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On September 2, 2014 reports went out the world over. Another American reporter was beheaded by the Islamic State in the Levant. The very next day The Leader of The Free World professed that “Justice will be done for American Reporters.” Yet, I am the only one who asks two obvious basic questions. What the hell are American reporters doing in the Levant and what the hell are Al-Jazeera reporters doing in Ferguson, MO? Somehow, we are the only ones losing our heads over this.

Mommy Professor explicitly states that certain things are divinely untouchable. Right at the top of her list is her beloved and sacred religion, Political Correctness. The upper echelon of self-proclaimed “omnipotent demigods and professors of truth” who fit into the untouchable Priest class (Judges, Professors, Priests and Reporters – and in that order) fall right underneath.  photo specialcostumes.png

We know that they take themselves painfully serious because they have vested in each other the power to interpret words for us and take punitive action against those who use “the wrong words.”

Then they don special costumes so we can see them in the flock. In fact, the higher the Egyptian thread count on your black robe, the more serious we must take you.

Should our eyesight fail us, we are implored to “remain SILENT!” – “stop laughing!” and take the Priest Class “seriously” because they are dead-serious about supporting the anti-white establishment and its de facto national religion.

These Benevolent and Venerable Judges and their thought police not only interpret, but also enforce, the policy that Mommy Professor’s Priesthood has written. Their underlings, Progressive Liberal reporters, work tirelessly with the SPLC thugs and screamers to hunt down, silence and report on Whites who won’t submit to quote Diversity unquote.

Recently, Bob wrote about how the government threw $1 million #TruthyDollars at BUGS in hopes we’ll leave “Diversity” alone and go away.

Sorry Charlie. Attacking and silencing the simple truth ain’t that simple.


2014: A year of N&J Transition‏

AMPW’s used to scream “The Mantra will never work!” Then they screamed “The people want and DEMAND stats!” Next they screamed for “RESULTS! Show me the MONEY!” First, we showed them they were wrong, Then, we gave them what they asked for – efficacy, efficiency, an economy of words, and real world results; a template for success.

As we near more than 43 million TANGIBLE mantra media impressions by the end of the year, the AMPW rhetoric has changed again. Now, anti-mantra pro-whites sit in their echo chambers and drool to each other about which “stage” of genocide we are at and which white country has “more genocide” to deal with.

So, I ask them the same old question I have always asked since signing up with BUGS, “What have you done to help disseminate the message?” And the response I get is the same old – same old.



Description of ACTION!

From a BUGSER:

I wanted both you and Bob to have a few points from the conversation in order to demonstrate how amateur these professors actually are.

Once you overcome fear and take one of them on, you find that they’re using the same tired old arguments that we get from the low level anti-Whites.

As long as you keep them on White genocide it goes great. Don’t let them pull you into tailgating.
I fell for it briefly but was able to bring it back to White genocide.

I went 10 rounds with an anti-White professor.

I think this is important because you can actually see the things that get them the most worked up and angry. So I’m writing to mention just a couple of the most effective points.

Bob’s “chasing down” argument really fired up this professor and I was able to come back with the “funding diversity to Idaho point.”  photo prof.jpg

The other point that really fired up this professor was my repeated point of “84 schools in Britain without a single White child”- announced in May 2013 by the British government.

It’s an excellent point because you can compare it to two main island nations both African and Asian.

My argument:

“The British government announced in May 2013 that there are 84 schools without a single White child left in them…
if Japan had 84 schools with no Asian children it would be called genocide…
if Haiti had 84 schools with no black children it would be called genocide…
Why isn’t this genocide when done in Britain?”

Professor’s argument:

“I know all about this from (insert anti-White media source here)… and the problem is that they are self segregating and moving away… not really genocide… we just need to integrate them properly…”

My response:

This gave me the opportunity to say “so the only problem you have with White genocide is that the victims are escaping?”… I then tacked on Bob’s point that the White victims had to be “chased down.”

Talk about a meltdown. If I could explain the look I received, I would say that it was genuine fear… a professor starting to realize that all the old anti-White arguments no longer work and their whole world view is just plain evil.



paltalk_fwg_chat_room_banner_jazzy_background is up and running and the guys at FWG are ready to have BUGSERS spread the word that WGP has a new sister site called

The aim of FWG is to compile all White Genocide activism in one place so it can be easily accessed by everyone, it will also be home to a large collection of White Genocide material so people can easily find material without having to search multiple sites to find what they need.

FWG has a PayPal fundraising button so people can donate directly towards White Genocide Awareness Projects that will be listed on FWG under the Current Projects tab. People can donate via PayPal or email for instructions on donating anonymously.

At the moment donations are being raised for a new billboard in the Pacific NW that is being spearheaded by Bugsers from the very start to its completion. The guys already have a mock billboard design which can be viewed under the projects tab at FWG. With the help from Bugsers we hope to gain attention as a site that does not propose activism but gets out there and makes it happen.

If you have any White Genocide activism that you don’t see displayed on FWG, please send it through so it can be uploaded for everyone to see. These contributions from our team as well as other pro-whites will help FWG enormously in compiling the massive amount on White Genocide activism in circulation already and a step towards making FWG an invaluable resource.

For information regarding this site or to submit White Genocide activism information please email:

For project ideas and funding please email:paltalk_fwg_avatar

For donation information please email:


Paltalk Discussion with Robert W. Whitaker

We will be hosting an online LIVE discussion with Robert W. Whitaker on Saturday July 26 th @ 5pm ET to be held in the “Fight White Genocide” room on PalTalk.

This session is being held for the purpose of listening to Robert W. Whitaker discuss the crime of White Genocide. He will be directly responding to media and the public answering any questions or opposing views they may have.

Our job now is to forward on and promote the attached media release and get the word out, that there is an opportunity to speak with the originator of the White Genocide Mantra, Robert W. Whitaker.  photo worldservice.jpg

Please be sure to keep this date free in your calendars, as we look forward to seeing you all there.

We can have a maximum of 200 participants in the room.

PDF – Robert W. Whitaker Paltalk July 26th

“Civil rights laws were not passed to apply to White men and do not protect them”

–Mary Francis Berry, former chair of the US Civil Rights Commission.

General Wesley Clark explained that American troops can be sent to fight and die anywhere because, “There is no room for any ethnically pure country in Europe.” Clark was a leading Democratic candidate for the presidency.

This kind of insanity is standard talk among anti-Whites, both liberal and conservative, when talking to each other.

Only when talking to someone who brings up White Genocide do these leftists, moderates, and neoconservatives deny that they seek the Final Solution to the White Problem.

They call this Final Solution “intermarriage,” but everyone understands that their program of massive third world immigration is only for WHITE countries, and every White country is to be forced to accept the third world overflow. ALL and ONLY White countries are to be condemned or boycotted or, if General Clark has his way, INVADED to force third world immigration.

In every single White country, massive immigration is to be followed by assimilation. The President of France stated that if France did not proceed with intermarriage quickly enough, force would have to be used to enforce it. General Wesley Clark is not the only anti-white demanding that military force be used for the Final Solution to the White Problem.

But this is only the PUBLIC face of White Genocide. When the discussion is only with other anti-whites, the evidence is that every single anti-white is a little Hitlerite, just with a different form of race hatred in mind.

You have heard this message before. Anti-whites demand to know where this rapidly spreading charge came from.

It came from Robert W. Whitaker.

He originated the Mantra, which states this program of White Genocide clearly.

The only way anti-whites can deal with this obviously true charge is to hide from it. They never contradict it. Like any other felons caught red-handed, all they can do is scream epithets and insults.

Anti-whites scream “racist’ and “White supremacist.”

They might as well be shouting, “Guilty!”

The oldest cliche in the legal profession is, “If you have no defense, attack like hell.”

Saturday July 26th on Paltalk – “Fight White Genocide” Room @ 5pm ET – Robert W. Whitaker, 5 year Capitol Hill Senior Staffer, Reagan appointee with three successful political books and originator of the White Genocide Mantra will be hosting a discussion on White Genocide where he will answer any questions or opposing views.


New Billboard – Alabama

Alabama is the newest home to a 14ft x 48ft billboard that reads “Anti-racist is a code word for Anti-White.”

SANY1263A huge CONGRATULATIONS goes out to the guys and girls who have coordinated this project and to those who financially contributed to make it a reality. YOU DID IT! SANY1262

The billboard is located on I-20 Westbound at mile marker 140 headed into Birmingham about 10 miles out.

The location is estimated to have approximately 80,000 cars pass each week. The highway is a main thoroughfare from Atlanta to parts of the West.

As the media reports come in, bring in the SWARM!




White Genocide is “off topic” says Dean Scharf

By Daniel Genseric

Dean Scharf

Dean Scharf

After having logged thousands of hours working over professional anti-whites and their underlings, the most effective treatment I have ever witnessed is The Silent Treatment. This is truly the only viable option for those complicit or openly promoting our destruction.

We need to stay “On topic” or “You’re off topic” shuts the pro-white dissent down before it gets out of hand and “we’ve already covered that” and “I’ll look into it” are deflection techniques at a professor’s disposal should anyone wade too far into the verboten subject matter.

So, it is no surprise that, and as predicted, Mommy Professor extraordinaire Interim Dean Scharf waved us off with the former and kept right on going as if we had left the chat room.

But the audience heard our appeal for justice and try as they might they cannot unhear our message.

The fidelity is there, even if we did hijack their “academic seminar.”

Video of the online seminar courtesy of seapea  –

Transcript of the online seminar. There was a total of 34 participants on Friday – MOOC March 21st


and Professor Scharf’s response was *SILENCE*

By MimmyJarr

Bob, Daniel Genseric, Tom Bowie and I attended an International Law MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) taught by one of the world’s leading experts in international criminal law and genocide, Professor Michael Scharf, Dean and Director of the Frederick K. Cox International Law Center at Case Western University in Cleveland Ohio.

Due to the fast paced environment of the online chat, Daniel accidentally addressed the professor as “Dean Schart” at one point, but a cordial ambience was otherwise maintained with Bob frequently interjecting well timed advice for the professor, such as “Get back to the safety of your classroom where you don’t have to contend with free speech!”

And indeed Bob’s advice proved sagacious because many of the MOOC participants began showing an interest in the reality of White genocide and expressing suspicion at the professor’s awkward silences.

The professor predictably sought refuge in the Holocaust™, but Genseric was hot on his tail with a Nick Griffin rejoinder:

“Six million? We’re talking about six-hundred-million!”

At that point the professor began taking Bob’s advice to heart and returned to cutting and pasting from his recently drafted opus on how to bring lethal accountability to anyone resisting his idea of freedom (i.e. Bashar al-Assad).

I bet some MOOCers check out Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminars. Who knows, maybe some of them already participate under different names, but many names also indicate the probability of an active disinterest.

A professor once offered a MOOC
‘Twas attended by many a gook
BUGSers went in
Truth came out
Is it a trend or a fluke?