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A Handful is a Lot When You Break All the Rules

After the very rocky start I discussed in my comment on the last article, the PalTalk got going because we had some anti-whites there and Linux and me to answer them.

Linux did GREAT!

It’s a great world when LL is on OUR side!

Laura also spoke some, though she had the tech.

But LL and I were able to keep it going because of the anti-whites.

As for anybody else, for half an hour, as Laura kept saying, “Crickets…”

Then the anti-whites, as always, repeated themselves and got whacked until even THEY couldn’t pretend any more.

Then came the silence.  photo drunk2.jpg

I explained what handicapped us. Any membership and dues man, like James or David, would have lots to say at that point.

But what they would fill the time with was exactly the same as what our drunken buddy was going on about when I FINALLY was allowed to cut him off at 5PM.  Smashed out of his gourd, he would make an excellent regular white radio host.

After a short silence that seemed like a long one, with only Linux and Laura trying to fill some space, the BUGSER cavalry FINALLY arrived!

And they were EXCELLENT!

By then I was too tired to really appreciate it, but they made our points and kept discipline wonderfully.

Our BUGSERS kept making our points but from different points of view.

Other voices making our points in itself makes a lot of difference.

Linux, Laura and I were getting spent, though Linux kept it going.

The miraculous thing about our first PalTalk session was that we survived it.

It seems impossible that we can keep a talk going without dribbling out into “liberals” and “Jews” and “Obama” and Israel.

In fact, you all did it extremely well, and we are planning another session this week.

We have to build our dialogue from the ground up. We can come at basic points, as speakers did in that PalTalk Session, in different ways.

But it is not easy.

What we are presenting is a different world view.

You can come to fascinating conclusions going this different mental route, but it is in a whole different LEAGUE from rattling on about News and Jews.

You done good. I admit it.

But Ole Coach will be playing for you next week.

Audio Bob