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    Henry Davenport

    “I need to stay away from the guy…”

    You’ve got it.


    Daniel Genseric

    Then take your friggin’ ball and go home then. This isn’t your playground. This is a WORK area for grown men. Besides, YOU ASKED FOR FEEDBACK. I owe you no-thing…

    So, I am blunt. TS. We’re fighting white genocide.



    wow, chill out guys.  Harumphty is an excellent contributor who argues forcefully and keeps pro-white posts up in anti-white places.  And so is Genseric.

    Personally, I think Genseric’s reply is pointless, since it didn’t suggest different phrasings.  We have a word for forced integration and propaganda for blending with the goal of racial annihilation, it is genocide.  However, if we’re trying to explain what genocide is, it’s hard to avoid the words like “blending” and “forced integration”.  Which is a problem, but the fact that leftists have attached positive connotations to those words was always a problem we would have to face eventually.

    If I was Harumphty, I would have politely ignored it.

    Much respect for both of you.  You guys have been here for a long time, and done more for our people than most others.


    Henry Davenport

    “WHICH part of what I wrote is offensive to you?”

    Be intelligent and figure it out. Change the topic of it and imagine yourself speaking it to someone where you work, and then ask yourself, “What part of what I just spoke shows them I’m a rude @sshole?”

    You could do the same exercise with a sizable number of your posts here.

    You don’t talk to people like that in your daily life or you couldn’t function. Use the same courtesy here that you use in daily life. Don’t adopt the standard “cyber ethics” as your behavior at BUGS…we’re not a random website, we’re people you’re working with.


    @ steadiness: “If I was Harumphty, I would have politely ignored it.”

    Boy, don’t I wish I were built that way! But don’t be alarmed, it’s just a fight in the barracks. I’m doing what I need to do to keep functioning here, and perhaps Genseric is too, I don’t know.


    Daniel Genseric


    “integrate” is a superfluous term. Also, “blending…..”

    Whites aren’t something you put on Frappe in a blender. Avoid this nonsensical BS at all costs.

    Should read something like “Assimilated (i.e. intermarry) with all those non-whites until we are no more. That is GENOCIDE.”

    Hardly see how you can say this was a pointless post. HD is just mad because I didn’t couch my advice in “plush and comfy” agreeable terms for him. Nevertheless, it’s your opinion that I didn’t address his request directly. In my opinion, I did exactly that. Fighting white genocide is SERIOUS business, deadly serious in my estimate

    @HD Using the very limited Intellect God blessed me with, I have arrived at the following conclusion.

    I don’t have a NEED to speak to people at work this bluntly in person because most of the time the opportunity to speak about white genocide does not present itself or would prove detrimental to my longevity and/or career. However, when the rare opportunity does present itself, you should rest easy knowing that I make what I wrote above look like soft-toss batting practice when I do engage an anti-white IRL. Furthermore, I go in for the kill whenever I see you or anyone – whether you know it or not – working against our efforts.

    Nevertheless, as in most cases, speaking my mind has repeatedly landed me with threats of physical violence. I have learned to anticipate this from anti-whites, but not from someone on my own “team.” Regardless of its origin, I will adapt to this new development as well. I always hold my own and reserve the right to say/carry my piece.

    Even though I don’t share your same disdain for a requisite rebuke, I still see value in most of your efforts despite your desire “to punch my lights out.” Who knows, perhaps you will get your wish. But be forewarned, bullies typically get what they deserve.

    Oh, and by the way. I checked again for you today. The Mantra still says NOTHING about “mixing bowls or blenders.”

    Immigration & forced-assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries is white genocide.

    Immigration & forced-assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries is white genocide.

    Immigration & forced-assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries is white genocide.

    Immigration & forced-assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries is white genocide.

    Immigration & forced-assimilation in EVERY white country and ONLY white countries is white genocide.


    Daniel Genseric

    Only in WHITE countries do we hear things such as “Abortion is Moral & Humane. Being Pro-Life is Raaycisst.”
    Only in WHITE countries do we hear SCREAMS for Diversity until white children are an historical novelty.
    Only in WHITE countries do TENS OF MILLIONS of third world immigrants descend upon our borders.

    In EVERY white country and ONLY in white countries are we expected to intermarry with those immigrants and are we guaranteed to suffer personal and communal socioeconomic disaster lest we protest this genocide.

    They say they are anti-racist while they worship at the altar of white genocide. They keep proving that what they are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white


    Henry Davenport

    “I go in for the kill whenever I see you ..”

    Then stop it. Stop it right fucking NOW!


    Henry Davenport

    Tough guy, let’s see how tough you really are.

    Let’s test your toughness to the max:

    Go two months here without being rude.

    Think you could tough it out?




    This argument is pointless, you’re both right.

    Harumphty, I thought your paraphrase was spot-on.  Unfortunately, as both you and Genseric pointed out, you have to use the world integrate and blend to say that it’s genocide.  Anti-whites say they want integration and blending, but only of whites.  Our point is that that’s genocide.  In this context, “genocide is genocide” might sound better to us, but we have to remember that other people use worship words like “integrate” to avoid thinking about the obvious consequences of their actions.

    You guys are both right.  Stop arguing about it.


    Daniel Genseric

    …let’s see how tough you really are.

    Let’s..Go two months here without…you


    Stop taking my words out of context, clown. See, not fun is it?

    I will be cordial as long as you stop using terms that detract from the message. Bob has handed you all the tools you need. Think you can tough it out?


    Henry Davenport

    Genseric, no one here is going to think you said  you go in for the kill whenever you see me! Lol!  If that’s what you’re referring to.

    “I go in for the kill whenever I see you or anyone – whether you know it or not – working against our efforts.”

    In other words,

    1. Unlike you, MY ear for everything Mantra is perfect.

    2. When in MY opinion you make an error, you cease being a fellow bugser and I treat you just like another anti-white.

    Genseric, please consider if that outlook is helping us, or in several ways is “working against our efforts.”


    steadiness, the mantra issue isn’t what we’re arguing about. We’re arguing about how we treat each other here. It’s important for several reasons, one of which is that potential bugsers have been repelled from this site by its tone. It’s a meaty subject, and maybe we should leave it now on this thread (after Genseric’s next comment, if he wishes), and I’ll try to submit an article about it next week. If it’s put up we can all argue the devil out of it then.



    Henry Davenport

    As for the Mantra issue, do note that the next line after the phrase, “…blended out of existence.”, was “That’s genocide under U.N. definition.”


    Daniel Genseric

    In the spirit of helping you retain your ability to function and honoring your request, I am done responding to you.

    “Blend” your heart out for all I care. Please don’t say you speak for me while you do it.


    Henry Davenport

    Thanks, Genseric, I appreciate it. But it’s a shame, because for example your answer tonight that “integrate” was superfluous has ended up being helpful to me. I would still much prefer to have your advice, if you can let your irritation subside before giving it.


    From the mini that I posted on the preceding page:

    …whites forced by law to integrate with the non-whites so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

    I would never introduce the word “integrate” into discussions that ensue after posting the full Mantra, and  that makes me see suddenly that “integrate” IS a holy word of the anti-whites, and therefore I don’t like its presence above in the mini.

    Otoh, I DO like ending that line with the phrase “blended out of existence”, since I think it’s the perfect step between “intermarry” and what comes next, “Thats genocide by U.N. definition.”

    And re “integrate” in that line, the GOOD thing about it is that it introduces immediately the concrete and immediately understood condition of integration, and then the rest of the line proceeds step by step to the conclusion of genocide.

    But that word “integrate” needs to go. There must be some phrase that can be used instead to convey its meaning. I or someone will come up with it.




    Perhaps I am out of bounds on this, and someone can tell me why exactly.  But I use “blend white children out of existence” quite a bit,  but I always mention it’s genocide.  I never mention it without the word genocide.

    I understand that the terminology is heavily semantic.  I know we aren’t suppose to use words like “HATE”, but sometimes i do.  As an example “if I don’t hate white children “anti-racists” say that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”.

    Is there any reference to the words we’re not suppose to use and why we’re not suppose to use them?


    Henry Davenport

    Re “blended out of existence” (as the step preceding a statement about “genocide”).

    It seems fine to me, but both Jason and Genseric don’t like it, so if anyone else has objections I would like to hear.

    Boy, going back and seeing how Bob put all this together in the Mantra…awesome, the way he stepped up to “genocide.”

    Cripes, thinking about how Bob got to “genocide,” via “the final solution to the black problem,” DOES make me feel that “blending out of existence” is too nice.

    I’m thinking…I may have me a nice little laboratory at, where I can just post the full Mantra and start learning all this stuff over again from the ground up. I think that without realizing it I’ve slipped into the temptation that so many succumb to of trying to improve on the full Mantra. (that mini wasn’t mine, but I sure fell for it).



    Henry Davenport

    elcyCesreveR: I didn’t realize “hate” was out of bounds! Lol! (Oh I see…yeah, we don’t call the other side “haters.” At least not directly, but your example is indirect and seems fine to me).

    No, there’s no such directory. We all rely on our own instincts and each other’s, and of course the few (that I’m aware of ) terms that Bob has pointed out not to use…”Jew” and such. The r-word (or “racist,” as Genseric quaintly calls it!) there is disagreement about, but Bob says to at least be very very careful with it. On the first couple of pages of the “Are you new to Bugs” thread, I’ve ranted on about that and other words, but I use the word “racist” sometimes too.

    Sorry not to be more helpful.



    Harumphty, this is not a place to have petty squabbles.  Please feel free to flame Genseric in a PM.  Actually, write whatever flame you will send to Genseric out, and send it to me instead.



    An Idea i was tossing around:

    Since we are on a consistent message,  when anti-whites give us the same recycled responses,  should we have one consistent response to each of their responses?

    I know that there was a list compiled of the common anti-white responses and how we counter each of them.  Gar5 created “bugs buddy” based around that.  However there are numerous responses to each argument.

    Would it be to our advantage to have ONE powerful consistent message for EACH anti-white response?   Things like “we all bleed red, common african ancestor,we’re all one race, etc” could all be narrowed down to one response.  Things like colonialism and history could have it’s own response as well… and so on.

    Assuming we did that.  I could create an online “flash-card” so pro-whites can learn how to handle each anti-white response,  once a pro-white has them memorized they’ll be able to use it in real world face2face interaction as well.




    I think that is a good idea.  Here is a suggestion:

    Universal human rights are supposed to be just that, universal.  If whites are human, then whites have human rights under international law.  If whites have human rights, then whites’ human rights can be violated.  If whites’ human rights can be violated, then whites can be victims just as well as any other racial group.

    If you deny that whites can ever be victims under any circumstances, you are dehumanizing whites by definition.  Dehumanization is a serious warning sign according to Genocide Watch.  When you dehumanize whites, you are showing that you are not anti-racist but anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

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