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Open Letter to Mr. Patrick Morrisey, Attorney General of West Virginia

Posted by Laura on September 20th, 2016 under General


Currently we are working to get in contact with Ms. Bowe. We would like to offer her our support and possible representation in seeking justice in this blatant violation of her freedom.

Carrie Bowe was the young woman who was fired from her job at the Attorney Generals Office in West Virginia for taking part in one of our Stop White Genocide videos –

The letter above has been mailed to Mr. Morrisey’s office, emailed to, faxed to 304-558-0140, posted on FWG and Bob’s Campaign website. We have also tweeted it directly to Mr. Morrisey’s twitter account @morriseywv.

Mr. Morrisey’s actions in this case are sickening. He has left this poor young woman to burn at the stake when he was elected to PROTECT her rights!

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