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Smiling Werewolf

Posted by Bob on September 22nd, 2012 under Coaching Session

Smiling Werewolf is German, and this is his comment on Dr. Duke’s criticism of the Mantra:

This is my first time posting on this site, though I read it often and “amateur swarm” on my own, without reporting.

That being said, I was prompted to post this because of the note of disappointment (more so than frustration) which I detected in Bob’s post. Of course, I could be totally wrong, but that’s how I took it. Bob & the BUGSters are the last people I want to see discouraged. So, my thought:

Is the refusal of DD and DB to fully endorse and utilize the Mantra even a bad thing? My understanding of BUGS is that it feels that the old “educational”, N&J approach has utterly failed. I think Horus said in one of his podcasts that if it was going to work, it would have worked by now. So BUGS is about influencing the masses in the way they are ACTUALLY influenced, not in the manner that we would PREFER them to be influenced. So you use a consistent message and, if you will, “healthy propaganda”.

BUGSters do not use n****r in their posts, they do not go on Third Reich rants, and they rarely, if at all, mention YKW. My understanding of your work is that you do this to avoid the preconditioned triggers that people have due to their brainwashing.

That is, if someone mentions “YKN” in a hostile light, or talks favorably of “Mein Fur”, or calls someone on Youtube a n****r, the brainwashed, white & normal person whom you are trying to reach will immediately SHUT DOWN and tune you out. “Well, the J’s…” and you have lost that person. “Mein Fur…” and you have lost that person. “N****r…” and you have lost that person.

Not to criticize DD or DB FOR WHO THEY ARE (I know nothing about them, really), but in terms of WHAT THEY ARE PERCEIVED TO BE: I would say this could even be a good thing for BUGS.

For the life of me, I can’t see how David Duke getting behind the Mantra is going to make a big difference in reaching the Sleeping White Titan, normal white folks. Why? Because, IMO, “David Duke”, in their minds, is synonymous with a KKKlovingnaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews. I would imagine that the vast majority of his “real world” results and hits comes from people who are already awakened, with possibly some Muslims (due to the common ground on how they view YKW), and anti-Whites monitoring his site.

I very much doubt that too many apple-pie eating church goers and brainwashed sports fans would tune into David Duke, because “David Duke” probably flips their triggers and shuts them down as much as n****r and swastikas and praising Zyklon-B does.

The same thing with DB. DB will never be introduced on a t.v. show without connecting him to SF. SF is a trigger word, just like DD or Mein Fur. IMO it’s a “no go” with the brainwashed masses. Once again, not in terms of WHO THEY ARE, but in terms of HOW THEY ARE PERCEIVED, having them use the mantra over and over might be tantamount, to the brainwashed masses, to having the 3K’s publicly start using the mantra. Is that really a good thing? Would it really help the mission of BUGS if the Mantra, which struggles to have the moral high round in the minds of the BRAINWASHED audience, was inextricably wed to SF, DD, and the 3K’s?

As someone once said… “Neither is new wine put into old wineskins. If it is, the skins burst and the wine is spilled and the skins are destroyed. But new wine is put into fresh wineskins, and so both are preserved.”

BUGS is new wine, and this new wine has been poured into Horus, johnnywhiterabbit, Beefcake, et al. (I hate to leave someone out, but I can’t name all of you!), and a plethora of powerful and unique YouTube videos. I would wager that the “How Whites took over America” video reached more of the unconverted “white and normal” than the past two years’ worth of DD’s videos, which were probably just preaching to the choir.

BUGS, the Mantra, etc., is the best hope for whites, and is the spearhead of creativity and energy and vitality. You have made a difference, are making a difference, and will make a difference.

I think Horus talked in his podcasts about something like a “top-to-bottom” or “bottom-to-top” connection, like lightning, when a public figure is going to start talking Mantra-speak. I would imagine that it will probably be someone we have never heard of, and might not even suspect… and they will probably be “white-and-normal”… those are the leaders who will probably make a difference, if any…

  1. #1 by OldBlighty on 09/22/2012 - 6:42 am

    Bob, you did say BUGS was never about BUGS. It was always about us. I understand what you mean.

  2. #2 by Jason on 09/22/2012 - 8:35 am

    Excellent post. And I must admit, there is something refreshing about a clean break from all the stuff that has failed before. Most of the “White Nationalist” movement of the past 50 years has been a horrible burden to carry.

    One of Bob’s podcasts talked about the prohibition on information – politically incorrect information or anything remotely pro-White. During the Prohibition on alcohol, you could still get booze, but it was low quality and it was served by nefarious characters. Sound familiar? When Prohibition ended, it wasn’t Al Capone who still served the liquor, it was reputable brewers.

    When we break through the prohibition on pro-White material, we will see a whole new class of White spokesman.

    • #3 by Peter Cottontail on 09/22/2012 - 8:53 pm

      Don Black is almost fully mantra now and that hasn’t slowed us down at all. He handled himself well on the two occasions I saw him on dino-media (with Young Turk and the most recent Foxnews interview).

      I wouldn’t discourage Duke from slipping a mantra point or two in with his attack on joos. Anti-Whites have used their consistent message in every conceivable angle very successfully. If White and Normal people don’t listen to Duke, we will get the message to them and they will be none the wiser.

      • #4 by Jason on 09/23/2012 - 2:09 am

        You are right, and I didn’t mean to imply that DD or DB are not good people. I was thinking of other characters.

    • #5 by Conrad on 09/29/2012 - 4:41 pm

      Very good thinking here.
      www. jackswar. com

  3. #6 by Vale on 09/22/2012 - 10:01 am

    Wow, that so flipped the DD issue over onto it’s tail. Great job, SW.

    btw: You’re not “amateur” swarm, you’re “one of the” swarm.


  4. #7 by Simmons on 09/22/2012 - 10:32 am

    Yes well said, as I mentioned of those two men, they can use Mantra thinking in their defense, I recomend it, and DB certainly has done well using it as such.

    And its true what another man wrote here, there is a lot of chaff in the WN that we do not want at this point in time Swarming.

    • #8 by Daniel Genseric on 09/22/2012 - 3:41 pm

      Excellent point.

      It’s the same as if we were fielding a football squad. We wouldn’t actively recruit linemen who shy-ed away from contact whilst blocking for the backs, would we? Nor would we even LOOK at those who failed to distinguish between the X’s and the O’s.

      The design doesn’t register; they don’t even SEE the schematic. Sometimes I think they don’t want to. Their love is not for our people, but for their need to wallow in misery and inefficacy. And, personally, I wouldn’t dream of depriving them of that.

      Just don’t ask me to join in.

      • #9 by Soldier_Ant on 09/22/2012 - 11:16 pm

        This is a great point you bring up Genseric. You can be the best player in the game, but if you don’t buy into the scheme, you are literally useless to a team. Tomorrow’s captains and play makers will not come from the old system scheme, that is just the way it works.

        I wouldn’t go as far to say though that all of them have a desire to wallow in being on the losing team is more important than their desire to win. It is just that not everyone will buy into the system and the game plan immediately, until they can no longer deny it works. Reluctantly and gradually at first, then a critical point will be reached where it will just be an accepted aspect of a winning scheme. Another one of those things that are just that way.

        I want everyone on the consistent message, even if it is just once or twice a week. Some people just won’t buy in until the championship rings are already on the fingers of the champions. Not of a matter of if, but when. For the rest, they will never buy in and be stuck in the past, wishing that the game was still played how it used to be in the “good old days” when coach Adolf was lining up in the power I and daring the DL to stop the run. Lots of dinosaurs in every aspect of everything in life.

  5. #10 by Dick_Whitman on 09/22/2012 - 11:23 am

    Excellent post. And welcome Herr Smiling Werewolf.

  6. #11 by elcyCesreveR on 09/22/2012 - 11:38 am

    we are softening minds, exposing the disconnects… unfreezing the the disconnects, replacing the disconnects with logic (that’s where DD comes in)… then freezing them and sending them on their way

    And i think that’s what most WNs don’t get, this is the only way to do it. Most WNs are waiting for the Gates of Vienna

  7. #12 by Epiphany on 09/22/2012 - 8:04 pm

    The next election will be a pivotal point in history. We are living in interesting times!

  8. #13 by John White on 09/23/2012 - 5:52 am

    I would dare say that anyone who criticizes the Mantra simply has not used it. Period.

    And I mean actually use it, consistently, in the proper way. The method is so simple that can really be learned and mastered in an afternoon. And then, if used consistently, you start to see how the anti-whites are totally, absolutely, ludicrously destroyed by the Mantra and/or mini-mantras & Mantra thinking.

    But you know, you actually have to use it consistently, over a period of time, in the proper way, to see its true value.

    And it’s one thing that a Big Name would refuse to use the Mantra. But if someone actually goes out of their way to criticize the Mantra, that stinks big time. Such a thing is ridiculous, period.

    I guess it must be painful to a Big Name’s pride that something it took many years of self-education and hardships now suddenly becomes irrelevant, surpassed by a whole buch of little nobodies who actually get things done and come out looking good.

    You don’t like what we do? That’s OK but please at the very least get the f*ck out of the way.

  9. #14 by Tom Bowie on 09/26/2012 - 10:02 am

    at some point things will overlap to some extent.

    On the 22nd of September, the Aryan Nations held a march as part of The South African Project. (The geNOcide of Whites in South Africa)

    Well it should be easy for the media to use something like the Aryan Nations march to their advantage and they should have been all over it. Despite there having been quite a few reporters there, 24 hours after the event ended there was more news coverage on the event in Bulgaria than in the US. There’s a bit more on it now but nothing like I’d expect., even Stormfront has not picked up on the story yet as it’s had so little attention.

    The problem for the media seems to be that the Aryan Nations may have been distracted at times but they always came back to their message of geNOcide in short order. The word geNOcide was said over and over again.

    A year ago, no-matter what the Aryan Nations said the media would have twisted it around; today the media is in chaos as to what to do/say.
    Now just what happened to change all that; I think you know.

  10. #15 by Conrad on 09/29/2012 - 4:31 pm

    I have always felt, as I still do, that in a struggle such as this or in any conflict one must use every weapon that is available. No single method will work on every mind. ANYONE & EVERYONE that fights in this fight must be applauded for their effort. Every army that goes into the field must take a wide variety of weapons so must we. If I may I would like to suggest that everyone take a look at a book that I wrote called * Jack’s War. * Please consider buying this book & giving it to as many people as you can. It also uses the Mantra. www. jackswar. com

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