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Marxism in English

Posted by Bob on October 8th, 2012 under Coaching Session

I have pointed out again and again and again and again, etc. that to simply state the tenets of our established religion is to discredit it.

By the same token, the only people who can prevent this catastrophe are the William Buckleys who make the established religion look like serious thinking.

Let me state Marxism: Unemployment Map of Ohio

Marxist economics says the value of any economic good is the objective labor time put into it. Water has the same value anywhere, and Marx ridicules at some point the idea that a product in one place is worth more in one place than in another.

Many British scientific organizations insist that Marx was a scientist. “Karl Marx was the scientist who discovered surplus value.” Surplus value is the amount of goods a worker produces beyond subsistence.

Marx stated that all history is a history of class struggle.

On earth, every social animal’s history is a struggle between leaders.

Marx said that what was needed was a “dictatorship OF the workers.” This was not to consist of people who had worked, but of intellectuals like himself who knew what was best for them.

Marx implied, and Engels vaguely stated, that a dictatorship OF the working class, but made up of people like himself, would lead to a natural system where there were no leaders, as Rousseau had described it.

Stated in English, no adult can take Marxism, the product of an nineteenth century mind, and not the best of those, seriously.

Except Buckley and all paid conservatives.

  1. #1 by Epiphany on 10/08/2012 - 6:34 am

    And CULTURAL Marxism is even more nonsensical!

  2. #2 by BGLass on 10/08/2012 - 8:05 am

    Neocons go on and on about “the worker” as if this doesn’t show they are bolsheviks. When I mentioned it, one man accused me of wanting to be “an aristocrat.” HE was on a public pay (against the public will according to statistics, i.e. the will of the worker), and still it was the biggest cutdown for me that he could think of, (and he was really old).

    Being reduced to “economic unit” and “worker” is degrading. It makes third worlders seem the best candidates for any “developed country,” which is pretty funny– as those people think most about subsistence. Others surely experience themselves as more than dead-end jobs surrounded by mexicans or whatever, and as more than “surplus value.”

    Anyway, don’t people just get BORED hearing the word “economy” over and over on t.v.? Don’t they shout at the t.v., “I have other freaking problems!”

    Obviously, it’s not the God Term for everything.

    “I have other freaking problems. Forget the economy. What about Genocide? Genocide is worse than being poor!”

    White people get stuck in the universe where they are units of labor, instead of attempting to make decisions on some other basis (about what they do for fun, where they live, who they know, their hobbies, etc).

  3. #3 by Jason on 10/08/2012 - 8:41 am

    Speaking of the Buckley role, I’ve noticed what makes that clown Chris Matthews lose his cool: being laughed at. He can take almost anything, but when a guest starts giggling over some PC drivel Matthews thinks is serious (laughing AT him, not in a friendly way), Matthews gets a mean look and YELLS at the person like it’s a federal investigation. He uses a very accusatory tone.

    Bob is right; their system can’t stand the most natural response – peels of laughter. They HATE laughter. The PC crowd reacts with fury when something they consider sacred is trivialized by others. If you treat their PC dogma with contempt, they react to it as a priest would react to blasphemy. It is NOT to be laughed at!

    Matthews takes on the tone of a Grand Inquisitor. I believe we must find more ways to laugh at them. The fall of the Anti-White systems will be accompanied by the sound of joyful laughter.

    • #4 by Harumphty Dumpty on 10/08/2012 - 10:28 pm

      At I’ve relied a lot on humor. I have a whacky Dr_Quackford who does emergency brain surgeries for anti-whites who lose it…here’s an example:

      Dr_Quackford writes:
      in response to______

      “Let’s see the frustrated rage and hate! I know it’s there!”

      Hm. I’m thinking our last little bit of brain surgery must not have gone too well. And I’m missing the egg beater I used in the delicate part of the operation. My dear, could you just poke a spoon in your ear and see if you hear a clang of metal on metal?

      anti_racist__is_a_code_word_for_anti_white writes:
      in response to Dr_Quackford:

      Quackford, how many brain operations are you going to do on this patient? You’ve used every utensil in your kitchen and she’s still no better! Give it up, man, it’s hopeless!

      Other usernames I have there include torch_mob_for_tolerance (I think that phrase is from Don Black), muhlti_kuhlti, a couple of lesbians Ballsy_Brenda and sally_strapon, a gay guy PassionFruit, and a pack of dogs that whoop and holler when I need a cheering section: daniel_spaniel, harrison_hound, Helmut_the_mutt_from_hell, and pure_bred_Fred.

      May as well have some fun doing this stuff! :)
      For anyone who’s interested, I report on Jared Taylor’s reply to me in

      • #5 by Jason on 10/08/2012 - 11:23 pm

        Great that you can have fun doing it! Thanks for your comments on the other thread as well. When I go back to TOO to check what they are up to, by the way, I see the same drooling Jew-obsessives (in the comments section). They literally spend all day long playing “whose the Jew”, trying to “out” various posters.

        They get angry when you ask them to do anything productive like post the Mantra. Sorry, I am venting, that is a waste of time, but it is galling to know what good they could be doing, but they would rather play silly games. Okay, I’ll have a beer and calm down!

  4. #6 by Dave on 10/08/2012 - 10:24 am

    Stupid dog trick politics is all it is.

    The very moment you come possessed of advantages and privileges, you become a militant proponent of fairness and equality.

    The multi-billionaire Castro’s will tell you that.

    The absolutely corrupt Chavez will tell you that. In contrast to what Chavez professes, American and Canadian companies are treated like royals in Venezuela. Venezuela’s oil and gold flows north, fat bank accounts to the corrupt Chavez flow south. That is the way it works.

    All doctrines of equality are frauds. The FACT is massive and PERMANENT inequality.

    Doctrines of equality and fairness have their source in privilege. It is THAT simple.

  5. #7 by Lord Nelson on 10/08/2012 - 3:08 pm

    It’s should be obvious to any normal person that the ideas of marx are a joke. And should not be taken seriously. It seams that what makes marxism particularly dangerous is that it is the key to every tinpot dictator and petty bureaucrats dreams.

  6. #8 by Conrad on 10/09/2012 - 10:24 pm

    An interesting thing about Marxism, they said that they were going to make a dictatorship of the workers. But if any of the workers decided that they didn’t want to go along with what Marx said, they got a bullet in the back of the head. It’s the same with the multiculturalists. They say that what they want is a nice “tolerant” utopia. But if you decide that you do not want genocide, they say that you should die and go to hell. www. jackswar. com

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