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The success of the phrase “Anti-White”

The following excerpt was written in March, 2013:

“Anti-white” creates a new category

When the word “anti-white” has been put into the minds and onto the tongues of every White person in this world by constant, determined, unceasing repetition, A NEW CATEGORY WILL EXIST:


That category does not exist today. Think how absolutely necessary that category is.

When that excerpt was written, there was no category of ACTIONS AND PERSONS THAT ARE INJURIOUS TO WHITES. Whites and everyone else had been trained to think only of other races as being targets of racial attack.

The absence of any concept of whites being racially targeted was supported by the absence of any name for such targeting. Giving something a name makes it visible and ushers it into the realm of existence.

During the last few years, BUGS has hammered the name “anti-white” into the mainstream. “Anti-white” focuses whites’ understanding of attacks that are made against them because they are white.

Both anti-whitism and White Genocide have been taking place right in front of our faces. But both had no names in the public arena, and so both were going virtually unnoticed, until BUGS yanked the veil off them by hammering their names. 

Those names have now begun to have their effect on the national mind and on the national discourse.

From the late Bob Whitaker and from BUGS, to whites everywhere:

You are welcome!



They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.

Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide


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“It’s okay to be white” and “White self-hatred is SICK!!!”

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Hats off to the alt-right for its brilliant meme “It’s okay to be white”! Anti-whites look like fools when they react angrily to it, and the meme rouses hearty cheers from whites* who are sick to death of anti-whites pounding them in a zillion ways that it’s NOT okay to be white. The meme brings whites a small step closer to a restored sanity from which they can turn back White Genocide.

A downside of the meme is that the reason it fits the present moment so well is because it doesn’t step very far outside the present moment’s anti-white conditioning. Whites can believe “it’s okay to be white” while continuing to think it’s also “okay” for their countries to be flooded with third-world races, who of course are also “okay.”

Only a race that has been made sick with self-hate passively allows other races to invade its countries and blend it out of existence. Bob Whitaker’s meme “White self-hatred is SICK!!!” backs up whites’ most important meme of all, White Genocide.

But unlike the immediately accepted meme “It’s okay to be white,” the meme “White self-hatred is SICK!!!” needs to be hammered hammered hammered over and over and over, just like the White Genocide meme itself, before it will be accepted, since asking whites to realize they are sick asks for a bit more than just asking them to feel “okay.”

If pro-whites aren’t willing to do the work of hammering over and over the deeper and more difficult White Genocide meme and the memes that support the White Genocide meme, and instead they rely largely on incremental, immediately acceptable memes that are fun to invent and fun to use but change white consciousness only slightly, because they don’t step very far outside whites’ existing mental conditioning, whites may be long gone from this earth before they are woken up to the program of genocide that anti-whites are carrying out against them. Bob (Whitaker) often told us that when things get too easy, we should check that we haven’t wandered off course. Thirty years from now we don’t want whites to be saying “It’s okay to be white,” we want them to be saying, “We stopped white genocide.”

“It’s okay to be white” gives a still demoralized white population something they can grab ahold of immediately to gain buoyancy in a sea of anti-whitism, which puts those whites a step closer to eventually being rescued from that sea of anti-whitism. And of course any meme that so effectively makes anti-whites who react look like idiots gets an A+ for that alone. The meme works well with “White self-hatred is SICK!!!” in the present moment, and it’s apparently a lot of fun to spread — thanks are due to our alt-right brethren also for their exuberant spirit that buoys us all!

We BUGSers strive for a larger later harvest by shouldering the less gleeful work of sowing the meme “White self-hatred is SICK!!!” and the other “late bloomer” Bob Whitaker memes that back up the White Genocide meme.

Everyone is of course invited to join us. Below are the most important of the memes linked just above. Some of you who are new to these phrasings may feel they are odd at first, but they were very carefully crafted by Bob Whitaker** and will slowly sink into you and into your white audiences, guaranteed:



Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white

Diversity is a code word for White Genocide

White self-hatred is SICK!!!

“Diversity” means chasing down the last white person

The Mantra


* For example, Jimmy Marr, the energetic Northwest activist who has displayed various memes on his truck, is reported to have said that “It’s okay to be white” got by far the most positive comments of the various memes he’s displayed.

** Bob Whitaker, who founded BUGS and recently passed away at the age of 76, was a genius whose varied career included writing memes for Voice of America.

*** “White Genocide” and “AntiWhite” weren’t creations of Bob Whitaker. The phrases had been marginally present in the pro-white world for a good while, but it was Bob who not only realized their potential but was also able to attract a group, the BUGSers, who hammered them into the mainstream where they have their present strong foothold. Keep hammering them!


April 1, 2018

Take the Pledge! Tell W. Va. Governor Jim Justice on April 1, 2018, “White self-hatred is SICK!!!


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The Nativist Party

By Bob Whitaker
(Bob wrote this some time ago. An idea he had when we left the AFP. )

We the People…. And OUR (Repeat OUR) Descendants

We, meaning Bob and his BUGSERS have discovered that a person who is a candidate for office has some of his first amendment rights. “Common Law,” which I think of as Sensible Law, one who declares himself a candidate IS a candidate. I worked for them, and know that legislators have done all they can to limit what they now look on as “first amendment PRIVILEDGES.”

I know how they think, I did their work for them.

No one knows first-hand the way BUGSERS do that developing successful political strategy is a matter of trying and grabbing whatever seems to work and then working your heart out on that and slowly finding what does work.

So I have found that a few precious first amendment rights can be temporarily recovered by being a candidate for office.

As with gun permits, any is followed by a mountain of additions designed to take that right away.

But the fundamental fact is that being a candidate gives an American back a tiny piece of being a real, old-fashioned CITIZEN! A lot better men than I am DIED for those rights. So I claim them by becoming, as I said before, a permanent candidate.

One thing I discovered in Washington was not only how complicated things are due to Willaim the Bastard’s victory in 1066, but how surprisingly simple some things remain because he was forced to allow most of the Anglo-Saxon Common Law to continue in force.

For example, only under the Common Law could you get a copyright without a lawyer. Believe it or not, if I want to copyright these words, all I have to add at the end is Copyright, Robert W. Whitaker, 2016. There are ways I can lose the copyright, but the point is that, unlike any other country on earth that I am aware of, only in Common Law countries can you have ANY rights without a lawyer.

When we were forming The Populist Forum, we asked our very experienced and of course unpaid press man, Bob Hoy, how we would go about making the “Populist Forum” a real thing.

Hoy shocked us by announcing that, even in Washington, DC, we just announced it. In this case, we just put the name in our first press release. The one “Bob” was to write. All our meetings ended with “that Bob will write,” which assumed that Bob’s work was free of charge.

Which was true.

By now we are all familiar with the massive and onerous limitations law puts on a person who dares to claim the right to run for public office, as if he were the equal of people in office.

Us Wallacites took on the most tyrannical state in the country, Ohio, which had almost unbelievable restrictions on anybody who wanted to claim to be a new political party. It started with a hundred thousands signatures and got worse from there. We got it over turned.

But it never occurs to people they do not just say, in the news, once you declare yourself a party, you ARE a Party, at least in the news and so forth. So I am hereby taking the word that makes conservatives weewee in their diapers and claiming it as my own.

Bob Whitaker is now THE presidential candidate for The Nativist Party.

When courts decides whether a law is legitimate, it does not look to an declaration or at some Statement or Commentary. In a free country, something which can be a matter of law is assigned to the government by the CONSTITUTION.

In all of our history, the purpose of America has been stated and adopted only one time and in only once place. If you proposed it today there would riots on almost every campus. It is totally Nativist. In fact it is the most Nativist statement anyone could come up with. It is one hundred percent “Birther.:”

Here ladies and gentlemen, is America’s ONLY reason for existence:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

National Review says this means America is a Nation of Immigrants!

BUT, BY DEFINITION, a democracy or a republic is ruled BY and FOR its citizens.

Trying to give one’s country to be ruled by outsiders is the DEFINITION of the word “Treason.”

Treason is the most abhorred crime of all.

Dante had nine circles of Hell for punishment. The worst was not hot.. It was cold.

Murderers, thieves, heretics, each group has its own Circle for punishment.

But to my mind the worse crime is giving your fellow citizens’ own country to others.

Our “elitists,” with National Review and other cuckservatives as always, demand treason.

If that sort of brutish beast declared any opposition to treason to be nativism, then I sincerely hope that I am the most totally Nativist person of all.

Cuckservaties are named for cuckoos. Cukoos throw their birdies into a nest of other birds for them to raise it. They trust that the bird-brained who built the nest will allow their own offspring to be fed and raised by the invaders.

Cukoos and cuckservatives assume not only that Americans are birdbrains. They insist that we belong to a particularly inferiors set of birdbrains.

So far they have been right.

Who should be president?

If someone cannot understand the first paragragh of the Constitution, all the PhDs in earth will do him no good. He or she may know all about what happened in Asia last week, but they have no place anywhere near public office.

I am a Nativist to avoid treason. I am candidate in order to recover some of the right of US citizen.

The treasonous mindless elite’s hatred is a high compliment.

I say to all our cuckoos:
“Go to Hell.”
“There’s a place there reserved for you.”



Bob Raw #016 – Using the Divisions and the REAL Campaign

By Bob Whitaker

The big news at the beginning of this campaign was that Trump decided to go out and gather the fundamentalists, the usual prayers in schools, urgent issues like the ten commandments. He is doing what republicans always have done, which is why the country is practically gone now.

He is worried about dividing the country.

If you are going to take over a country politically you have to use the divisions that are there. You don’t sit around trying to act like they’re not there. That’s insane for a group that takes power in the teeth of the establishment.

For them then to turn around and say “they’re trying not to divide people up”, they’re divided dam it! Trump said he was going to build a $15M wall to divide it. So its a little late on that point. Its just so stupid. Its the same old crap.

In our sense the campaign started when Hilary used the term White Genocide. And no body took her seriously. Course we’ve noticed that Hilary could take her clothes off in public and nobody would notice. She’s just ice station Hilary and no one is all that interested in what she has to say.

But this was important because that use of White Genocide, copied straight from us Gang, that’s the actual news, certainly the campaign, we’re talking about campaign news, that’s not news for another stumblebum republican to dribble prayers in schools to another group of clergymen who are supposed to delivery their little whities the way black minsters delivery their blackies.

The second stage of the real campaign, which is what WE are conducting. I hope that gets through to you, we are conducting the REAL campaign.
When that kooky guy talked about all he wanted for Christmas is White Genocide. Now it is a measure of just how seriously Hilary is taken that she spoke as the national candidate and the phrase barely touched the airwaves. I mean they quoted her of course, she cant do anything that they wont quote, but it wasn’t up to the level of a joke. It was that bad.

This professor was taken seriously. The candidate for the national democratic party for president was not. There is a big lesson in that.

For one thing, everybody knows Hilary is not news. She’s the establishment, the elite as they call themselves. And what she says doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference. So when Hilary comes along and says something about White Genocide, she said something about immigration and birthers that I saw, that was quoted, and it just passed under the radar. And in that case its just that nobody cares. She’s such a bore.

So the real campaign is going to develop around our issues. And our issues are in fact dividing America. And people will say “but those are the issues that are dividing America”, well then those are the important issues aren’t they?

But National Review will say “Oh No, No, No, immigration, nobody cares about that, they’re worried about prayers in schools.”

So the real history of the campaign only contains a couple notes. In this case when White Genocide was first used and the contrast to the national figure that used it first and the fact that it got no reaction what so ever. Their own candidate, the left didn’t even pay attention to her.


Using the Divisions and the REAL campaign


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The Federal Surplus

By Bob Whitaker:

And BUGSERS punch me with their elbows and whisper, “Bob, your senility is showing. You mean the Federal DEFICIT.”

But this time I’m right for a change.

Yes, Virginia, there was once a Federal SURPLUS.


To understand this, you have to know where Federal revenue came from back then.

About eighty percent of Federal revenue came from tariffs. (You’ll look it up)

And unlike any taxes today, tariffs were dearly loved in major parts of the United States. That is why they once collected too many of them.


Why was that tax popular? Tariffs were BELOVED in New England because they meant that all the tariffs were paid by Southerners.

Southerners had a choice: They paid the tariffs or they paid more for industrial goods produced in New England.

Tariffs were supposed “to protect American industry” by raising the prices of imported industrial goods.

It was a “very patriotic” tax.

But by 1833 the giant industries in New England didn’t need any “protection.” So a tariff hike just meant higher prices paid by the South to the East or Northeast for goods.

Instead of being a good Democrat and opposing tariff increases, Jackson backed a tariff that was out of sight.

It was supposed to be a Shrewd Move. It would get even New Englanders into opposing this incredible tariff rise.

Every time a politician decides to be Shrewd, it causes a disaster.

Jackson’s Shrewd Move in 1833 very nearly brought on civil war.

Jackson thought that “the Tariff of Abominations” was so high even New Englanders would go to the negotiating table.   He didn’t realize that tariffs were so popular in New England that a congressman who voted against ANY tariff increase would have lost the next election.

The tariffs that were popular in New England were paid in Southern ports. They were an increase to the price of European goods arriving in Southern ports. That allowed New England goods to charge higher prices.

Faced with paying a Federal surplus AND payng more for industrial goods, the South did exactly what many American cities do today about immigration laws: They refused to allow them to be paid in Southern ports.

This was called Nullification, when the port at Charleston refused to enforce Federal law.

We have exactly the same policy today where cities that don’t like immigration laws simply refuse to enforce them.

The difference was that a President today doesn’t dare force local enforcement, while Jackson felt that the Union would fall apart if he allowed South Carolina not to collect the tariffs.

It came very close to a civil war, which we could have won in 1833.

Southern “leaders,” like all respectable conservatives backed down and New England magnanimously gave them all slightly lower increase in tariffs in 1834.

As in America today, the respectable approach destroyed those who allowed it.  To repeat, had we fought in 1833 when the issues was clearly unfair tariffs, we would have won.

But moderates did not fight when the issue was clearly the robbery of one part of America by another.

The South waited, led by Moderation, until the issue was slavery.

The Trump win shows, as Anne Coulter said, that some Americans are finally throwing out the suicidal “moderates.”

The question today, just as it was with the South back then, will we have gone down the road of weakness until it is just plain too late.