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This Is Europa Podcast

This Is Europa Podcast with Jimmy, Hans and Myself.

“Africa for the Africans. Asia for the Asians. White countries are for EVERYBODY. “Anti-Racist” is a code word for anti-White.

In today’s episode we chat with Laura Fitz-Gerald, one of the key activists behind the and BUGS (Bob’s Underground Seminar) project. We talk about the mantra movement and about its creator Bob Whitaker. Laura also gives us a quick update about the current situation in her homeland; Australia.

Robert Walker Whitaker, or Bob Whitaker as he was more commonly known as, (March 31, 1941-June 3, 2017) was an American professor, author, Reagan appointee and political activist for decades (we have partly him to thank for the fall of the Berlin wall). Before he died, he even ran for president in 2016 to get his messages out.  He is the creator of the mantra and he is the man who coined, or at least brought the term “anti-white” to the mainstream.

Few people know he was one of our biggest mentors and who inspired us to go into practical politics in the first place. He can rest in peace, knowing that his torched has passed on and now it’s up to all of us to finish the job. This one is for you, Bob!”



There is a Difference Between a Classroom and a Battlefield

When BUGSERS started quoting the Mantra to David Duke, he kept saying, “It’s BOB WHITAKER’S Mantra.”

This property right seems very important to him.

I have run into this problem for decades.

I am only capable of truly HATING one group, and that group is White gentile TRAITORS.

Jews are people who have decided to take an alien loyalty.

So are anti-white Catholics. They have were fighting for assimilation – assimilation — long before it was of any interest to Jews.  That is the traditional intermarriage program Sarkozy said he would use force to speed up.

My objection to talking about Jews is that it makes us ineffective. Wordists, Jews and other groups have different loyalties from mine, and they act as enemies of my race. When Emma Lazarus wrote the inscription on the Statue of Liberty, everyone knew that she was a lifelong, dedicated Zionist. This country she so poetically gave away was not HER country.

Can you imagine Emma Lazarus’s reaction if Robert Whitaker wrote an inscription for a monument in Haifa telling the whole world to come to Israel?

But it is perfectly understandable why a Zionist would be glad to give away America.

But what little information we are able to produce is not for a classroom.

In a war of survival for the White race, the value of information is whether it WORKS.

In the actual war, talking about Jews gives the other side something they can grasp hold of. They are ready for it. photo westpoint.jpg

In wartime, any statement, no matter how true for a classroom, is abandoned the SECOND it ceases to be effective IN THE WAR.

Also, there is my respect for Dr. Duke himself. He is attacking Jews. If that will work, he does not need MY amateur help.

A Jew or a fanatically blind Catholic is not a traitor.  He is entirely different from me.

I know David Duke.  However he regards me, I know he is a heroic and dedicated man. My opinion of him (or of anybody else) does not depend on his opinion of me.

Someone who bases their opinion of others on their opinion of him is not someone who can give objective advice, and objective advice is all I have to offer.

But I DO take it personally when someone uses my name or the precious effective memes we have developed to throw them away on Jews.

Our memes WORK. But you can destroy our effectiveness if you just use our memes to get in some cheap shots at Jews.

This is not a friggin’ classroom.  This is a WAR.

I DEMAND that anyone using BUGS ammunition get OFF, totally OFF, the Jew Addiction.

Only a true retard would not understand THAT by now.

Audio Bob



The Corner Has Been Turned

This is the most important announcement in the history of Whitakeronline.

It is now my opinion that, due to all these years of  OUR effort, we are going to save our race.

There is nothing Inevitable about it. There is no Date for it.

But as usual in the case of the one who deals in true power, it took me a very long period lately to really assess where the struggle is.

And, almost by definition, I am the only person who can make that assessment.

There was a giant rock crushing us. That rock had to be moved. What was critical was the first centimeter. Unless someone would get down at the bottom of it and move that first centimeter, and then others joined them right there at the labor point and pushed just right, with no sign of movement, the rock would prevent any meaningful movement.

There were people joining in dances around the rock. There were people pointing at the rock and preaching to their flocks that their version of God would move that rock on The Day.

But the rock just sat there. Which is what real rocks really do.

Just as only one person could see what was going on, only one person can tell you that.  And I have not said it before because I had not clearly seen it.





Racism Out, White Supremacy In, I Wonder Why? WITH ADDITION


John Derbyshire announces, with no reference to us, that the decline in the use of the word “racism” has been generally noted, as has its replacement with “white supremacy.”

But Nick Griffin has no fear of giving credit where it is deserved:

And incidentally, how can one be a white supremacist if his crime is that he wants nothing to do with non-whites?

How can you be a white supremacist when there is nobody around but white people?



Time to End the Seminar

Ten years ago I was trying to get a disciplined pro-white approach. We evolved from WOL to BUGS.

Pro-whites had spent endless resources and were visibly dying out.

Those who insisted on the old method had two consistent arguments that kept them in control even when a handful of BUGSERS got national news coverage.

First, my advocacy of fixing on target and using repetition was mentally asphyxiating.

Second, they were Telling the Whole Truth.

The repetition method has made its mark. But BUGS is now increasingly off on a “This is too intellectually limiting” kick which is very, very familiar.

Third, what started out as mini Mantras has become simply the old Stormfront writing whatever makes you feel good crap.

After tens of thousands of repetitions we have blasted the term “anti-racist” to hell.

Having done one things as I knew we could, I was idiot enough to hope that we might follow up that win. I noticed the words they are now hiding behind, “diversity” and “Hate.”

Once again, nobody notices a victory in a national dialogue unless it is succeeded by a Torchlight Victory Parade.

One commenter said he had been attacking diversity for two years, “With great results!”

Then why is the enemy using that word specifically and repeatedly to hide behind?

I may be trying to fight Reality. A band of disciplined warriors going from target to target is a lot to ask. After all, the alternative is having somebody say what you want to hear, as your tiny group shrinks to nothing.

I have always been ready to stick with a winning strategy, but not when it becomes impossible.

In fact, far more has been accomplished in real political warfare than anyone but me could possibly imagine. We CAN make national breakthroughs, a handful of people breaking into national news.

We have demonstrated that a huge constituency is afraid to speak out.Image Hosted by

But this effort is coming apart, and I can see it.

I miss the old Whitaker Online where I just gave my opinions, while I drifted in the direction that would lead to BUGS. But from all I can tell, and please remember, seeing this kind of reality is my specialty, BUGS, as a seminar is over.

“We mentioned Diversity two years ago,” “I think I’ll just take my toys and go home and say it’s all the Jews’ doing,” “I said such and such and it really impressed ’em,” and so forth.

I tried it and it worked. When things get a lot worse and people need some results instead of paying people to say what they want to hear, someone can pick it up.

But I am not about to start again to convert the New Stormfronters.

So my proposal is that I go back to Whitaker Online.

Until you understand what our little but NATIONAL steps forward meant, I simply do not have the energy to go back to basics AGAIN.

I propose that Bob’s Underground Graduate SEMINAR is over. It did more than any seminar before it ever did, but it really is time to move on.