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Collection of Tweets from Bob’s Twitter Account

Posted by Laura on July 31st, 2017 under Coaching Session

-Scythian- posted this in the working thread. It is a fantastic collection of some of the tweets from Bob’s twitter account. Copy and paste these and get them out there for Bob. 🙂

“Here’s a bunch of Bob’s Twitter memes that work as Mantra Responses or can be modified to be”:

  • Anti-Whites never discuss whether anything we say is true. All they have is labels. A label is the weapon of one who has lost the argument.
  • Those who attack us are NEVER doing it to DISCUSS #Whitegenocide, they are ALWAYS demanding that all discussion of it be SUPPRESSED.
  • We all know that the only answer anti-Whites have is to silence us or change the subject. Those tactics ARE answers if you allow them to be.
  • Anti-Whites act like any felon faced with charges he cannot deny. They shout insults, say their accusers are stupid, mean and ugly.
  • The REAL war is a series of words like “racism” “diversity” and series of phrases anti-Whites scream because genocide has no justification.
  • The only weapon anti-Whites have is their screams. It is past time that we disarmed them. #Whitegenocide
  • Calling disagreement “hate” is childish. #Whitegenocide
  • Hate is a Hate Word: It just says “Shoot the messenger.” #Whitegenocide
  • Anti-Whites scream racist and White supremacist. The oldest cliche in the legal profession is, “If you have no defense, attack like hell!”
  • An anti-White thug uses the “Nazi!” label and he uses it only to incite violence. #Whitegenocide
  • When you anti-Whites scream Hate or racism, a.k.a. HERESY!, it says nothing about the point we heretics make. But it tells us ALL about YOU
  • Murder suspects and anti-Whites being interrogated say “You already asked that” and “I already answered that”. #Whitegenocide
  • Anti-Whites avoid answering the Mantra by waiting awhile and then declaring, “But we ALREADY answered it!” #Whitegenocide
  • These anti-Whites say “me no understand” and that’s supposed to be some argument. We have to make our answers as simple as these people are.
  • Silence is the anti-Whites’ most effective technique precisely because it WORKS. It works because no one on our side listens to the silence.
  • We are always being asked why we worry about our race. The QUESTION, for any other people, would bring a person under suspicion of genocide.
  • Anyone who asks “Why should I care about my race‘s survival?” is proving they are a sociopath with no loyalties. You can’t explain loyalty.
  • A sociopath has no loyalties, as a psychopath is incapable of guilt. You can’t explain to a sociopath WHY he should care about his own kind.
  • Anti-Whites say they are offended by being accused of advocating White genocide, but they then go on to describe White people as a pure evil
  • Every word anti-Whites say in response to the charge of #Whitegenocide is a justification for that exact policy.
  • Pro Whites accuse anti Whites of #Whitegenocide They say 1)Whites r evil & deserve it 2)They dont want to end the White race 3)No White race
  • Anti-Whites who say there is no such thing as White pick the countries that must allow immigration and assimilation by that exact criterion.
  • Anti-Whites say there is no White race or White country, but Whites stole America and Australia from the natives. #Whitegenocide
  • A pro-White is told there is no such thing as the White race, and then he is told that the White race owes the rest of the world reparations
  • If there is no such thing as race, how can we have “diversity?” #Whitegenocide
  • When someone asks what a White country is, you tell them it’s a country they insist has an obligation to import huge numbers of 3rd worlders
  • At the time of the Constitution, “we the people” had a higher percentage of native-born Whites than we have ever had before or since.
  • We had slavery. WOW!! The only people who didn’t have slavery were stone age people. Slavery was abolished in Saudi Arabia in 1964.
  • The White race has never committed a unique sin. Anti-Whites say “White people did this or that and therefore must disappear from the Earth”
  • One who argues that race does not exist, or the only race is the human race is stating that genocide has never occurred and cannot occur.
  • The name of the Genocide Treaty shows that saying “race does not exist” is no defense against a charge of genocide. #Whitegenocide
  • Emma Lazarus was a Zionist. What if Bob Whitaker wrote something inviting the whole world to her Zion? These anti-Whites have no shame.
  • If you believe your land is stolen, don’t point fingers, get the hell OFF of it! #Whitegenocide
  • The 1st obligation of any American who believes the US was stolen from the Indians is not to point fingers but TO GET THE HELL OUT!
  • How can you be a White supremacist and White separatist at the same time? #Whitegenocide
  • Remind anti-Whites that they you don’t have to justify genocide unless you are committing it. #Whitegenocide
  • The REAL war is a series of words like “racism” “diversity” and series of phrases anti-Whites scream because genocide has no justification.
  • It is critical to remember that the Mantra is not a debating tactic. The Mantra is repeating back to anti-Whites what they say all the time.
  • Anti-Whites never get tired of repeating racist Nazi. The reason we got in this mess is we didn’t deal with these people on their own level.
  • You have to deal with anti-Whites on their level. They’re a bunch of monkeys screaming. Don’t answer as if they’d said something.
  • Anti-Whites’ world view is threatened, not by exposures of Conspiracy Theories, but by someone saying their basic ideas in plain English.
  • It is critical to remember that the Mantra is not a debating tactic. The Mantra is repeating back to anti-Whites what they say all the time.
  • People can take being out argued but being exposed as a mindless repeater is unbearable to people who’ve been trained to think they‘re smart
  • We keep repeating. That’s what revolutions are made of. Let’s see if we can find a non-White country that needs immigration. Repeat.
  • Crying for tolerance locally while ignoring #Whitegenocide globally is a provincial point of view.
  • Anti-Whites who talk about “true love” aren’t sophisticated enough to see we’re talking about something bigger than 1 country or 1 marriage.
  • Anti-Whites talk about All Mankind and A Global Point of View. Then suddenly they are only talking about one country, so it isn’t genocide.
  • When they say, “We should love all mankind,” tell them they are using decency as a weapon of #Whitegenocide. It is exactly like blasphemy.
  • Someone asked me to “abandon my racism” in the Name of Christ. I replied: “I don’t believe in human sacrifice.” And I don’t commit blasphemy
  • The Church’s only genetic morality is against incest, a level of evolution already reached by meerkats. #Whitegenocide
  • No longer do monks whip themselves and all that. It is time we outgrew the idea that God is a great excuse for self-hatred and for treason.
  • To be anything but a “racist” in today’s America is treason against the truth
  • Those who seek #Whitegenocide prefer mixing to displacement. Their object is not to SUBSTITUTE, their object is to DESTROY.
  • Almost every anti-White would like to see us in prison or worse. #Whitegenocide
  • The Mantra puts the genocide charge on anti-Whites where it belongs. It uses their suppression against them. #Whitegenocide
  • If anti-Whites drive people into the totalitarian camp to save our race, that is their doing.
  • Everything we say is true. Anti-racism is entirely anti-White. #Whitegenocide
  1. #1 by Laura on 07/31/2017 - 8:35 am

    Great work putting this collection together, Scythian. Thank you!

    Another great one by Bob I just found:
    “We do not hate you, we just don’t want you shaping our future.” – Bob

  2. #2 by Hero on 07/31/2017 - 8:56 pm

    We should put a link to Bob’s Twitter Memes in “From The Commenters”, just like Bugs Buddy and Mini-Mantra’s Pro.

  3. #3 by Secret Squirrel on 08/01/2017 - 9:16 am

    I copied every word from Bob’s account just in case the anti-Whites purge it.

    If you become familiar with the totality of his comments on that account, you can have devastating conversations with anti-Whites. I once sat there for an hour, posting a relevant Twitter link back at an anti-White for every idiotic thing he said. Bob knew what these clowns would say, before even they could think of it.

    Don’t sit there gawping people. USE IT.

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