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Diversity = White Genocide = Self-Hatred = SICK!!!

In his reply to the article below, Jason says:

“Bob, I’m going to suggest you go ahead with advanced classes in political math and forget about those of us who trip up along the way. It’s more important to get the advanced material out to those who can handle it. In fact, trying to make sure the slowest guy in the class gets it before you go forward to the next lesson will never work.”

The greatest flattery is imitation. The best way I know to show you appreciate good advice is to follow it.

So, I have expanded our equation from Diversity = White Genocide to add = Self-Hatred = SICK!!

In his reply to the last article, Genseric points out:

“Bob, the momentum from the last three or four years has been stymied. The fact is, the sheer quantity of mantra media impressions is down, way down. We were averaging somewhere between 3-4 million per annum, in the U.S. alone.”

Solid advice from Jason and solid stats from Genseric! photo self-hatred1.jpg

It all adds up to this: Is this the time for us to CAREFULLY expand our message?

We have spent YEARS learning what that CAREFULLY means.

Repeat: CAREFULLY. Let us keep the gains we have made — My God!!

THREE MILLION repeats in the US alone, each year, by what can hardly even be called a handful of us!

The Seminar is over.

Advanced math has been demanded.

The expanded equation attacks two underlying sub-messages anti-whites keep sending out.

The first is that they are Idealistic, because they are whites who hate whites.

The second is that whites hating themselves is somehow Modern and Progressive.

The fact is that self-hatred is a sickness. This self-hatred is at the basis of our increasingly sick society.

Secondly, equally important, there is absolutely nothing Modern or Progressive about it. Even the admittedly — and proudly — SLOWLY changing Catholic theology has rejected the sick old concept of men whipping and torturing themselves to somehow please God.

There is certainly nothing progressive or Modern about self-hatred. It is as old as Western Christianity, and as sick as the Inquisition.

What do you think, BUGSERS?

Audio Article Discussion with Bob



“But I showed up” makes a much better story

Bobs comment:

Every time I went to a large meeting in any organization from Narcotics Anonymous to a campaign, someone pointed out that the first meeting was astonishingly tiny.

Everyone of the tiny handful at the first meeting already knew all the others.

This is the FIRST March 15 demonstration.

Some day you will tell people about it, how you stood out there alone or in tiny groups.

You are among The First.

“But I didn’t show up” makes a lousy thing to tell your grandchildren.



Mantra Thinking: Important People Don’t Matter

You who promote important ideas are not replaceable.

But all of the famous people you know about and read about have no importance.

One real irony about Wordism is that those who are well known under any form of Wordism are exactly the same individuals who would be in the same position in any alternative Wordist system.

We all know that the guys doing the beating and torturing with a hammer and sickle on the wall are exactly the same guys who would be doing the beating and torturing if there were a swastika on the wall or a Cross of the Inquisition.

Everyone will agree with that–as usual–that is where the thinking stops.

The excitement stops with the Secret Police, so everyone will be interested in that.

But the fact is that the same people who are in Congress would be the same ones who would be in a Reichstag voting Hitler into power or in the Soviet Congress, holding up their Party badges with the rest.Image Hosted by

The Nazis used to say that once they conquered the USSR they should hire Stalin, because he knew what to do to Slavs who disobeyed him.

If you were in charge of an Apartheid America, the man to keep your Black Population in line would be an Obama.

This is why it is so ridiculous for any intelligent person to think that power means that one associates with Important People.

If Important People made any difference to what form of government we have, they would not be so perfectly interchangeable from system to system.

Important People are Important People precisely because they are dedicated to getting this IP position and fame under ANY system.

So it follows that  Important People do not have real power.

This is what makes my place in the power structure utterly mysterious to damned near everybody.

While specialists write books about how people became Important, they know nothing about how the System their subjects are Important in actually came to be.

Nor do they need to.

Not a single Sovietologist suffered the least embarrassment that the entire system he had been given millions of dollars to know simply vanished without his noticing it.   They did what one does to be a top Sovietologist or any other kind of top Intellectual.

Important People do not matter when it comes to determining the future.

If they did, they wouldn’t have time to be Important.



To be or to do?

There was a fairly unknown military strategist in the Pentagon during the 70‘s and 80’s named John Boyd.  He is best known for creating the idea of the OODA (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act) loop for military operations, which I suggest reading about if you have the time (1). My point in writing about him here at BUGS relates to something he said that is relevant to the times that are approaching us as pro-White activists.  The following bold text was a retelling of a conversation that a junior officer had with John Boyd.

“One day you will come to a fork in the road,” he said. “And you’re going to have to make a decision about which direction you want to go.” He raised his hand and pointed. “If you go that way you can be somebody. You will have to make compromises and you will have to turn your back on your friends. But you will be a member of the club and you will get promoted and you will get good assignments.”Photobucket

Then Boyd raised his other hand and pointed another direction. “Or you can go that way and you can do something – something for your country and for your Air Force and for yourself. If you decide you want to do something, you may not get promoted and you may not get the good assignments and you certainly will not be a favorite of your superiors. But you won’t have to compromise yourself. You will be true to your friends and to yourself. And your work might make a difference.”

He paused and stared into the officer’s eyes and heart. “To be somebody or to do something.” In life there is often a roll call. That’s when you will have to make a decision. To be or to do. Which way will you go?” (2)

I think that most BUGSters would agree that we want to DO SOMETHING (end the program of White genocide) instead of BEING SOMEBODY.

We’re entering a time when people out of what we loosely call “the movement” are going to start getting opportunities to BE SOMEBODY.

When you see this, please remember something very important. Getting to BE SOMEBODY within the current anti-White system will very likely come at the cost of DOING SOMETHING (such as spreading our message and opposing White genocide).  A White Nationalist could be made President of the United States and he/she may be allowed to pass some immigration restriction legislation and put an end to some anti-White affirmative action policies.  But if this individual refuses to address White genocide (by force-mixing Whites with non-Whites) then it doesn’t matter if all three branches of the American government are filled so called “White Nationalists.”

The acid test (3) for any supposed pro-White  individual or pro-White group is the Mantra.

To be or to do.  Which way will you go?








“Going Public” with Street Activism

“Do we really have a chance without going public?” (John Locke)

The commenter “John Locke” asked the question above regarding street activism. For some time now I’ve been thinking about this subject so I took his comment as a good opportunity to address it.

One mistake many White activists make is assuming that street activism is necessary for our success. They believe this because they see National Socialist Germany as their model. This is a mistake. The NS of Germany had to spread their message via the street because there was no other way to get a message out when they had no access to the major media sources (newspapers, radio). Today with the internet this isn’t necessary.

Since the beginning of American White Nationalism not one street demonstration/rally has made one bit of difference (in fact, in total they’ve probably had a negative effect). Even the intellectual White Nationalists with their scholarly meetings and 1000 page tomes have had more success at influencing minds compared to the street marchers. The worst elements of White Nationalist Times Past have been the street marchers. When discussing street marchers, some White Nationalists will say “at least they have balls.”  It’s important to understand that it’s easy to “have balls” when you have nothing to lose or when you’re paid by the anti-Whites.

Of course, although it’s not really necessary to have street marches, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. If people wanted to wear BUGS t-shirts with the Mantra printed on the back and clean up a public park or beach, this would be good activism.  If someone wanted to hand out mantra flyers while wearing a White Rabbit costume, this too would be good.  If someone wanted to walk across America (and say the mantra in the town center of all the towns they pass through) to raise awareness of White genocide (while wearing a BUGS or Follow the White Rabbit t-shirt), this could be an option as well.

The most important aspect to consider with public activism (or any dissemination of a message) is the presentation. Political theater is art. This is where one needs to take an honest look at oneself and determine if one is truly appropriate for representing the pro-White movement. If one is a poor public speaker, or prone to anger and excitability, or is just plain ugly, they should be wise enough to know that they’ll only hurt the cause they claim to advocate for. When it comes to people like this, they should accept that they’re not cut out for this role and find another way to help the cause (spreading the mantra at the SWARM, creating art, website support, financial support, writing articles).

So to answer John Locke’s question regarding street rallies and “going public,” the answer is “NO,” we don’t need to do this to “have a chance.” We just need to disseminate our message in the most attractive and creative way possible. If someone wants to try to disseminate the message using political theater on the street, then go for it. But it has to be done in an attractive and creative way.

With that said, if I were the anti-Whites and I was worried (which they are…trust me) about the message at BUGS spreading out of control, I would create a street activist entity for the purpose of polluting the message. I would populate this entity with buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos and have them go public to push the BUGS message while acting like circus monkeys.

I would then give them media attention so that they become the face of the BUGS message. I would use the SPLC to report on this entity of circus monkeys to frame them as the face of the pro-White consistent message. I would do all I could to try to associate the BUGS message with this unit of circus monkeys.

This is what I’m looking for. The enemy knows it can’t handle our message. So the best thing they can do is try to pollute it and associate it with the buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos of White Nationalist Times Past.  Look for the sudden appearance of a street activism entity that starts getting a lot of media exposure.

The anti-Whites have been doing all they can to ignore BUGS, Follow the White Rabbit, and the Mantra.  BUGS and Follow the White Rabbit appear nowhere on the SPLC’s or ADL’s website and this is out of fear of advertising our message for us.  Of course, they’ll feature big reports on “radical right” entities with 6 people, but won’t dare say a word about BUGS or FTWR.

But they know that they have to DO SOMETHING to try to stop the spread of our message!  So the anti-Whites will create this street activism entity (which may also have an internet radio show, YouTube channel, or blog) to pollute our message and associate it with the buffoons, scumbags, and weirdos of White Nationalist Times Past.  Remember that the anti-Whites can’t handle a practiced BUGS Adept (they’ll never invite Bob, or the White Rabbit, or Lord Nelson, or Beefcake on a radio show or TV interview).  All they can do is use dirty tricks (1).  So they’ll create their own BUGSter circus monkey unit that they can handle and present it as the face of our message.





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Robert Walker Whitaker and OTHER American Dissidents Appeal to Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev for Solidarity Against White Genocide

We are a group of suppressed American dissidents asking Russia to have solidarity with us.

Russia is the only majority white country that does not grovel at the feet of the United States and its European Union.

The question comes up regularly over here: “Is Eastern Europe ready for immigration yet?” It is demanded of every country in Europe and America that it literally change its complexion, that they bring in tens of millions of third world immigrants.

This question is never asked of Japan or Taiwan, but it is demanded of equally crowded European countries like the Netherlands and Belgium.

No one mentions the reason because we all know it: Europe and America are a majority white.

It is an automatic demand made on ONLY white countries. Massive third world immigration and assimilation is a demand made on ALL white countries.

The cry is “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, and white countries for EVERYBODY!

We dissidents make a declaration of this, called our Mantra, which is blocked as rigidly as any dissident was blocked in the Soviet Union.

We ask Russia to throw this genocidal demand back into the faces of the American and European establishments.



Liquor Law Again

I was in Mississippi many years ago, and stopped at a liquor store.

Mississippi was a dry state.

But as I said, the twenty-first amendment’s blanket declaration that state law is sovereign over Federal law puts terms like “dry state” into the Twilight Zone.

Mississippi law was straight Prohibition. It was officially listed as a dry state.

But who could ENFORCE that law? Mississippi declared that only county authorities could enforce state-wide Prohibition. So if you elected a sheriff who chose not to enforce the law, it could be a very wet county indeed.

Please note that I am not kidding you here.

The only problem with leaving enforcement to the local sheriff was that the state wanted the huge source of revenue represented by the liquor tax.

Once again, I kid you not the slightest: instead of a liquor tax, the state imposed a “Black Market Tax.”

When someone sold something, not specifying what it might be, in violation of state law, but state authorities were prohibited from preventing its sale, a tax must be paid to the state on this Black Market Item, whatever it may be.

And if the tax was not paid, the state could enforce it. There was a Black Market Commission for that.

Today the micro breweries for beer are a big thing. Every one of them is gigantic compared to some of the liquor sellers I saw in Mississippi. One half-pint bottle of clear liquid I found in a store had a white label stuck on it with the words, in ink, “…. Smith, Route 3, Hattiesburg, Mississippi.”

It had the Federal and Black Market Commission stamps on it, and was as legal as Budweiser.

Some counties were dry. Some were as wet as New Orleans. All in a state which officially had no change in its law since the Coolidge Administration.

A doctor acquaintance of mine had a girl friend from New Orleans. She had lived there all her life. One day when she was visiting him in North Carolina they went to a liquor store.

She had never seen a liquor before in her entire life.

In New Orleans you bought liquor off the shelf, the same way you bought Campbell’s Soup, Every Seven-Eleven had liquor on the shelf.

She had trouble with the concept of a liquor store the way you might have a problem with someone taking you to a Mustard Store.


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Is History God?

You have heard of a grandfather clause and of “grandfathering” some privilege when it is abolished for younger folks.

The NAACP’s first court victory was in 1915, when the Supreme Court struck down the original ”grandfather clause.”

After Reconstruction, the whole business of championing of blacks became an embarrassment for Northern politicians. In 1908, the Republican demand for black suffrage, which had been in the platform since 1868, was removed.

Southern states, to contravene the fifteenth amendment, made laws that said that a person could vote if his grandfather could vote. Since it was brought to them, the Supreme Court could hardly refuse to face the fact that the only purpose of such a law was to allow only whites to vote.

What is remarkable is not that the NAACP won the case, but how few politicians by 1915 had any interest in blacks.

One major reason Reconstruction ended was because it was so expensive. Military occupation of the South gave all its representatives to the Republicans Party, but the cost, in terms of the government of the time, was backbreaking.

The cost of Reconstruction was so high that even with all the electoral votes of the Southern States Republicans were in danger of losing so much of the North they could lose the national elections.

And, astonishing as it may seem, the moment the last troops pulled out of the South, where ninety percent of the blacks were, political interest the black vote began to fall fast.

By 1940 anyone who looked to history as Inevitable would have seen the future as bleak for the black vote. Its importance had been steadily going down since 1877.

Nothing changes as fast as history. This has become really obvious in our day of carbon dating and the finding that dinosaurs not only had feathers, but WERE birds.

But this fact has only become OBVIOUS even to some Mommy Professors because of recent technology. The fact is that if you gave me a history book I could almost certainly tell you the decade it was written in.

But those who denounce religion the most loudly as superstition are the ones who maintain this superstitious, Marxist faith that there is a Tide of history, an Inevitable History which occupies the exact same space that God does in other religions.

C.S. Lewis was upset at people who were so obsessed with the Future that they used it as an excuse to be cruel today. As Lenin put it, “It does not matter whether the world contains half a billion people or two billion people, so long as that the half billion is Communist.”

One thing that makes C.S. Lewis’ theological ideas seem so logical is his common sense approach to things. He points out that, “The only Historical Inevitably is that today will be succeeded by tomorrow, and there will be a day after that…”