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Race To The Top: B.U.G.S. IS A Business

Posted by Daniel Genseric on July 12th, 2012 under Coaching Session

“You can read the old statements until your eyes drop out, and you will NEVER find any statement about someone being anti-white. In every single case, it was “Anti-White and Anti-Semitic.” – Bob

To take this a step further, it is important to note exactly what is done here when they attach the “and anti-Semitic” or any OTHER preferred smoke screen. They are effectively cancelling out or SILENCING the part that really matters. The anti-whites purposefully do this when the heat is turned up and they are forced to react to a problem. They are drawing upon their trillion-dollar repository of double standards, anti-white market saturation, and REPEATERS. Again, the aim here is to solve these problems by “marginalizing and sidelining.”

Just like our very own little Jewaholics do to US from time to time by attaching things like “Jewish Bankers.” That is akin to someone in the board room suggesting Coca Cola CHANGE “Always, Coca-Cola.” That is I-N-S-A-N-E. I can honestly say it’s a relief to be able to acknowledge my own mistakes and addictions such as these. These colossal mistakes which can prove fatal when repeated.

The Soviet Union’s fatal mistake was NOT successfully trivializing and marginalizing The Space Program. What they needed was a distraction, what they did was tailgate in the worst way imaginable. They bought it hook, line, and SINKER. The writers working for the Czars should have crafted a meme such as, “The U.S. Space Program is ‘Revolutionary,’ but it is revolutionary AND meaningless.” They could have went on to say “It is truly a revolution in BIG government spending.” It seems to be the case that they preferred THEIR big government over winning the war. Epic fail.

Now, as we punch our ticket on the galactic super highway and the American Space Program becomes more privatized every day, the whole white world can see this. However, none of this old paradigm matters anymore. From left to right, we are showing anti-whites the door.

We won’t let them sideline the Mantra and our message, nor will we let them strap it to some monkey’s behind and jettison it into the nether regions of Outer Space. Even better yet, ours is a business financed without money. Moreover, our mission statement is to PUNISH them by taking their most beloved and prized possession: THEIRS.

And we will have OCEANS of Really Big Thinkers crashing down upon the shores of our little BUGSter island to tell us EXACTLY how to spend it.


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  1. #1 by shari on 07/12/2012 - 6:03 pm

    “Ours is a business financed without money.” Yes, it’s totally voluntary. Sounds biblical. Jesus said to buy gold from Him, that we might be rich.
    I think the anti-white genocide effort has grown so huge, because it’s defeat will be huge, not just stopgap. Evil has ALWAYS been anti-white at it’s core.

    • #2 by Daniel Genseric on 07/12/2012 - 10:05 pm

      On that fine day tried through the fire, we shall bear white flags not for purpose of surrender nor to announce defeat. Rather, we shall be glad for we have ushered in a new day for our children and theirs; that they might see the good work we have done.

      For PEACE.

  2. #3 by Cleric Preston on 07/12/2012 - 7:49 pm

    The original ‘Nazi’s’ wore Hugo Boss designed uniforms with cool Black leather trench coats and top boots.
    Love them or hate them,those Nazi’s knew how to dress themselves,and the haircut regulations were rather loose by modern military standards.

    Yet the media has succeded in strapping ‘Nazi’s’ to the monkeys backside of ‘neo-nazi-skindheads’ who wear nylon bomber jackets,steel cap workboots and jeans as seen in ‘American History X’ and ‘Romper Stomper’

    So those who want to be Pro-White believe that to be Pro-White IS to be a neo-nazi-skinhead

    And so ‘we’ tailgate and want to have street parades and the Roman Salute, whinge about Jews and Blacks and act in the exact way our enemy wants us to behave.
    ( Minus the Hugo Boss suits, cool haircuts and abstaining from excess alcohol, that is )
    ‘We’ are controlled opposition, but even better because when ‘we’ do it, ‘we’ don’t even cost ‘them’ payroll

    When B.U.G.S wins we ought to make the Anti-Whites give back-pay to the News and Jews crew, for services rendered.

    This is not about dress codes, or hairstyles or anything else.

    This is about GENOCIDE and my point in writing the above is to say, if you dilute or go off message you may as well go on enemy payroll.
    At least that indirectly helps us,by making the Anti-Whites pay….for what they currently get for free

    • #4 by Jason on 07/12/2012 - 11:26 pm

      That’s is a great post. I’m going to start telling skinheads to stop being controlled opposition. They should at least get a check for it!

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