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    Velveteen Rabbit

    Read Bob ALL the time. Been swarming for a couple years’ time. Just started posting here.

    Thank you for everything you do in the name of securing a future for white children, BUGSers.



    The white race is being genocided by the “brotherhood of man” promoters. Notable among these brotherhood idiots are most of the Christians and other monotheists. The Roman Catholic Church, for one example among many, has clearly expressed its attitude that there is no real difference among the human races, so we should all live happily together.

    “Anti-racist” is a code word for “anti-white”



    Joining the swarm today so hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more of me.




    Just recently found your website I have just finished listening to the last episode of Beefcakes Boot Camp. Are there any other podcast available in reference to debating Anti-Whites are actual recorded debates  with  Anti-Whites?


    V.O. I.

    Okay, I just messed up the “BUGS Swarm –> mantra images” thread trying to unsuccessfully upload a new image. I don’t know why it’s not working, but if you’re a techie, can you can delete my empty comments from that thread?

    I’m trying to upload this image I created from (my blog) here:

    Can anyone (i.e. any techies) help with that?

    (Yeah, I know it’s pathetic.)

    p.s. sorry for messing up that thread, it looked so tidy before I arrived!


    Henry Davenport

    @ Vale: I like the composition of your image a lot, and I want to offer one unsolicited suggestion, and of course it’s only my own personal reaction.

    The first thing that caught my eye in the image when it opened was the skull (naturally enough, since a skull is an eye-catching item…good choice!). And then I had a moment of mental confusion because the skull is red, and I guess it seemed to me not to represent whites.

    I’m wondering if you could have some background color other than white, so that the skull itself could be white (but possibly with its outline traced in black for contrast with the background color?), and maybe even the word “white” be white, to go with the skull?

    Thanks for creating the image, and don’t let my reaction throw you off track!



    Henry Davenport

    Welcome, cargill!

    “Are there any other podcasts available in reference to debating Anti-Whites or actual recorded debates  with  Anti-Whites?”

    I don’t believe there are any of the latter, But Horus’ podcasts have excellent stuff in them about debating anti-whites. I can’t seem to open his site right now, but later you could go to this site

    and click on the round logo with the white rabbit in the middle of it that’s in the right margin, and then on Horus’ site, click on the tab “podcasts,” as I recall.




    Hi, I could use help with a new-to-me counter-argument, not from an explicit anti-White but destructive of the “ALL” and “ONLY” which we are taught to stress.

    Counter-examples: Korean immigrants in Japan, Nepalese illegals in Bhutan (Lhotsampa), Malay immigrants in Singapore, Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India,  etc.. The liberal media in all these countries glorify illegal immigrants and demonize their opponents, which pleases multinationals that like cheap labor. So this is not a White problem but a global one.

    I use the Mantra because it’s true; I’m not interested in verbal tricks to tap-dance around the facts not being on my side or my ignorance. What I want is a fundamental answer, preferably one I can use if people start quoting other countries at me. (Because by using the Mantra’s “everyone and nobody, all and only” I effectively invite detailed rebuttal regarding what the media says in every country in the world, and now I’ve gotten bitten doing that.)


    Mark WN

    (Yes, I’m new.)

    In addition to the five noticeable click buttons you already have at the top of your website,  why not add more click buttons that instantly direct you to:

    Gar5’s site:

    Beefcakes website:

    In a previous login when I was wandering around this website, I came across  them, but I am unable to immediately find them now from this website.

    (Thankfully I bookmarked)

    That way, visitors, (especially newcomers) will notice the click buttons and instantly be able to access…instead of fumbling like I am now thru a website I am not quite yet familiar with.

    They are gold mines of concise, usable info for online battles – again, especially for newcomers like me.

    Anything to help the Mantra go even more viral…


    Peter Cottontail

    skippy 01 – Welcome. We are not interested in winning debates. We want to make points. Anti-White lost every debate on college campuses for decades but own every college in America. Sometimes you admit to losing a point so that you can make a bigger point. For example Singapore is a small city white White nations stretch across the entire top half of the planet.

    markwy – Welcome and I agree. Let’s try to get Brian’s attention. I think even adding this thread as a link would be very useful to new readers.



    @Skippy 01

    Peter Cottontail is right that we are ultimately making points. However, sometimes contextualization helps us to make those points. When anti-Whites confront you with the kind of examples you give, a quick Wiki search can be useful. For instance, Japan is still over 98% Japanese. Bhutan immigration consists of Asian subgroups, which is very different than if it were being flooded with Mexicans, for instance. The overriding point is that ONLY White countries are being TARGETED for genocide with massive non-White immigration. Even if, as Peter Cotton Tail says, places like Singapore or Dubai are exceptions, they are exceptions that prove the rule. Your opponent will not acknowledge this, but the lurkers in your audience will recognize this, and it is that audience that we are really speaking to. Hope this helps.



    I agree that the site needs to be more user friendly for newcomers.


    Henry Davenport

    @ skippy: Here’s a suggestion:

    “That makes it okay with you that Whites are being genocided in white homelands?”

    When challenged that Ukraine wasn’t being flooded with non-whites, a bugser replied,

    “Then would you be willing to accept Ukraine being an exclusively white homeland?”

    If you feel like you really need to say more to keep your target audience of reachable white onlookers on your side, maybe you could preface the Mantra point with,

    If you’re very much in love and tell your amor, “Everything you do and say thrills me,” do you feel guilty that you didn’t say, “Everything you do with few exceptions thrills me”?

    Only in mathematics and the hard sciences do “All” and “ONLY” mean strictly 100% “ALL” and “ONLY” strictly 100% ALL the time!
    If I’m driving in my university town on a Saturday, and the traffic heading in the direction of the local university is very heavy, I may say to my companion, “All these folks seem to be heading for the game.”

    I don’t mean that literally every person driving in that direction is headed for the game.



    Counter-examples: Korean immigrants in Japan, Nepalese illegals in Bhutan (Lhotsampa), Malay immigrants in Singapore, Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India,  etc.. The liberal media in all these countries glorify illegal immigrants and demonize their opponents, which pleases multinationals that like cheap labor. So this is not a White problem but a global one.

    Nobody is flooding Asia with hundreds of millions of Non-Asians.
    Asians immigrating into other Asian countries does not justify white genocide.
    In fact, NOTHING justifies white genocide.



    No point in discussing if these ideas would work; experience will teach me if they did work. Thanks all, bye for now.


    J Locke

    Counter-examples: Korean immigrants in Japan, Nepalese illegals in Bhutan (Lhotsampa), Malay immigrants in Singapore, Bangladeshi illegal immigrants in India,  etc.. The liberal media in all these countries glorify illegal immigrants and demonize their opponents, which pleases multinationals that like cheap labor. So this is not a White problem but a global one.

    This all sounds like same-race immigration. For White countries and for it to be a racial genocide, it is foreign-race.



    Guys guys!! Massive immigration AND forced assimilation! If non-White immigration stopped today, we’d still be in hot water due to ASSIMILATION.

    No Japanese “anti-racists” in Japan are trying to force Japanese girls and non-Japanese men together.

    No Black “anti-racists” in South Africa are trying to force Black people to “get together” with millions of non-Blacks and have a “perfect harmony” in ONLY Black countries.

    This massive immigration and forced assimilation is ONLY happening in White countries.


    Mark WN

    @Gar5 – your website  —— is fantastic !   Great work !

    Pleased that I came across it…although on accident while just snooping around.

    Two questions:

    1) Would you folks consider a prominent click-button at the top of the main page that instantly directs to both your site  -and-  also the “Bootcamp”?   Would come in handy for a newcomer like me who has admittedly struggled a bit with navigating around here.

    Not only us newcomers, but it seems like it would be a good reminder for the old timers to occasionally access and brush up on themselves, especially if the click-buttons are staring them in the face.

    2) I have switched with using “mass immigration and forced integration”  vs  “mass immigration and forced assimilation”.   Initially, I used “forced integration” because it seemed to be a more familiar term, especially since the civil rights movement and all.  (forced busing, section 8 housing, magnetic schools, etc.)

    But it seems the BUGsers use “assimilation” although my initial impression is that it seems a little less precise and easier to refute.

    Question – can you provide some rebuttals if someone counters:

    “the newcomers aren’t forced to assimilate and many don’t, so the intermarriage is exaggerated”  (this is a claim that cant be used with the seemingly more common term, “forced integration”)   Don’t want to be put in a position where they can respond with a distraction and I don’t want to tailgate on their distraction.

    (or) do you prefer the term “forced integration”?

    Anyway, I will continue to review your site and the Bootcamp while building my Notepad of ammo.

    Thanks for any assistance.


    Mark WN

    @Gar5 – I had written my letter above this morning  but not yet submitted.  Now after submitting, I unfortunately see that you actually address using “immigration and forced assimilation”, so you can ignore that part of post immediately above…apologies


    Henry Davenport

    @ markwn: “the intermarriage is exaggerated”

    I guess you need time-lapse photography to make it real for you, anti-white.

    [And this article makes an impression in some places. I’ve seen other articles like it.]:

    ”Black-White Kids Surge in South Where Mixed Unions Once Banned”


    I do this (but I’m a little unsure of it…I suspect “integration” is an anti-white holy word, and maybe for that reason it shouldn’t be used in a lot of places):

    ALL white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

    That’s genocide…etc….



    Henry Davenport

    markwn, welcome!

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