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Us Lowah Clahss Types End Up WINNING, Part I.

We Mantra types have a hellish time getting pro-white National Leaders to take us seriously.

I was in exactly the same place before. When we conservative leaders at the University wrote a latter to Barry Goldwater in 1962 urging him to run for president, you probably know who did the writing, and it emphasized appealing to the South and to white Democratic workers specifically.

Goldwater in 1964 ran all right, but not our way.

In fact, Goldwater had about 32 percent of the vote just before the election. So he got desperate about busing in New York City and the threat of it, as well as the other issues some of us peasants pushed..

Under those circumstances, so soon after the assassination, he couldn’t have won anyway. But if you know political statistics, 38.8 percent is one hell of a bump from 32 in a couple of weeks.

He could have been defeated, but not humiliated.

I spent the next sixteen years getting out into white working areas — as I had done before — urging an appeal to what the national media, and therefore Buckley, sneered at as “Wallace Democrats.”

Appealing to peasants was considered HAADDIBLY Lowah Clahss of me.

My time in the absolute back of the bus lasted until 1974, when Republicans had gotten so bad there was serious talk of ending the party. William Rusher switched to my side that year. He wrote the Foreword to my book A Plague on Both Your Houses the following year, and said that I DID in fact represent the people he had been meeting on the working class right.

Funny thing. I’d just spent a quarter of century working with them and somehow my talk sounded like theirs.

For me the attitude of our leadership to me was pure déjà vu. The attitudes to the Mantra Approach were EXACTLY the same as that of the Respectables.

After YEARS of trying, I finally got a few of you, I think Lord Nelson was the first on board.

And then YOU ran head on to the attitude I have been putting up with at least since 1958!

You raised bloody hell.

It wasn’t nearly the same shock to me.

Not just because I had already dealt with it, though that DID help.

Much more important is the fact : When I got assigned to the Lowah Clahss before and stayed on under that storm of crap for twenty years, I FINALLY WON.

My strategy was a key right into the campaign of 1980, when Rusher and others transmitted it without my name attached to it. But the Business As Usual Crowd fought tooth and nail to make Reagan’s campaign into a Nixon campaign.

Later, Reagan had to put the words “Mr. Gorbaczev. Tear down this wall!” THREE TIMES when it was removed from each draft by his speechwriters, the BAU crowd.

He had to reinsert “The Evil Empire” over and over as well in his speeches.

But the strategy to get rid of the USSR stayed in, even with Bob as the ghost writer’s ghost writer.

Let me finish this part by making this point: It is HARD to be totally kept out and regarded as Lowah Clahs. I’m only human.

But what I remember is that it WON.

No, it never got me into the Respectables Uppah Clahss. What the HELL would I do THERE?

No, what it won was the Cold War.

The enemy is dead.

You can keep the Medal.


My Apology and the Heavy Cost of “DUHHHING” the Mantra

A commenter reports that every one of twenty places he put the Mantra AND LISTED IN HIS SWARM REPORT got taken down moments after he posted them.

The subtext here is that the Great Interrogator Bob Whitaker had to wait for one of YOU to tell him that announcing your specific bombing areas is dumb.

I’ve been dumb before, I’ll be dumb again.

But it is a relief to me that you are picking up points that I tried to explain years ago. But I was the only person out in the field, and you have to have been in the field to “get” my points.

For example, I said over an over and over in earlier days that the people on the other side always seemed to understand that I was a threat. It is the respectable conservatives and attitudes of some of our pro-White leaders that totally ignores what I am doing. The conclusion I should have drawn was that, while our leaders don’t ever read BUGS, the other side has long since devoted resources to monitor it.

I didn’t understand MY OWN connection, though I have been making the same point for well over a generation. I get lulled by National Review or News and Jews or people I know are brilliant and dedicated into taking my own effective work as lightly as they do.

Now let’s talk about the SUBTEXT of being a COACH rather than a leader.

In order to dodge the desbots you are varying the Mantra. For years, that threat was my absolute No-No.

OK, a high school baseball coach drills it into his team to always catch a fly ball with BOTH hands. Then they watch the big leagues and see that practically nobody uses two hands to catch a fly.

First of all, those are pros, a coach is not drilling them any more about how it is out on the field.

Secondly, a player should be fined even in the big leagues for catching with one hand. A dropped ball seldom results, but when it does it is a disaster. But it is so seldom no one bothers with it, whereas in high school it happens all the time.

So the strict Mantra will be varied on and on, but in your present league, you will hopefully SEE it when you drop the ball.

I am now to some extent coaching out of my league, because my sport had only one league, one team, and one player for decades.

This time our side’s underestimating took all the years that I should have spent in learning to deal with advanced BUGSERS.

Please note that, once you got onto this, the OTHER SIDE put heavy resources on us FAST.


Ole Bob Bitches

I wrote a very subtle article demanding that this “race mixing” term should NEVER be used by a BUGSER. It ended with a dozen exclamation points.

Comments ranged from a unbelievably naïve suggestion of a synonym for race mixing to on-target explanations of what I am saying.

“Race mixing” does not bring you to what is being done: WHITE genocide.

Integration has been the term used by the Dutch to replace multiculturalism because they correctly guessed that the idiots and clowns on our side would not even notice what that MEANS.

I was crushed by the idiocy of the discussion on integration.

In the Netherlands, multiculturalism has been displaced by “integration.” NO ONE but me even noticed that the subtext of that is that this multiculturalism the Dutch are abandoning after decades of its enforcement was an expression of segregation.

Does ANYBODY get it? Integration Committees? SEGREGATION?

I simply cannot pass on my heritage to people who can’t tell the difference between uncapitalized conservative and Conservative. I have read a number of British books using the term “liberal” and “conservative” and I have lived over there, so I know the population is not THAT illiterate.

OK. We have so far a BUGS population which cannot understand the subtext of the word “integration” and doesn’t know how to make an ignorant fool who can’t see the difference between a party name and a political position LOOK like a fool.

So you mixed up integration as used in the Mantra with “race mixing.”

Paul Fromm never points out the real meaning of Integration Committees to REPLACE multi-culturalism. I expected he would be able to do that.

But that no BUGSER is able to put Holy Integration in its place I needed more exclamation points.

Yes, we are saying that the whole Integration program of Saint Martin Luther the King led straight to the total destruction of our race.

Paul has the right to be unable to see that Integration is the Politically Correct line in abandoning “multiculturalism.”

Paul is fighting for his CULTURE. We are fighting for our RACE.

But you can’t fight for our race if you can’t even read the subtext of “integration.”

In fact, the Dutch don’t know that their anti-white religion has abandoned the word “integration.” The term is “desegregation,” and they take it VERY seriously because “desegregation” means getting rid of an artificial separation, and if you are not aware of how anti-whites react to the term “integration,” you might NEVER be a pro.

You’re damned right I’ll keep “integration” in the Mantra.

And frankly I get the impression that people who quibble about it or don’t understand the above have not outgrown their college education.

You HAVE to learn to THINK.

I know it hurts at first, but it gets easier.


Less LINKS in the Swarm?

As Jason pointed out, the anti-whites are on us like they are on no other pro-white group. This brought something home to me that I, above all others, should have thought of: listing where we have put up the Mantra may now be a very bad idea. They just have to look in our own Swarm to find out where the best of us have put comments they need to take down.

So from now on, you should just say how many you’ve put up, tried to put up, and difficulties your comrades need to know about, as when you need help from fellow BUGSERS or, of course, a Swarm on that site.

In other words, use ’em when you need ’em, but keep in mind that they are probably paying, altogether, about ten salaries for each active BUGSER to block us. It cost Moscow five or ten dollars for every dollar that groups like Radio Free Europe spent to broadcast to Eastern Europe.

We’re costing them already, and this is just a start.

They spent many millions to put David Duke in prison. I figure each ten seconds of his time in prison cost them at least a dollar.

I wish I could explain to you how great it is that we are now under the legendary fire that hits at those who start a real revolution. You are what makes history.


Jason Reads the Subtext!

It’s outrageous the video was taken down, hope the original gets put back up. It is a testament to how effective it is. I assume the take-down is based on complaints, so the anti-Whites must have zeroed in on it.

For example, the David Duke videos are still up, with apparently no problems, yet they found your video an unacceptable threat – that tells me the satire you guys employed was able to hit people in a new way that got around people’s mental screen. This is very subversive and dangerous to the anti-White cause. Way to go, subversion is fun!


PLEASE Stop Using “Mixing THE Races”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Some good soul was reporting a perfectly good argument he was using, but he started off by saying that they want “To mix the races” and then on to explain it was just in white countries.

Just repeating the words of he Big Lie, “Mixing THE races,” can do more harm than any posting might do good. This is phraseology that we are fighting desperately here to END.

No matter what you say after, the moment you introduce “Mixing THE races” you have put the argument on THEIR ground. This is language they are used to. This is wording they can WORK with.

I have said this before repeatedly.

Is there any way I can make it clearer to you?

NEVER, Never, never, never, Never, never, never , never, NEVER use “Mixing THE races.”

Am I being too subtle or something?


Congratulations, Paul Fromm

After all his years in the wilderness championing free speech in Canada, Paul Fromm has won a victory, though don’t hold your breath until he gets any credit for it. A bill has passed the national legislature that Internet censorship is to be abandoned.

It even includes a clause that says that TRUTH, of all the things unimportant to the True Faith, is a defense.

Her Majesty’s rep might veto it, of course. The miracle is that it got through their “Senate,” whose members are appointed for life by Her Ass Kissee’s rep on the advice of the PM of the day. So it is not sure.

Some anti-whites said that now, instead of the fine, any violation of the Hate Law will be enforced by cops and jail. But the provision that truth is a defense will make that VERY difficult.

I don’t know about the Conspiracy dudes and the Nazis, but all we ask is to be able to tell the truth.

Meanwhile the Netherlands has abandoned multiculturalism, though they don’t put it that way. Now they declare that they demand Integration. The are appointing an Integration Committee and banning burkhas.

Funny thing, but while it was express Dutch policy, as it is throughout Europe, nobody ever noticed it was “separate but equal.”

But anything is better than announcing that the Established Faith if Political Correctness was just plain STUPID.


The Fifth Column: No Prisoners

Solzhenitsyn once mentioned a true story from the Gulag.    A Quaker woman was allowed to visit the Gulag, and the only inmate she quoted only asked her “How are the Negroes in America being treated?”   She reported this as the only concern prisoners in Gulag had!

They were just fine but “Your Negroes” were persecuted.  She was religiously quoted in Political Science lectures.

One of the regular stories they told us in grammar school was that William Penn was sweet to an Indian, and the Indian, a chief like all Indians, promised no Indian would ever kill a Quaker.

And, the history teacher told us gravely, no Indian ever killed a Quaker from that day on.

I must have been VERY young, because I could smell improbabilities from a very early age.

The North Carolina ancestors of Richard Nixon were known as “fighting Quakers.”

In fact ALL Quakers who lived near Indians were known as “fighting Quakers.”

Pennsylvania’s Quakers never fought Indians because they seldom SAW Indians. The people in the mountains kept the Indians away from Philadelphia and farmland. Benjamin Franklin HATED Quakers, read his biographer about their hypocrisy.

So when it came to voting money to defend the mountains, the Quakers reverently said they did not finance war. In other colonies the safer residents just said, “No, I’m all right, Jack, so screw you.”

This was about all the Gulag she reported. European Intellectuals reported it as the whole story of the so-called Gulag, which they simply refused to admit existed except as regular prisons.

For the fiftieth time, let me repeat this: all this is SAFELY in the Memory Hole.

So the Berlin Wall was a neutral device “To keep some people in and some people out.”

The German public was ASTONISHED to discover that escapees were shot on sight.

That is one hell of a solid Memory Hole! A lot VISITORS like Robert Morley found guns pointed at them when they viewed the Hungarian trench from the inside while touristing Hungary.

The Quakers’ passive aggression was one of the best weapons the Reds had.  The fake Leftist Hippies used the same passive aggressive approach to win for the Communists in Nam.

Those who help preserve the Memory Hole are at least as guilty as those who provide it. At least those who provide it are straight, ideological Communists. In some ways, they are like an enemy wearing a uniform.

We capture enemy soldiers, but International Law lets us EXECUTE those aiding the enemy OUT of uniform.