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Swarm UP Part 1

Posted by Bob on August 9th, 2012 under Coaching Session

Horus’s long piece was the first time I have gotten a fellow practicing professional make a statement about our PRESENT state and policy. So I want to do what I so often do:


I have split it into four parts, one part will be presented each day so you can examine it closely. This was a big job that Horus has no real time for, so he MADE time.

It is statement that I need to make the move from begging a few people to use the Mantra for years to our present state.

Please read it carefully, and comment carefully.

The following article is from Horus:

The Swarm is now open to any and all links once again. Prior to White Rabbit Radio the Swarm did not exist so I always feel a special responsibility to those in the Swarm, especially those new to the Swarm. The last thing we want are new Bugsters getting frustrated over all their comments getting blocked for various reasons. Youtube and other internet sites changed their rules overnight.

You can review some of the links over at the CofCC.

In general, Pro-Whites own the Net. Some people laugh when I say that, but the enemy knows it and they are even starting to admit it. We know that some of these new rules were specifically designed because of our activities. So we issued some new guideline and wanted to check out a few things from our sources.

If any of you post links and you notice that the comments are not showing up on the Swarm target, slow down on posting links. There were a few trusted Bugsers who reported that their comments were disappearing from places like Youtube after they posted links on the Swarm. This happened quite a few times to only some of the Swarm and is something we will continue to monitor. In other words, some of you are being tailgated. When someone starts tailgating you so they can mark your comments as spam or something, well you know what to do.

Youtube is enforcing community guidelines. Of course, they are only going out of their way to enforce them on us. This means that if you have a Youtube Channel, you are going to have to approve/moderate all the comments. If you approve a comment or two that goes against their “community guidelines”, expect to get shut down.

The programs that run Youtube cannot thoroughly police itself so they run various searches on the comment sections looking for key words or some repetition of key words. In short, they are making every channel holder police themselves and if they catch you approving anything that goes against their community guidelines they shut down your channel. If you are using Youtube via TOR or other anonymous proxies, you can also expect to have your account shut down eventually. No big deal if you are planning ahead and you have multiple different accounts.

  1. #1 by Gavin on 08/09/2012 - 12:20 pm

    I have heard anti-White callers on talk radio complain about “people on the internet” in a shaken tone. They are feeling our effects.

    I have also noticed that newspaper website in my country have completely stopped running immigration stories. There used to be an immigration story almost every day…then we started to dominate the comments section and the stories stopped completely.

    A few days ago I commented on a story where an anti-White columnist was criticizing a Quebecois nationalist video…and my comments were deleted instantly.

    I have also seen anti-Whites online make frantic sounding comments fear mongering about us like “these fascists will send your family to be killed” or something like that.

    We are being felt.

    • #2 by OldBlighty on 08/09/2012 - 4:47 pm

      Was that the National Post? I left a lot of responses to anti-white comments 2 days ago and they removed them all a couple of hours later, so perhaps I made them mad?

      In my parting comment I told them, their censorship IS NOT NEWS and that is why the younger generations do not trust the MSM.

      BTW I noticed Youtube accounts that are rendered unusable, do start to work again after a certain amount of time. However if I have an extended session with a persistent anti-white, they go bad the very next day.

      So I suggest we ask our allies, to only allow persistent anti-whites a couple of comments on their channels, per day and no more. If you don’t have time to filter each comment, like the busy Ramzpaul channel, then ban the nuisance anti-whites, as soon as you see them.

      The days of jousting with crazies like BunnySpangle and ViciousBiter for hours on end are over. If you don’t like being silenced, anti-whites, complain to your anti-white legislators. They ruined Youtube, not us.

      • #3 by Gavin on 08/09/2012 - 6:56 pm

        Yeah, it was.

  2. #4 by Dave on 08/09/2012 - 12:52 pm

    Please understand that it takes very little back office intelligence on the part of Google to detect the true identity of those that deploy multiple accounts and Google is heavily motivated to do this detection for commercial reasons so you can assume they are doing it.

    That is the reason Google is sensitive about the users of privacy services and it is easy for Google to detect those.

    Google corporate counsel has one of the biggest jobs on the planet, no different than other big dog platform providers such as Network Solutions. They have to deal with the subpoena powers of governments while at the same time protecting their reputations.

    The management of accounts IS the business of Google. Their capabilities are far superior to any government or intelligence agency.

    Google sold its soul regarding access to exotic content that is slowly being choked off under the “masses are asses” model. The process is now very mature. So banned political oppositions are going to be driven to the classic cell model which is one hell of a lot easier in this day and age of encryption but you are not capable of hiding your true identity. Everybody is exposed and they know your net provenance. The Internet is deliberately being managed top down for that very purpose and the regime of censorship is well-established.

  3. #5 by six gun on 08/09/2012 - 9:20 pm

    I got a warning today from youtube for harassing an anti-White who had been abusing me.

    Bob has reposted the article from yesterday for close analysis.

    In general Pro-White do not own the Net. There is no objective evidence to say we do.
    Let’s be honest about this – we don’t own the Net.
    I noticed was briefly offline tonight.

    Google has a strangle hold on the search engine market.
    I wrote an article about how Google is rigging the search engine returns. I posted it in on the private message to admin and I don’t think I kept a copy.

    In essence it was about the petition started on

    I decided to look at what was happening with it. I could smell a rat.
    I tested 30 petitions on I put the full url in the search engine.
    29 of them returned the petition webpage on at the top or second in the search returns.
    One did not return the webpage at all. Google had not indexed that webpage.
    Guess what – it was the Robert Walker/Daniel Genseric petition.

    I looked at the robot.txt file for This instructs bots such as the Google bots what they can search and index. A specific page can be excluded.
    The White genocide petition has not been excluded. was not blocking Google’s bot. The Google bot will be searching that page.

    That means Google is getting the data back from the White genocide petition webpage but Google is then specifically pulling that data out so it does not appear in Google searches.
    I can offer no other explanation. We are being specifically targeted.

    Check for yourself.

    Google runs youtube.
    Facebook is hardly friendly territory for pro-Whites.
    Twitter seems to be a hunting ground for arrests in the UK was dropped by GoDaddy – it was not the only website.

    Let’s be honest we do not own the Net. There is a concerted and malicious attack on us from some quarters.

    The internet does give us a voice which we did not previously have. We need to be careful and we need to be clever. Anyone can set up a website, it doesn’t mean anyone will visit it but anyone can have a presence.
    We must learn from what has happened to others and so be clever about where sites are hosted, careful about website security and inventive about our presentation.
    There is a need for pro-White hosting companies in countries away from the grasp of the enemy. That would be a very helpful step.

    I wish we did own the Net. If we actually did I doubt we would be in the situation we are now because the world would be a very different place.

    • #6 by Jason on 08/10/2012 - 6:33 am

      I can’t say we own the internet either. We have a presence but I don’t think we own it. Yahoo, Google, Facebook, YT, are all run by Anti-Whites.

      But, for those interested in cutting edge ideas, we have more influence. When you combine all the HBD, manosphere, alt right and the pro-White sites, it adds up to something significant. For now, we do at least have a strong voice. We best use it while we can.

      Takimag appears to be a commercially viable website that edges close to something almost pro-White. That is a huge development to my mind.

      • #7 by six gun on 08/10/2012 - 7:31 am

        Yes Jason. When people could only get their information via the lame stream media it was hard for us to get our message out. Word of mouth, relatively expensive leaflets. It was hard.

        As I said anyone can have a website these days.
        You could buy a domain and hosting within the hours. If you had the content you could be live within hours.

        Like I say again and again we must be cleverer. was kicked off GoDaddy’s servers b/c there was a complaint. There might be free speech in the US but that is a mirage. There is a great need for hosting outside the reach of anti-Whites. Secure and with free speech That is not in the US or UK, that is for sure.

        I read some time ago every text, email, phone call, browsing session is recorded in the UK. These isn’t a hope of fully processing it all but if they could it is there; maybe they can. It is all scanned in the phoney war against terror. The Government tried to put legislation through to force all ISP’s to install recording equipment. It must be there already they just want to be able to be more public about it. When there were riots last year the police were going mental they could not crack Blackberry communications encryption. They were intercepting other communications. They didn’t just start doing that.

        What we are publicly told is invariably miles behind what is happening with the secret services. They are still pushing to do what I believe they are already doing.

        It seems like Twitter is a fast track to getting arrested in the UK at the moment.

        Big Brother has been here for several years now. The first step is to recognise Big Brother is watching you. The next step is to adopted camouflage.

  4. #8 by John White on 08/10/2012 - 7:58 am

    I need instruction, then.

    What specific measures could we adopt in order to post the Mantra or mini-mantras in YouAnti-whiteTube without getting shut down??

    • #9 by six gun on 08/10/2012 - 2:30 pm

      As far as I know the spam filter will kick in if you put the same entries in multiple times – I’ve heard more than 3 times but I don’t know.
      Make the post relevant to the video – so if you post on a video about a computer game expect to get heavily marked as spam.
      Make the post relevant if you are replying to someone else.
      If you get into a fight then then you are more likely to be marked as spam or report you.

      The better your post fits in with what is going on on the video and other posts, the more likely it will stay up.
      Uses multiple accounts, it take the pressure off a single account.

      Other suggestions would be helpful.

  5. #10 by OldBlighty on 08/10/2012 - 3:36 pm

    Hey there John,
    First thing you have to accept is you will be banned, because they are trying to shut us up, so you have to find ways to create new accounts easily.

    This thread has some great suggestions that work:

    When you create a new identity, it will have to be a clean one. Clear the cookies in your browser, turn your modem router off/then turn it back on, so your ISP gives you a new IP address, then use the suggestions in the thread to create a new Youtube account.

    Google, Youtube, are the same company. Facebook, Blogger and others are linked to Google, so you may have to create new accounts for those as well (I am not 100% sure if you have to do so, you will have to experiment).

    Also you must use TOR to check if Youtube is censoring you, as you won’t be able to tell otherwise. Amerika, land of the free! and all that.

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