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Beating Youtube Censorship

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    Secret Squirrel

    Hi All,
    I have noticed a few guys have been silenced, on the ‘How whites took over America’ video.

    Now the comments are not appearing under the video, including the anti-whites’ comments. Which makes it look like political interference from Google.

    Anyway, since my account has become unusable, I thought I’d ask people how they are getting around the mobile phone activation, they have put in place to silence activists?

    While hunting around for a solution, I found this, but I have not tried it yet:

    They give you a public phone number and calls are forwarded through it, to your email, or to your home phone number. It is only $7 a month to get it. It should stop Google from mining information and silencing people, by shutting down their only account.

    I am also wondering if there are better solutions. Perhaps voice mail providers in countries other than the USA, since it is becoming so authoritarian.


    I`ve only not been able to set up an account a few times because of this mobile number requirement,every other time I either get the screen where you can skip through by pressing “save” without entering a number in the box or sometimes not even that.

    Maybe it`s an idea to ration our posts on the video,even if it does let the anti-whites have a field day?

    Good idea about the tollfree thing,someone mentioned before about independent phone/electronic shops that do deals on sim cards for a few pounds each.

    Patrick WhiteRabbit

    Seems like this is becoming a problem! See my new post-Is JT insisting we must give them a mobile number to comment?! Jeez, what a joke!! I would like to think it is because of the Mantra! What are our options? Buy cheap mobile cards from (99.99999999999999% non White) mobile shops?

    Daniel Genseric

    404 Not Found – Digitally Whacked

    I am the most recent fatality on YT. My ENTIRE account was wiped out without any explanation other than “This account has been terminated due to repeated violations of our ‘community guidelines’ or our copyright policies.”

    29 videos (not to mention the others they just couldn’t stand a while back) ALL containing Mantra snippets, gone like a fart in the wind. I reached more than 85,000 people with our message. White genocide: The Evidence series – gone.

    All the HOURS and hours spent uploading and post-editing. More than 300 subscribers. HAHA…fuck you anti-whites. I’ll be back.


    You can get a dirt cheap mobile phone and just buy the cheapest phone card at a local grocery store. This is a potential solution.

    We are learning quite a bit about Youtube and their policing policies. Youtube cannot police itself with humans (as you know). They are too damn big. They are policing with software. Specifically, they are policing via comments. We don’t have free speech on Youtube. We have the illusion of free speech. Which is dangerous. Because Rabbits just run their mouths over in the USA without thinking. If you are not policing your comments on youtube (for both pro white and antiwhites). They are going to catch you on some technicality and ban you etc. In other words, if you approve some comment like :”kill all jews and niggers”. You are going to get banned.

    I will be updating our thread about our animation and why it was banned etc. Wait till you guys hear this one. They are watching us like Hawks. We have also started a new channel and we are moving our animation to this new Youtube account in preparation for our next animation. We will be following guidelines for policing comments. This makes things easier when it comes to fighting censorship from a legal perspective. We are going to start treating our channel (esp our new one) like a theater that is putting on a Mantra Matinee. You are not allowed popcorn in our theater nor start fights with viewers etc. That will go for prowhites and anitwhites. If a comment is questionable, we are not going to let it through….and we may throw the culprit out of the theater. (2nd offense they are gone). This is basically the way their community guidelines read from a legal perspective. You are renting a little theater space from youtube for free in exchange you must follow their Stalinist guidelines. However, if you are playing by the rules and they ban you …..well that can become a legal problem for them.

    Daniel Genseric

    free speech is either free or it’s $Free$

    I typically do NOT censor ANY comments whatsoever on my channel(s). Yesterday, I made an exception and discarded one where a commenter threatened to “cut off” some anti-white’s “head with a machete.” Seems like I was ‘Memory-Holed’ immediately afterwards. I even left up one comment which said they hoped I personally drank “battery acid and died.” I thought it was cute in a devilishly anti-white sort of way. So, I let it ride.

    They can’t have it both ways. So far, I have only seen evidence that YT subscribes to LIBERAL free speech. That is, free speech for liberals. fockers

    David Joop

    I found this is a good place for creating new accounts with fake profiles, including phone number:



    Don’t be so hard headed. We are hear to win. To do this you have to play by the rules given and not the rules you want to play by. And yes they can have it both ways. They always have had it both ways. Once it is all said and done…we can have it both ways as well. The reason they get away with so much is that no one reports the fockers when they are out of line. Start reporting abuse when it occurs (this goes against our nature—but this is the game). Of course, we can ban all their comments as well. If you are going to have a Youtube channel you have to police the comments across the board. Those are the rules.

    Daniel Genseric

    Sometimes I wonder if people even read what I actually write. Even when they write directly to me in response to something I wrote.

    All I was saying is that is what I WAS doing. My account is gone. Zero. Tot. Nada. I will take Rabbit’s advice and use it should I decide to invest hundreds of hours in some thing, which at this moment, appears so seemingly fruitless and futile as Yentile Tewb. In essence, I was attempting to point out that I was wrong; sharing an experience. Failed at that too, I guess.

    Censorship is censorship. And nowhere in the ‘rule book’ does it state I have to like censorship and Judeo-semantics. I am a pro-white dissident by nature and part of that deal is NOT playing by the rules. Like you say, “By ANY means necessary.” But, hey. Whatever’s clever for your endeavor.

    This is precisely WHY I tried talking to Dead Rabbit about ALTERNATIVE modes of distribution for his and other pro-white videos. As per yoush…. deaf ears.

    Hello! [echo] echo
    echo [echo] Oh, hell…

    The anti-whites are fucking THEMSELVES even harder when they pull shit like this. Oppression and suppression BREED revolution. That’s just a fact. No outlet. No relief valve. Maybe that’s what they want? Powder keg anyone? And let me be PERFECTLY crystal clear: I am not referring to myself, but those we have attempted to reach. Perhaps Thomas W. Chittum was right. Maybe there is NO way of preventing it.


    @David – this phone number won’t help the issue over phone verification on YT. They send you a verification code via SMS.
    Also I just had it generate identities a few times and post codes don’t always match with the town, so it isn’t a panacea. The post codes/streets don’t actually exist but they look right on the face of it.

    Coniglio Bianco


    Daniel Genseric

    Now the gmail account which is linked to the YT account which was Memory-Holed yesterday has been hacked, I think. It is now asking me to verify my account with a phone number to send an SMS text or a voice message because I am “logging in from a different country.” Er…That’s not good either way.

    I have bounced from Sweden to Finland to Russia and never been prompted for a phone number before.

    David Joop

    @six gun

    I’m kind of confused. I set up a few Google accounts using fake profiles/phone numbers etc. and just got them to send the verification code to the temporary email address. Have you tried that?

    Genseric: Sorry I didn’t pay proper attention to your posts. I know you put a lot of time and effort into those videos and I really appreciate all you’ve done for the movement. As I’m sure do other BUGSers

    As for censorship, maybe next time, I, or someone else can mirror your video on a different channel.

    Maybe each video could be mirrored on an individual channel, so they don’t all get taken down, and then set up in a playlist or something? What do you think?


    LOL You’re the man!

    No I have not tried that one but I will investigate.

    “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


    I think videos should be hosted with other sites as well. We obsess about YT b/c it is the most popular but if we provide links into our videos hosted elsewhere we are driving traffic to those videos.
    I keep all my videos and anything I think is important in the cloud and on the ground so to speak.



    “This is precisely WHY I tried talking to Dead Rabbit about ALTERNATIVE modes of distribution for his and other pro-white videos. As per yoush…. deaf ears.

    Hello! [echo] echo
    echo [echo] Oh, hell…”

    Don’t be a twit. I heard you. You know I heard you. And you are welcome to try alt forms of distribution. I have always encouraged that. I do not have endless hours to devote doing it myself. You know that as well. My time is all gone working on the next animation. But there are those out there doing just that. There is a tenancy for WN to pound their heads against the wall. I was just trying to help.

    Youtube has “community guidelines” for comments and allowing and approving them etc. We have a new account were we are going overboard to play by THEIR rules (even though antiwhites do not have to). This puts us (according to those that know the law) on good footing for fighting any type of censorship. They cannot turn around and pull out some loophole and say …”you did not follow community guidelines for this or that”. We are basically going by their rules. Even though the rules are stalinist and vague in some areas. We are going over board for legal reasons to comply. And their rules say….that everyone has to technically censor certain type of comments.

    I would like to eventually develop enough youtube views to move them to our sites as a primary source of distribution. But to do that we have to use the biggest video site on earth Youtube to get the ball rolling. Or at least it speeds things up considerably. No one else comes close to their market share at the moment.


    just an idea for a video theme “Is Detroit too black”


    Oh for the love of God, that maudlin ‘suppression breeds rebellion’ crap is great for leftards and children knowing that they can move out in 10 years and eat as many twinkies as they want, but please spare us the hope and change. Did suppression in Algeria breed revolution? No, Muslim Brotherhood was broken. Did suppression in Libya breed revolution? Only because the US dropped the bombs. Will suppression in Syria breed revolution? Only time will tell.

    If the anti-whites keep whites from developing a racial consciousness for the next 50 years, they will have won.

    Daniel Genseric


    I am talking about MONETIZING your next video in lieu of using screw toob. [crickets: chirp-chirp]

    I can’t do that FOR YOU if you launch it freebie style on the web. And this might be where we bring in Byron and ask him about distribution channels. Or, we just take a page out of his book and run with it.

    Dick Whitman

    “This is precisely WHY I tried talking to Dead Rabbit out ALTERNATIVE modes of distribution for his and other pro-white videos. As per yoush…. deaf ears.” (Genseric)

    Who is “Dead Rabbit?”

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