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Identity Dixie: Rebel Yell Podcast

Yesterday Jeff (eyeslevel) and I joined Rufus on the Identity Dixie podcast “Rebel Yell”.

We had a great discussion about Bob, his work and method to Fight White Genocide.

This podcast is also up on TRS:


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What’s Going On?

Written by Bob Whitaker – 30th May, 2017 (This was a note from Bob to me in our Skype chat.)

Is anybody else puzzled that 1) The people whom we all see as natural leftist:, minorities, those who have gone to college, all the groups who are expected to be leftists – are steadily growing as a proportion of the US population.

Meanwhile the media report with no apparent surprise that Republicans and conservatives have a solid and steadily growing Republican and conservative majority in both Houses.

I seem to be the only person who sees this as odd.

Any attempt at an explanation of this contradiction would be welcome to me.


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Written By Bob Whitaker – From his book Why Johnny Can’t Think

When I was young and snakes had feet, a professor named Schumpeter wrote a book called Communism, Socialism and Democracy. Back then, in the 1950s, labor unions were growing fast. Back then workers were assumed to be leftist politically.

“Communism, Socialism and Democracy” was dedicated to a discussion of what ideology would rule the world’s future. Like all books by professors, then this one concluded that socialism would take over the world. When socialism took over, “intellectuals” would decide who worked where and who got money. This particular professor said socialism was inevitable because socialism had more thugs.

Naturally, the word “thugs” was not mentioned. What this particular socialist professor said was that, since the fall of fascism, workers were the more physical, threatening group. He said laborers would steadily scare the middle class into accepting socialism.

The only question, said this book, was whether the middle class would wait on labor thugs to impose Communism, or whether it would vote in democratic socialism.

In 1920’s it was the Communists who owned the streets. The middle class did not know how to deal with the impending Workers’ Revolution. They were ecstatic when the SS hit the streets in Germany against the Communists. They were happy when the Fascists took back the streets in Italy.

No, “not everything about the fascists is good.” But for a terrified middle class in the 1920’s they seemed like saviors.

And today, when professors want to encourage left wing extremism and crush right wingers, violent minorities and Marxist “young revolutionaries” are providential, God’s gift to the “intellectuals.”
There is no place in America for racism. But there is plenty of room for Marxism. Racism is Evil. Marxism is Healthy Dissent.

If professors are human, all this is completely predictable.

If professors are human, a campus is naturally a place where “There is no room for racism,” but all the room in the world for Healthy Dissent.

Healthy Dissent means leftism. “Racism” means anything leftists don’t like.

If professors are human, minority thugs are encouraged to cow the political right. Conservatives love to bitch about how white separatism is condemned on campus but black separatism is encouraged.

To a reasonably intelligent person it is obvious that professors will routinely condemn whites and encourage non-white resentment. A person with any moral courage at all would mention this.

The problem is that if you are a reasonably intelligent person with any courage at all you cannot be a respectable conservative.

Leftism depends heavily on white guilt, so if anyone questions white guilt liberal professors call out the thugs.

There is no money in black guilt. There is all the money in the world in white guilt. So if anyone questions white guilt, it is time to call out the Minority thugs to shut them up.

Minority and Marxist thugs are enormously useful for kicking rightist dissenters into line.

Professors encourage leftist thugs because professors are human and black thugs and “young revolutionary” thugs are useful to them.

So naturally all the respectable conservatives will leap up and shout “I’m against ALL thugs!” They make a big thing of condemning both the extreme left and the extreme right. That is the formula for being respectable.
This respectable conservative formula makes it sound like both rightist and leftist thugs are an equal problem on a real world campus. As usual with what respectable conservatives say, this is nonsense.

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, things are not that simple.

So let’s take a quick look at the universities that exist down here on Planet Earth:
1)they are publicly supported, either directly by tax money or partially by tax deductions;
2)the institutional bias of all higher education is hard left.

In the real world, anything professors want to consider racist or rightist gets suppressed by them and their thugs as a matter of course.

They don’t think they’re being biased.

So you can’t deal with this institutional bias if you just leave it up to the professors and respectable conservatives.

For ideological diversity on campus, you will need ideological affirmative action on campus.

Professors love to say that professors who get paid to openly demand genocide against whites like Noel Ignatiev represent “ideological diversity” and “intellectual courage.” They say that the screaming thugs who call themselves Young Idealists on campus represent courageous thinking.

Respectable conservatives say that universities just to need to hire some respectable conservatives who are carefully selected by leftist faculties. No way. We need to crack the inbred university system wide open.

What we really must have is professors who are hated and denounced by today’s university establishment. If there is room on campus for professors who call themselves Communists then there is room on campus for those others call racists.

A revolution today’s professors approve of is not a revolution. We need the people professors HATE.
That is what a real revolution is all about.

What we call social science today is a fake. Nothing that is not heresy can be social science.


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Fight White Genocide Podcast #5: Ken Calls In To Sirius Radio



United Nations

Written by Bob Whitaker – originally posted May 6th, 2007 –

We need to do some serious rethinking in the new millennium. We have to dump nineteenth- and twentieth-century thinking.

White STATES have given up their racial identity. Soon there will be no white STATES except possibly in Eastern Europe.

A lot of whites have far too late begun screaming about immigration. Then they talk about white nationalism. The two are not related.

Western society developed into the concept of the nation-state. But that concept died unnoticed. Immigration is burying that outdated concept in the West. But not only in the West. How many “nations” are there in the “United Nations?” The “nation” of Iraq is an absolutely typical example of a non-Western “nation.”

What IS this “nation” called Iraq? How was it founded? Like almost every non-Western country in the “United Nations,” Iraq is the continuation of a set of borders set up as a division of a European Empire. It has a piece of the Kurdish Nation. It has a piece of the Sunnis and a larger piece of the Shiites. 

Jump down to Africa and tell me how many nations there are. Zimbabwe has a piece of the Beles and a larger piece of the Shonas. A Bele from Zimbabwe who goes up into the Beleland part of Zambia finds people who speak his language and share his history. That’s his NATION, not Zimbabwe.

Can you speak of an Angolan NATION or a Mozambique NATION?

The third world is made up either of ridiculously tiny states or of former colonial divisions. Their “nations” were decided in power struggles between European Empires. When a European Empire got its slice, it then divided it up for administrative convenience in Paris and London. The resultant administrative hodgepodge then became, in twentieth-century thinking, a “nation,” a member of the United Nations.

When I was an honored Senior Editor of the Southern Partisan, i.e., when they NEEDED me, I wrote a cover article entitled “Southern Nationalism.” I pointed out that secession would not MAKE the South a nation.

The Irish were an integral part of the British Empire for centuries, but they were ALWAYS a Nation. Germany was politically united in 1871, but it was a nation all the time. Poland has been subdivided repeatedly but it remained a NATION.

A commenter said that whites were becoming One Big White Tribe. Actually, we are beginning to REALIZE our NATIONHOOD. The nation-STATE DIED in the twentieth century. We are Irishmen, Southerners, Boere, Germans. Those histories and roots are a part of our makeup, our identities. No real nation ever gave up its recognition of its subdivisions.

No NATION is the result of political machinations. A NATION is a derivative of the Latin word for “birth.” The white nation will be the results of a birth as painful as all births are. The white nation is a REALIZATION, not a political movement.

White hegemony was destroyed in the twentieth century by civil war. Their kinship was forgotten as they murdered each other in World War I and World War II. They felt no unity.

Please note this: They HAD a unity, but they FORGOT it.

Now the REAL aliens are here. In French prisons filled with Arabs and blacks, the white French prisoner heads straight for the area where the Poles and Germans and other white Frenchmen are.

White nationalism is a REALIZATION, not a political movement. It is happening right now.


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