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BUGS Techniques

I think it would be good to have a list of techniques we use so that people who have spent enough time SWARMING will have a resource for when they are composing mini-Mantras, articles, etc.

Here’s a sample of techniques we use:

Start with obvious reality, such as a well-known fact, and give it a particular spin. E.g.: “Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians, ”… etc. People agree with it, so it starts up a chain of “yes” responses, and this will make people more likely to agree with you further down.

Images, such as the wonderful illustrations by BBG; and vivid wording, to draw on the visual sense. E.g.: “Picture this. A Witchdoctor and his followers are jumping up and down in a field. They believe that the crops will grow better by following the dancers’ example…” (Psychological research indicates that the visual sense is most commonly the dominant one, so we at BUGS draw on this one the most.)  photo techniques.jpg

Metaphors, such as White rabbits, buzzards, Mommy Professor, Screamers, Thugs and Thought Police. (Metaphors are easy for people to grasp, because they work on a more solid, visual level, rather than abstract concepts.) Even “codeword” is a metaphor, and so is “means chasing down”. A lot of the time this is literal too!

Specific grammar to create a specific effect, such as the use of incomplete sentences (HD has commented on Bob’s use of these before). Another technique is to use participles to compact a narrative (instead of using conjunctions); for example: “Their prescriptions having turned out badly, they ALWAYS blame the disbelievers”.

Colliding points of reference, such as linking White Flight with Orwell and people fleeing the Soviet Union.

If others would add to this list of techniques used at BUGS, then we can have a more complete resource, and hopefully something we can all learn from. And just to jump the gun on this, the following quote by Secret Squirrel is so insightful that I’ll add it here:

‘By attacking, he [Bob] points out the contradictions, assigns responsibility and labels the enemy.

Their weakest points are where they contradict themselves and since anti-whites are natural toadies, they don’t like to be exposed and made responsible for the harm they cause.’



How to judge a regime

A way to judge the success or failure of a state is whether the citizens actually want to LIVE there. photo washingtondc.png

By this standard, the Soviet Union and other communist states were absolute failures. The “citizens” of these so-called “democratic republics” wanted to get out of there so much, that hiding their intentions about wanting to escape, through fear of informers and Big Brother, they devised ingenious methods to evade mine fields, walls, machine gun turrets and barbed wire.

The mine fields of these “democratic republics” had the landmines and gun trip wires on THEIR side of the barbed wire – to keep THEIR citizens from ESCAPING.

Thousands of people were killed in the process of fleeing, and many others were caught and put into FORCED sensitivity training/concentration camps.

Now this may give you the Orwellian creeps: In the so-called “democratic republics” where we live today, we are told, just as in the Soviet Union, that the citizens are very “privileged” to live here. But if White citizens are so privileged, then how do you explain White Flight?

If White people are so “privileged”, how do you explain White Flight?…

Again: If White people are so “privileged”, how do you explain White Flight?………



BUGS Buddy: Sticking to the Script

One of the most revealing backhanded compliments I ever received was from an aggressive and frustrated anti-White, who after a series of encounters (/interrogations by me) wrote on a forum:

“Unlike your buddies, you stick to the script don’t you?”

But the “buddies” the anti-White was referring to weren’t MY buddies. They were AMPWs (anti-Mantra pro-Whites).

Somehow they had managed to stumble onto an exchange between myself and an anti-White, so the AMPWs had decided to “communicate” with the anti-White too.

What followed was aaaall-too-predictable: AMPW tailgating, which the anti-White enthusiastically (surprise, surprise) latched onto.

Thus AMPWs had stumbled onto an interrogation and had given the anti-White an escape route… photo romeo.jpg

Everyone who has fought on the front has seen this. When AMPWs ever DO try to do something, outside of taking part in their cargo cults, talking to their fellow generals in their tents, and playing Aryan SimCity every day, they are so clueless and undisciplined that they become the anti-White’s best buddy.

In contrast: through disciplined experience on the front, BUGSERS have formulated lines of attack to hook and trap anti-Whites. We have mini-Mantras, followed (if necessary) by standard responses. These responses have been fine-tuned and battle-tested countless times. And it is one of the most effective tactics used by BUGSERS, to place anti-Whites under interrogation about their support of White Genocide: turning up the pressure on anti-Whites as if they were in a vice.

To replicate these results as efficiently as possible, we use model scripts that we almost always STICK to, because they WORK.

Here is a link to the script I was using about the time of the encounter, consisting almost entirely of what other BUGSERS had formulated and tested.

As a saying goes at BUGS: “Your best work will not be your own”.

At the link below you can find the standard responses (ignore the mini-Mantras provided, which were at that time very experimental/attempting to incorporate a new meme). To find the beginning of the script of standard responses, you can do a search for the words: “Since we are exchanging weapons”…

Along those lines, a script of model responses is being prepared by Benjamin Newells, and when it is sufficiently complete and informally peer-reviewed, I say we have a permanent link to it on the right-hand side of the BUGS website (along the same lines as British Bug’s excellent but now largely superseded compilation).

All in favor?



AMPW Cargo Cult

The following scene will be familiar to those who have visited New Guinea or who have seen the film “Mondo Cane”.

In Port Moresby, outside the airport there, New Guineans are standing around. They look with incomprehension at a plane flown by a White person. The powered flying vehicle moves through the air to the bewilderment of the spectators. The New Guineans eventually leave the airport, walking back to their huts with a mixture of awe and jealousy.

When back in their village, they try to recreate the outer FORM of the aeroplane they just witnessed, to gain its special powers. But they have no idea how the aeroplane actually WORKS. So they sit around for days near their model plane they made out of grass, looking up at the sky.

And so they sit around, waiting for The Day of Salvation, when something will come out of the sky to help them.

Now Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites (AMPWs) are essentially the same. They desire special powers, so they sit around, waiting in bewilderment for Der Tag, when Kalki or some other soteriological thingamabob will come out of the clouds to help them……… photo cargocult.jpg

In contrast: here at BUGS we simply have BOB, a seasoned “curmudgeonly” expert who knows exactly what to do to gain political power. His resumé is impressive in itself, but it is only the tip of the iceberg that is crashing into the “Diversity” (White Genocide) bubble. As Bob said in a Scandinavian interview: “When I’m very impressed that something showed up in a Respectable Conservative magazine, you know that’s a sort of technical statement . . . like an engineer would be talking about heat and temperature and so forth that he noticed.”

The track record of BUGSERs’ successes is astonishing:
MILLIONS of media impressions each year. The term “anti-racist” has been so discredited as a code word for anti-White that the notoriously unwise Tim Wise did not even use the word once in his article against Bob. In contrast, the term “anti-White” is now even used by anti-White media without using quotation marks. Gigantic billboards against White Genocide have appeared above motorways. Marches have taken place as far away as New Zealand. In every White country, consciousness is being raised about White Genocide. Popular alternative news and research sites have taken on our message. Automated telephone messaging has been sent out on a state-wide level. And White Genocide is now even being addressed by Respectable Conservative outlets.

So what is the AMPW reaction to this? They ASSUME that Bob must have a huge organisation behind him.

That’s funny.

But this shouldn’t be surprising. AMPWs are essentially the same as New Guinean cargo cultists.

They don’t understand how things WORK, so they focus on the FORM.

One difference is: The New Guineans at least manage to make nice-looking model planes.

AMPWs don’t even manage to do that.



American Freedom Party Launches Telephone Campaign in Idaho

By eyeslevel:

Anti-whites are proving they will not let ANY area stay white.

Anti-white Estonian politician Kalle Laanet says the non-white invasion of Estonia is not even debatable. “Today the issue is not whether Estonia should receive the refugees coming to South Europe with other European countries, but how we should do it.” Poland has been pressured into accepting non-whites against the wispollhes of most Poles. One white country after another is projected to be majority non-white.

Even Idaho is being forced to accept non-whites, despite the fact that in an online poll taken by Idaho Press-Tribune, 56.4% were “very concerned” about Syrian refugees being brought to Twin Falls, Idaho.

On Saturday, August 1, the American Freedom Party (AFP) sent an automated telephone call to every residential phone number in Idaho to inform them that this non-white invasion of their state and ALL white areas constitutes white genocide and also to invite them to join the AFP, the only party standing up for white interests in America. Idaho citizens, do you remember voting for this radical demographic transformation? Were you clamoring to turn your state non-white?

Audio of automated telephone call:

In a post on Welcoming America blog, Boise’s anti-white Mayor David Bieter asserted “Diversity isn’t a buzz word. It’s our birthright.” Actually, “diversity” just means fewer white people. Diversity is a code word for white genocide. Your birthright is what your ancestors built. Mayor Bieter is giving away the birthright of the people of Idaho to non-white invaders and justifying it with creepy Orwellian lies and doublethink. “Ignorance is Strength.” “War is Peace.” “Freedom is Slavery.” Now “Diversity is our birthright.” According to the US Census Bureau, in 1980 Idaho was 96% white. How is ma1980_census_table_62_2king Idaho non-white honoring anyone’s birthright? Would making Tokyo non-Japanese be honoring their birthright?

Bieter also says “Boise was built by immigrants.” But EVERY city was built by immigrants. America is no more a nation of immigrants than any other place. Every land is peopled by the descendants of its conquerors, but that in no way justifies force blending white people out of existence.

Of course, most white areas have been subjected to mass non-white invasion for decades. But no one is demanding rich Japan or South Korea accept millions of third worlders. All and ONLY white areas must be “diversified” i.e. made less white. All whites must be chased down with “diversity.”

The fact that anti-whites are now targeting even Idaho for forced assimilation leaves no doubt that the plan is to eliminate ALL white areas and eventually ALL white people.diversity_chasing_down

The latest excuse for white genocide is the refugee “crisis” supposedly sweeping the globe. Most non-white areas are poor. Non-whites are killing each other. So, what’s new about that? This has gone on forever and probably will go on forever. Turning ALL white countries non-white won’t end poverty or violence abroad. If you think outside governments are doing things to exacerbate poor conditions in non-white countries, tell them to stop.

Tens of thousands of white South Africans have been murdered since 1994. They are at stage 5 genocide according to Genocide Watch. If the organizations promoting non-white immigration to white countries were concerned about refugees, they would be at the forefront trying to gain refugee status for white South Africans. But they’re not doing that. Because they’re not pro-refugee; they’re just anti-white. They are not doing anything significant to alleviate the global refugee “crisis” and they have no plans to repatriate theIdaho_welcome_sign refugees when the “crisis” is over. Asylum is a genocidal scam. Its purpose is simply to make white areas less white.

After non-whites are introduced into a white area, the next step is to assimilate them by government force using so-called “anti-discrimination” laws which prevent white people from having all white cities, towns, businesses, schools, apartments or all white anything. America has been under a regime of forced integration since 1957 when Republican President Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to force integrate Little Rock High School at bayonet point.

The natural result of these deliberate policies of mass non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL and ONLY white areas is to encourage interracial marriage and breeding, gradually blending white people out of existence. Interracial marriage may not be forced (yet), but the conditions are forced.

There is a word for imposing conditions that lead to the elimination of a race. That word is GENOCIDE. Genocide is a crime under international law. It doesn’t matter how you commit genocide. Whether by bullets or social engineering, the end result is the same: no more white people.

The American Freedom Party is leading the fight against this crime. Anti-whites have been waging war against white people for decades. White and normal people are rising up against their destruction. Democrats and Republicans both fully embrace the policies turning America non-white. The American Freedom Party is the ONLY party fighting for white interests.



Bob Needs STAFF!

Since Bob has taken on this new platform it has given us the ability to take a legitimate stance against White Genocide.

The American Freedom Party has adopted our meme “’Diversity’ is a code word for White Genocide” as the campaign slogan.

This meme also recently appeared on a billboard in Arkansas.

Doing this sort of campaigning and activism takes WORK!

In a comment on the previous article, Bob said “THERE IS NO TEAM HERE!” but there needs to be!

Bob is a genius and I clearly see that.

Bob has gotten us to where we are today. He has gotten us to first base. photo help.jpg

Wouldn’t you like to see what second base looks like? I know I want to!

Bob is willing to take us there but this takes LISTENING TO BOB!

Bob is a Professional and knows EXACTLY what he is doing and what to look for!

We are reinventing politics. We want to make sure we take control of this revolution WE create and that means starting to work like a real political outfit.

This will require all sorts of roles from writers, tech support/running websites, creative designers, editors, on the ground campaigning, people willing to run as local candidates, online activists sending out mass media releases, etc.

I have taken on running BUGS, Bob’s new campaign website –, as Treasurer for Bob’s campaign, and with my activism efforts with FWG – Current Projects and recently been asked to be on the board for the American Freedom Party but I NEED HELP!

I am willing to listen to Bob and follow his lead on this.

Are you?



NEW #WhiteGenocide Billboard in Arkansas

Guys, please spread the following FAR and WIDE. Lets try and get as much media attention on this board as possible. This is the “Press Release”.
“Dear Media,
Pro-whites attempt free speech with White Genocide billboard in Arkansas. 174Earlier today a billboard appeared on HWY 412 at the junction of HWY 65 South Bellefonte, AR reading ‘“Diversity” is a code word for #WhiteGenocide.’

This is a quotation from Bob Whitaker, whose heretical statements on establishment racial policy have gone viral on the internet and are now being used all over Europe.

Anti-white authorities both here and abroad have been demanding the suppression of these statements.

No reason for this suppression has been given other than the signs and statements are heresy.

In an Op-Ed published by the New York Times on June 22nd, leaders of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) demanded that these signs be remove.

Other Whitaker “mantra” signs have been removed because of such demands.

“They’re just a bunch of shirt-tail Hitlers,” says Whitaker, 74, from his home in South Carolina, “Just like Adolf, all they say is that I am daring to disagree with the Party Line. They never answer anything I say, they just demand that heresy be banned.”

SPLC accused Whitaker of having inspired the Charleston church shooting on June 17th. There is no evidence whatsoever of any truth in this charge.

“Just like their Uncle Adolf,” says Whitaker, “They accuse all opponents of criminal acts with no evidence.

For further information and pictures please visit



Drawing in and ON the subconscious

Bob wrote in a comment to HD’s article: “Psychological warfare vs. building a movement”:

‘The Mantra approach first attacks the hypnosis anti-whites have to use here. […] If you think about it, Mantra statements sound a lot like what you would say to break the spell of hypnosis.
That spell of a Dream World is broken when the long, hypnotic stream of clichés is interrupted by real world words like “genocide” and “chasing whites down.”’

Here is another important comment, by Horus:

…’I have been saying non stop that CodeWord is the heavy hitter in the Mantra. CodeWord means that someone is hiding something. Something nefarious is going on. And it draws in and ON the subconscious. Very important.’

To expand on this: ‘it draws in and ON the subconscious’.  photo subconscious.jpg

The “chasing DOWN” meme is also in this category. Note also “tear DOWN this wall”. DOWN. The language is hypnotic. As many here probably already know, it’s a word hypnotists use to communicate directly with the unconscious/subconscious mind.

Also the term SUBbasics.

Even the wording “SELF-Hatred is Sick!!!” – it’s the same category of words that draws in and ON the subconscious. SELF.

And that’s one of the most characteristic attributes of Bob’s work. It works especially on the SUBconscious mind.

The conscious awareness may find it too obvious and therefore unintellectual, but later the new way of seeing the world rises to the surface.