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Anti-Hate is a code word for Anti-White…

Bugsers, here we have a new talking point that has just been quoted in the Washington Post and during a Judiciary Hearing. It was picked up from the YouTube chat during the Judiciary Hearing by Jeff’s comment as Fight White Genocide. I would like to have a discussion on the effectiveness of this new meme…have other bugsers used this meme before?

Bob would expect us as bugsers to have a discussion on this. How do we attack this term “hate” in the most effective way? Some have questioned that this new meme is hard to understand..

Some other optons may be….

You say you’re “anti-hate” but all you are is anti-white.

Any disagreement you call hate. Anti-hate is a code word for anti-white.

Jeff said today “Hate speech is any speech you hate”.

We are a meme team, so let’s discuss this new development and the fact that this meme of ours was picked up and quoted. 🙂