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Don’t Forget the Memory Hole

I have used the Knockout Game as the centerpiece of two recent articles.

We have now forced the establishment to resort to pure name calling and bullying. The Knockout Game, where the gang encourages any member to hit a random white person and is in itself an implicit threat to the safety of anyone who objects, is the perfect example of this.

And the Knockout Game hit the media at the perfect moment, making it clear that the MSM (mainstream media) had not mentioned this phenomenon for YEARS. In a last ditch attempt to cover it, one anti-white white woman who had been attacked said, “…and it’s certainly not ethnic…”

The Knockout Game was exposed.

And there it sat.

One commenter just said he is “a convert.” The Knockout Game IS a real punch to the enemy groin.

So why in the hell have I pointed the lesson out twice and finally one BUGSER got it?

For the same reason that of the tens of millions who read the exposés and columns on the Knockout Game a couple of weeks ago will not recognize the word in a couple more weeks.

BUGSERS are not as bad as National Review or SF, God knows, but BUGSERS too are infected by the Media Memory Hole. We are guided by the nose with The Latest Thing. So embarrassing to the MSM.

So Stormfront and others have forgotten this thing that is so embarrassing to the MSM.

That’s OK for losers, but not for BUGSERS.

Watch your feet. Don’t run along and fall into THEIR Memory Hole.


Most of Your Best Work Won’t be YOUR Work

The terrific lines in the last article were produced out there somewhere by a non-BUGSER.

This would probably drive Jared Taylor’s crowd up the wall.

They produce serious, personal, and lengthy insights which they want others to be correct in quoting.

This one was not only not produced by me, it was not even produced by my BUGSERS. That is more than fine by me.

Bless their hearts, the TOO crowd is trying to retail information. We are doing the opposite: We are starting a firestorm.

I did not launch the Space Telescope. I overcame what anyone on the Hill would have told you was an impossible fait accompli by both the Chairman and the Republican Ranking Member. So I take credit, because, except for me and my breakdowns and heart attacks, the Hubble Telescope wold have been blocked and forgotten in 1977.

Being underestimated is a major advantage and immediately practical factor in real power politics.

Ask anyone on Capitol Hill who has and uses a Southern “accent.” Their guard goes down so fast you can almost SEE it.

How could a Harvard Law School magna cum laude graduate like Senator Sam Ervin always insist on being seen as “just a country lawyer from North Carolina?”

Because there were always plenty of “smart” Yankees who would BELIEVE that and he would roll over them like a freight train. He didn’t give a damn about their image of him. His game was power.

In the end, your life requires the approval of only one person, and that person is the toughest customer you’ll ever face.

In the end your whole life does not come down to how many people knew your name or the stuff written in your obituary. In the end, only one person can truly give you credit for what you actually accomplished,

In my case, the tough customer I must deal with is Bob Whitaker. He knows all my weaknesses and my warts.

So it makes no difference to us who came up with that particular quote. In fact, it is more wonderful that we caused someone ELSE to speak our language.

We must cause others to do our kind of thinking if we are to change the world. There are a lot more of them than there are of us. As the fire grows, it will bring in millions of others.

I have done this kind of thing before. I see it happening now.

Give yourself credit. In the end, you are the only person who can make the call.


No Tyranny Ever Existed Without an Excuse

This is a Mantra Thinking Equivalent of “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

The classical example of this is Stalin’s 1936 Constitution, which guaranteed so many freedoms it made the Bill of Rights look like it came from Gestapo Headquarters.

No matter what excuse anti-whites give for banning Hate Speech, this statement trips them up.

Instead of answering these justifications one by one, as AMPWs would, a Mantra Thinker hits at the root.

Every tyranny on the real world has its justifications, the Reichstag Fire, World War I, the Depression, World War II, or Stalin who issued the Constitution of 1936.

In fact, the best illustration that something is pure tyranny is the flood of justifications that come with it.

As I have pointed out, no country whose only basis is a bunch of words can be free. As soon as Europe had what by American standards was a tiny minority of non-whites, Hate Speech Laws were imposed.

A multiracial society cannot be free.

Hit them with the truth.

Make them look as mindless as they are.


Mantra Thinking: Important People Don’t Matter

You who promote important ideas are not replaceable.

But all of the famous people you know about and read about have no importance.

One real irony about Wordism is that those who are well known under any form of Wordism are exactly the same individuals who would be in the same position in any alternative Wordist system.

We all know that the guys doing the beating and torturing with a hammer and sickle on the wall are exactly the same guys who would be doing the beating and torturing if there were a swastika on the wall or a Cross of the Inquisition.

Everyone will agree with that–as usual–that is where the thinking stops.

The excitement stops with the Secret Police, so everyone will be interested in that.

But the fact is that the same people who are in Congress would be the same ones who would be in a Reichstag voting Hitler into power or in the Soviet Congress, holding up their Party badges with the rest.Image Hosted by

The Nazis used to say that once they conquered the USSR they should hire Stalin, because he knew what to do to Slavs who disobeyed him.

If you were in charge of an Apartheid America, the man to keep your Black Population in line would be an Obama.

This is why it is so ridiculous for any intelligent person to think that power means that one associates with Important People.

If Important People made any difference to what form of government we have, they would not be so perfectly interchangeable from system to system.

Important People are Important People precisely because they are dedicated to getting this IP position and fame under ANY system.

So it follows that  Important People do not have real power.

This is what makes my place in the power structure utterly mysterious to damned near everybody.

While specialists write books about how people became Important, they know nothing about how the System their subjects are Important in actually came to be.

Nor do they need to.

Not a single Sovietologist suffered the least embarrassment that the entire system he had been given millions of dollars to know simply vanished without his noticing it.   They did what one does to be a top Sovietologist or any other kind of top Intellectual.

Important People do not matter when it comes to determining the future.

If they did, they wouldn’t have time to be Important.


An Observation

Outside the West you would find truth by referring to a philosopher or a Prophet.

The West took over simply because it found a truth by observation rather than doing like a California Yuppie and finding some quote that sounds Impressive and Wise.

So I observed that brown-skinned  countries are poor. Yellow-skinned countries can learn up to the level whites have reached. But the only places that show basic progress are populated by white skins.

I do not know why.Image Hosted by

Long before anyone thought of vaccinations, it was well known that girls who milked cows for a living did not get smallpox. No matter how horrible the smallpox got, no one did anything but remark on this.

Now that the Western world is turning brown, we have become accustomed to there being no increase in the standard of living since the 1960s. There had never before been a generation of white Americans, right back to Jamestown, where the standard of living hadn’t progressed.

It is usual for those who live by the established religion to demand how someone “dares say” what everybody can see. We’re back to Semmelweis daring to state, in the teeth of all the Learned Quotes of the Great Doctors, that deaths went where these minor deities refused to wash their hands.

For some reason I do not fathom, there are a lot of people who are desperate to prove that vaccination doesn’t stop smallpox. It seems to come from some fundamentalists, but also from some of the California Cults.

Nonetheless vaccinated people did not get smallpox. Many a  girl spent her entire life horribly disfigured because all the Churches condemned vaccination. Or I could say many a girl who let the Church talk her out of vaccination happened to spend her life horribly disfigured.

Not being a preacher or priest, of a God Church or a PC faith, I am responsible for what I do.

We all observe that skin color makes all the difference in a country. The response to that observation is as old as the hills:

“Where is it Written that skin color matters?”

All the priests and the prophets and the intellectuals, for the thousandth time, demand punishment for those who point out a reality they don’t like.


Newton, Western Technology and Modern Medicine: When Nothing Was Defeated

Despite all else, the Western World still considers the final arbiter of truth to be reality.

We all take it for granted that statistical proof MATTERS. In science, no matter who said what, the final authority is evidence.

No other society was ever aware that there was such a thing as statistical proof.

Doctor Ignaz Semmelweis cut childbed fever death, which had killed a major percentage of mothers and babies in that ward, to zero, year after year, but even as late as the mid-nineteenth century, it made no difference. The University Doctors of Medicine would not stoop to washing their hands between dissections and delivering babies.

How did Newton ever convince a world that still looked to translations of Aristotle and the Old Testament for its cosmology to look to gravity instead?

How did we go from Galen and bleeding to real medicine inside the nineteenth century?

Every previous society had built its entire intellectual life on NOTHING.

To be an intellectual you QUOTED:  “It is written …”

Every intellectual stated that men have more teeth than women, because Aristotle had said so. Even if someone had counted teeth endlessly they would have convinced nobody.

What is unique is that the West has, in SOME cases, allowed evidence to actually defeat Nothing..

Oriental Wisdom and the American Indian Wisdom we hear about were Nothing.

Creation Myths were adopted because they sounded good and “It is written.”

Then Isaac Newton came along saying that the whole universe could be explained by using simple GRAVITY!Image Hosted by

Occam’s Razor knocked the whole gigantic structure of Western Confusionism down!

In a century — AFTER the “Renaissance” — all the Ancient Authorities and all the crap about “balancing humors” was destroyed and modern medicine began.

None of these revolutions could have occurred outside the Western world, because there was no way to go gradually from the Flat Earth to Newton, from Galen to medical sanity.

You simply could not show the slightest respect for Galen’s Balance of Humors and move to Modern Medicine.

In order to introduce Occam’s Razor, you had to state flatly that a thousand years of everything that had been “intellectualism” was pure crap!

Exactly the same holds for Mantra Thinking.

There is no room for Respectful Opposition.

All present political debate is a pile of horsehockey, and there is simply no nice way to say that.


Status Quo Ante

After these heated exchanges, it is time for us to ask, just as we did right after the SPLC crisis, “What just happened?”

One of the comments to my last article was “I do have a problem with the man who convinced me that the situation was not hopeless just walking away.”

Despite what I said, in the real world, that is the least of your problems. One of my big problems is that you know very well that I will die loyal, actively loyal, to our race. Being taken for granted makes it too easy to ignore any discipline I try to impose.

Having been taken for granted, I am also supposed to be “nice.”


Nice in BUGS, where our idea of being pleasant is charging into a site where a pleasant discussion of Bugs Bunny cartoons is going on and bombarding it with hard politics?

I am NOT trying to train our people to be NICE. This is gladiator training, where we take people from “nice” membership outfits and turn them into interrogators, attackers, the guys that scare the lions.

The good thing that seems to have come out of this fit of mine is that we MAY get back to those of you with experience calling down the ones who go sailing away on their own verbiage.

I SAW us going national. Seeing a forward movement, as a good officer, I looked at what we had blasted away and what they were falling back on. After all these years!

They have dropped back from “racism” and hide behind “Hate” and “Diversity.”Image Hosted by

So we go after Hate and Diversity, right?

No, though the reports desperately avoided “Racism,” commenters said it meant nothing.

Other commenters say they already “took care of that” by denouncing Diversity before.

Of course I blew my stack!

I have been dealing with stumbling blind crap like that for almost twenty years, and here it is AGAIN.


OK, status quo ante, all is as it was.

Except that maybe, just maybe, you will consider my strategy before you you repeat all the SF crap.

Yes, we can win, but we have to stop repeating the same mistakes in different language.


Listen Slowly

There is no hidden meaning here. It is just advice to those on my side.

I got  paid to be an interrogator. If you ask someone what an interrogator does, he will normally respond with what the verb means in Latin:  Ask questions.

But a moment’s thought will tell you that asking is not a GOOD interrogator’s main job, despite the title.

From suspects to committee hearings, “Get Whitaker in on it” was not only because of what Whitaker might ASK, but what Whitaker might HEAR.

In one  hearing, a big one on a BATF proposal that ammunition be registered, my boss was there as Ranking Member and I was standing behind him, whispering in his ear like Beelzebub.

This is the kind of hearing most people see, the congressman with the staffer whispering to him.

Most real hearings feature an absence of congressmen, staff doing the questioning, but these are not televised.

This time not only was John there, but Bob had to be standing right behind  him. Bob had to be “in on it.”

John asked, I LISTENED. This is one of the clearest examples of why they wanted Bob in on it and what an interrogator does.

At one point John asked the BATF witness the standard question about whether this ammunition registration was part of a plan leading to registration of all guns.

A note: Both congressmen and even senior staffers are sometimes witnesses at committees and we are always preparing to deal with questions from all sides. We know what “prepping,” preparing, consists of.

I stepped up behind John and whispered, “They aren’t prepped on that question. Sic em, Boss.”

He sicced em. He asked that witness eight more times the same question, “Is this a first step to national gun registration?”

Then John put him on oath. It was not a formal investigation so the witnesses had not been sworn. John demanded that, given the runaround he had been given, that question would be answered under oath, i.e., at risk of  perjury.

Sure enough, the answers, which had been runaround enough before, completely changed under oath.

So, “Bob was  in on it” and all anybody saw was me step up for one short whisper.

Even in normal conversation it also makes a difference HOW you listen.

One who replies instantly is considered a featherhead.

And often IS.Image Hosted by

I was not there as an extra mouth, but as an extra pair or EARS.

The BATF Brigade would have been infinitely more comfortable if John had simply repeated a question I had whispered in his ear.

They got very uncomfortable as John clearly ran my observation through his mind and contemplated HOW to “sic ‘em.”

Most of my best advice gets lost in quick responses.

For example, much of my best counsel comes from rethinking basics. But everybody has heard the basics many times and has something he routinely says when one is mentioned.

That response takes up the crucial seconds during which he could have thought WHY I brought that particular basic up and what my point was. A quick response means that “Whitaker is not in on it.”

More generally, how quickly you answer is as much a part of your conversation as what you say. You notice the guy who has nothing to say.

Most people who have nothing to say, have nothing to say.

You also notice the featherhead who instantly gives an “answer” he would have given had you never been born.

And you notice the person who is listening. He is not the Cone of Silence who might be trying to look Silent and Wise. He is the guy who runs what you said through his brain and THEN has a comment.

One of the first things an interrogator learns is to sort out the OTHER listeners from the featherheads and the Owl Brains.

The person who is listening can make you nervous, but he also makes talking worth while.