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The King of TTGHs

From January to December, 1936, Edward VIII was King of England.

He was openly and totally pro-Hitler.

His ambition was to get Germany a means to attack the USSR directly.

Edward VIII gave up his crown to marry Mrs. Simpson, a divorced woman who was working on her second divorce. As head of the Church of England, he had to give up his crown.

Hitler said that, if he had been warned and could get to the King, he might have prevented the abdication.

Edward VIII went to Germany to celebrate his marriage! He was that openly pro-Hitler!

In his demoted position as Royal Duke, Edward was sent to work in Paris, but removed because he was so pro-German! During the Blitz, he wrote letters to Berlin supporting the Blitz, because, as is true, Britain started open civilian bombing.

The King still had enormous powers. Staying out of politics is entirely voluntary. No declaration of war could have been effected without the monarch’s signature. The House of Lords gave us its right to block legislation, like war, because the King had announced in the early 1830’s that, if they tried it, the King would appoint peers to give the democratic ones the majority. photo edwardviii.jpg

And in 1939, the peers were overwhelmingly opposed to war.

Pat Buchanan wrote a book about how insane the British September of 1939 declaration of war against Germany was.

Without that declaration, Germany would have expended its energies against Russia. Germany would have won, but their dumbass Napoleonic strategy would have taken war out of fashion and the Lebensraum would have been won.

Britain would have returned a long way toward monarchy and the European Empires would have remained. The United States would still be largely isolationist outside of the Monroe Doctrine, and Britain and Germany would jointly rule the world.

We would have gone after our Communists here and in South America.

But King Edward wanted his way. He wanted to defy all those who would limit him.

In the end, his decision was TTGH. If he wasn’t allowed to do what he wanted, he would Take His Toys and Go Home in the name of Romance.

TTGH: As a Matter of Principle – or Romance – we will have our own way and the cause be damned.


Any Real Truth Can Handle Reality

In my article and talk about the lack of a GENETICAL morality in Christianity, I repeated at least half a dozen times that nobody, not even the snake handling preachers in the mountains will still insist that everything in Genesis is true.

This is not making fun of the Bible itself. In the Bible Belt, it simply meant that we must take into account errors in literal, worldly truths.

Even the Flat Earth Society is a joke. Genesis was understood as demanding a flat earth, and that the earth is the center of the universe.  photo stars.jpg

It just ain’t so. But an engineering family in the Bible Belt didn’t burn its holy books because of it. So if we finally just admit that the world did not come to an end when the New Testament repeatedly said it would, and every Christian had to believe it, it is simply something stated that was wrong, like the geocentric universe.

The reason I bring this up is because this is certainly not a problem limited to the Bible. I have written dozens of times about the horrible errors in medicine that killed Lord knows how many people.

But if one contradicted Galen at Oxford before 1700, the University Thought Police would fine him. It is amazing how often people were accused of heresy because they contradicted a pagan like Aristotle, because the Pope had used a quote from one of the ancient Greeks in his decisions.

In Renaissance Universities, it was very difficult to tell whether you were supposed to be contradicting Scripture or a philosopher.

We have inherited this problem.

It was a psychological shock for Europe when Newton came along because every single hallowed conjecture about the composition of the universe, Greek or Hebrew, was superseded. All the glass universes with stars in them set up to surround earth by ALL the ancients just disappeared.

It is said that the Catholic Church was so exhausted from denouncing Newton and Copernicus that it left fighting Evolution to the Protestants.

The establishment today is not any different from the old one.

Political Correctness fights as hard for its Old Religion as any Inquisitor ever did.

The fact is that, in the real world, skin color IS everything. Like the Medieval Church Political Correctness fights a simple reality.

I do not know WHY this reality exists any more than Greek philosophers actually knew how you could get all those stars up there without a stage set up in the sky.



Mommy Professor says that the key to a great future is education and sterility.

This has been tried in India and Tibet.

As I said before, India was taken over by the Brahman Caste as it transitioned from White to colored. The Sanskrit word for “caste” is “color.”

Now New Agers, following Mommy Professor’s path, go to India to find the Wisdom of the Gurus, who are the very picture of brown India in their towels and diapers.  photo buddhasgirl.png

And, like the American college campus, Tibet’s emphasis on Education is wiping out the supply of potential students. The teachers are monks who become monks simply by donning the robe – like our judges and academics, these guys seem to be wild about wearing dresses.

Yuppies have only one or two children – PC says none – because each child requires a giant sum of money to feed Mommy Professors, or “get a college education.”

Tibet’s monks are self-sterilized, like Medieval monks. They call themselves Buddhists. Like any other any sect they consider themselves The Only True Buddhists.

Gautama Buddha himself made a major point of the fact he had one child, a girl.

I repeat, the Buddha himself made a POINT of having a daughter.

Knowing politics as I do, I think Buddha emphasized that child for a reason.

In the struggle between Brahman (Mommy Professors) and Tschatria (the old warrior ruling class) the blue-eyed Brahman was probably denounced for being sterile. So Buddha made a major point of NOT being without issue.

I can think of no other reason he would emphasized his daughter so much.

In Tibet, of course, sterility is the Only True Faith. The place has been depopulated by the army of monk-teachers, and the Chinese are moving in.

“History is made by those who show up for it.”


Mommy Professor in India

In India, Mommy Professor wears a towel on his head and a diaper on his ass.

For two thousand years Indian Mommy Professors have been considered to be the Height of Wisdom. The Brahman sits in his diaper while around him children collapse in hunger, and every University rings with his praises.

When the Aryan warrior class invaded India and set up a culture, the warriors, the Tschatriya, were at the top of the Caste system. “Caste” means color in English, just as is the Indian Sanskrit term for caste was the same word as “color.”

Just before India began its slide into sub-third world status, the Brahman became the top caste.

The Brahman are the Priests, the Intellectuals.

The Mommy Professors.

The Indian civilization developed Kung Fu, Buddhism, and the aquatic rice we associate with Oriental countries and “the paddy culture.”  photo blueeyedbuddha.jpg

Buddhism originated in India, and Buddhists point out that the Buddha, “had eyes the color of blue lotus.” The man who brought Kung Fu to China also had bright blue eyes.

In a coincidence that is not historically unique, India’s Aryan conquerors devoted themselves to Wisdom, became brown and collapsed into a starving mess with only little brown Wise Men to show for it.

In the end period for White India, you might not have recognized the group that would be Wise Men of Colored India. They probably looked a great deal like Mommy Professor today rather than the little guy in the diaper with the begging bowl.

Mommy Professor in the White World has on a coat and tie and gets his money from taxation backed by force. When the Warrior Class gave the Brahman the top notch in the color system, the Brahman was probably as well financed as Mommy Professor is today.

In the future colored world, Mommy Professor will be trying to peddle his Wisdom on the streets, as anyone who reads Genseric’s “The Bubble” below will understand.


Explaining the 1932 German election to Americans (and Aussies).

I taught this stuff so I forgot how complicated it is.

Let me know if this does not explain it.

Some BUGSERS have trouble with how Germany’s government was formed in 1932.

In the United States the president and congress are elected separately. 

However, in most places there is a single election for the single ruling House, like the House of Commons in Britain.

Americans are used to an orderly, timed changes of government. Our elections are in November, but the old congressmen and the old president stay in office until January, the “transition” period.   It used to be that those elected only took office in March, four months after the election.

This makes the way they change governments in Europe very confusing to us.

In Britain, there is only one election, and that election is for every Member of Parliament on the same day. If that election goes against the party in power, every office from Prime Minister down to MP (Member of Parliament) changes.

Right after Election Day, if the party in power loses, a new government must be formed.

This has happened many, many times. The moment the Labor Party got a majority in the House of Commons in 1945, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, suddenly had to leave Number Ten Downing Street, their White House.

In the European form of government, the old government disappears at the top and a complete new government must be formed.

Here is the part that confuses Americans: The new government must be supported by a majority of members of the one elected House selected in that one election.

Nowadays, no one party ever gets a majority in the British Parliament. So they have to form a coalition in order to form any government or elect any prime minister. I have long since lost track, but the last British Government I remember was a coalition of Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties.

Back in the fifties, the Governments of France and Italy were standing jokes. They would form a new Government every few DAYS, as members of Parliament formed new coalitions and then fell out with each other.

To Americans, this would be a weird way to run a country store, much less a GOVERNMENT!

I repeat: in this Bizarro way of running a government, there is no government unless it is backed by a MAJORITY of the one elected house.

There is no end to the number of disasters this can lead to. One of these disasters occurred in the Weimar Republic after the election of 1932.

Between the two, the Communists and the Nazis, they had a MAJORITY of the total membership of the newly elected ruling House.  photo 3-1933election.jpg

The ONLY House Germany has forms a government!

You could not form a government without a majority.

Basic arithmetic: If two (2) parties hold a majority, one of the two must be included if you are to form ANY new government. So the 1932 election meant that ANY new government must include either Nazis or Communists.

I did NOT say the Nazis and Communists got together. What I said was that those people who voted Communist caused this situation, as Nazi voters did.

The new government HAD to include either Communists or Nazis.

Hitler owned a third of the Reichstag. A government required a majority vote. Hitler formed a coalition with other right-wing German parties.

No, the Nazis and the Communists did not come together. When Hitler took power his coalition then Hitler formed a coalition with the tiny right-wing National Party. Kicking out the Reds made the Reichstag arithmetic even better. With a sixth of its members kicked out, Hitler’s third got even closer to a majority. There were 83% of the delegates left, and Hitler owned 33% of those delegates.

A snap election was called, during which the Reichstag burned down and the Communists got blamed. The Nazis ran against politically handicapped opponents in March. This further improved their numbers.

Hitler was at last able to declare a State of Emergency and he then threw all the other parties out of the Reichstag and Germany was run by the Nazis in that State of Emergency until May of 1945.

Is this understandable?


Be Careful What You Ask For – the 1932 GERMAN Election

In the 1932 German election, the Nazi Party got exactly a third of the vote and the Stalinist Communist Party got exactly one in six. Together the two totalitarian parties got half of the vote and a bare majority of the seats in the Reichstag.

This produced a milestone in history: The next German government would have to include Communists or Nazis. Hermann Goering presided over the Reichstag because the Nazi constituted the plurality.

Please note what history never mentions: It took two to tango: The Communists elected Hitler every bit as much as Nazis did.

How did the German Jews vote in 1932?

If you take out the Nazi third, that leaves two thirds of the electorate. If Jews voted proportionately, one in four would have voted for a Stalinist State.

But the fact is that Jews traditionally vote for the left, the far left. Even William Buckley said that “Jews live like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.” The Founder of Commentary, the Jewish conservative magazine stated flatly, “For most Jews the term ‘conservative Jew’ as an oxymoron.” photo warongermans.jpg

Until I wrote this article, no experienced political analyst would doubt that in 1932 Jews voted at least 2 to 1 for the Communist Party.

Which in this story as it turned out, was the same as voting FOR Hitler!

Be careful what you ask for!

German Jewish voters in 1932 WANTED concentration camps.

They DEMANDED an absolute dictatorship.

They saw the Terror Lenin bragged about and called it good.

The 1932 Jewish electorate asked for it and they GOT it, secret police, concentration camps, the whole nine yards.

Be careful what you ask for.

And where in this story do we find the SuperJews, those who know all and determine all?

What the German Jews did in 1932 was not exactly penetrating SuperKnowledge. They voted for concentration camps and secret police, and they GOT concentration camps and secret police.

But those wonderful concentration camps and secret police got THEM, not the goyim Stalinists were after.

And it is impossible to analyze the 1932 German election without concluding that a higher percentage of Jews voted for dictatorship and concentration camps than German gentiles.

Is this All-Knowing Jewish Genius at work?

Or is it a people with a grudge being maliciously stupid?

This 1932 election is bad for both Jews and monomaniacal anti-Semites.

Neither Jews nor monomaniacal anti-semites want German Jews portrayed as a group of morons whose hatred of those around them exploded in their faces.

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Ending the Rule By Billionaires

Hitler said in Mein Kampf  that he had no interest whatever in economics or economic theory.

When Hitler took power, he almost magically ended the German Depression, which was, even in the 1930s, the world’s worst.

Roosevelt, whose basic ideology was economic, was still struggling with the Depression in 1940. Under the New Deal the Depression would have gone on another ten years at least.

Communism is based entirely on an economic theory. The entire Soviet system finally collapsed simply because the system was ridiculous.

China still had people starving until the last twentieth century under Communism. Japan had long since achieved a Western standard of living.

China is still very poor compared to Japan.

Hitler was a wizard in economics because he just used what worked. What destroyed him was the area where he DID have an ideology, the Lebensraum Doctrine. As Lenin obsessed with economics, Hitler was obsessed with his military.

There is, as usual, a simple rule here which academics get paid to ignore:

You can’t solve real problems with solutions that are fixed by some old ideology you are obsessed with.

Hitler ended the Depression which brought him into power, and he did it efficiently and quickly. In 1936 it was generally agreed that he was the most popular leader any country on earth had.

Now let us jump abruptly from the 1930s to today.

If we take power, the first thing we would do is solve the problem of Rule by Billionaires. photo billionaires.jpg

We are the ONLY group who would end the rule by billionaires without getting obsessed with it. All the other solutions to the billionaire problem are part and parcel of socialist nonsense that would screw up the economy and almost certainly leave the leftist billionaires in control.

Our billionaire extermination program, like all successful big moves like this,  is a practical step on the road to what we are really after, which is to punish, purely for PREVENTIVE purposes, traitors who have used their success to destroy our kind.

We have no interest in redistribution or economic ideology. So our solution, heavy rewards to those who report what those rich people were doing all these years to our race, right back to the earliest anti-white movement, will not be based on some halfwit economic philosophy.

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There is a Trappist monastery in South Carolina. It is famous down here in such a Bible Belt state.

That Trappist monastery has been here for generations.

It is located in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina.

This has always caused a certain confusion. Monck’s Corner is not named for the monks at the Monastery.

On the contrary, General/Admiral Monck was a fanatical Cromwellian, anti-Catholic to his bones.

But the Trappists are a symbol of something the Catholic Church has outgrown and we must all outgrow.

No longer do the Trappists whip themselves, starve themselves, and all the rest. It is no longer allowed.

If the Catholic Church can reject all that crap about God loves it when you torture yourself, anyone ought to.

It is time we outgrew the idea that God is a great excuse for self-hatred and for treason.

Governor Beasly tried that kind of blasphemy, and we destroyed his political career.

To repeat, in November 1998 Beasley won the governorship, and even our opponents admitted his win was the result of getting the “Confererate flag vote.”

But he wanted to be the vice presidential nominee in 2000, so he had to switch from his sworn support of the Rebel banner on top of the State House. And he had to do it as long as possible before the 2000 Convention.

So in December 1998, the most convenient time possible, he announced that GOD had told him to switch sides. photo beasley.png

I was the only person to call him a blasphemer publicly, but he never won another office in the state.

Today those who betray us routinely use that Good Old Fashioned Blasphemy.

Puritan or Catholic, our Traditional Values have included the idea that if we suffer, it makes God happy.

And that, boys and girls, is exactly the place from which racial self-hatred grows.

The pope has outgrown it, even the Calvinists have outgrown it.

A guy who worked under me on Capitol Hill had been pro-white, but he went for that “The Orthodox Church” fad, and said he had decided to sacrifice the white race to it.

Ever since Constantinople, the Orthodox Church has had the Emperor or head of state as its “supreme bishop.” Real Orthodox Churches are Greek or Romanian or Russian for a REASON.

This cult has guys growing beatnik beards to look like like Eastern priests and claim to be the truest of all the billion Only True Faiths.

This guy asked me if I wouldn’t “abandon your racism” in the Name of Christ.

I replied with six words: “I do not believe in human sacrifice.”

And I do not commit blasphemy.