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Who’s Peers?‏

One of the Declaration of Independence’s grievances against King George III’s United Kingdom lists English abuse of criminal venue law. This is one of the primary reasons Americans said they would each pursue happiness alone – EQUALLY protected from supreme tyranny.

When the founding fathers later wrote, “Tried by a jury of your peers…” they did NOT mean victims of anti-white murder and rape should be forced to endure a judicial process governed by representatives of the offending party. That concept was too painfully familiar for them to stomach.

Our forebears did not think they had to textualize such simple concepts in the supreme law of the land. Thankfully, they left us bread crumbs…
 photo jury.jpg
If one has peers, then it goes without saying that one must also have unequal partners in the new world. Otherwise, why did Americans list it and then REPEAT it? Equality has repeatedly proven to be tricky business, even for shifty defense lawyers and tyrannical genocidists like Ole “Honest” Abe Lincoln.

The first thing any defense attorney does in a run-up to a case headed for trial is they consider the “venue”, or jury pool, in which jurors will be selected during “voir dire”. Lawyers do this to ensure they seat the most amicable jury for their client. In fact, there is an entire legal industry specializing in making sure DEFENDANTS are not unjustly discriminated against. What you never hear about is a prosecutor who requests a ‘change of venue’ in the name of fair treatment of the VICTIM.

Benjamin Franklin and the so-called “Tea Party Terrorists”, as Progressives derisively call them, never envisioned the New World this way. They never envisioned it as the perverted, anti-white fantasy land that it most certainly has become. Nor did they envision our nation as a haven where criminals would be given the head start that they now most certainly enjoy. This idea not only runs counter to the esprit de corps of the U.S. Constitution – which begins with a pro-white preamble and clearly reminds us to be loyal “…to ourselves and our posterity…” – it also runs counter to Mommy Professor’s haranguing for Equal Treatment.

This country is at a crossroads like never before as the bodies of our women and children pile high to the sky. Just as they did before ratifying the constitution, Americans need to regain composure and perform some serious soul-searching about whether or not we want a nation again – and quick.

What will it be: Loyalty or Equality?


Peak Water

Many paid Experts are wailing about the coming “peak oil catastrophe” again. Their socioeconomic concerns are many. “We won’t have gas to drive 20+ miles to work. Lawn mowers will run dry and yards will become unkempt. Food will cease to arrive at the local mega store.” But that is nothing when you consider the global picture and ALL natural resources.

Oil is a natural resource that people have lived without for extended periods of time. Water is not. Never in the history of this planet has man gone without water and survived to tell about it.  photo water.jpg

Predictions and instances of Diversity indices soaring around the Great Lakes region abound. Chicago, IL, Gary, IN, Detroit, MI, Cleveland, OH, Philadelphia, New York, the ENTIRE megalopolis, and the Mississippi river valley, are all working on fixing – you guessed it – a Diversity Problem.

When is the last time you heard serious discussion about how, “Nevada has a Diversity Problem”? You never hear that because it is the driest state in America. It cannot support “Diversity” long term. How do we estimate that Michigan ended up at the top of the Diversity leader board? It is the wettest state and surrounded by fresh water on five sides.

We now hear that The North Shore and Green Bay, WI have a “Diversity Problem”, and anti-whites say it is a huge one. Sixty percent of the human body is composed of water. That little fact applies to anti-whites and non-whites alike. This concept has not escaped anti-white Prophets (for profit) like Timothy Jacob Wise and “Doctor” Eddie Moore Junior. They have set their sights on the likes of Duluth, the iron range’s capital and home port of the largest body of fresh water on the planet.

Absolutely 100% of “Diversity” initiatives require control of fresh water resources in order to sustain third world population growth and decimate white populations. So, I have a prediction of my own:

I predict that, within my lifetime, landowner riparian rights (or “rights to water”) will be reallocated as an inalienable HUMAN right.

War is waged to win natural resources, especially water and women.

The war on whites (aka White Genocide) is no different.


Jason’s comment and Re lesson: Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work.


“Some guy on Fox News made the following comment about some silly accusation of racism. He said many today people believe that …

‘Racist’ is just code for shut up White guy.

Whether he knows it or not, he’s been influenced by BUGS.

Something like that would actually make a good comeback. Maybe:

Racist is just a code word for shut up you White person.

(Kinda off topic but thought it worth mentioning.)”


Jason,  you spotted a BUGS Trademark on FOX and then like a pro you asked if it could be useful to BUGS.

Right there is the BUGS approach and attitude 100%.

Bob’s Article January 12th, 2014 – Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work.



White Genocide Petitions

The Wash Post blog on one of our “petitions” illustrates exactly a point that Ryan Holiday makes in his book Trust Me I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator that Bob has recommended to us recently.

“Andrew Kaczynski of Buzzfeed sent out an intriguing tweet yesterday with a link that I couldn’t resist clicking.”

That opening sentence of the Wash Post article is an example of what Holiday describes: you feed something to the low level blogs that higher level blogs customarily search for story leads, and your planted story can move up the chain to major media.

We didn’t have to plant that story, since the oddness of our message having appeared on the president’s site (and the need of media to publish, publish, publish something) was sufficient to launch it.

The petitions offer opportunities to use Holiday’s tricks. For example, we’ve noticed the anti-white petitions (one of them is on page 2 of that thread, and the 3-page thread is an entertaining read!) that have sometimes appeared that attack our own and (helpfully, lol!) focus on our own specific memes in particular as objects of their attacks.

If whoever’s been writing those continues, the rabid reaction of some SF’ers to them has illustrated the possibilities in planting stories in low level blogs about “the raging race war on President Obama’s website,” or whatever. As Holiday points out, most blogs are paid by their advertisers for page clicks, and so blogs are fiercely competitive in “being first” with a story and generally don’t have time or inclination to check sources.

I’ve noticed that those anti-white petitions take a long time to get their 150 sigs and become visible, so if they keep appearing it would be helpful if we could develop ways of helping get them up as quickly as we do our own, lest their author becomes discouraged! …let’s let him think he has some support… lol!

Al Sharpton to ask Obama to block ‘White Genocide’ petitions from White House site. A close associate of Rev. Sharpton has reported that…”

Blogs like it if you write their stories for them.

But I think Holiday’s bag of tricks are going to take some finesse. I wouldn’t know right now what blogs are out there, which ones are good ones to feed to at the bottom of a chain, and exactly how to shape the tone and content of my communication to them so that they could at least pretend to themselves that what I’m offering them might be real. Do I just say, “I happen to know someone who is close to Al Sharpton…. I liked the report you did on….and I think your blog would be perfect for this story”?

I’ve hoped that in the months ahead I could begin to learn how to do some of Holiday’s stuff, but I really have no idea right now what I’ll be able to do or not do after a good long rest. Maybe what I’ve just written will spark interest and other ideas in some of you who already may be familiar with some blogs that could be used.

(While I’m thinking about getting ready to prepare to consider doing that, I can probably predict who may actually do it! :) )

Because this is what we want to achieve: MSNBC discusses White House White Genocide Petitions.


White Schools

“The NRA’s proposal of posting an armed guard at every school is absurd.” – Mommy Professor

“The NRA wants to put a police officer in front of every school. That’s just nuts.” – Chuck Schumer

“How are we going to fund this program? We’re broke; we’re out of money” – Bill O’Reilly

Naturally, the Sandy Hook massacre triggered emotional responses from parents on both ends of the political spectrum. Right on cue anti-whites rushed in to say “The only way to solve these problems of massacres is with less guns.” Wayne LaPierre of the NRA jumped out in front and said that “The only way to stop bad guys with guns is a good guy with a gun.” They made it their mission to take the torch and secure ALL schools, once and for all, while the left shamelessly used the massacre as fuel to wage war on a largely white, law-abiding population.

As usual, they made no mention of disarming criminals.

Conventional Wisdom and Political Correctness went further on CNN saying, “Not so fast, RACISTS. We ALREADY HAVE armed guards and police officers in the schools that need them.”

You could see the audience raise a collective eyebrow. Their sense of self preservation helped them exercise their ‘right to remain silent’.

How come these school massacres seem to have a knack for occurring in predominantly white schools?

Why is it that armed guards and police officers are “already in place where they need to be” when schools are “under threat” from gang-related activity? Does gang-related activity now include white gangs? Will it ever? When was the last time a massacre like Sandy Hook or Columbine took place in a predominantly non-white school? So, why are non-white schools more important to secure?

Simply put, Mommy Professor DEMANDED that white schools remain unprotected because she cannot see a future which includes white children. Her anti-white religion dictates that she has no obligation to do so. In fact, she and her cult of Political Correctness won’t allow for the security of our posterity.

The following is a list of ten questions that can get you fired from your job and/or socially ostracized:  photo schoolguards.jpg

  1. Are lawyers and defendants in courtrooms, doctors and patients in hospitals, pilots and passengers on airplanes, athletes and sports fans in stadiums, congress and staffers on the hill, and merchants and consumers in the Mall of America really more important than our children?
  2. Why don’t we hear anyone talking about removing police and contract security from those institutions? Where was the public outcry when these security measures were implemented?
  3. If the goal is to keep our children “shielded from evil guns”, are children not allowed in airplanes, courtrooms, stadiums, malls or hospitals?
  4. I’m hearing about “violating the culture of education with armed guards.” Air marshals travel on airplanes. What about ‘school marshals’ or a silent security? Restoring our teachers’ right to carry would make it random and anonymous by nature.
  5. Why does the school system dictate that our children remain ear-marked for terrorism?
  6. How do we disarm people who have no regard for the rule of law?
  7. The experts who are consulted to deal with a problem seem to qualify by being the very people who made oversights in the first place. Why should we continue to accept that from quote experts unquote?
  8. Criminals will continue to gain access to guns unless we devise a plan for melting down absolutely, positively 100% of the firearms on the face of the Earth. Has such a plan been drafted and is that even realistic?
  9. When will teachers’ access to their second amendment rights be restored?
  10. When will liberals put their egos aside and agree to stop discriminating against our children’s right to a safe learning environment?

The day anti-white European Americans begin concerning themselves with the safety of OUR children is the day they become non-white.



Many new and old school BUGSters have attended Bob Whitaker’s Saturday night PalTalk forum formally known as ‘Fight White Genocide.’ Prior to that project, Bob and Laura took to the interweb airwaves to tackle Professor Dean Scharf at his International Criminal MOOC conference on March 21. Bob, true to form, wasted no time and politely jabbed that the Good Professor had wandered outside of his university castle walls.

I never laughed so hard as I did at the Sharf moderator’s inaudible shriek of horror upon her realizing the implications of this obvious oversight.

Traditional Brick & Mortar Universities are collapsing under their own leviathan-like weight and bloated tuition fees. Google University and 24/7/365 instant access to The Political Priest Class’ Chained Book hasn’t helped Political Correctness’ cause one iota either. From old timey, leftist, anti-white propaganda all the way to pro-white philosophy and BUGS – for the first time in history you have the world at the tips of your fingers. Never has the universe felt so small for so many.

 photo bubbles.jpg

Electronics giant Best Buy is still downsizing as they are continually crushed by Amazon’s virtual marketplace. In an effort to quell their bloodletting Household heavyweights Target Corp. and Walmart are now offering “Me Too” free shipping to online shoppers. Customers have spoken and their demands were heard. Wider variety, cost comparisons, shopping from the comfort of your home, instant access to inventory, automatically generated lead times, frequently free shipping and many times no sales tax, an Ebola-free environment, and the list goes on.

Similar to the case of consumers, internet users are gaining access to information on the ‘net that no institution would DARE let inside their castle walls, and at an alarming rate. Just take Bob’s revolutionary Underground Graduate Seminar for example. Practical politics has never seen such a daring and dedicated group. BUGS routinely proves it is downright deadly to the anti-white establishment and makes no apologies about it. Many of us have the death threats on file to prove it. The best part about it is the anti-white THUGS can’t get to us on the web.

However, there is one thing college can offer young hopefuls and nouveau yuppies right now that they can’t get online. They can sell you an ever-increasing and exorbitantly expensive certificate with mommy professor’s fancy calligraphy and her particular church’s patented, gold, embossed logo. Although, I just learned that ebay has started selling do-it-yourself college degree kits. I guess it is true that “Hope springs eternal in the human breast.”

So, free thought is on the horizon and on the heels of the education bubble, my friends. My fear is we won’t be able to tell each other apart once it finally bursts and the tidal wave of “Pro-Whites” washes ashore.



On September 2, 2014 reports went out the world over. Another American reporter was beheaded by the Islamic State in the Levant. The very next day The Leader of The Free World professed that “Justice will be done for American Reporters.” Yet, I am the only one who asks two obvious basic questions. What the hell are American reporters doing in the Levant and what the hell are Al-Jazeera reporters doing in Ferguson, MO? Somehow, we are the only ones losing our heads over this.

Mommy Professor explicitly states that certain things are divinely untouchable. Right at the top of her list is her beloved and sacred religion, Political Correctness. The upper echelon of self-proclaimed “omnipotent demigods and professors of truth” who fit into the untouchable Priest class (Judges, Professors, Priests and Reporters – and in that order) fall right underneath.  photo specialcostumes.png

We know that they take themselves painfully serious because they have vested in each other the power to interpret words for us and take punitive action against those who use “the wrong words.”

Then they don special costumes so we can see them in the flock. In fact, the higher the Egyptian thread count on your black robe, the more serious we must take you.

Should our eyesight fail us, we are implored to “remain SILENT!” – “stop laughing!” and take the Priest Class “seriously” because they are dead-serious about supporting the anti-white establishment and its de facto national religion.

These Benevolent and Venerable Judges and their thought police not only interpret, but also enforce, the policy that Mommy Professor’s Priesthood has written. Their underlings, Progressive Liberal reporters, work tirelessly with the SPLC thugs and screamers to hunt down, silence and report on Whites who won’t submit to quote Diversity unquote.

Recently, Bob wrote about how the government threw $1 million #TruthyDollars at BUGS in hopes we’ll leave “Diversity” alone and go away.

Sorry Charlie. Attacking and silencing the simple truth ain’t that simple.


2014: A year of N&J Transition‏

AMPW’s used to scream “The Mantra will never work!” Then they screamed “The people want and DEMAND stats!” Next they screamed for “RESULTS! Show me the MONEY!” First, we showed them they were wrong, Then, we gave them what they asked for – efficacy, efficiency, an economy of words, and real world results; a template for success.

As we near more than 43 million TANGIBLE mantra media impressions by the end of the year, the AMPW rhetoric has changed again. Now, anti-mantra pro-whites sit in their echo chambers and drool to each other about which “stage” of genocide we are at and which white country has “more genocide” to deal with.

So, I ask them the same old question I have always asked since signing up with BUGS, “What have you done to help disseminate the message?” And the response I get is the same old – same old.