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What do you mean, anti-White? I have ALWAYS said so!

Being English your native language, there are some facts you are not aware of.

I will tell you something that each and everyone of you won’t believe: there are people in Spain who use English interjections, even though they can’t even say “Hello”.

There are more and more films produced in English-speaking countries being dubbed into Spanish. However, translators don’t usually take interjections into account, therefore Spanish ones are disappearing.

Sad? Sure, but we deal neither with “what should be” nor “what we like”. We deal with what WORKS.

This is obvious mainly among the youngest people. They will say “Wow”, “Hey” and “Ouch” instead of “¡Vaya!”, “¡Oye!” and “¡Ay!”. If you ask them, they will maintain they have ALWAYS said so.

Think about it: I’m not talking about terminology used in a speech you have prepared for. I’m talking about interjections! An interjection is the kind of thing you say without thinking. They are REALLY catchy.

“Ouch! You are hurting me, anti-White!…What do you mean? I have ALWAYS said so!”