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DAMN! *****NO JEWS*****!!!!!

I praised Yankee Rebels recitation of the min-Mantra and didn’t notice that he had blindly left in “Israel for the Jews.”
 photo yagoda.png
This illustrates the reason Israel or Joos is poison:

Apparently nobody noticed anything else.

Had I noticed that line, I would have denounced it as droolingly stupid.

Then I saw all this discussion of why I had approved Jewing.

As you can see, it got far, far more comments than any seriously thought-out article would have produced.

Now you see why others dedicate themselves to Jews, Jews, and more Jews.

They get lots of readers and they change absolutely nothing.


Meme Wars

I get a kick out of thinking how weird Horus’s comment on the last article would shock a pro-white snob. Horus pointed proudly to an anti-white page which features Diversity = White Genocide.

The guy whose motto is “propaganda should do no harm” would look at that page, turn a bright purple and gasp, “But that article makes FUN of you.”

We could not possibly care less. It was hitting 400,000 views when Horus noticed it.

In fact, from a BUGS point of view, it turns out that our tiny showing on March 15 was a major boon. Our tiny turnout got attention no NR or NA meeting could ever hope for.

Our motto is, “Once they hear it they can’t unhear it.”

Like Horus, we don’t give a damn what a bunch of race traitors say about us. photo pigs.jpg

I wonder how anyone who has not been in this business as long as I have can imagine what a crippling psychological blow our little memes are to those who, ten years ago, could fearlessly tout “diversity” and “intermarriage of THE races.”

They used to send out fundraisers for chasing down whites in northern Idaho, but now they all wonder how many of the people they are talking to can see them naked before the simple words diversity = genocide.

We need to shore it up a bit with “All white countries and ONLY white countries.” If you will look at that transcript, you will notice how that meme makes the genocide point clear.

But that’s it!

They sweat like pigs now that these memes are out in the open.

The big difference is that I have BEEN there, I know exactly how bad our meme is for someone who had the whole public arena to himself.

Anti-whites are trying the “LAAF.” AMPWs are screaming bloody murder.

And we are doing marvelously well.


Institutions Versus Truth

BUGS can be an invaluable experience for a Mantra Thinker.

We are a tiny group and will remain a tiny one.

That is because we simply refuse to adopt any of the other pro-white organizations to grow.

Dr. Duke showed to me and White Rabbit his thousands of mentions in Google and his giant membership.

The time will come when any of you can make your living off a cause.

When that time comes you will have to compete, not by spreading a basic concept, but by following another set of rules altogether.

That is where truth is forgotten and Doctrine develops.

What I am saying here is already understood by BUGSERS. My point here is that what comes naturally to you in BUGS can give a complete new world view.

“Why is this information produced?” is the first question we answer here at BUGS. photo wesley.png

Large organizations’ information has to be distorted as they become big organizations. Those who are converted and paying their dues want something entirely different from what you use to spread the truth.

A forgotten reason why the Welsh coalminers and American settlers were converted to Methodism was that when Wesley came to preach to them most of them had never heard a sermon before. The Church of England provided “livings” for its clergy, and there were very few comfortable and assured little “livings” in Wales or Georgia.

The Methodist Church soon became exactly the same in Wales and America, a place where a man could settle down and preach for a living.

In BUGS, you begin with a rule that is obvious in any other part of life:

A prison is run by the inmates. The warden may give you a lecture, but no one who survives believes those are actually the rules.   You survive by learning the pecking order and finding out, not what is written down, but what those who really make the rules want.

Universities are run by the faculty. Their Truth is entirely a product of what those who call themselves “intellectuals” want.

BUGS has the most important mission ever assigned to any human organization. 

But you also have a chance here to EXPERIENCE the basic reality that cripples the spread of any real truth.


Why What Works Doesn’t Work

At a convention Horus and I went to, we went to Dr. Duke’s table, we drooled at his beautiful Russian lady friend, and then sat with Dave at his computer. He showed us his thousands of references, talked about his hundreds of millions of listeners.

Dave showed us that his approach WORKS.

Direct mail had what works down to a science. A statistically valid test mailing can be made with only about 3,000 letters, so they could try every single variation out, from short paragraphs to long paragraphs. From short sentences to long sentences, even down to commas. photo duke_lorieden.jpg

Every single word and layout was a science, based on one thing:


I do not mean to compare David Duke to those professional conservatives. He is the real thing, a Comrade. But the point is that what WORKS is entirely a matter of what you are trying to accomplish.

Let me get to the obvious point:

What WORKS depends on your answer to the question, “What are you working ON?”

Show me the MONEY!

I deal in power.

The rules of money and fame are merely different, but the achievement of power directly violates all of the ways on getting money or fame.

Direct mail uses The Latest Thing. We constantly bring up, oh hell, let’s be frank, we shove down their throats a topic they never even heard of, and the last thing it is, is in the news.

Direct mail and Dave’s continued fame depend on stating what people want stated.

Real people, as opposed to us, want an Inevitable Victory, a chance to just plain bitch and complain.

What we do violates every rule of fame or fund raising.

Dave and SF deal in hundreds of thousands.

For us, hundreds would be nice.

I have always operated this way.

I have spent a lifetime getting the ideas in that changed the world.

By now, you should find that extravagant claim easy to understand, since you have been a part of this campaign.

Bob’s whole approach is very, VERY different.

Let me repeat what I have said before, and you should understand it better now:

“I don’t want fame, I don’t need money.”

“All I ask is to rule the world.”


We’ve Learned “Tailgating,” Now Let’s Adopt the Word “Hijacking”

Nick Griffin’s speech was GENIUS.

But it contains one deviation from our message and one absolute violation.

His use of Zionist Supremacists as part of the “unholy coalition” was something I would not have done. But I am a staffer and Nick is up there in front.

That was a minor violation of our rule, but when he said, “The Final Solution to the White CHRISTIAN problem…” that was pure hijacking. photo hijack.png

I wrote an article about James Edwards constantly trying to hijack us into “conservatism.”

Listen, gang, the ONLY reason we are getting new attention is because we absolutely stick to BEING WHITE PEOPLE and ONLY WHITE PEOPLE.

There have been White Christian Movements out there for decades.

They lost.

There have been people whose obsession was with Jews.

They are on history’s garbage dump.

The largest genocide in human history is being carried out against THE WHITE RACE. Anyone who throws in “Christian” or “conservative” or “Jews” is old, old, OLD, OLD news.

We must NAME Hijacking.

We must see every HINT of hijacking.

If our momentum is stopped, it will be because we allowed ourselves to be sidetracked into one of the old, garbage-canned grooves.



Forget Six Million, Try Six HUNDRED Million!

Nick Griffin used my latest point that genocide is a crime, not a theory.

He told the EU members to their faces that this crime would be prosecuted and THEY would be “in the dock.”

But he also made another, truly MANTRA point, a truth so obvious even I hadn’t seen it: This is without comparison the largest act of genocide in human history. Hitler would have been happy to have just turned Jews into multicultural mulattoes.

Forget six million. Six HUNDRED million whites would be a low estimate!


“But I showed up” makes a much better story

Bobs comment:

Every time I went to a large meeting in any organization from Narcotics Anonymous to a campaign, someone pointed out that the first meeting was astonishingly tiny.

Everyone of the tiny handful at the first meeting already knew all the others.

This is the FIRST March 15 demonstration.

Some day you will tell people about it, how you stood out there alone or in tiny groups.

You are among The First.

“But I didn’t show up” makes a lousy thing to tell your grandchildren.


“Conservatism” is the New Islam

We are the missionaries of the pro-white movement.

The real missionary movements that pay off are always scorned by those who are building new cathedrals back at church headquarters in Rome or Constantinople.

Only history tells you who laid the foundations of a church’s absolutely vital expansion into new areas like Central and Northern Europe, which were of little important to the fifth century church.

But then Islam conquered the entire Middle East, and the area where the missionaries worked became the BASE of Christianity.

Fifth century church leaders wanted to spend money showing the Glory of God in giant buildings that would be there long after those pitiful little forays into Northern Europe petered out. photo boniface2.png

Some of those buildings are still there, provided they became useful as mosques.

You are presently experiencing exactly what those who saved Christianity by planting it outside the Roman Empire experience. It never even occurred to them that, when they came back with lessons learned “in the field,” any of the church leaders or Great Intellects would want to LEARN from them.

If they ever got back to Rome or Constantinople, it was to LEARN the deep and true theology TAUGHT there. What really fascinates me is that you are getting first-hand EXPERIENCE of exactly what those missionaries faced.

Vanishingly few Old Hands are interested in Learning from you. James seems hardly to notice anything we actually have to say.

When the missionaries who were out building the basis of a Christianity after the rise of Islam came back, they were there to learn about the martyrs and prophets who had founded the church where its Intellectuals sat in Rome and Constantinople.

It didn’t occur to any of the religious scholars that the lesson of the Fathers and martyrs they taught about was, in fact, missionary work. No, when the real missionaries came back it was to be TAUGHT True Orthodoxy.

I felt the same way on James’s show.

If any of us get on James Edwards’s show again, we need to point out that we have nothing to do with “conservatism.” Like the Middle Eastern heartland of the Old Church, conservatism has been taken over by a new variation on Islam, neoconservatism.

Like the Christian missionaries, we must plant pro-white sentiments in areas where people are not anti-abortion nuts, pro-Israel monomaniacs, and possessed of a desperate desire to get more wars going.

And, above all, ASSIMILATION: Opening the borders and making True Americans of the Immigrants and taking the third world into our Traditional Values families.

We have no more intention of spreading “conservatism” than the real Christian missionaries did of spreading Islam.

Today’s “Conservatism” is now just one more enemy.