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Colbert of Comedy Central, calls a new million-dollar Federal program “truthy.”

“Truthy” was set up by a far leftist in the government and approved by Comedy Central.

Here is where “truthy” gets interesting to BUGS:

It is a special, read emergency, program to fight memes on the internet!

No one had any idea how powerful Samizdat was until the Soviet attempt to retake Russia failed because of the use of what is now the old tech of fax  from the building where the revolution holed up.  photo briarpatch.png

Every paid Soviet expert would have laughed his ass off if you had said that FAXES would be the main instrument in bringing down the superpower subject of his expertise.

It is easy for big-time Experts to totally miss the subtlety that leads to real changes in real power.  And no experts are ever going to ask WHY every single paid expert on the Soviet Union totally missed its complete crackup.

So the things BBG talked about in his recent article and “truthy” are totally unnoticed.  Another thing that was unnoticed outside of people like me and BBG was how the ADL attack on us repeatedly assured readers that the White Genocide meme “will not go viral.”

“Do anything to me, but PLEASE don’t throw me in that thar briar patch!!!”

So now the Feds are starting a program to fight “untrue memes” on the internet.

We progress.

Audio Bob



UPDATE: Black Cop Kills White Kid #1 Story Today -Washington Times/DrudgeReport

The unarmed White youth gunned down by a Black policeman in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the top story in today’s Washington Times. It is also the uppermost story in the first column of the Drudge Report. The news about Dillon Taylor is seeping out. You read about it here last week.

When Michael Brown died in Ferguson, Missouri, the MSM went berserk. When Dillon Taylor met his fate, the MSM yawned. Dillon was only a White and the ‘victim’ who shot him was Black. Nothing newsworthy about that. That is the way America’s hostile elite treat it’s majority of citizens. The media bias is self evident.

The Internet is changing things. The Taylor story was a small local story. Rush Limbaugh had a caller who mentioned it. [Am unaware if Rush has been promoting it. Any regular listener who could inform us on this would be appreciated.] The point is that BUGSERS are referring to it and that the story is not dying. The Wall of Silence is slowly crumbling.  photo sappers.png

In the military special units, sappers, dig tunnels to undermine defensive positions. They were very important in days or yore as castle walls could be caused to collapse by the dirty faced grunts underground. The heroes got to go over the destroyed towers waving pretty flags. The sappers made victory possible.

It has been noted here that BUGSERS are like the artillery that softens up the enemy before the charge. It is equally true that BUGSERS are sappers – ants, termites, gophers in Nature’s parlance – relentlessly burrowing beneath the defenses of the Anti-Whites promoting White Genocide.

You are having an effect. The belated coverage of the death of Dillon Taylor is evidence of that progress. Cracks are appearing above. You may not see them. The wall is shaking. You might not hear it. The ground is shifting. You cannot feel it. But it is happening.

Up where the suns shines the glory boys, like that Congress critter Mo Brooks thumping about the War on Whites recently and not backing down when called on it, are preparing to pounce. That spade of yours, the Mantra, is doing it’s work, slowly, unstoppably. Keep shoveling.



Quakers ALWAYS Call the Cops

Anti-whites who speak on campus today hide behind the thugs.  He is allowed to speak while knowing that if anyone tries to oppose him the campus thugs would threaten violence and the administration would ban any such opposition to the Heroic Anti-White as “leading to violence.”

Anti-whites hide behind thugs. They are not going to take on an intelligent anti-White and they hide behind thugs. That is about as low as even a coward can get.

Teddy  Kennedy made speeches in the USSR. Once he got so lost in his illusions that he asked his truly captive audience to VOTE! As he did in campus speeches in the US, Teddy asked those members of the audience who thought too much money was spent on the military to RAISE THEIR HANDS!

The Russian listeners were furious.

Kennedy was asking people in a POLICE STATE to DISAGREE with their government!

Teddy always spoke to audiences controlled by thugs. He actually forgot he was not at Harvard or some other university where the captives would  all openly agree with him. It was probably his hundredth speech to a captive audience, and he completely forgot WHICH captives he was talking to!

Cowards are one thing.  But cowards who hide behind thugs are nauseating.

Benjamin Franklin HATED Quakers for this very reason. They were always preaching peace until THEY were in danger. Then the yellow streak came out a mile wide.

Quakers will refuse to allow their members to resist a burglar and be proud of it. But they ALWAYS call the police if they can. That is the reason Quakers can be so Idealistic. Their property is protected by people with guns.

Quakers do not  mention that they USE guns but they regularly call men WITH guns, in exactly the same way anti-whites never mention the thugs they hide behind.  photo quaker.png

In the same way, no one who argued that Communism was somehow reasonable would ever discuss the fact that every country that had that system had to kill all escapees, least of all the professional anti-Communists.

The only reason the Berlin Wall was famous was because it was not  built until 1961, and was a  major news event.

The press never mentioned all the other walls around the other Workers’ Paradises and neither did conservatives.

So you may be surprised that no professional pro-white ever talks about campus thugs.

I have been watching this silence for decades on the part of those who were paid to be on my side. I would be ASTONISHED if they pointed out the obvious THIS time!



Limbaugh: Evidence MSM places no value on a White life

Michael Brown gunned down by a cop in Ferguson, Missouri, has been broadcast 24/7 across the globe as a victim of racism. The 18 year old, 6’4″, 300 pound child is celebrated because the shooter was a White cop and the deceased is Black. This happens too frequently but not so rarely that it is unusual.

It is a media maxim that dog bites man is not a story but a man bites dog event is front page headline material. Given this rule of thumb a White youth shot to death by a Black policeman should receive universal coverage. It does not. The anti-White domination of newspapers, radio, television and the Internet suppresses the same scenario. It happened c. the same time in Salt Lake City and you have never heard of Dillon Taylor. He is nothing. He is White.

The killing has produced protest demonstrations that have garnered meager local coverage. Nothing national. Nothing international.

Other stories reveal that the officer is non-White. A caller to Limbaugh identified him as Black. There is a video of the encounter from a camera on the officer. No news industry lawyer has filed a FOIA. Who cares? The victim was White.  photo dillontaylor.png

The utter callousness of the anti-White hostile elite should make any White person’s blood turn to ice. White life means nothing. Whites are to be blended out of existence. Dillon Taylor is a casualty in the War on Whites and you may be next. However, in case you find yourself embroiled with the justice system you might scour your genealogy for a smidgen of Cherokee blood as your own Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card.

Rush Limbaugh has rendered BUGSERs an unintended service. He is not on board with us – yet. He has illustrated the truth that the Mantra proves – that anti-Racist is a code word for anti-White. Get the message out. Post the Mantra today.

If you are a newbie to this site, please read the Mantra. It is like a college course on theses matters, distilled down to a paragraph.



Description of ACTION!

From a BUGSER:

I wanted both you and Bob to have a few points from the conversation in order to demonstrate how amateur these professors actually are.

Once you overcome fear and take one of them on, you find that they’re using the same tired old arguments that we get from the low level anti-Whites.

As long as you keep them on White genocide it goes great. Don’t let them pull you into tailgating.
I fell for it briefly but was able to bring it back to White genocide.

I went 10 rounds with an anti-White professor.

I think this is important because you can actually see the things that get them the most worked up and angry. So I’m writing to mention just a couple of the most effective points.

Bob’s “chasing down” argument really fired up this professor and I was able to come back with the “funding diversity to Idaho point.”  photo prof.jpg

The other point that really fired up this professor was my repeated point of “84 schools in Britain without a single White child”- announced in May 2013 by the British government.

It’s an excellent point because you can compare it to two main island nations both African and Asian.

My argument:

“The British government announced in May 2013 that there are 84 schools without a single White child left in them…
if Japan had 84 schools with no Asian children it would be called genocide…
if Haiti had 84 schools with no black children it would be called genocide…
Why isn’t this genocide when done in Britain?”

Professor’s argument:

“I know all about this from (insert anti-White media source here)… and the problem is that they are self segregating and moving away… not really genocide… we just need to integrate them properly…”

My response:

This gave me the opportunity to say “so the only problem you have with White genocide is that the victims are escaping?”… I then tacked on Bob’s point that the White victims had to be “chased down.”

Talk about a meltdown. If I could explain the look I received, I would say that it was genuine fear… a professor starting to realize that all the old anti-White arguments no longer work and their whole world view is just plain evil.