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Skype Contact for BUGSERS and Some Other Points

Posted by Bob on August 22nd, 2012 under Coaching Session

I am TRYING OUT a skype address any BUGSERS can TRY to contact me on.

If a question of how fair I am or polite I am on this comes up, the experiment will end.

The few people I use my private Skype address with are the very few who demand NOTHING of me. I can answer whenever I wish or not at all.

I do have disabilities and I don’t want to spend my life explaining them.

My new Skype address is skypeonBUGS. As I understand it you must have Skype same as me if I accept our contact. Please do not assume I know who you are and state that you are a BUGSER.

On another topic, I have noticed that almost every writer has a web site. Most electronic books today include that.

Hitting those sites with the Mantra will make them hate me, which I am used to, but it will also give them warning that groveling Political Correctness is no longer routinely acceptable.

Another issue: someone did agree to edit my articles but they seem to have disappeared. Yes, back to the disabilities I get paid for: Yes, it is very MUCH harder for me to edit my own stuff. Articles are not easy for me and I am using the guest articles as you can see.

  1. #1 by six gun on 08/22/2012 - 6:31 am

    I did read about Skype being monitored.

    Well there is so much volume the authorities can only deal with a small fraction of what is out there, so it is only higher profile characters they can bother with. Just saying.

    There was also an article stating the German police had admitted they could not decipher the encryption used by Skype. Not an admission one would usually hear – something like the police admitted they could not catch bank robbers. So we can assume they can get into the calls, even if it is not they who are deciphering them.

    Skype is owned by Microsoft who I noted through its Bing search engine, along with Google, is not indexing the White genocide petition on So clearly MSN is not (always) friendly to us.
    Despite that, petition needs only FOUR more signatures to reach its target figure.

    I take it that Bob is having difficulties with typing his articles. Perhaps if he did a Skype call the article could be dictated and recorded by the person receiving the call. Windows has a simple programme “sound recorder” which is in the “accessories” folder off “all programs.” A more sophisticated recorder is Audacity which I have used. You can pause the recording and do most anything with the sound track. Download from

    Alternatively Bob could use sound recorder (its the programme with the microphone in the accessories folder) to dictate the piece, save the .wma file and then email it to the “secretary.”
    That might be the best option. Then Bob can record the piece in his own time before being emailed as an attachment for trascription.
    Someone in the US timezones should be able to sort this for Bob.

  2. #2 by Jason on 08/22/2012 - 6:39 am

    I’m glad Bob mentioned hitting author sites, because I wouldn’t have known if that was a good idea or not, but what he said makes sense. What about other popular blog sites by individuals? There are tons of them out there, but I suspect hitting them with the full Mantra will get knocked out. And even a Mini may not get through. Seems like hitting those blogs with Mantra concepts and terminology, like “Anti-White” would be a very good approach. That is more likely to get through filters. But I’d be curious what the experience of others has taught them.

    Keep posting to the tipping point!

  3. #3 by elcyCesreveR on 08/22/2012 - 7:52 am

    With these Politically Correct Ministers who have websites, we need to start telling them that their religious views (Political Correctness) have no place in the media or government, and they need to keep their dogmatic faith based religious views AT CHURCH

  4. #4 by Jason on 08/22/2012 - 10:30 pm

    Another place to use Mantra concepts is Amazon book reviews. If you create a logon ID with some email, and buy something for yourself or others for a few dollars, you are allowed to post reviews of anything.

    We can’t post the Mantra obviously – it would not get past the filter. But I believe Mantra terminology could be used, terms like Anti-White and White Genocide. This seems to me a big untapped market.

    Remember, the persona you create will be visible to everyone and they can access all your previous reviews. People DO read those reviews and I think we could use it as a forum to impose more terminology and let the world know Whites are resisting their own genocide.

  5. #5 by Jason on 08/24/2012 - 7:32 am

    Are we allowed to copy and paste an article on here by Bob and post it elsewhere? I mean over at TOO in this case. Also, one by Dick Whitman. Some of it might break a few out of the Jewaholic stupors.

    • #6 by Daniel Genseric on 08/24/2012 - 9:12 am


      Bob has asked for this all along. Few, if any, oblige that request.

      Keep in mind that this skype information IS intended for BUGSters only.

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