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New Tool – Whitaker STINGS

A new Mantra tool has been created called “Whitaker STINGS” and can be found at under the resources tab or-

The Whitaker STINGS Tool is a collection of Bob’s talking points on a variety subjects which makes it a perfect companion tool for swarming and responding to anti-whites.

Whitaker STINGS has been a work in progress over many months and its effectiveness has been tested in the field by the BUGSER who created it with positive results. But now its time for BUGSERS  to use it in the field and REPORT BACK.

We’ve seen the highly useful and effective BUGS BUDDY Tool aid BUGSERS and Pro-whites to combat the anti-White narrative with great success. Now we have another tool at our disposal to use and refine.

Whitaker STINGS outlines Bob’s world view with devastating talking points categorized into a tool made to be wielded by anyone who dares yield the Truth and fight the anti-White religion of political correctness and its goal of White Genocide.

I would encourage every BUGSer to have a read through this entire page of Whitaker’s STINGS. It is a great recap of all that we have learned from Bob.


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NEW – Stickers, Banners & Yard Signs now available on FWG

FWG now has Stickers, Banners & Yard Signs available for purchase for your activism needs.

People who don’t have the guts to post the Mantra in bathroom stalls do not make revolutions.” – Bob
A Little Less Respectability, A Little More GUTS

Todays pro-Whites are the new Samizdat.

Samizdat was anonymous. Samizdat fully accomplished what it set out to do. Samizdat had an impossible aim, to bring down the Soviet Empire. It was done.

We can destroy the genocide system anonymously. We can save our race anonymously. We can do this by getting our memes into the public discourse. 

We are demanding the worlds attention to our message as we point out that ‘diversity’ = White Genocide and that “multiculturalism” and “diversity”, in All and Only White countries, are nothing more than code words for the biggest Genocidal scam in history! White Genocide.

Getting the messages out there is so effective at breaking down the conditioning of white people. Just as communism fell, so will the religion of political correctness and the sickness that is white self hatred.

There are so many ways people can anonymously get active in spreading the message about White Genocide. Our team has been discussing some of these creative alternate ways.

One we have started doing is painting our memes on rocks or shells and leaving them places for people to find.  

LL came up with the great idea of screen printing some shirts and putting them on the racks in thrift stores. Remember the guy from the Boston Free Speech Rally who wore the “STOP White Genocide” t-shirt? Such a simple shirt got National attention.

What other activism ideas do you have?




Let’s get initials on these to display them on the White House’s website!

150 initials will make these visible on the White House website for the rest of April.

Charge the governor’s office of West Virginia with illegal interference with our “White Self-hatred is Sick” billboard

Defund refugee resettlement agencies

In the two name boxes for each one, it’s only necessary to put initials.

Put a working email address in the indicated box so you can click the confirmation link in the White House’s email.

Let’s do it! 🙂




The office of a Republican governor interfered drastically with our free speech. Let’s let this petition be a first step in publicizing this. And let’s let each step be a new “billboard” for “White self-hatred is SICK!!!


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Whites Have Rights?! We Need to Study This Odd Notion!

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Dr. Christina Cliff, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Security Studies at Franklin Pierce University recently reached out to us to ask us some questions. The wordist class is perplexed that some white people would actually oppose their own genocide and is starting to become interested in examining this baffling phenomenon.

“I am an academic researcher and I am writing to request an interview with you (either by phone or via email) for my project on the rise of what the mainstream media calls the “alt-right.” My goal is to talk to leaders of groups affiliated with the movement and other notable identity advocacy figures to discuss their views regarding the current political climate.” ~Dr. Cliff

Dr. Cliff has written for the Boston Herald and Newsweek.

In their 2017 meeting, the American Political Science Association (APSA) had a session titled “White Genocide is Gonna Get Your Momma!”

There is debate in pro-white circles about whether we should respond at all to media inquiries. They won’t be fair so why bother? They will twist everything you say to reinforce their anti-white narrative, so why give them ammunition? Our attitude is that in deciding whether to engage with the anti-white media, you should use your own discretion. Keep in mind that if you just run away that makes YOU look like you have something to hide. If you get waylaid you could say something like, “Pro-whites know from long experience that the anti-white media is not going to treat us fairly or report what we say accurately. When I have the equipment to make my own independent recording of our exchange, I will be more than happy to answer your questions.” Or, go ahead and engage. But whatever you do STAY ON MESSAGE. If you make your own recording of the exchange and stay on message, you can make a win-win situation out of an engagement with the media. They can report accurately what you have to say thereby spreading your message. Alternatively, if they lie and distort what you said, you can hold it next to what actually happened and use that to discredit them.

Dr. Cliff may be a genuine truth-seeker, but, generally speaking, these are dishonest people with an agenda. Their goal is to twist everything you say into an American History X narrative. If you choose to respond, a good rule of thumb is to never accept the premises of their questions.

Dr. Cliff was kind enough to give her questions in writing so we would have a complete record of the exchange. Here are Dr. Cliff’s questions and our responses to them:

  • How would you describe your beliefs/ideology?
    1. We’re pro-white. We’re against the genocide of our own race. We’re against all things anti-white. We are loyal to our own kind. We are not wordists. We do not worship any particular set of words.
    2. We’re human rights activists calling attention to the crime of genocide being committed against the white race. The crime of genocide was codified under international law by General Assembly Resolution 260 (adopted Dec 9, 1948 in effect Jan 12, 1951), The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This genocide is being carried out by means of mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL and ONLY white countries the goal of which is to force blend ONLY white people out of existence. Anyone who objects to this crime is subject to harassment, intimidation, violent acts and threats of violence, psychological terrorism, job loss, and prison terms. We DEMAND an open and free discussion of white genocide without threats of attack from screamers, thugs, or thought police. We DEMAND a worldwide repeal of all laws that make it illegal for white people to speak out for their racial interests. Genocide is any attempt to eliminate a group, in whole or in part, by any means. It need not be violent.
    3. We’re also pro-black. We have no problem with 50+ black countries in Africa. We’re also pro-Japanese. We have no problem with Japanese in Japan. We’re also pro-Vietnamese, pro-mestizo, pro-muslim, etc. We don’t demand that the entire world be turned white, but anti-whites demand that the entire world be turned non-white over time.
    4. Nationalists (people loyal to their own kind) say each group should have its own space. Nationalists can accept other nationalists. Wordists (those who are loyal to a set of words) cannot accept nationalists nor can they accept any other wordist who is loyal to a different set of words than the set of words they are loyal to. Wordists like Communists, Muslims and Christians have historically been far more vicious and intolerant than nationalists. Communism killed 100 million people in the name of peace and brotherly love. In the 30 Years War, religious wordists ended up killing a third of the population of the German states of Europe. The moment a significant number of non-whites had been brought into Europe after WW2, censorship laws were imposed there. That’s why we say multiracialism and free speech are incompatible. Nationalists occasionally go to war but are at peace most of the time. Wordists are ALWAYS at war, whether it is violent war or psychological war, against anyone who doesn’t believe their particular Universal Truth out of the thousands or millions of Universal Truths which have been concocted over time.
    5. The entire non-white world rejects diversity but no one screams “Nazi Racist Supremacist!!” at them. ONLY white countries are expected to drown themselves in a sea of diversity. That’s why we say “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, white countries for EVERYBODY?!”
    6. ALL races have engaged in conquest and slavery but ONLY whites are demonized for history.
  • Do you consider yourself and/or the Fight White Genocide project part of what the mainstream media calls the “alt-right”?
    1. We’re pro-white. To the extent the alt-right is pro-white, we are pro-alt-right. If they want to do something effective in the global struggle against white genocide, wonderful.
  • What events, patterns in the US would you use to explain why you believe in your ideology?
    1. We don’t concede that loyalty to your own kind is an ideology. Policies of white genocide are being imposed on the United States and all white countries, specifically mass non-white immigration combined with forced assimilation. This is not a matter of belief. These are facts which anti-whites openly brag about. Anti-whites openly brag about the inevitable brown future. The only difference between white countries is WHEN they are projected to become minority white. Whites are the only group being actively denied the human rights to homelands and self-determination. No one’s turning Japanese into a minority in Japan. No one’s turning Chinese into a minority in China. No one’s turning blacks into minorities in 50+ black countries. White genocide is a global phenomenon and it is disingenuous and misleading to focus on only one country when talking about white genocide. To name just a few of the events which taken together add up to white genocide:
      1. 1925 Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi clearly and unequivocally states the intent for white genocide in Europe. Kalergi is subsequently awarded the Charlemagne Prize and is considered the “Godfather of the European Union.”
      2. 1957 Little Rock High School is forcibly integrated by paratroopers with bayonets fixed on their M-14 assault rifles.
      3. 1965 Immigration Act is enacted under the false pretext that it would not upset the ethnic make-up of America.
      4. 1999 General Wesley Clark says “There is no place in modern Europe [ed. not Asia or Africa] for ethnically pure states” while bombing the hell out of Serbia to enforce the Clark Doctrine.
      5. 2008 President of France Nicolas Sarkozy says: “The challenge to race-mixing in the 21st century is not a choice, it is an obligation, an imperative. We cannot do otherwise. If republican voluntarism doesn’t work, it will be necessary to move on to more coercive measures.”
      6. 2012 Peter Sutherland says the homogeneity of European Union states should be undermined.
      7. 2015 Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing (The Fugitive Whites Act) is promulgated.
      8. 2017 Charlottesville pro-whites are denied their constitutional rights to speech and peaceable assembly by anti-white thugs and police.
      9. 2018 European Council President Donald Tusk says mass migration to Europe must continue and a “solution” is needed to “put an end to” Europeans objecting to this genocide.
  • What (or who) do you think are the greatest threats to the US?
    1. America was founded by a group of white nationalists as a white homeland for “ourselves and our posterity.” The first Immigration Act of 1790 limited naturalization to “free white persons.” The greatest threat to ourselves and our posterity is deliberate policies of white genocide and the people who push such policies. It is hilarious to believe you can have white civilization without white people. Any nation based on a set of words cannot allow any serious questioning of those words. Therefore, it cannot allow free speech. Since diversity and freedom are incompatible, the greatest threat to freedom is multiracialism.
  • The Fight White Genocide Project has become a topic of discussion across various platforms, including being a topic of discussion at the 2017 annual meeting of the American Political Science Association. To what do you attribute your success in making this a topic of discussion?
    1. Ask the APSA why they chose to talk about us.
    2. Relentless repetition of the simple truth of the ongoing global program of white genocide.
  • Do you believe that the election of President Trump is beneficial to your overall goals? If so, why? If not, why not?
    1. Hillary Clinton likely would have put the throttle to the floor on white genocide. Trump may occasionally tap the brakes.
    2. The election of Donald Trump is an indication that white people are starting to come out of their brainwashed, demoralized, self-hating state.
    3. In office is not in power. Conventional politics is largely a sideshow. We mostly use Trump to draw attention to what we have to say. Trump didn’t embolden us if that’s what you’re trying to get at.
  • A recent article on your website seems to be somewhat critical of President Trump’s recent statements, but others seem supportive of President Trump’s policies – do you think President Trump believes that white genocide is occurring?
    1. We don’t know, but Trump did retweet a tweet from someone whose Twitter handle included “white genocide” as Hillary Clinton felt compelled to point out in her “deplorables” speech.
  • What have been your most effective tools for promoting you project/goals?
    1. The terms, talking points and narratives which expose the anti-whites’ lies, contradictions and their anti-whitism.
  • Do you believe that the current political environment will assist you in achieving these goals? If so, why? If not, why not?
    1. Everything the anti-whites are saying, doing, and trying to do today proves our points.
  • Do you support the creation of PLE’s (Pioneer Little Europe) or some other form of white sanctuary such as New Albion, Maine as a way to slow white genocide?
    1. When whites flee to escape “diversity”, they are chased down and the anti-whites in power force them to accept non-whites.
    2. We demand a completely free and open discussion of white genocide without threats of violence, imprisonment, or job loss.
    3. We demand the right to speak out on behalf of white interests without being shouted down or subjected to university censorship, social media censorship, deplatforming, heckler’s veto, attacks by anti-white terror squads (“antifa”) or police stand downs. Our Paypal account was shut down. Our Facebook and Twitter accounts are routinely suspended. We can’t even lease a billboard!
    4. It’s disingenuous to ask people for solutions to a problem you can be fired or (in Europe) imprisoned for talking about. That’s like asking someone in the Soviet Union in 1936 “What’s your solution to Stalin?”
    5. Pro-whites didn’t cause white genocide, anti-whites did. It’s only fair to ask THEM how they are going to clean up THEIR mess.
    6. AFTER pro-whites have free speech, we’ll be glad to talk about solutions to white genocide.
  • What are your favorite sources for news, or what news sources do you consider credible?
    1. When CNN characterizes a call to burn down the suburbs as “calling for peace”, they have certainly destroyed their own credibility.
    2. Any reporter who uses the term “supremacist” without a shred of evidence that the people they are making that libelous accusation against want to supremacize anybody has certainly destroyed their own credibility.
    3. Any reporter who engages in schoolyard name-calling by saying that anyone who disagrees with the Religion of Political Correctness is a racist, nazi, bigot has certainly destroyed their own credibility.
  • You are one of the most prominent female voices in the pro-white movement – have you experienced any difficulties as a woman in a sea of male voices? Do you think more women will become active leaders in the movement?
    1. Being a pro-white woman has afforded me more of a platform. I have not experienced any difficulties working with the men. The male dissidents in our group understand the power of women and we have sought to use that power on many occasions with our various videos.
    2. We are seeking to empower both men and women but as the mass consensus changes it is certain that more women will take the lead.
  • After the death of Professor Whitaker, what was your biggest challenge in continuing with his efforts? Do you think that the BUGS Swarm can continue/thrive?
    1. Bob’s legacy continues. In hundreds of articles and audios he laid out a worldview far more in line with reality than the official worldview and he laid out a strategy for saving white people. He doesn’t need to be alive to have an enormous impact on political discourse. His work is more well known than ever and his tactics are repeated more and more every day.
    2. With or without Bob, it’s crazy to think a whole race of people will just allow themselves to be destroyed without a struggle.
  • You mention that he was your mentor in “practical politics” – what does practical politics mean to you and how do you approach it?
    1. Practical politics means changing public opinion. It means discrediting the anti-white system by repeatedly pointing out its lies, its contradictions, and its anti-whitism.
  • Are there any particular speakers or authors beyond Professor Whitaker (classic or contemporary) that you admire or believe have done good work in identity theory?
    1. Talking about “identity theory” is a way to imply that whites don’t exist so its OK to get rid of them.
    2. When anti-whites talks about white privilege or white supremacy or “whites stole America” they certainly don’t regard race as a theory. We accept the anti-whites’ definition of race, of white, and we agree with them that races can own land. We’re not going to spend any time defining these terms that the anti-whites have already defined.
    3. Whites have a right to exist. Whites have as much right to homelands and self-determination as every other race. We’re not going to spend any time justifying our basic human rights.
  • What else would you like people to know about your ideology, your group, your goals?
    1. We would like to inform them that White Self-hatred is Sick!!!
    2. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
    3. Please visit our site and consider making a donation.


Billboard goes UP…. Billboard comes DOWN

FWG recently put up a new billboard in West Virginia with Bob’s meme “White Self Hatred is SICK!” It didn’t take long for the local anti-whites to go ballistic over the billboard and within a week were able to intimidate and threaten the billboard owner into taking it down.

Even though the board went up and came down, we have still received some good publicity.  Thanks to Ken Fleming’s contact, Cassandra Fairbanks, we were able to have Big League Politics do an article on the billboard coming down. Cassandra did a fantastic job of tying in the “It’s Ok To Be White” campaign, our billboard and how there can be no free speech for pro-whites. “Naturally, an over-the-top reaction is exactly what they received”, Cassandra wrote. Joe Biggs retweeted the Big League Politics article to his some 408k followers.

Below is FWG’s Press Release written by eyeslevel. The Press Release on FWG has now been viewed 7755 times.


Fight White Genocide is proud to announce we have put up a billboard in northeast West Virginia featuring the meme “White self-hatred is sick!” Here is our press release for this event:

November, 2017 the struggle against white genocide comes to West Virginia.

With the generous financial help of our supporters, Fight White Genocide has put up a billboard on US Hwy 50 east of Augusta, West Virginia near Hanging Rock. The message of this billboard is that “WHITE SELF-HATRED IS SICK!!!”

Only people who hated themselves would cheer on their projected minority status and the policies of mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation that lead to it.

Only people who hated themselves would believe that they are uniquely evil because their ancestors engaged in things like slavery and conquest that every race has participated in.

Only people who hated themselves would say “Who cares if my race exists 100 years from now?”

We’ve all heard about white guilt. But it’s really white self-hatred.

Everyone talks about how evil hate is. But the most common hate out there today is white people saying how much they hate white people.

Whites have committed no unique crimes, but they have infinite unique achievements. White self-hatred is not virtuous. White self-hatred is just plain SICK!

White people are being chased down with diversity all across America and Europe. Why are we not allowed to question this policy?

We hope our billboard sparks a much-needed debate and causes white people to honestly examine their self-perception.

This is hate speech you say? How can asking white people NOT to hate themselves be considered hate speech? How is that automatically hating others? If you asked blacks not to hate themselves would you consider that hate speech?

No one questions pro-black advocacy. No one questions pro-mestizo advocacy. Why must all pro-white advocacy be considered wrong? After all, blacks and mestizos have their own homelands they can go to where they have self-determination. But ALL white countries are being deliberately turned non-white. Whites are being turned into powerless minorities everywhere. It is white people above all who need racial advocacy.

In 1985 the Soviet Union seemed invincible. But a handful of citizens known as Samizdat braved repression and prison terms to question the Soviet system. “Why does a workers’ paradise have to shoot escapees?” they asked. Other Soviet citizens began asking why, indeed, does a workers’ paradise have to shoot escapees? And support for the Soviet system crumbled. Today, Political Correctness also seems invincible. But we are determined to bring down that evil empire, too, and in the same way: by questioning it. “Why must white people hate themselves for doing things every race has done?”

Our billboard in Springville, Alabama was removed due to harassment and threats of lawsuits. No reason is ever given for suppressing our message other than that it is heresy to the established Religion of Political Correctness.

What use is free speech if you are not allowed to say anything controversial?

About Fight White Genocide

Fight White Genocide is a group of human rights activists calling attention to the crime of genocide being committed against the white race. The crime of genocide was codified under international law by General Assembly Resolution 260 (adopted Dec 9, 1948 in effect Jan 12, 1951), The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

This genocide is being carried out by means of mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL and ONLY white countries the goal of which is to force blend ONLY white people out of existence. Anyone who objects to this crime is subject to harassment, intimidation, violent acts and threats of violence, psychological terrorism, job loss, and prison terms.

We DEMAND an open and free discussion of white genocide without threats of attack from screamers, thugs, or thought police.

We DEMAND a worldwide repeal of all laws that make it illegal for white people to speak out for their racial interests.

Fight White Genocide members are the proprietors of the website.

Our billboards have been featured on United Shades of America and major news sites. There’s no such thing as bad publicity IF you have an effective message that’s true and that discredits your enemies, in this case the reigning anti-white system.

Billboards cost money. Your financial support is appreciated and necessary to keep billboards like this up. We’d love to put them up all across the country, wherever we can find a billboard company brave enough and dedicated enough to free speech to allow us to spread our much-needed message. Help us fight the epidemic of white self-hatred ravaging the globe and help us FIGHT WHITE GENOCIDE.