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BUGS and Choosing Genes

Today it seems like preserving our race means a basic revolution.

Let me repeat, front and center, that everything will change when genes become a matter of choice.

Everybody agrees, for instance, that looks don’t matter, and everybody knows that is bullshit.

Any time a black woman plays a romantic role, the script requires that everybody else say, over and over and over, ad nauseum, how beautiful she is.

If she is blond and blue eyed, absolutely nobody has to say she is beautiful.  photo blue-eyed-boy.jpg

Once genes become a matter of choice, there will be a whole new perspective in all other white genes.

When it goes from saying what you must say to the real future of your family, the world changes. The black guy whose life is built around getting a blond wife does not want mulatto children.

This gene choice is in the back of the top anti-white minds.

They at least subconsciously realize that they must ban any thought of someone demanding beautiful — meaning white — offspring.

In the future it will be obvious that we could have saved our race by fighting for the right of people simply to make them admit it is an acceptable concept.

They will wonder who so many pro-whites wasted so much precious time and effort trying to change society’s world view rather than simply legitimizing white survival.

In the real world, only BUGS makes sense.




Jo3w commented that anti-white Christians are anti-white because they assume whites are more supreme than we are.

I replied:

jow3, My problem with what you say is based on my constant repetition that Western morality is based on the Christian lack of morality.

The sore point Old Testament believers have with science is Six Day Creationism.

The sore point with Christianity is never mentioned.

Much more than the Old Testament has a problem with Creationism, the New Testament has the problem that WE EXIST!

One reason Bible Belters quote the Old rather than the New Testament is because there is no FAMILY morality in the New Testament.

To Jesus and St Paul, the very IDEA of family was heresy.

So Christianity went back to the old pagan morality of Human Sacrifice which said that only the best should be sacrificed to the Gods.

Early Christian myths described couples out of the Hitler Youth Guidebook, tall, intelligent, beautiful. In the ideal ending, they would be chaste and childless, for God.

Look at all the popular Nun Movies, where a beautiful talented woman remains chaste.

God wants only the best human sacrifices.  photo abraham3.jpg

It is on the assumption that whites are supreme that the entire basis of our self-destruction is based.

It never OCCURS to anti-white whites that there IS any other race for sacrifice — diversity — than the white one.

Christians, including C.S. Lewis, have long been able to accept their faith without the Six Day Creation clearly stated at the Bible’s beginning.

But they absolutely refuse to accept a genetic morality, without which the Golden Rule has no meaning at all.

Audio Bob



“But I showed up” makes a much better story

Bobs comment:

Every time I went to a large meeting in any organization from Narcotics Anonymous to a campaign, someone pointed out that the first meeting was astonishingly tiny.

Everyone of the tiny handful at the first meeting already knew all the others.

This is the FIRST March 15 demonstration.

Some day you will tell people about it, how you stood out there alone or in tiny groups.

You are among The First.

“But I didn’t show up” makes a lousy thing to tell your grandchildren.



An Observation

Outside the West you would find truth by referring to a philosopher or a Prophet.

The West took over simply because it found a truth by observation rather than doing like a California Yuppie and finding some quote that sounds Impressive and Wise.

So I observed that brown-skinned  countries are poor. Yellow-skinned countries can learn up to the level whites have reached. But the only places that show basic progress are populated by white skins.

I do not know why.Image Hosted by

Long before anyone thought of vaccinations, it was well known that girls who milked cows for a living did not get smallpox. No matter how horrible the smallpox got, no one did anything but remark on this.

Now that the Western world is turning brown, we have become accustomed to there being no increase in the standard of living since the 1960s. There had never before been a generation of white Americans, right back to Jamestown, where the standard of living hadn’t progressed.

It is usual for those who live by the established religion to demand how someone “dares say” what everybody can see. We’re back to Semmelweis daring to state, in the teeth of all the Learned Quotes of the Great Doctors, that deaths went where these minor deities refused to wash their hands.

For some reason I do not fathom, there are a lot of people who are desperate to prove that vaccination doesn’t stop smallpox. It seems to come from some fundamentalists, but also from some of the California Cults.

Nonetheless vaccinated people did not get smallpox. Many a  girl spent her entire life horribly disfigured because all the Churches condemned vaccination. Or I could say many a girl who let the Church talk her out of vaccination happened to spend her life horribly disfigured.

Not being a preacher or priest, of a God Church or a PC faith, I am responsible for what I do.

We all observe that skin color makes all the difference in a country. The response to that observation is as old as the hills:

“Where is it Written that skin color matters?”

All the priests and the prophets and the intellectuals, for the thousandth time, demand punishment for those who point out a reality they don’t like.



Please Keep It Interesting — Please Read Again, There is an Extension

There was news of a Birmingham TV station that had a broadcast about one of our people putting up one sign.

Thus endeth my interest in the day.Image Hosted by

Someone is writing me about some “concern” over a BUGS trend or anti-white thread or something.

Other people ask me how I am.

Here is how I am: I have been at this almost daily for over fifteen years.

The message getting out there is my ONLY interest.

If you feel slighted, go away. I have made it clear and you have seen how suicidal it is to coddle TTGHs.

One sign, combined with a call to a TV station before they take it down, has so far gotten us some publicity.

One person bothered to tell me about it.

I am not angry or bitching. I am simply very, very preoccupied.

I am, honestly, old and tired and disabled and simply have no interest in other things besides DOING something about the survival of my race.


The one sign that one BUGSER put up in that one place got a local report and network repeat.

The Birmingham report included a black reporter who said that the public she had asked about the sign agreed with it!

There was an ABC report on it. They just said it was HATE!

The ABC report got about 500 thumbs up to 100 thumbs down.

On that word Hate, if I had some workers, we would have some fun.

They would go to each site and pick someone — let’s call him X — who expressed ANY opinion, on ANY subject. They would simply say, “X, that’s HATE!”

But MY workers would then have the discipline to simply LEAVE.

They might later get a yuck out of going back and seeing what if any reply X made, but they would stay mute.

This wouldn’t be hard intellectual work, like putting in mini-Mantras.

And you wouldn’t have to dodge the bots as you did with Mantra stuff.

But then again, getting bots onto “Hate!” might make it harder for anti-whites to use Hate as an answer to anything they don’t agree with.

And who knows, we might find some guidance in how people who express an opinion on the latest cartoons deal with the word “HATE!” coming out of nowhere at them the way it does at us.