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“Don’t judge me!”

Posted by -Gar5- on September 5th, 2012 under General, Political Correctness

We’ve all heard the PC line “You shouldn’t judge others.”

Let me make this clear for you: “YOU shouldn’t judge others.” What they mean is only a judge is allowed to do this.

As Bob has pointed out: a judge is just a lawyer in a dress. So the only thing that makes their OPINION nice and legal is everybody bowing down and kissing their feet.

This is akin to the Mommy Professors and their “expert opinion“. If they were such experts in their field they would be EMPLOYED in that field. So the old saying goes: “Those that can do, those who can’t teach.”

So, anyway, we are told the above. “Judge” means to form an opinion. So what they are telling us to do is bow down and worship the one true opinion – for you see, thinking is not for us lowah clahss types, our opinions are ignorant unless they agree with the uppah clahsses.

  1. #1 by steadiness on 09/05/2012 - 11:53 am

    What field do you think students of left-wing victimization studies or sociology are supposed to go into? Mommy Professor is a professional in the field of propaganda.

    Journalists are always telling us what to think, what opinions are mainstream and what are far out of the mainstream beyond the pale ultra-radical zealot ideologue. But who do the journalists go to to get opinions? Professors, think tanks, watchdogs, research councils, community organizations.

    Anyway, back to the thrust of the article: People shouldn’t judge others, because people can be wrong or have ulterior motives. Only the process of political correctness can judge people. Political correctness is never wrong.

    Ask a leftist, who is the victim in a situation, and he will have an answer, which will be the same answer as his fellow leftists. As a former leftist, I thought that the fact that we had a system to find the answer showed that we were right, and that denouncing people occasionally was the price of discovering the truth and that they deserved their denunciations for trying to maintain arguments that were increasingly obviously incorrect.

    The first thing I noticed when I left the left was that on right-wing political websites, people would cut your opinions to pieces, but wouldn’t try to organize their friends to get you banned.

    • #2 by Daniel Genseric on 09/05/2012 - 7:53 pm

      “The first thing I noticed when I left the left was that on right-wing political websites, people would cut your opinions to pieces, but wouldn’t try to organize their friends to get you banned.” -steadiness

      Stormfront membership must be a foreign concept to you. Save for that one caevat, I have found your statement to be entirely accurate.

  2. #3 by Dave on 09/05/2012 - 9:46 pm

    You need to perceive their lateral conduct. This is the whole of the white collar Establishment. It is all a matter of the luxuries they enjoy.

    It makes them weak. They can be easily struck down.

    Their judgment of me is that they tremble. That means they are entirely worried about my judgment of them. I understand them completely.

    The truth cannot be hidden. Yet they are like ostriches who think sticking their head in sand conceals them. It is hilarious to really look at them.

    They are easy to whack and they are easy to damage. All I see is their weakness.

    • #4 by Sentinel on 09/05/2012 - 10:21 pm

      Yes – these people are TERRIFIED of the truth. Terrified of those who force it into visibility for the masses trained to look over, under, around and past the truth; anywhere but directly at it.

      Good versus Evil; Truth versus Lie; Normal versus Anti-White. Is there a difference to be found among the three? Fundamentally, I think not.

    • #5 by steadiness on 09/06/2012 - 1:05 am

      You would do well to perceive their strength also.

      They say that their strength is unity through diversity, and this is actually not nonsense to them. What they mean is, using politically correct thinking, leftists can ensure that they are all on the same page, and they can detect anyone who isn’t on the same page and denounce them in the same terms.

      Their strength is a consistent message: racist, bigot, hater, race is just a social construct, unity through diversity, pro-whites are just whining pretend victim wannabe nazis, check your privilege, you have no idea what it’s like to be on whatever rung of the heirarchy of victimhood so you’re not allowed to say anything about them.

      When they accuse us of being a cult, they mean that they think that since we have a consistent message also, we must have developed it in the same way they did, and we must be constantly hunting heretics among us just like they do.

      Then they see what we say about traitors, and think that we’re even harsher towards heretics than they are. After all, leftists love talking about compassion, and I know from experience having stated incorrect opinions fairly often that leftists are actually quite tolerant of small amounts of dissent, as long as it stays in house, and you apologize and learn from your mistake.

      It never occurs to them that, and this is something I must give credit to Bob for, a society that is held together by an opinion can not tolerate freedom of opinion. So we aren’t bound together by pro-white-ism in a manner remotely like how they are bound together by political correctness.

  3. #6 by Daniel Genseric on 09/06/2012 - 3:15 pm

    Bob, for your viewing pleasure…

    WTLX Columbia, SC. Peggy the anti-white gets smashed in her anti-white grill. The weapon? Why of course, the Mantra silly:

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