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Shepherds of the People

By polydoros

In Homer’s Iliad, leaders are called “shepherds of the people”. In Zoroastrianism, the ruler of the world is called “the good shepherd”. In Islam and Christianity, the leaders are also called shepherds. Pastor literally means “shepherd”. photo sheepshearing.jpg

That is remarkable.

But even more remarkable is this. Hardly anyone ever OBJECTED to being called a sheep!

Without putting a value judgment on this; – simply to make an observation. All these cultures/religions were unanimous that the vast majority of people are sheep; they were open about this; and few “sheep” objected to it (let alone noticed it as odd)…

Those in alternative news and research agree with the above sources. The word “sheeple” is commonplace. But few actually “GET IT”.

Books and essays have their place for those who can handle it. But to affect the masses something different is needed.


“Golden Ages”

By polydoros

Romantics say there were “Golden Ages” in prehistory, before there was ANY writing. Conveniently, there are no records to prove otherwise.

Mommy Professor writes to get her meal ticket. She says there were “Golden Ages” when there was the MOST writing.

The “Golden Ages” of Mommy Professor always involve LITERATURE. The Elizabethan period to her is a LITERARY “Golden Age”. But the texts fawned over by Mommy Professor had no bearing on England’s POLITICAL POWER. The plays of “Shakespeare” disappeared for decades after being written. Meanwhile England grew its territory and political power.

Few notice this. But Europe’s “high” literature from the “early modern period” was remarkably SILENT about the New World. Considering the colonization of the New World was so significant, why was it so rarely written about?  photo goldenager.jpg

The literature of Mommy Professor doesn’t refer to reality. Her “Golden Ages” usually happen during or just before a massive collapse! Periclean Athens was the cause of Athens’ total defeat to the Spartans. Rome’s “Golden Age” included the final destruction of the Roman Republic. The most approved of Spanish texts were from Spain’s decline. Germans’ literary “Golden Age” was when Napoleon took over.

Under Napoleon, people called the Germans “the Folk of poets and thinkers”. To Mommy Professor that is a compliment. This just shows how silly Mommy Professor is! “The Folk of poets and thinkers” was about “educated” Germans who were lost in “high” literature and being trounced. They were a laughing stock.

Enemy soldiers can be marching through the streets. But so long as “intellectuals” are publishing, Mommy Professor will call it a “Golden Age”.


Alabama Billboard Update

Only having been up for number of hours, the billboard company in Birmingham, Alabama started receiving death threats both at their home and office. This has forced the company to remove the sign for fear of violence.for bugs

But the word is the activists will be receiving a FULL refund. Not bad for the amount of publicity it received and now for FREE.

Congratulations again to the Guys and Gals in Alabama for getting this billboard up and FORCING the conversation on #WhiteGenocide.

Posted new activist video of Bob’s interview on FWG – New Video – Pro-whites attempt Free Speech with AL Billboard #WhiteGenocide


Country Rabbit Strikes Again, Complete With the Right Wording

White Rabbit tells me this is Country Rabbit’s second sign: billboard

Please note the wording: “Diversity means chasing down the last white person.”

Another of our sign groups tried that wording and the sign company rejected it.

Why did they reject it?

Because diversity means chasing down the last white person is the flat truth. Pro-whites refuse to use my words because of ego problems. Anti-whites HIRE people like me and USE their product.

Country Rabbit sees quality and USES this old professional staffer’s out put.

Like the respectable conservatives before them, professional pro-whites are afraid of being upstaged by a dedicated old man.

The Country Rabbits, the White Rabbits, and other BUGSERS will use the good stuff and win this battle anyway, as frustrated conservatives finally had to fall back onto my work to elect Reagan and bring down the USSR.

I suppose it’s a bit odd to tell a rabbit to sic ‘em,  but Go For It, Country Rabbit!


Will They Ever Reply?

Dear Mr. *****,

Please allow this letter to serve as the attempt to resolve a right to a Free Speech for Whites complaint at the lowest level that it obviously is.

In your email letter from December 8, you refused to allow us to use the slogan “Diversity Means Chasing Down Whites” as well as our website, Your staff rejected the slogan as “non-factual” and our website address as “offensive.” Having been a congressional staffer myself I am hoping your people will have the pride to actually ANSWER the question we keep putting to those who denounce us, but which is NEVER answered:

When has anybody ever mentioned that liberal “diversity” has been proposed as a solution to the problem of, literally, “too many whites”?  photo lamar.jpg

The SPLC did a fund-raising letter some time ago signed by former senator George McGovern, asking for funds to move non-whites into Northern Idaho! Recently, the claim has been remade that the University of Minnesota in Duluth has a “Diversity Problem.” The solution proposed for solving this problem was, you guessed it, to remove Whites and create more seats for NON-whites, students and faculty alike.

In the real world “diversity” is NEVER used for anything except making White areas less White. If the entire establishment freely uses the term “diversity,” why can we not declare that diversity is a code word and/or that “Diversity” means “chasing down whites”?

We all know the danger to our rights of the “slippery slope.”

In 2012, Lamar Advertising allowed Unfair Campaign to proudly display “It’s hard to see Racism when you’re White.”

Is it really Lamar’s position that this opinion is any more factual or less offensive?

In the interest of “fairness,” it would seem especially important for those in the advertising industry to beware of accepting such obvious and false limitations on language.

No explanation to us today may well mean a ruinous lack of explanation to you in future.


Robert W. Whitaker

This letter was sent December 17th, 2014.


Who’s Peers?‏

One of the Declaration of Independence’s grievances against King George III’s United Kingdom lists English abuse of criminal venue law. This is one of the primary reasons Americans said they would each pursue happiness alone – EQUALLY protected from supreme tyranny.

When the founding fathers later wrote, “Tried by a jury of your peers…” they did NOT mean victims of anti-white murder and rape should be forced to endure a judicial process governed by representatives of the offending party. That concept was too painfully familiar for them to stomach.

Our forebears did not think they had to textualize such simple concepts in the supreme law of the land. Thankfully, they left us bread crumbs…
 photo jury.jpg
If one has peers, then it goes without saying that one must also have unequal partners in the new world. Otherwise, why did Americans list it and then REPEAT it? Equality has repeatedly proven to be tricky business, even for shifty defense lawyers and tyrannical genocidists like Ole “Honest” Abe Lincoln.

The first thing any defense attorney does in a run-up to a case headed for trial is they consider the “venue”, or jury pool, in which jurors will be selected during “voir dire”. Lawyers do this to ensure they seat the most amicable jury for their client. In fact, there is an entire legal industry specializing in making sure DEFENDANTS are not unjustly discriminated against. What you never hear about is a prosecutor who requests a ‘change of venue’ in the name of fair treatment of the VICTIM.

Benjamin Franklin and the so-called “Tea Party Terrorists”, as Progressives derisively call them, never envisioned the New World this way. They never envisioned it as the perverted, anti-white fantasy land that it most certainly has become. Nor did they envision our nation as a haven where criminals would be given the head start that they now most certainly enjoy. This idea not only runs counter to the esprit de corps of the U.S. Constitution – which begins with a pro-white preamble and clearly reminds us to be loyal “…to ourselves and our posterity…” – it also runs counter to Mommy Professor’s haranguing for Equal Treatment.

This country is at a crossroads like never before as the bodies of our women and children pile high to the sky. Just as they did before ratifying the constitution, Americans need to regain composure and perform some serious soul-searching about whether or not we want a nation again – and quick.

What will it be: Loyalty or Equality?


Peak Water

Many paid Experts are wailing about the coming “peak oil catastrophe” again. Their socioeconomic concerns are many. “We won’t have gas to drive 20+ miles to work. Lawn mowers will run dry and yards will become unkempt. Food will cease to arrive at the local mega store.” But that is nothing when you consider the global picture and ALL natural resources.

Oil is a natural resource that people have lived without for extended periods of time. Water is not. Never in the history of this planet has man gone without water and survived to tell about it.  photo water.jpg

Predictions and instances of Diversity indices soaring around the Great Lakes region abound. Chicago, IL, Gary, IN, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, Philadelphia, New York, the ENTIRE megalopolis, and the Mississippi river valley, are all working on fixing – you guessed it – a Diversity Problem.

When is the last time you heard serious discussion about how, “Nevada has a Diversity Problem”? You never hear that because it is the driest state in America. It cannot support “Diversity” long term. How do we estimate that Michigan ended up at the top of the Diversity leader board? It is the wettest state and surrounded by fresh water on five sides.

We now hear that The North Shore and Green Bay, WI have a “Diversity Problem”, and anti-whites say it is a huge one. Sixty percent of the human body is composed of water. That little fact applies to anti-whites and non-whites alike. This concept has not escaped anti-white Prophets (for profit) like Timothy Jacob Wise and “Doctor” Eddie Moore Junior. They have set their sights on the likes of Duluth, the iron range’s capital and home port of the largest body of fresh water on the planet.

Absolutely 100% of “Diversity” initiatives require control of fresh water resources in order to sustain third world population growth and decimate white populations. So, I have a prediction of my own:

I predict that, within my lifetime, landowner riparian rights (or “rights to water”) will be reallocated as an inalienable HUMAN right.

War is waged to win natural resources, especially water and women.

The war on whites (aka White Genocide) is no different.


Jason’s comment and Re lesson: Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work.


“Some guy on Fox News made the following comment about some silly accusation of racism. He said many today people believe that …

‘Racist’ is just code for shut up White guy.

Whether he knows it or not, he’s been influenced by BUGS.

Something like that would actually make a good comeback. Maybe:

Racist is just a code word for shut up you White person.

(Kinda off topic but thought it worth mentioning.)”


Jason,  you spotted a BUGS Trademark on FOX and then like a pro you asked if it could be useful to BUGS.

Right there is the BUGS approach and attitude 100%.

Bob’s Article January 12th, 2014 – Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work.