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To understand someone’s real character

EVERY & ONLY white countries, neighborhoods, clubs and schools, are FORCED to become “diverse” (i.e. formerly white).

For the religion of Political Correctness, White children are being sacrificed. The aim of the religion of Political Correctness is a world without White children.

That’s genocide.

Yet followers of the religion of Political Correctness are obeying their Priests (their Mommy Professors) regardless. So they FORCE White children (their own included) to be victims of genocide.

That is SICK.

It is SO DEEPLY SICK that sane people are amazed at how this could ever be. But that is a hint at what is behind this. It is so deeply sick, because it goes back a long way.

Essentially the mentality we are dealing with is very old. It goes back such a long way, that it is actually older than history itself…

Since prehistoric times, the ultimate sacrifice was the killing of a human being to appease an angry priest or deity. In particular, the victims were innocents, especially CHILDREN.

A case in point is from the myth of Troy, of Agamemnon sacrificing his daughter, Iphigenia. A deity having been offended by something done by an adult, it WASN’T an adult who was sacrificed; it was a CHILD.

If you pay attention to the SILENCE it is crucial.

It is NOT a priest who kills himself. It is NOT adults. It is the CHILDREN who are sacrificed.

Now this may give you the Orwellian Creeps: The Mommy Professors (i.e. the Priesthood of Political Correctness) are denied the stories of Carthaginians burning their children to death at human sacrifices. The Mommy Professors denied this for GENERATIONS. The stories were so outrageous that they HAD to be made up. They HAD TO BE. But (despite this certainty) it has since been found by actually SEARCHING the ruins of Carthage, that there was a site where children were ritually slain, including petroglyphs of adults throwing children into fires…

Again, the SILENCE.  photo molech-sacrifice.jpg

It is NOT a priest who kills himself. It is NOT adults. It is the CHILDREN who are sacrificed.

If a follower of a religion were told to make the ultimate sacrifice, then that person might have the moral courage to take his or her own life.

A Trappist monk in his monastery was self-destructive, as taught by his religion, but at least he was IDEALISTIC enough to make his life as miserable as possible and to virtually kill himself. THAT was an idealist.

White anti-Whites are every bit as SICK as Trappist monks. But unlike the monks they are cowardly hypocrites. Rather than lead by example, instead they target their abusive, prehistoric mindset onto others… especially against children.

There is nothing dumber than a White anti-White. And there is nothing as vicious or as backward either.

To understand someone’s real character, see how they treat the defenseless.


Waiting in Line the Liberal Way

The stone altar of Political Correctness flows with blood every day. Before the altar is a line of Whites about to be sacrificed. In the line of the SELECTED RACE they demand to be sacrificed, the Liberals keep pushing OTHER Whites in front of them. Thus Liberals hope to avoid what they are forcing on others.

It is ingrained in the Liberal/Witchdoctor that it is good to sacrifice the best.  photo cross.jpg

Yet there is a difference in scale.

From a crop, herd, or group of people, a Witchdoctor sacrifices the best INDIVIDUALS in order to appease angry spirits.
But a Liberal demands the sacrifice of an ENTIRE RACE in order to appease the angry spirits of Political Correctness.

Ironically, Liberals belong to the same group they demand to be completely sacrificed!

Insanity accounts for part of it, but Liberals are also cowardly hypocrites.

They think they can ingratiate themselves with the priesthood of Political Correctness by supporting White Genocide.

Meanwhile, at the altar of Political Correctness, the blood is flowing, and the line to the high priest and the sacrificial stone is getting shorter. Liberals try moving further back in the line to avoid being sacrificed, but people are waking up to this scam in droves.

The Liberals’ children don’t like the idea of being sacrificed either.


Announcement – BUGS Staff Meeting

This evening at 6pm ET in the Fight White Genocide Room on Paltalk we will be holding a private meeting to discuss moving forward with Bob’s vice presidential candidacy ie his new website, logo & how we are going to use this new platform to get the white genocide message to the people. To brainstorm ideas and get some free flowing discussion on this new direction and the opportunities it presents.

Additionally William Johnson lawyer & AFP Chairman will give an update on the status of the campaign, the states we are registering in and the activism projects we are undertaking initially.

Bugsers, if you haven’t received an email from me and would like to participate please email me at to receive the “lockword” to enter the room and agenda/info pack.


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Psychological warfare vs. building a movement: an open letter to pro-whites fighting White Genocide

Most pro-Whites think ONLY in terms of BUILDING A MOVEMENT.

This is a very difficult thing to do when your people have been conquered not by force of arms, but by a huge psy-op program that has made their minds unable to even understand that they have been conquered.

It’s as if when Germany occupied and ruled part of France during WWII, the French had been psy-opped to not even know that the Germans were there, and to regard as the soul of evil anyone who told them that Germans were there and were ruling them.

A counter pys-op operation to undo some of the French population’s mental conditioning would have been a necessary prelude or at least a necessary accompaniment to forming any kind of effective French resistance.

Today we drive the terms “anti-white” and “White Genocide” and the other Mantra STOP WHITE GENOCIDE memes into White minds and into public discourse as a counter psy-op to release White minds and release public discourse from decades of anti-white conditioning.

BUGS is not trying to directly build a movement. BUGS is shifting the Zeitgeist so that a movement can be built.  photo heaven.jpg

Many pro-Whites reject the BUGS methods because they view them only in terms of their immediate return or lack of return in building a movement.

That’s why many pro-Whites see no purpose to holding up banners to public view (which television news clips often spread much further) that say “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide,” or “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” or “‘Diversity’ means chasing down Whites,” etc. etc.

They see no purpose to that because they aren’t thinking in terms of a unified, worldwide White counter psy-op program to undo anti-white conditioning and open up public discourse to pro-Whites. They are thinking in immediate terms of building a movement.

They plan to build a movement by educating, but as one of our number has said, “You can’t educate the masses when you’re in the middle of psychological warfare.”

You can educate one-by-one, but White Genocide will be completed before that slow process has built an effective movement.

But even though very few pro-whites will be persuaded by any argument at all to do other than what they’ve been doing, just by exposure we have most of them using the terms “anti-white” and “White Genocide” now, and it’s by exposure that we’ll have mainstream Whites using those terms also.


AMPWs score lower than Haitians

When a White man visited Haiti, he was proudly told that there was a hospital, airport, sewerage plant, etc. on the island. The Westerner looked at the map and these facilities were actually indicated.  photo electricplant.jpg

The problem was, that when he visited each spot, all he saw was a RUIN of what Westerners had once built.

The hospital was horrendous, with squatters and filth everywhere. Nobody worked there.

This was BEFORE the earthquake. It became a joke that the before- and after-photos of Haiti were almost indistinguishable.

Now the Haitians failed to maintain something White people built; but at least they TRIED.

Meanwhile, if you talk to AMPWs (Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites) they will proudly tell you of their PLANS to build this or that. But they have no effective way of reaching those goals. Having rejected a devastatingly effective weapon (the Mantra), they continue to debate their PLANS among themselves.

AMPWs are as ineffective as Haitians and they don’t even get a point for participation.


The Exasperated General

By eyeslevel

In a shooting war, you succeed by gaining fire superiority. In a propaganda war, you succeed by gaining propaganda superiority.  In our case, anyone calling us “Nazi racist bigot KKK supremacist!” is shooting at us. If someone is shooting at you, what is your top priority? What if you were being shot at and the soldiers in the foxholes wanted to worry about everything BUT shooting back? Wouldn’t that be kind of crazy? Nevertheless, that’s exactly what Anti Mantra Pro Whites (AMPW’s) do.

White genocide is being carried out by mass non-white immigration plus forced assimilation backed by psychological warfare. Until we gain propaganda superiority, talking, worrying, writing, thinking about anything else, whether it be crime, Islam, Jews or any other red herring is largely a waste of time. If you say we can never compete with big media, remember: most of our enemies’ propaganda is lies. We’re telling the truth. The truth is a force multiplier beyond reckoning. Plus, we own the internet.
If we analogize our situation to a shooting war, it might look somethifrench_mutineer_shot2-300x150ng like the following conversation. Of course, the analogy cannot be perfect. There is no equivalent to an AMPW in a shooting war. If the equivalent of an AMPW showed up in a shooting war, he would be shot or court-martialed in about 5 minutes.

The Exasperated General
General picks up the phone.
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy is firing artillery at us!”
General: “Well, fire back.”
AMPW: “Sir, we think they are using a new alloy in the shell casings.”
General: “Fine, whatever, are you firing back yet?”
AMPW: “Sir, now they’re shooting bullets at us! From rifles!”
General: “Well, shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, we’re trying to find out if it’s blacks, browns, Muslims, Jews, or white traitors firing at us.”
General: “What difference does it make? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, I’m trying to figure out why they are shooting at us. It is very important to know WHY they are shooting at us.”
General: “For heaven’s sake, who cares? Shoot back. Defend yourselves.”
AMPW: “Sir, I’m writing a 3,000 word essay proving that everyone manning the enemy artillery pieces is a Jew. Once every white person has read this essay, the shells will magically stop exploding.”
General: (Shakes head) “Anything else?”
AMPW: “Sir, these are real bad people shooting at us after we’ve been so nice to them.”
General: “I agree, so why don’t you stop complaining and shoot back?”
AMPW: “Sir, they’ve taken Hill 209! They’re so mean.”
General: “Well, what do you expect? Take it back!”
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy has all the high ground. It’s so unfair!”
General: “Well, you gave it to them. Take it back.”
AMPW: “Sir, we invented artillery! What will they do after we’re gone?”
General: “That’s their problem. What difference does it make if WE’RE gone? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, why don’t we just run away?”
General: “Because they’ll chase you down. You can’t run away from this fight.”
AMPW: “Sir, after exhaustive reconnaissance, we’ve discovered a handful of browns, blacks, and Jews who agree that our enemies are really bad people who should stop firing at us.”
General: “Uh, OK, so what? Shoot the enemy!”
AMPW: “Sir, some of the enemies’ shells are landing on non-whites!”
General: “In any battle there’s going to be friendly fire. That doesn’t help us. Shoot!”
AMPW: “Sir, a lot of the people shooting at us look like us. It doesn’t make any sense.”
General: “Treason never makes sense, but it happens. Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, after they’ve defeated us they’re going to attack other people! They have a larger agenda!”
General: “That may be, but so what? Shoot back!”
AMPW: “Sir, last week the men thought it was the Illuminati leading the attack on us. But now they’re sure it is the Jesuits! I thought it was very important to inform you of this development. And I think it is wonderful that our men put so much thought and effort into this sort of thing.”
General: “Are you shooting back yet?”
AMPW: “Sir, the men have informed me that shooting back will never work and is a waste of time. They would much rather complain like 5 year old children.”
General: “Do the men know that if they don’t shoot back they will be exterminated?”
AMPW: “Sir, the men say shooting back is un-Aryan. They are too dignified to fight like our enemies. They want to engage in single combat only with axes and broadswords.”
General: “You have to fight the battle in front of you with the weapons you have.”
AMPW: “Sir, the men and I have agreed: our enemies’ actions are unconstitutional! If we just gobacktotheconstitution everything will be fine.”
General: “So, when you explain this they’re just going to stop firing? What is your point?”
AMPW: “Sir, one of our scouts reports he has seen an enemy with sidelocks!”
General: (face palm)
AMPW: “Sir, the enemy are a secret society!”
General: (double face palm)
AMPW: “Sir, we’ve discovered the enemy are Marxists!”
General: (double face palm head shaking)
AMPW: “Sir, we lost the war a long time ago.”
AMPW: “Sir, the men don’t like our weapons. And they think we should fight somewhere else.”
AMPW: “Sir, the enemies are Satanic!”
General puts down the phone and reaches for a bottle…


300,000 Generals in a Tent

In Haiti and similar countries, there are thousands of generals with stars and shiny baubles on their uniforms. And there are no lower ranking soldiers.

These aren’t even really armies. They are gangs with most of their countries’ GNP spent on bling bling. Their main defense is they are so disease-ridden that enemies get sick before a shot can be fired.  photo bling.jpg

Figuratively speaking, Anti-Mantra Pro-Whites (AMPWs) are those who don’t pick up the devastating weapons supplied them. Instead they congregate unarmed behind the front. They discuss “strategy” with one another; they hope a general will overhear and take up suggestions from an undiscovered gee-nius. They debate “reasonable” borders – boundaries they claim will be acceptable to the enemy…

Meanwhile, in an army of only AMPWs, NOBODY is on the front fighting. The enemy continues to take territories at will, while AMPWs play catch-up, debating among themselves the latest negotiation strategy with the enemy.

Later on, AMPWs are still debating among themselves where the enemy would NOW consider “reasonable” boundaries.

Thankfully, many pro-Whites have stopped this insanity and are now using the Mantra, winning spectacular victories. But there are still roughly 300,000 AMPWs debating in a tent behind the front.

So what is the difference between Haitians and AMPWs?

In effect, none whatsoever.


New Video by This Is Europa – March Against White Genocide

A huge THANK YOU to This Is Europa for making this video. It is fantastic to see how much activism has taken place over the past year.

I would also like to take a moment to thank Coach, without him, NONE of this would of been achieved. He has given us the weapons to fight this fight! Thank you, Bob!