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More Mantra Thinking, Part I

Posted by Bob on June 12th, 2012 under Coaching Session

I do not want my insights to die with me, as I have made very clear.

I want some of YOU to absorb and USE listening to the silence and to stop and look at the “subtext.”

Uncle Bob Wants You to ask the question, “Why was this information produced?”

There is another type of thinking I do which can give you amazing access to reality. And, like everything I say, it is obscure because it is so simple.

Let me start it this way. You are a staffer on a committee and a genuine military hero like Ollie North or Audie Murphy is testifying. But he is testifying about military expenditures. You look over to your boss and shake your head. The simple fact is that what the hero is saying is not true.

Your boss may call you over to whisper in his ear what is wrong, but it is hard for some conservatives to believe that a staffer for an extremely conservative Republican would call a war hero, especially a CONSERVATIVE war hero, something very close to a liar.

He is a fine man, but he is testifying about MILITARY money. The finest, most honorable person in the world is just plain biased on some things.

Most of my first book in 1976 was dedicated to explaining how there is no fundamental difference, realistically, between General Motors and the National Education Association. The NEA has at least as large a stake in big government as General Motors has in a protectionist policy on auto importation.

My doctor brother and I used to laugh about the desperate attempts to find something dangerous about caffeine, as they did about cigarettes. It would seem an odd thing to read about research on caffeine and then laugh.

But the logic is that a lot of people could get promotions or raise money if caffeine were found to be dangerous. Look at the tens of billions that have been made from tobacco suits and tobacco regulation!

When I talked about the Human Betterment INDUSTRY in my first book it was not just a dramatic use of wording.

A major portion of today’s American population actually makes its living directly or indirectly from what I accurately call INDUSTRIES but most people think of as “social concerns” or something.

Now a CRITICAL point:

This is not hypocrisy.

This is not a Conspiracy..

This is human beings acting like…well, PEOPLE.

  1. #1 by six gun on 06/12/2012 - 6:31 am

    Just over 6 months ago I saw some stuff on the internet about a particular topic. What I had believed for many years suddenly appeared to be a big lie. I confirmed for myself; it was a lie. This had a big impact on me. The House of Truth turned out to be a House of Cards and the whole lot came tumbling down.
    I was always a cynic but I have now ended up swearing at the BBC news. I see almost every politician as a liar, especially the more “successful” ones.

    I once took an English literature course. I don’t know why as I have never been a big reader. The tutor said every word was put there for a reason and had a meaning. It was our job to work out the reason and meaning. This stuck with me. Words do not appear on the page by magic, unless it is copy and paste. But somewhere down the line someone wrote the piece or made the statement. There was a reason and we are intended to extract a message, which sadly is often not a true one.

    I will say a lot of what we see and hear is a form of “management speak” as I call it. I have done some myself in the past. It is all about deception. To give the reader the message you want and hide the truth. As Bob says this is always for a reason. The lies have motivations.
    It is in essence all about the code words. Our critics universally “fail” to understand what code word means, although they use them all the time. The heated argument becomes the lively discussion, the hopeless screw up is a challenging situation.
    Spain said they would not be asking for money to bail out their banks. I knew that meant they would and it would be very soon. They asked for 100 billion euros the next day!

    When you understand the clockwork you realise why the hands go round.

  2. #2 by BGLass on 06/12/2012 - 10:20 am

    That nothing’s as sure as death and taxes makes the Betterment Industry the main challenge to being healthy, especially when it’s codified as Centrally Planned Systems, since there will be nothing such systems want more to control than health (since everyone dies and is afraid of death, meaning there’s a sure buck in the endless Prevention that ensures no one ever reaches “optimum health”). —Why the Whoeversnamegoesonit-Care programs strike the fear of God into a handful of people who see that writing on the wall. That should have been the “cons” campaign— showing people they were bound to be sick, should Health Care come to pass. Maybe that truth campaign can’t catch on due to the number of people with personal paychecks in the system.

    I knew a girl whose dad worked as a higher up for a pharm company. The whole family was double Ph.d.’s, lol. And they were all diagnosed with many mental illnesses, which I do not believe they really had. But it was just their business. They made a lot of money on it. And they had rationalized systems (health care narratives about illness) that allowed them to pathologize stupid, mundane social ills and dissatisfactions as illnesses they should treat with drugs. It was sort of sad, of course— but at least they were honest, I’d think… in the sense that had tried to maintain integrity about what they doing, by doing it to themselves. Sadder are innocents (or people who know better but who become really sick with something and then at the mercy of indoctrinated, or just biased, doctors.

    The history of AA (where I think about it a little differently than Mr. Whitaker maybe)— is sort of interesting, if followed from the early “Oxford Group” and “Protestant Moral Rearmament” and the founders going to the Olympic games with Himmler… up to the whole era of People Warehousing (that got subsumed under The Betterment Industry), where things such as the war on drugs, got latched onto places such as “Straight Inc” and venues literally kidnapping kids and taking them to “retreat rehabs” for –literally– years, and how the street drugs shifted to the pharm drugs, so that now one in four adult women is being treated with psychotropics.

    I used to think it was a Big Plot. But maybe the movie, The Blob, shows how it evolves. This is why I don’t dismiss Marxist critiques of capitalism out of hand, anymore than the Talmud (The Talmud is very informative if you wish to study how a small minority survives, holding to its group in an inhospitable environment— so shouldn’t whites just study it for tips? Wouldn’t that be a thousand times smarter than just being a jewoholic?

    Anyway, businesses do sort of grow, blob-like– and then produce irrational situations due to monopolies (where competing businesses are owned by a same person sort of thing), anti-trust, or due to specialized people not seeing the big picture while they pursue their Betterment Careers. I think it was in the 3rd volume of Capital, where he talks about globalism.

    Also, it really doesn’t boil down to what many people usually say —that man is GREEDY by nature. (Then this thinking becomes a basis of Big Control of the Evil Population— a lot of this is going on now.) IN REALITY– Just as easily: the worker just can’t see the bigger picture while he’s writing some Betterment Industry Paper. Or he overly wants to please superiors, or he has a lot of bills that have overly-motivated him to get ahead, maybe because of some perfectly admirable reason, like his kid is sick, and this means “do a super job,” or that sort of thing.

    The only solution is a Change in Tone about what Education really is — that it is Thinking, putting two-and-two together, connecting dots, demanding the world make sense. If this is seen as the goal, then people will have the Underlying Assumption instilled THAT THINGS SHOULD make sense.

    Currently, there are many narratives that insist ON THE EXTREME MYSTERY of the world. (Higher ups probably know… God will reveal it someday… It’s arrogant to try to figure things out…) Well, that is total bullshit. (It was the whore of Babylon, actually, who had Mystery written on her forehead, lol) Duh, duh, duh. So, if you drink from the cup of abominations, you’ll never figure out the very simplest of things, perhaps.

  3. #3 by BGLass on 06/12/2012 - 10:30 am

    –sorry can’t edit

    Mr. Whitaker, many things you say would indicate you have been written in the Book of Life. For whatever reason, you decided to try to live. You struggled against Wordism, named it, and speak from the experiential realm. I’ve come to think that such people will be born into every generation. For whatever reasons, they will push against the age. People who look like you will do this and survive. Many who have posted here evolved their own private “lingo” for trying to describe what they see, similar things to what you say. It’s the story of the Lost Sheep, imo. The story assumes “my father’s house has many mansions,” many dwelling places. When a shepherd speaks (the story assumes there are many of them) the sheep who belong to that shepherd turn. The other ones don’t, as they do not recognize the voice. Your blog is here. The right sheep hear it. –how it seems to me.

    • #4 by Genseric on 06/12/2012 - 4:53 pm

      Woe to those who fancied the flock as mere sheep with sharp teeth.

      Lo! They were not sheep at all, but white wolves lying in wait!

  4. #5 by Dave on 06/12/2012 - 11:19 am

    Robert Whitaker said: “I see a world divided forever”.

    This is one of the most important statements Robert Whitaker has made. It is prescriptive in a way that is 180 degrees in opposition to Political Correctness.

    It is a pessimistic statement made by a man who knows that real history fully supports such pessimism.

    Mark my words: The Establishment is hell bent on committing suicide. It is congenitally incapable of survival.

    The Establishment (actually a dictatorship) really is THAT STUPID.

    That means the world belongs to us. If you don’t that, you don’t know what is going on.

  5. #6 by Jmcaul on 06/12/2012 - 3:30 pm

    Or, in simpler terms “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

  6. #7 by Genseric on 06/12/2012 - 4:28 pm

    There is an ocean of material covered in ANY one of Bob’s succinct pieces and each one assumes you have taken the requisite time and effort to study his previous work. One quickly realizes it becomes increasingly necessary to denote which part one is referencing and in what context. They are all connected.

    “When I talked about the Human Betterment INDUSTRY in my first book it was not just a dramatic use of wording.

    A major portion of today’s American population actually makes its living directly or indirectly from what I accurately call INDUSTRIES but most people think of as “social concerns” or something.

    Now a CRITICAL point:

    This is not hypocrisy.

    This is not a Conspiracy..

    This is human beings acting like…well, PEOPLE. -Bob

    From politics to Popsicles, people will pretty well package anything and kill to sell it for a PatriotDollar.


    Robert Whitaker said: “I see a world divided forever”.

    This is one of the most important statements Robert Whitaker has made. It is prescriptive in a way that is 180 degrees in opposition to Political Correctness. -Dave

    You are right. It is important and it stands in direct opposition to what they SAY they are for. “Strength through Unity. Let’s all COME together. Diversity Is Our Strength.” But, it is exactly what their SILENCE (the subtext) says they stand for. Division. Theirs is a house divided and loyal to none. We are the creators and true champions of conservatism; even when it comes to the conservation of our race, the white race.

    Smoke and mirrors can sometimes cause sane people to sea sideways.

  7. #8 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 06/12/2012 - 11:50 pm

    Caffeine is dangerous, but it might not be dangerous for everyone.

    I knew someone who was having TIA’s (small strokes) of an unknown cause. Their GP was stumped (no surprise there) but being a typical GP would not admit that the patient needed to see a specialist.

    It eventually turned out that the patient’s high intake of caffeine had raised a clotting factor (possibly homocysteine) and the elevated clotting factor was the source of the small blood clots and small strokes.

    When a patient stops their high caffeine intake and TIA’s also stop, that is a good indicator that the TIA’s were a byproduct of the high caffeine intake.

    Some White Folks might be more at risk to TIA’s from caffeine than others.

    Any Medical Authority will tell you that TIA’s are “non-harmful” because a patient will recover very well, but memory gaps are proof that TIA’s are not totally non-harmful. Cutting off blood supply to a portion of the brain is going to cause some damage, no matter how well patients appear to recover.

  8. #9 by Jason on 06/13/2012 - 7:35 am

    Great post. Evolutionary psychology seems to be presenting more evidence that we are very biased unconsciously and that it may even be necessary for us to be a bit self-deluded at times! Self-deluded individuals can have an advantage. The theory is that certain parts of the brain don’t let some things rise to the level of consciousness in the first place – easier to fool yourself.

    We all tend to think we are smarter, faster, and better looking than any objective evidence would support. Why would we do that? Well, if a person has almost insane self-confidence, he is more likely to approach pretty girls, and well, pass his genes on. So, much of the biases and self-delusion is truly not from some evil intent.

    It’s from being human. And as Bob has said, conservatives tend to be very loyal to institutions, but yes, we can be too loyal. Just like you can be too forgiving of a family members faults. Not because you are bad, but because it is natural to do so.

  9. #10 by Roderick on 06/13/2012 - 11:22 pm

    I don’t know if this counts but I saw on the front page of the Ottawa citizens something about “Ethnic enclaves… Job Losses.” At first I was thinking “oh great more ‘racist’ charges.” Then I thought “Why do they have to keep printing this stuff?” And then it hit me; “Well because people read it duh!” Evidently race is still a huge issue because it’s talked about all the time and yet people are blind to themselves talking about it all the time.

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