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Jackie Gleason was at the bar, of course, waiting to go on.

He told the guy with him that “The only difference between me and these other people is guts.”

This remark was a bit of a surprise, since Jackie Gleason had a high opinion of his own talents. He would not go on a show unless he got paid more than any other guest had ever gotten paid.

This demand for a high price was one thing that kept him at the top of the list until his death.

At the bar, Gleason went on, “There are at least a dozen people sitting in this place who could be funnier than I am,” he said, “But I am the one who gets out there and DOES it.”

The first press conference my tiny group put on in DC was for some coal miners who objected to textbooks foisted on them by the education authorities. I wrote the press release, of course, and a reporter immediately asked me who the Populist Forum was.

The reporters got a laugh out of my reply. I stood there for a minute and then blurted out, “That’s US!”

It never occurred to me that anyone would want to know who US was. So, after all my years in politics, I learned a basic: You are who you SAY you are. I wrote us a separate press release right quick.

You are who you say you are, BUT YOU HAVE TO SAY IT. That’s where the guts come in.

Give ’em credit. When Bella Abzug and a couple of others damned few women would want to be associated with held a press conference, they called themselves The Women’s Movement.

The Women’s so-called Movement is tiny compared to many conservative women’s organizations. But none of them ever had the moxie or the chutzpah to say that THEY were the Women’s Movement. Politicians on the right ached to have a huge women’s group they could talk about, but every one of them cooed, “Oh, we are not THE Women’s Movement, our issues are …”

They didn’t have the guts.

In the tiny section of Stormfront sixgun started by asking why everyone on SF didn’t at least HELP BUGS; one reply said that he was against anyone being RUDE enough to toss the Mantra into a conversation on the web about something else.

No leftist has ever failed to make a movie we paid to see into a “message” that has nothing to do with what we paid for.

The usual ones answered with what they said were answers to the Mantra, all of which you could repeat in your sleep. Other talked about a more “sophisticated” approach.

These are easy to translate. Some say they fear to appear rude. Some say they fear to appear repetitive

Some are afraid of appearing to be mere followers.

Saving the race is important, but not important enough for one to risk looking bad.

Looking bad is one of the prices we are happy to pay to get people to SEE the Mantra.


I would appreciate sixgun or Horus or someone putting the above in our Stormfront thread.