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    InMalaFide is a hub for alt-right anti-liberal and anti-establishment traffic connecting to blogs including Steve Sailer, John Derbyshire, Stuff Black People Don’t Like, etc. Lot of different bloggers post articles to the site. Very racially aware and anti-immigration Seems that a certain guest writer called Koanic does not like certain aspects of the Mantra or the ARAW campaign and wrote about it. Lot of passionate conservative bloggers read the site so be gentle if you want to join the conversation. Might be some recruits somewhere.



    * “It takes balls to be a conservative.” (Refers to r/K selection theory.)
    * “Everyone wants to live in white neighborhoods.” (Refers to race realism, separationism, etc.)

    Seriously? What did Beefcake say about talking about your penis. That sounds stupid. And the second sounds supremacist.

    That idiot still thinks that people will talk about Black vs Latino racism. Hasn’t happened, and isn’t going to happen, because…

    …anti-racism is a code word for anti-white.




    The OP of the article didn’t even get the Mantra right: “Anti-racist is anti-White” And then he calls it too intellectual. lol


    The Beef

    Fascistbrah, thank you for linking to the article, and weclome to the team. – That’s what you did good.

    The bad news, is that I am about to ask you something, politely as possible.

    Please log off and make a new handle name.

    We do NOT want to Validate the names that Anti-Whites call us by using one of those names as a handle name.

    You could try whitebrah, pro-whitebrah, whiteandnormalbrah, or my favorite…..: “Polarbrah”




    I have been thinking the same thing for a few days myself. I wasn’t very longsighted when making a user name. I will come back under a new handle. Thanks for the welcome! I enjoy your podcast!


    Peter Whiterabbit

    I’m all for antimantra whites writing about our ineffective slogan so long as they repeat our ineffective slogan;)


    The Beef

    Idn’t it great?!

    Its why I call the Mantra Grey Goo.

    You cannot touch it without spreading it.


    Daniel Genseric


    “I would like to see evidence of what a Kognac proposes as a working model for success within the “White Nationalist Movement.” After all, Bob Whitaker is a “Guru” and ineffective according to said ‘author.’ I am waiting, tangible results please.

    Bob and Co. have recently succeeded in getting the likes of O’Reilly AND Dick Morris to utter the words “anti-white.” The ENTIRE internet is abuzz with chatter about BUGSters’ work. What memes have you succeeded in planting in the lamestream media? What have you produced?

    Got mantra?”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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