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The Fifth Column: No Prisoners

Posted by Bob on June 15th, 2012 under Coaching Session

Solzhenitsyn once mentioned a true story from the Gulag.    A Quaker woman was allowed to visit the Gulag, and the only inmate she quoted only asked her “How are the Negroes in America being treated?”   She reported this as the only concern prisoners in Gulag had!

They were just fine but “Your Negroes” were persecuted.  She was religiously quoted in Political Science lectures.

One of the regular stories they told us in grammar school was that William Penn was sweet to an Indian, and the Indian, a chief like all Indians, promised no Indian would ever kill a Quaker.

And, the history teacher told us gravely, no Indian ever killed a Quaker from that day on.

I must have been VERY young, because I could smell improbabilities from a very early age.

The North Carolina ancestors of Richard Nixon were known as “fighting Quakers.”

In fact ALL Quakers who lived near Indians were known as “fighting Quakers.”

Pennsylvania’s Quakers never fought Indians because they seldom SAW Indians. The people in the mountains kept the Indians away from Philadelphia and farmland. Benjamin Franklin HATED Quakers, read his biographer about their hypocrisy.

So when it came to voting money to defend the mountains, the Quakers reverently said they did not finance war. In other colonies the safer residents just said, “No, I’m all right, Jack, so screw you.”

This was about all the Gulag she reported. European Intellectuals reported it as the whole story of the so-called Gulag, which they simply refused to admit existed except as regular prisons.

For the fiftieth time, let me repeat this: all this is SAFELY in the Memory Hole.

So the Berlin Wall was a neutral device “To keep some people in and some people out.”

The German public was ASTONISHED to discover that escapees were shot on sight.

That is one hell of a solid Memory Hole! A lot VISITORS like Robert Morley found guns pointed at them when they viewed the Hungarian trench from the inside while touristing Hungary.

The Quakers’ passive aggression was one of the best weapons the Reds had.  The fake Leftist Hippies used the same passive aggressive approach to win for the Communists in Nam.

Those who help preserve the Memory Hole are at least as guilty as those who provide it. At least those who provide it are straight, ideological Communists. In some ways, they are like an enemy wearing a uniform.

We capture enemy soldiers, but International Law lets us EXECUTE those aiding the enemy OUT of uniform.

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  1. #1 by BGLass on 06/15/2012 - 10:43 am

    Made me think of all those people going on t.v., saying: “Bring the troops home and put them on the border!!!” This is a real repeater and even has bumper stickers. –although it puts the fear of God into many Americans to hear it said. “Enforce existing laws,” or “let the people’s real voice on immigration circa 1965 be heard” (or even circa 2009) is not what is said. No Race for the Cause here.

    In response, people try to say “Well… we shouldn’t bring the troops home to put them on the border (or to do regular homeland policing) because it might be abused in the future.” Or “They don’t put things like this in place if they (always the mysterious “they”) aren’t going to use it.” Or— if immigration necessitates all this, (by piling radically diverse populations on top of each other who are political enemies), then why not just homogenize the population?— which is easier and cheaper.

    Here’s the kind of real sentence: “We’re for the police state because it’s working well for us. We vote our paycheck on it, and we’ll get a nice pension at age 40. It will be cushier to work the u.s. border, so I’m all for it, than have to continue going overseas, where it’s really dangerous, and this way, I get to be near my family all the time; plus there are a lot of perks like discounts at box stores. Americans are so stupid, they just don’t’ realize how much danger is out there. A lot of them are just uneducated rednecks, so they don’t get it.”

    But don’t try pointing out that hypocrisy unless you can handle being ostracized. It’s like the one pesky person in the proverbial dysfunctional family—who keeps saying, ‘yeah but…remember when you…”

    That’s something I’d like to hear more about someday from Mr. Whitaker. Just how to take the consequences of being a truth teller, outside sheer tenacity. How to tolerate being the lone person with a perception. This is the skill that most people lack. It may just be the loneliness (or potential loneliness) that they can’t handle. The sense of –as pop psychology calls it— “invalidation.” The sense of unreality–that one can’t be right because no one agrees with them and so on. Why can some tolerate that and others not? And if one can— how to live with it.

    Ironically –as much as some go on about “individualism” in white culture— it’s really the fear of lack of community that makes many live straight-up lies. “Sheep” and “herd animals that cannot be awakened” are phrases simultaneously applied as “the problems of our radical individualism” are discussed, lol. So it’s not an “either/or”

  2. #2 by Genseric on 06/15/2012 - 11:33 am

    My skin is my uniform

    Fear-based societies always fail. ALWAYS.

    Just like the USSR, the TRUE domestic terrorists – the anti-white establishment – rule with the same type of fear. Fear of not knowing the Right Words to say at any given moment. Fear or reprisal through political and social persecution of pro-white dissidents. It’s plain to see that it’s unnecessary for EVERY SINGLE citizen to ‘feel the pain.’ Examples are made of the few who dare speak out and stories are published for ALL to see. Through sanctioned gang violence (ARA and other anti-white criminal enterprises) or via Legitimized Government Mob Activity and Media (IN)filtration. The anti-white establishment’s [problem/reaction]solution is for our people to say to themselves “I’m not willing to risk life and limb to voice my opinion. I’ve got Bills To Pay. My family needs to EAT.”

    “What if I said I cared as LITTLE about your race as you do about mine?” – Bob

    In the future, ours must be built on one thing and one thing ONLY. Loyalty to our race, the white race. When that happens, you must ask yourself one question and only one question in this prospective society, “Is this good for MY people” (ITGFMP)? No Liturgy of Words to live by. Just one simple maxim. A golden rule never forgotten. ITGFMP

    The walls came tumbling down and OUR people lived happily ever after.

  3. #3 by Dave on 06/15/2012 - 1:03 pm

    “Fear-based societies always fail. ALWAYS.”

    Now that is a good quote from basic thinking, Mantra thinking.

    But there’s more to it: Fear-based individuals always fail. ALWAYS.

    The greatest weapon we have is courage. Not the courage to defend some ideal, but the courage to defend our very-own loved ones, family, and race. That’s courage aimed at flesh and blood facts, not words.

    Now here is the thing, this courage must never succumb to violence. It must be non-violent to the end. And it must be aimed at telling the truth, not the truth that comes from experience and “life lessons” but the truth that is the beginning, at the simple place where people always begin, the unlearned truth, the truth that has not been forged by trials and tribulations but the truth that is there because there is no other alternative to it, it is just the place that exists and can be nothing other.

    That way we shame these bastards that are oppressing us. We see the world with a new way of seeing and courage and THEY see the world through fear and their Wordist BS. There is no way THEY can insult us. There is nothing THEY can do to us at all. They are poseurs. They are rats that beat their chests from rat holes.

    We are in power. Not them.

  4. #4 by Simmons on 06/15/2012 - 2:13 pm

    The white anti-whites are certainly a fear based cult ran by psychotics. Just view the short documentary “Blue Eye” by that criminal Jane Elliot.

  5. #5 by steadiness on 06/15/2012 - 5:13 pm

    How do fear based societies always fail? What do fear-based societies always fail at?

    If the anti-whites can run out the clock on keeping whites from developing a racial consciousness, they will win. Now, we can say that the white anti-whites will have really lost, and have damned themselves to retirement homes staffed with non-whites who hate them, but they will have achieved their objective.

    Is the fear-based society of North Korea a failure? Not for Kim Jong-un. He even has nuclear reactors, barely-working nuclear weapons and ICBMs. Meanwhile, the “non-fear-based” Germany just gave up their nuclear reactors, and as a result heavy industry is moving out. Also, the German people are losing their homeland.

    • #6 by Genseric on 06/16/2012 - 4:45 am

      “Elementary, my Dear Watson”

      You think Germany is NOT a fear-based society? Seriously? hahaha ALL THEY KNOW is fear right now. T-h-i-n-k.

      I don’t see North Korea’s citizens as being too worried about MASSIVE non-Korean immigration. Do you? I don’t see people weeping by the thousands when a Leader passes in a white country, do you? I’m sure they’re ‘Maudlin’ because they’re afraid, right? bwahahaha…. Turn off the toob already.

      Don’t get it twisted. Fear is a finite resource in ANY society. And it should be strictly defined as FOR EXPORT ONLY.

      And yes. Fear did get anti-whites this far. But, this is the end of the line, Jack. We are ‘t going anywhere. We won’t rest until our people are free from the tyrannical oppression carried out through white genocide. Maudlin this, maudlin that. Wake up and smell the folger’s.

      The world is changing.

      [(REVERSE & repeat) Fear-> Contempt-> Hatred-> Rage-> Revolution-> reverse & REPEAT] Loyalty is our only salvation. Is this good for my people? ITGFMP

    • #7 by Simmons on 06/16/2012 - 10:55 am

      What this man says is true, he has been supressed clear out of the Swarm, no site of him anywhere but to tell us it is nearly hopeless.

      But he probably knows of an important book by an important philospher and exactly which pages must be discussed, god bless him for his efforts.

  6. #8 by dungeoneer on 06/15/2012 - 5:37 pm

    Getting caught behind the lines because they thought the lines could`nt change.Fools.

    The mantra pincers follow their trajectories.

  7. #9 by shari on 06/15/2012 - 6:02 pm

    steadiness doesn’t sound too steady!

  8. #10 by steadiness on 06/15/2012 - 10:39 pm

    From the breakup of proto-indo-european dialects and the ancient Greek civilization, there have been around 150-250 20-year generations. I’m almost 30, and if we let the anti-whites continue down the course they have set I could very well be from second-to-last generation of white people. That is literally what is at stake.

    The anti-whites achieved their greatest dominance in the late ’90s. But two new things also coming from then threaten that dominance.

    One is the rise of genomic analysis. Bob says that the founders of the Human Genome Project had to swear up and down that they wouldn’t find evidence that race exists. Oops, . That’s a principal component analysis of a bunch of genomes, and it is a very big deal, because every white person knows that they have been told that genocide is okay because race doesn’t exist.

    The other is the fact that we are having these conversations here, on the Internet. The anti-whites controlled the media through controlling what is considered respectable and what gets someone shunned as anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. Diverse sustainable inclusive vibrant multicultural positive green progressive tolerant consciousness is respectable. But on the Internet, no one cares anymore.

    If the anti-whites had had the foresight to suppress those technologies for another 30 years, our task would be impossible. Fortunately for us, politically correct zombies aren’t known for their foresight: ten years ago, they were so dominant, they started telling white people that colorblindness was racist, expecting people to switch to directly hating white people.

    Is that their undoing? No. Their constant suppression and campaign of fear is what got them this far, and if we can’t turn things around soon, we can very well lose.

    This maudlin idea that the more they pile on fear, the harder they will fail, or other such bullshit, is the kind of thing that only a believer in the progressive eschatology of social progress or an 11-year-old expecting to wait out the clock a decade until he can eat as many twinkies as he wants should say.

    All the anti-whites have to do now is run out the clock, and whites will be extinct very soon.

  9. #11 by The Old Man of the Mountain on 06/15/2012 - 11:01 pm

    Some Folks call Jews in the Federal Government “traitors” while they are in fact loyal Jews.

    They are not loyal to America, the Federal Union, Mom’s apple pie, or Truth Justice and the American way; and why should they be?

    Jews are extremely tribal and loyal to their fellow Jew above all else.

    A Traitor is something else entirely, NO ONE can trust a Traitor.

    A Traitor caused our American Revolution to begin when it did.

    Red Coats did not march to a small village to seize a small cache of firearms because they were psychic; they did so because a Traitor divulged the location.

    American Patriots would have continued hanging Traitors from trees till they ran out of rope, but they ran out of Traitors first.

  10. #12 by c-bear on 06/16/2012 - 7:29 am

    As a general rule white folks are very naive — not stupid, naive.
    If you are a good person you are usually not thinking of evil things to do to others. This lack of experience in evil thoughts puts us at risk. There are things the enemy would like to do to us that we simply cannot comprehend since it is not in our nature. We would love to believe that there is good in everyone, even though it has been proved to us otherwise time and time again.
    This time, when we have the enemy in the choke hold, we cannot let go until they are actually dead — not just lifeless — dead. I remember when I was young(er) I got in a fist fight with a good friend. I was always pretty good with my fists, so of course I got the upper hand. Then it happened. I felt bad for my friend. So I let off just long enough ( it was only a fraction of a second) for him to break my nose. I let my emotions win that fight. We can all learn from this as I did. It ain’t over ’till it’s over.

    On a different note, I would like to apologize for not being as active in the Swarm as I have in the past. I have had some family issues take priority. I still read the blog every day, and maybe hit one or two swarm links if I have time, but don’t always report. I just want it known that I haven’t dropped out. I am, however, taking a job out of town for a while, so you might not hear from me. I assume I am not completely alone in this dilemma. I am sure there are at least 10 – 20x as many Bugsters not reporting due to various reasons. I know this because I am beginning to hear OUR terminology on the streets. Every time it happens I jump for joy on the inside.
    I’m out of time, AGAIN. Keep up the good work on your side, and I’ll do what I can on mine.

  11. #13 by Jason on 06/16/2012 - 7:54 am

    I love this post of Bob’s. I can’t tell you how much crud my teachers taught me that was wrong – empty headed liberal education majors. And I like calling out the passive aggressive techniques of various groups in US history. The kind of people that let Whites folks fight the Indians, while standing back and morally condemning them – then when the fighting is done, these sanctimonious Whites swoop in and take the choicest land for themselves.

    I don’t see any White Liberals offering to give back their nice coastal properties to the Indians. We should start a program to encourage that. After all, they are in possession of stolen land … right?

    And the last line about enemies out of uniform is a gem.

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