be sounding a little familiar to BUGS.

I have never heard of ANYTHING the Soviets had that they invented. But Soviet Superiority was the key to hundreds of billions for the favorite projects of left AND right.

Jerry Pournelle, science fiction author from Louisiana, specifically proposed SDI, which Ted Kennedy promptly labeled Star Wars.

The mythical Soviet Science Superpower had nothing to copy yet. It had nothing to even BEGIN to compete with real US science.

But all of us knew all the way back to 1958 that the Soviet Union would come tumbling down if the fundamental fraud was exposed.


As simple as, shall we say, the Mantra?

But “both sides” in American politics had a huge stake in the reality of Soviet Greatness.

If one ever discussed the period of the collapse of the Soviet Empire, one would see what we all saw and everybody but me has carefully not mentioned: The desperate last ditch attempt by the ENTIRE left to save it.

In 1981 Star Wars happened to be the policy picked.

It hit the fake directly. The USSR was supposed to be One of the Two Great Scientific Powers. Suddenly Reagan proposed something the USSR couldn’t even BEGIN to do. Ending Star Wars instantly became the priority of the ENTIRE left, from moderate liberal to outright Communist.

Every discussion between Reagan and Gorbachev was now about ending Star Wars. Gorbachev desperately offered a Nuclear Freeze, and even the last Superman movie was dedicated to the Nuclear Freeze.

Which is a major reason it WAS the LAST of the Superman series. Another lecture on Political Correctness in the middle of Nuclear Freeze hysteria was not what people went see in a fun movie.

An audience killed the major TV movie that was put on for the specific purpose of this Nuclear Freeze, by which was meant ending SDI.

And on and on and on. It was a desperate deluge to save The Worker’s Paradise.

Recently Intelligence has given out reports of Ted Kennedy’s meeting with Soviet reps discussing treason.

Bringing down the USSR was easy, and could have been done in 1958.

Destroying the USSR was not a battle against the USSR, but a battle against moderate Republicans and their Uppah Clahss conservative supporters.

This is what happened, and you will read it stated flatly and simply here and NOWHERE else.



New Rules for the Swarm

A post from Horus:

BUGS Swarm has been on a roll for the last two years. We are now have over a 100 posting and reporting. And maybe another 100 posting and not reporting. Based on the growth of the Swarm. And considering things we have planned for the future. We are going to tweak how we operate.

As of this writing, you are no longer being asked to report the exact threads to the Swarm. You only need to report the thread IF you need help on that thread from the Swarm. This will be a hard habit to break for some of you. So if you want to put up a post telling us you posted the Mantra 30 times today across 7 different internet sites. That is fine and that is as descriptive as you need to be. Now that the swarm is on a path to full strength. It is imperative that we make adjustments to amplify our success.

There was a time just 5 years ago when only a handful were posting the Mantra. And I would go to a news site and be the only one on there using words like AntiWhite. Thankfully, those days are long gone. Now, I have a difficult time finding a thread out there in the world were someone is NOT posting the Mantra or using our terminology.

Are you hurting our endeavors by reporting a CNN thread where you posted the Mantra? In my opinion, reporting lamestream media links are not a problem yet. However, when it comes to social media sites like Youtube, Facebook etc. This is starting to prove counterproductive. Especially Youtube. You can continue to light them up night and day. There is no need to report the links back to us.

Unless you need the Swarm to help out somewhere. You don’t have to post the links.