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Keep Shooting

One of my themes is that no war hero in all of history ever made the slightest difference in a real war.

In my day, at least, basic training contained no lessons about how your particular weapon fitted into the General Picture, the Strategic Picture, of the war being waged and guided at the level of national strategy.

All wars have been won or lost on the basis of a very, very, VERY simple strategy:  Everybody shoots at the enemy.

You wouldn’t be under fire and say, “Well, why should I shoot unless I understand how my particular weapon fits into the General Strategy?”

I personally saved the Hubble Telescope in 1977 when the Carter priority was defunding the space program. In the political wars, how did it happen that I was shooting in that direction?

I knew that our race could be saved by space colonization, BUT ONLY IF PRESERVING THE WHITE RACE WAS MADE AN ACCEPTABLE SUBJECT OF DISCUSSION AFTERWARDS. So I made contacts in the space colonization/science fiction constituency.

I personally stopped a ruling by the IRS to dictate racial quotas for each PRIVATE school. One writer in the New Right Papers pointed to this action as the active beginning of the New Right which elected Reagan.  photo pournelle.jpg

For the moment, space colonization is considered passe. But getting the “Reagan Democrats” into the 1980 election was a direct result of the New Right, and it brought down the USSR.

I was a major obstacle to the attempt by “Pro-Life” groups to outlaw in vitro fertilization, which has since led to births of tens of thousands of White children WANTED by Whites who wanted to have children. I risked my job by telling my boss on Capitol Hill that I could not work for that, which is something you only tell your boss once on the Hill.

I think he refused to support it, despite his heavy dependence on Pro-Life for support, because of my political instincts. And, an odd thing to mention in the context of Capitol Hill, on my morality in risking my job to take that stand.

Now here is the second half of this article:

Can you imagine trying to explain these interconnections on Stormfront?

What in the HELL did saving the space telescope have to do with JEWS?

I would have had to devote more time to EXPLAINING my actions than I spent SAVING the damned thing!

People who raise money were also flummoxed by what I spent my time and nerves on.

So far I have been on the losing side with space colonization. To use this to save my race would require a COMBINATION of space colonization and legitimization of the discussion of White survival.

Bringing down the USSR not only required a combination of the Reagan Democrats with Republican conservative voters, but it also required the Reagan Administration to expose the true primitive state of the Soviet Union, which would require the thinking up of a whole program which would do that.

That last part would require a separate article to explain it.

Jerry Pournelle came up with Star Wars and put it directly in Reagan’s lap.

In a last desperate move, the USSR demanded a Nuclear Freeze and the entire political left came out demanding it. Among other things, Teddy Kennedy was reported by the CIA as meeting with Soviet agents in South America to STOP SDI, which HE labelled Star Wars.

I was essential to these things in ways that are impossible to explain, just as you will never see Pournelle connected with the Star Wars strategy.

Which bullet will win the war?

What will the war lead to?

Ask THAT question in the middle of a firefight and you will be lucky if your sergeant does not shoot YOU, but just fill out papers for this nutcase to be hospitalized under the old Section Eight.

The things I did were not the result of Anti-Communist Strategic discussions. Those happened at conservative lunches while we did the jobs ON THE FRONT.

Cut the crap and JUST SHOOT!

Audio Bob


“Arrest-Proof Yourself”

I enjoyed reading Carson’s “Arrest-Proof Yourself” for a reason peculiar to myself, just as I enjoyed Holland’s “Trust Me, I’m Lying” for another underlying theme.

The underlying theme I saw in “Trust Me” was from my having lived through the years Holland clearly thought of as The Good Old Days. His information from how blog info is not even meant to be truthful was interesting. His grief about the news monopoly  blogs are replacing is HILARIOUS.

One of Holland’s gods, Walter Cronkite, would make regular speeches about morons like Holland thought were objective. He made it very clear that his duty was to BE biased, to select the news he reported. Like an old-timer, Holland moans about the true and objective and checked-out news of his youth.

Holland’s “icon” is Jon “Stewart” on Comedy Central, whose show is a Revival Meeting for Political Correctness. Jerry Falwell should sue “Stewart” for stealing his whole approach and his whole vocabulary.

Carson didn’t make a fool of himself, because one of his main themes was laid down almost forty years ago by a truly great writer.


Carson explained the hunger for arrests today on the basis of law as an industry.
 photo arrest.jpg
The crime rate peaked back in the 60s, when Batman kept repeating the “rehabilitation” crap because by then it was already funny. Like Mommy Professor, he would repeat that he caught Penguin and Cat Woman, not for punishment, but for rehabilitation.

Today, fifty years later, what every college student believes in has long since been a JOKE out in the real world.

A mere forty years ago I made a shockingly novel point: I said that the Military Industrial Complex indeed did have a political agenda based on government money.

But I then detailed how ALL government expenditure, including the Education-Welfare Complex, also produced its own political agenda which Mommy Professor sells daily.

Simply put, when teachers want a pay raise, it is not entirely because that would be good for the kids. This doesn’t sound surprising today, but before my 1976 book came out, standard commentary NEVER mentioned that any “social” or “education “ could have ANY money-based constituency.

So a lot of Carson’s book was uniquely familiar territory for me. He was a cop and FBI and is now a big money defense attorney.

Carson points out that the ONLY criterion a street cop has for promotion and pay, and even retention, is the number of ARRESTS he makes. As I did for the education-welfare establishment, Carson details the huge amount of money generated by the system for every person who goes to jail.

Any other outlook is as zombied out as Batman talking about rehabilitating.

And he makes it clear that jail is not prison, and that the ONL.Y criterion for a good cop is how many people he sends to jail and how many to prison.

Carson also underlines a point I made to you when BUGSERS discussed what to do if the FBI or other officers showed up. A lot of people came up with smartass lines to use on the investigators, and I begged you NOT to smartass them.

Now you have it from an ex-cop and an ex-interrogator: if you face the real thing, try to save your ass, not make bragging points.

To say that Carson agrees is pure understatement.

Carson drops the crap that “part of the reason” the War on Drugs continues, the disaster of Prohibition cubed, is that those hundreds of billions of dollars spent on it has a constituency.

Carson does not use the term bullshit, but early he makes it clear that this insane program, far more disastrous in a year than the whole War in Vietnam, is ENTIRELY because of people from judges to cops depend on it for their livelihood.

It is a scary book, but worthwhile. But you can also see that persecuting a bunch of amateur political fanatics,  no matter how effective they are, is not likely to be a real-life major police priority.


Who’s Peers?‏

One of the Declaration of Independence’s grievances against King George III’s United Kingdom lists English abuse of criminal venue law. This is one of the primary reasons Americans said they would each pursue happiness alone – EQUALLY protected from supreme tyranny.

When the founding fathers later wrote, “Tried by a jury of your peers…” they did NOT mean victims of anti-white murder and rape should be forced to endure a judicial process governed by representatives of the offending party. That concept was too painfully familiar for them to stomach.

Our forebears did not think they had to textualize such simple concepts in the supreme law of the land. Thankfully, they left us bread crumbs…
 photo jury.jpg
If one has peers, then it goes without saying that one must also have unequal partners in the new world. Otherwise, why did Americans list it and then REPEAT it? Equality has repeatedly proven to be tricky business, even for shifty defense lawyers and tyrannical genocidists like Ole “Honest” Abe Lincoln.

The first thing any defense attorney does in a run-up to a case headed for trial is they consider the “venue”, or jury pool, in which jurors will be selected during “voir dire”. Lawyers do this to ensure they seat the most amicable jury for their client. In fact, there is an entire legal industry specializing in making sure DEFENDANTS are not unjustly discriminated against. What you never hear about is a prosecutor who requests a ‘change of venue’ in the name of fair treatment of the VICTIM.

Benjamin Franklin and the so-called “Tea Party Terrorists”, as Progressives derisively call them, never envisioned the New World this way. They never envisioned it as the perverted, anti-white fantasy land that it most certainly has become. Nor did they envision our nation as a haven where criminals would be given the head start that they now most certainly enjoy. This idea not only runs counter to the esprit de corps of the U.S. Constitution – which begins with a pro-white preamble and clearly reminds us to be loyal “…to ourselves and our posterity…” – it also runs counter to Mommy Professor’s haranguing for Equal Treatment.

This country is at a crossroads like never before as the bodies of our women and children pile high to the sky. Just as they did before ratifying the constitution, Americans need to regain composure and perform some serious soul-searching about whether or not we want a nation again – and quick.

What will it be: Loyalty or Equality?


African Genesis

If you ever saw the movie of Arthur C. Clark’s 2001 AD you see it begins with two groups of monkeys battling at their border. An extraterrestrial thing comes down and inspires one troop of monkeys to grab the first weapon, the horns of a dead deer, and win the battle with it.

This is puzzling now, but at the time it was understood by the whole audience. It was based on a book called African Genesis by Robert Audrey.

It is important to realize that the point Audrey made with that book he soon declared to be absurd. The idea that some African apes who first used deer horns as weapons were the direct ancestors of man was incorrect.

No one but Audrey himself even noticed that error.

Before African Genesis became a runaway best seller among the literate – especially the science fiction nerds – Mommy Professor’s enforced doctrine on animal behavior was so clumsy and stupid that it I have now forgotten.


One Soviet newspaper in the 1950s had a picture of a workers’ riot in Chicago. All that Soviets noticed in the picture were the fine clothes mere workers in America were wearing.

Audrey’s book had a similar totally unexpected effect: It showed those trapped in the Intellectuals’ Paradise what serious thinking about animal behavior LOOKED LIKE.

Before African Genesis became popular, animal behavior was just a subtitle of Political Correctness. Political Correctness has the Innocent Animal to compare to the Evil Man, and the Evil White Man contrasted to the Innocent non-Whites who live WITH nature, not AGAINST nature.  photo iron_eyes.jpg

No one dare mention it, but there is really no difference whatsoever between Mommy Professor’s image of a Native American and his image of any other wild animal.

Audrey, who got rich as a Hollywood writer, populated his anthropology with fascinating animals, each of which had a personality and motivations no academic could have imagined. He was a trained anthropologist, but he had spent his time in the field.

Like the failed Soviet propaganda picture, what Audrey brought out had absolutely nothing to do with what it was intended for. The Soviets wanted to show American worker discontent. But in doing that they also showed the living standard of American workers.

In exactly the same way, the point Audrey was aiming at was absolutely forgotten as he took us through the world view of a real, honest-to-God anthropologist.

“Modern anthropology,” as only National Review still calls it, was the social anthropology of Franz Boas and company.

Social anthropology is not very interesting, but we all know it. Social anthropology says that animals and Indians are, though it is not stated that way, mindless innocents.

In Modern Anthropology, White supremacy is debunked by a declaration that all men are exactly alike. No race is unique.

At the same time a main theme of Modern Anthropology is that White people are UNIQUELY evil.

Everybody has been coached in these conclusions so often that they can repeat them in their sleep.

The result is that, since we all now the punch lines, Modern Anthropology is very boring. The history of life Audrey discussed was totally fascinating to those who had been bored sick by tome after tome of Official Anthropology.

That picture of an American labor riot was supposed to show Russians how angry American workers were. But what the Russians saw was that under Communism they were in rags that no American worker would be seen dead in.

Audrey wanted to put forward a new theory on the origin of man, but what his readers saw was the lost world of real anthropology, how fascinating the world of real evolution can be before the Marxists make it straight doctrine and, just incidentally, boring as hell.


The Life of Politics

I hope your experience with BUGS has also brought you to a realistic view of politics.

I believe the ancient Greeks said, “politics is life.”

The greatest scare of my life was when I was sitting in the African bush and group of baboons suddenly came up behind me. They do not look cute at three feet.

Baboons have teeth that are perfect to rip a person apart.

In fact, the general realization that I got from that experience – after changing some articles of clothing – was how utterly harmless humans look.

I was comparatively dangerous, for a man. I had an automatic weapon. But not only did I forget it, but later I envisioned what would have happened to me if I had used it. What I did was to freeze in place and act like I wasn’t there. They had no interest in me. If they had run into another baboon on their land, they would have torn him to pieces.

A shot from my weapon and a wounded scream from one of them – and the smell of blood, would have made them take me apart.  photo tarzan2.jpg

Incredible as it seems now, Mommy Professor only came to understand animal politics shortly before I was surrounded, though anyone out in the bush back then would know better.

The Darwinist understanding of animals, which was ruthlessly taught as Gospel for a century, was that “nature, red in blood and jaw,” was a war made up entirely of individuals. As the hippies were still saying when I got my Baboon Shock, “Only humans have borders.”

That idea would have killed me.

As usual, you will find out about this insane crap only here. Mommy Professor instantly forgets his own errors. Otherwise we would see him for what he is. But right through the sixties, the official doctrine was that only man had organized societies with definite territorial borders. They would not only SAY that, they would ENFORCE that.

I wish to heaven it had been a Mommy Professor who sat there with those baboons going by.

They didn’t even SEE me. They were looking for baboons and I was looking for humans, for much the same reason.


Dog Bites Man Is Not A Story

During the past week a young White man was shot dead in the back by Black youth. The circumstances are such that the police and district attorney have robustly described the murder as a ‘hate crime’. This largely unreported killing took place in Lockport,NY, an 87% White suburb of Buffalo. Josiah J. Chandler, 18, has been charged.

The Buffalo News City & Region – “Lockport police won’t release witness statement in supposed hate crime

There is an ongoing investigation so the police are constrained from releasing details. But they are fully confident that the elements of a hate crime have been met.

In the meantime the local media has given it minimal coverage. The national media could not care less. The alleged perpetrator has been identified and generic photograph, not a booking photo, has been run. It is not unflattering.. A search of Google Images indicates that no news media has considered the dead victim worthy of having his image provided.  photo colton6.png

His Facebook page has many selfies, not always presenting the most favorable behavior. The lad appears to be part of that segment of society no one gives a bloody damn about. non college Whites. There is bravado, a forced celebration of petty vices, vulgarity and a profound sense of being adrift. So many of our young are at sea, in need a life line tossed to them. Congress does not target expenditures for them and the administration does not care. One political party hates them with undisguised malice and the other wishes they would go away. It can be lonely when you are young and White. And many a Primrose Path beckons.

My early life was not wart free. Was yours? In the words of the most profound moral philosopher of the modern age, George W. Bush: “When I was young and foolish, I was foolish”.

The lopsided allocation of public resources is an important part of the agenda of White Genocide. It is enhanced by the media’s Silence on the issue. When hate crimes against Whites are given short shrift we are less. There are not going to be any looted liquor stores to memorialize this youth’s passing. If such were attempted the police would not be ordered to stand down as they were in Ferguson, MO, by their race traitor political overlords.

So here is a BUGSER exclusive, a picture of Colton Baker-Durst.

At BUGS we care for our own.

Please do not let him lie in his grave alone. Lend him a hand as be reaches that far shore of the River Styx. Post the Mantra today. It is a small token acknowledging his humanity and a sword for our people,

Every day there are crimes like this, crimes growing out of the irrational Racist hatred of Whites, belittled by our hostile elite, a class with many varied members. Here at BUGS we are focused on confronting that. Our weapon is the Mantra. Our goal is the preservation of our families, communities and our Race.

Newbies, kindly click on the Mantra and learn what we are all about. Membership is open. There are no dues. A bit of work is solicited. There are no tangible rewards. Welcome.


A Prize Example

James Dewey Watson, aged 34, was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his pioneering work discovering DNA. For 45 years thereafter he was feted. His opinions were sought out. In 2007 he died to polite society. He told the truth and was banished.

Today at 86 he seeks to reenter the public arena. He is selling his Nobel medal to raise funds. Sadly he is also, to some degeree, groveling. His crime was noting that the intelligence levels between races is not exactly equal. In an interview in 2007 he pointed out that Europeans were more intelligence by and large than subSaharan Africans.

At this point he became an unhuman, unacknowledged and shunned. One would almost think he had posted the Mantra so great was the calumny heped upon his aged frame. Yesterday he announced that he had been foolish, foolish to speak the Truth.

Giving a man an award for being intelligent and then demanding that he be cobblestone skulled stupid thereafter is silly. Yet nearly all recipients of such awards are content to cash the checks and buckle under.

These celebrated achievers may be clever about this or that but they are not men. Such Nobelists are lower than the meanest medieval peasant in England who had the right to deny the king or his agents the right of entrance to his home without cause. Their minds are the common property of their overlords. They are uneducated of liberty and servile by habit.  photo nominate.jpg

They are evidence that the burst of Liberty occasioned by the events from 1776 through 1787 in America has withered, grown sere, atrophied and finally hardened into chains. This is what we here are reacting to.

James Watson has faltered in his commitment to Truth unique to our heritage. He did not owe anyone the apologies he has uttered. The deity Caesar, surrounded by base acolytes, has been offered a sacrifice. It may not be accepted. His loneliness may continue. Political Correctness is not merciful.

BUGSERS are not often, face it, never, nominated for Nobel Prizes in any field. We’re not even officers. We are grunts slogging along to make some of the same points that James Watson has been ostracized for making. One of them is the reality of White Genocide.

His interview asserting the White race has some unique characteristics implied that these were worthy of being preserved. Verboten thoughts. For this high crime and misdemeanor a bitter pill has been forced upon Watson.

Sometimes in their lives BUGSERS too will be hard pressed for their loyalty to their race. Be of stout heart. Post the Mantra today in solidarity with James Watson in his time of solitude.

One hopes that after James Watson replenishes his purse his courage will regenerate and that his remaining years can be devoted to his earlier, high ideals arrayed in candor. His weapon is science, ours, the Mantra. Both when wielded are powerful. Though he has understandably strayed a bit, fortitude is probably in his genes, and they are our genes. Let us wish him well and bestow upon him the privilege of having the Mantra posted in his honor.

Newbies, kindly click on the Mantra and learn what we are all about. Membership is open. There are no dues. A bit of work is solicited. There are no tangible rewards other than the preservation of your family, your community and your race.


Any Real Truth Can Handle Reality

In my article and talk about the lack of a GENETICAL morality in Christianity, I repeated at least half a dozen times that nobody, not even the snake handling preachers in the mountains will still insist that everything in Genesis is true.

This is not making fun of the Bible itself. In the Bible Belt, it simply meant that we must take into account errors in literal, worldly truths.

Even the Flat Earth Society is a joke. Genesis was understood as demanding a flat earth, and that the earth is the center of the universe.  photo stars.jpg

It just ain’t so. But an engineering family in the Bible Belt didn’t burn its holy books because of it. So if we finally just admit that the world did not come to an end when the New Testament repeatedly said it would, and every Christian had to believe it, it is simply something stated that was wrong, like the geocentric universe.

The reason I bring this up is because this is certainly not a problem limited to the Bible. I have written dozens of times about the horrible errors in medicine that killed Lord knows how many people.

But if one contradicted Galen at Oxford before 1700, the University Thought Police would fine him. It is amazing how often people were accused of heresy because they contradicted a pagan like Aristotle, because the Pope had used a quote from one of the ancient Greeks in his decisions.

In Renaissance Universities, it was very difficult to tell whether you were supposed to be contradicting Scripture or a philosopher.

We have inherited this problem.

It was a psychological shock for Europe when Newton came along because every single hallowed conjecture about the composition of the universe, Greek or Hebrew, was superseded. All the glass universes with stars in them set up to surround earth by ALL the ancients just disappeared.

It is said that the Catholic Church was so exhausted from denouncing Newton and Copernicus that it left fighting Evolution to the Protestants.

The establishment today is not any different from the old one.

Political Correctness fights as hard for its Old Religion as any Inquisitor ever did.

The fact is that, in the real world, skin color IS everything. Like the Medieval Church Political Correctness fights a simple reality.

I do not know WHY this reality exists any more than Greek philosophers actually knew how you could get all those stars up there without a stage set up in the sky.