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Status Quo Ante

After these heated exchanges, it is time for us to ask, just as we did right after the SPLC crisis, “What just happened?”

One of the comments to my last article was “I do have a problem with the man who convinced me that the situation was not hopeless just walking away.”

Despite what I said, in the real world, that is the least of your problems. One of my big problems is that you know very well that I will die loyal, actively loyal, to our race. Being taken for granted makes it too easy to ignore any discipline I try to impose.

Having been taken for granted, I am also supposed to be “nice.”


Nice in BUGS, where our idea of being pleasant is charging into a site where a pleasant discussion of Bugs Bunny cartoons is going on and bombarding it with hard politics?

I am NOT trying to train our people to be NICE. This is gladiator training, where we take people from “nice” membership outfits and turn them into interrogators, attackers, the guys that scare the lions.

The good thing that seems to have come out of this fit of mine is that we MAY get back to those of you with experience calling down the ones who go sailing away on their own verbiage.

I SAW us going national. Seeing a forward movement, as a good officer, I looked at what we had blasted away and what they were falling back on. After all these years!

They have dropped back from “racism” and hide behind “Hate” and “Diversity.”Image Hosted by

So we go after Hate and Diversity, right?

No, though the reports desperately avoided “Racism,” commenters said it meant nothing.

Other commenters say they already “took care of that” by denouncing Diversity before.

Of course I blew my stack!

I have been dealing with stumbling blind crap like that for almost twenty years, and here it is AGAIN.


OK, status quo ante, all is as it was.

Except that maybe, just maybe, you will consider my strategy before you you repeat all the SF crap.

Yes, we can win, but we have to stop repeating the same mistakes in different language.


Listen Slowly

There is no hidden meaning here. It is just advice to those on my side.

I got  paid to be an interrogator. If you ask someone what an interrogator does, he will normally respond with what the verb means in Latin:  Ask questions.

But a moment’s thought will tell you that asking is not a GOOD interrogator’s main job, despite the title.

From suspects to committee hearings, “Get Whitaker in on it” was not only because of what Whitaker might ASK, but what Whitaker might HEAR.

In one  hearing, a big one on a BATF proposal that ammunition be registered, my boss was there as Ranking Member and I was standing behind him, whispering in his ear like Beelzebub.

This is the kind of hearing most people see, the congressman with the staffer whispering to him.

Most real hearings feature an absence of congressmen, staff doing the questioning, but these are not televised.

This time not only was John there, but Bob had to be standing right behind  him. Bob had to be “in on it.”

John asked, I LISTENED. This is one of the clearest examples of why they wanted Bob in on it and what an interrogator does.

At one point John asked the BATF witness the standard question about whether this ammunition registration was part of a plan leading to registration of all guns.

A note: Both congressmen and even senior staffers are sometimes witnesses at committees and we are always preparing to deal with questions from all sides. We know what “prepping,” preparing, consists of.

I stepped up behind John and whispered, “They aren’t prepped on that question. Sic em, Boss.”

He sicced em. He asked that witness eight more times the same question, “Is this a first step to national gun registration?”

Then John put him on oath. It was not a formal investigation so the witnesses had not been sworn. John demanded that, given the runaround he had been given, that question would be answered under oath, i.e., at risk of  perjury.

Sure enough, the answers, which had been runaround enough before, completely changed under oath.

So, “Bob was  in on it” and all anybody saw was me step up for one short whisper.

Even in normal conversation it also makes a difference HOW you listen.

One who replies instantly is considered a featherhead.

And often IS.Image Hosted by

I was not there as an extra mouth, but as an extra pair or EARS.

The BATF Brigade would have been infinitely more comfortable if John had simply repeated a question I had whispered in his ear.

They got very uncomfortable as John clearly ran my observation through his mind and contemplated HOW to “sic ‘em.”

Most of my best advice gets lost in quick responses.

For example, much of my best counsel comes from rethinking basics. But everybody has heard the basics many times and has something he routinely says when one is mentioned.

That response takes up the crucial seconds during which he could have thought WHY I brought that particular basic up and what my point was. A quick response means that “Whitaker is not in on it.”

More generally, how quickly you answer is as much a part of your conversation as what you say. You notice the guy who has nothing to say.

Most people who have nothing to say, have nothing to say.

You also notice the featherhead who instantly gives an “answer” he would have given had you never been born.

And you notice the person who is listening. He is not the Cone of Silence who might be trying to look Silent and Wise. He is the guy who runs what you said through his brain and THEN has a comment.

One of the first things an interrogator learns is to sort out the OTHER listeners from the featherheads and the Owl Brains.

The person who is listening can make you nervous, but he also makes talking worth while.



Stephen King’s Fifth Step

I just read Stephen King’s latest book, Dr. Sleep, and Mr. King discusses his recent time in AA.

Years ago I wrote a lot about my time in drug and alcohol recovery and the experience of being a sponsor. I especially wrote about the fifth step in the Twelve Steps.

It won’t give away any of the plot if I say that at the end of the book, King says exactly what I said years ago about the fifth step.

The fourth step is the long one, when you write down over a long period of time every single fault you have and every single thing you are ashamed of.

The fifth step is the short one, which you dread like poison. You have to tell one person EVERYTHING you wrote in the fourth step.Image Hosted by

Yes, EVERYTHING. Most people dread something about sex they think is especially disgusting.

In a time when I was on my ass, it made me feel good that so many people chose ME to tell their most dreaded secrets to.

But, as usual with tragic situations, I told you the funny side of the fifth step.

The victim would reveal what was to him his most disgusting secret. He had been dreading this for months. Can you imagine telling someone what you consider the most shameful thing you have ever done, or more usually, your most disgusting urges?

Then you get a shock.

As a many times Fifth Step veteran, let me tell you that what you consider humiliating beyond belief, what you have dreaded revealing for months, is simply not that big a deal to the recovering addict you are confessing to.

I said this many times years ago:

1)  A person who is finally doing the Dreaded Fifth Step Confesses His Sin.

2) But the Sin that is a huge deal to you is not a huge deal to me.

Naturally the Secret King’s hero finally told to an AA meeting was much more dramatic than what I heard.

But the result was exactly the same.

He made the confession that he could not bring himself to make in front of his own sponsor.

He was crying, he told them, at long last, of his guilt and his shame. He expected a horrified reaction.

What he got was a roomful of people who wanted to finish their coffee.

Nobody is in AA because they went to church too often.

They finished their coffee and went home.

A hell of an ending to a hell of a book.


Fifteen Years! Whew!

On this date in 1998 WhitakerOnline got started.

On this date in 1861 a lesser event got started at Fort Sumter.

We are not really prepared for any kind of celebration because, as White Rabbit just reminded me, we are each an army of one.

To give the first example that occurs to me, when a BUGSER calls for a Swarm, your job is not to comment on it or moan at how few do.   It is simply:  a) you hit that site, a minute’s work or, 2) You DON’T.Image Hosted by

Good BUGSERS make lousy Celebrators.

We don’t spend endless time planning for The Days, be it a celebration or a Torchlight Parade.

We don’t listen for plaudits.   You will feel that “Well done” from your insides that no Rally can provide.

We also don’t make a fetish out of “I don’t need praise.”

All humans need recognition.  But you had better treasure it when I give you a good word, because it is a rare thing.

But for us Aryans, with our natural self-criticism and overactive consciences:   If I think you did it wrong, I will spare no words, and I fully expect that when my criticism is unfair, you will tell me in plain language where I can put it.

The next question is do I face another fifteen years dealing with you turkeys or do I jump off the top of this high-rise?



Stupidity Has Always Been A Capital Crime

That is a quote from Larry Niven, who has used it in many of his science fiction books.

I will now proceed to alienate some of our most fervent supporters, who can go over and give money to some membership outfit, by saying this:

“The Boers deserve everything that happens to them, and more.”

When I tried to talk to them about what would happen if they abandoned their pro-white stand, the big point they made was that their soccer teams could go international.

I ask commenters, what few there are left, not to tell me that proves how right I was.Image Hosted by

Why I keep repeating it for is in the hope that some commenter will cut the Stormfront crap and realize that the Boere were stupid, and stupidity has always, since the days of the dinosaur and before, been a capital offense.

They trusted their old Afrikaaner leaders.  Their old Afrikaaner leaders were betraying them, but even the ones who voted against the fatal change refused to rebel against treason.

I was talking to someone about our victory in the other side’s no longer using the term “anti-racist.”   He said he had seen it used.   I asked him if he had called for a Swarm against it.  He replied that he was one of those who just didn’t get around to the Swarm a lot.

I didn’t say it, but my reaction was, “Then go f… yourself!”

Back here on Planet Earth, you do it or you don’t do it.


Your explanations mean absolutely nothing to reality, and they mean absolutely nothing in reality.

The only difference is no one expects reality to listen to them.  I would appreciate the same courtesy.

Stupidity has always been a capital offense.



My Profs Died!

One of the two Nobel Prize winners who taught me graduate economics just died at the age of 102.

The good die young, so I sort of expect anyone associated with me to live forever.

Dr. Coase left the University of Virginia just a year before he would have been fired.  The new Dean had said repeatedly over the years that when he became Dean he would “clean out that nest of right-wingers in the Economics Department.”

You know all that crap you hear about Academic Freedom?  It never even occurred to anybody that a tenured professor with heretical  Politically Incorrect views could not be gotten rid of ASAP.

My other prof who later won a Nobel Prize got booted by that Dean.  He was James M. Buchanan.

He died this year at the tender age of 93.

The good die young, but these good men’s association with me probably bought them a lot of extra time.

This is the only place you will read about this violation of so-called Academic Freedom, so I thought I’d let you know.



Asgardian’s Question



“Anyone else find it difficult to transition from an argumentative/dissident role to a cooperative/leadership role? That’s a bad way to phrase it but what I mean is, getting into debates with anti-Whites is one thing. Dealing with Normal Whites who are slowllllyyyy becoming pro-White is another.”

“Or so it seems to me. Are the people who spark social change the same ones who go on to lead after the change?”


Huey Long was asked what Political Leadership is, and he gave a frank and accurate reply:Image Hosted by

“You find out the direction everybody is going and you run out front.”

This is where Mantra Thinking comes in.  Instead of using Long’s quote to look smart and yell about what fakes politicians are, I THOUGHT about this statement.  While others were Looking Smart, I was thinking.

What did Long’s statement and the reality it reflected mean to a young man who was hungry for POWER instead of public office?

To others Long’s statement was a confirmation of their own opinion of politicians, insincere and all that crap.

To me, it meant that politicians give up real power to be Leaders.   What mattered to me was not who walked in front but why the crowd was marching in that direction in the first place.


Sam Adams exercised POWER.  He was almost forgotten as his cousin rose to the presidency.

Thomas Paine made the Revolution in POWER terms.  Washington came as a Name and took over.

A sane person wants to be Presidents Washington and Adams.   I decided to be Thomas Paine and Sam Adams.

Asgardian’s question is right on target for BUGS.  We are making the underlying revolution.

But sometimes the underlying revolution involves questions so hot that the Names cannot take them up.   That’s when you get upstarts like Lenin and Hitler taking power themselves.

Russia and Germany would have been lottery lucky if there had been a group like BUGS instead of Hitler or Lenin.
BUGS makes this both our argument and our program. As our memes take root, you can FEEL the white resentment growing. As an argument,  we warn anti-whites that, if no one is allowed to object to white genocide, this sentiment can explode under them.

All those people they silenced by screaming Nazi can end up just that. That is our argument.

Now, let remember that the reason Mantra arguments WORK is because they are simply TRUE.If no Name wants the leadership, Ole Bob knows how to take the lead, and he got paid by leaders to do just that.

I do not want to interrupt what we are doing now to theorize about the future.   That seems to be about all people outside BUGS ever do.   If you read me carefully, you will find yourself surprising yourself by knowing what to do next. If you have been inside as I have, what impresses you is how practical our discussions have become.

Your approach NOW would make pros in DC.


A Sense of Humor is a Sense of Proportion


A professional in politics sees a LOT of surveys.  I remember one consistent theme that appealed to my lonely sense of humor.

Women were asked about qualities they wanted in their children.

“Do you want your child to be beautiful?     Despite the already deep drenching in Political Correctness, eighty or ninety percent answered “Yes.”

But in another part of the survey the girls DID remember their Political Correctness Training.   So when the question was, “How would your ideal husband look?”  at least eighty percent gave the answer expected of them:

“It doesn’t make any difference.”Image Hosted by

As I say, each version of this appealed to my very lonely sense of humor.

I only argued before an audience, and one time I was in a hair salon or whatever they call it and a Politically Correct female I knew had her head in one of those huge machines.  There were other women there, including my wife.   Please do not ask me why that woman had her head in a machine which was making no noise.  I can barely comb my own hair

But for my own LONELY sense of humor, I was began talking to her about intermarriage.    I guided her around to saying, “Looks don’t matter.”

I did it to pass time, but I had no hope that anybody in the room would understand the irony of a woman spending thousands of dollars in  a beauty shop repeating  the Required Line that anyone who is not anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews must repeat, that “looks don’t matter.”

Nobody came near to getting it.    I actually gave it a minute, for “Looks don’t matter” to get across in a fairly expensive beauty shop.    I could have waited until the next  Ice Age and nobody would have gotten it.

Having a consistent moral code and a sense of humor is a LONELY business.

So, while intellectual pro-whites are arguing about HOW MUCH of children’s’ futures are determined by their genes, it would not in a million years occur to them to demand that moralists, including churches, have any morality about genetics.

Not sex, GENETICS.