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    Black Byte


    Fabulous edit job on FTWR-1. It’s a clear example of how critical editing is for readability. Frank and I had done nearly verbatim transcriptions on #2 and #3 but we had to do some light editing for readability.

    Do you have time to do the same to #2 and #3? I’d like to standardize all three below making them available to everyone.

    No problem with file size, no need to zip. The file you sent me was only 92k. Also, for some reason your version is best without indenting the opening sentence, while the 2nd and 3rd seem better with(?) Maybe because you broke it into smaller paragraphs?

    Had some minor issues with double lines between paragraphs – the font size changed to margal 12pt for some reason. I think you said you’re using a mac – maybe part of the conversion process. Also, somewhat bizarre but the table with Trotsky and Lenin came through with labeling but without photos – assuming you meant to take them out altogether.

    All in all, I’d like to call your pass the “final copy.” I don’t think anyone could have done better. Thanks for all your efforts!




    Thanks a lot! It’s good to hear an experienced BUGSer’s appreciates it and thinks it effective. I know others could do a better job and I welcome them to do so. But yes, I’m comfortable calling it the final copy for now. If anyone wants to read the whole thing and give any feedback though, I’m sure they would catch a few things.

    All of the issues you mentioned (the indented paragraphs, double lines, front style, pictures not showing up of Lenin & Trotsky) were unintended and do not show up on my version. I am using a Mac but I’m using Microsoft Word. The only reason I have it saved as a .rtf file is because that’s how you had it. So maybe try opening it up in Word? If these errors are still showing up after that I can redo it all in a word .doc and send it to you again.

    Really not sure about the size your getting. Mine says 10.6 MB for the zip and 42.5 for the unzipped file.

    I’d be happy to do the same to #2 and #3 but I’d really appreciate them being edited to the same degree #1 was because I am a very slow, meticulous writer/editor and what you guys did before was extremely helpful. I can’t tell you how long it would have taken me otherwise.

    Also, after this post, I will pretty much be gone from BUGS for about a week due to work obligations and technical issues. I may get a minute here or there but I’ll pretty much be gone for about a week (give for take a few days). So I’ll make sure to make a post/send you an email when I’m back so we can get started.

    I’m not sure if you use skype but I find this an invaluable tool when working on projects for faster communication. Sending files that way would be easier too. If you want to connect on Skype send me your username in an email. And don’t worry, I won’t be messaging or calling you on there all the time. I’m usually set to invisible so I can get work done and not waste time yapping away (although I can enjoy that when I’ve got the time and the other person does too).




    i just typed up a fairly in depth response that didn’t go through. thought i copied it but i didnt. really have to go asap, thats why im typing like this, but the long and short of it was thank you, it’s good to know an experience bugsers appreciates it and thinks it will be effective. makes me feel like it was time well spent.

    all the errors you mentioned were not intended and do not show up in my version. im using mac but using microsoft word. maybe try opening it up in a word .doc? if you are still seeing the errors email me and i’ll try and fix that by making it a word doc.

    i would be happy to do 2 and 3 the same way, but i would really appreciate them being edited to the same degree 1 was, bc i am a slow, meticulous writer/editor and it would save me a ton of work. i cant tell you how many hours you guys saved me on 1.

    also, after this post i will be pretty much gone from bugs for about a week due to work and other obligations that require almost my full attention. i might be able to sneak on once or twice but mostly i’ll be m i a.

    idk if you use it but i find skype to be an invaluable asset on projects like this. if you want to connect on there, send me your username in an email. and don’t worry, i won’t be messaging and calling you all the time. i’m usually set to invisible so i can get work done.

    i’ll make sure to post on here or email you when i’m back so we can touch base and get ahead with the project. in the meantime, any work you, frank, or anyone else can do on 2 and 3 would be a huge help and time saver for me.


    Black Byte


    FTWR 2 & 3 are posted at truebeat or I can send you copies via email. They’re ready for editing when you can. Just return them to me via email when you finish.

    I’m waiting for transcription pedals to arrive and then I’ll start on FTWR-4.

    I checked up on what’s necessary to make them available through and It’s an easy straight forward process and anyone can do it. There’s NO mention at all about acceptable content – appears to be wide open!




    Sorry for such a long absence. It’s been one hell of a month. Lots of life-changing stuff going on.

    Anyway, I will make it a priority to start editing #2 in the next week. I’m a lot busier this summer than I thought I was going to be. Besides a lot of personal stuff, I’m learning a new whole new skill set that will serve (hopefully) both as a career and aid our cause in a relatively big way.

    As for amazon and barnsandnoble, I don’t think that’s a bad idea. Are you planning on offering it for free? If not, maybe Horus should set it up and get whatever small revenue comes from it. If you want it, that’s cool too. The important thing is that it gets out there and becomes as widely read as possible.

    BUT (and this is kind of a big but), you might have to make a lot of changes to the Pdf I sent you before you could go the amazon/barnsandnoble route because I’m not positive all of the images are not copyrighted. I really wouldn’t count on them not being and anti-whites have a whole tribe of lawyers waiting to stick it to us if we make a wrong step. Just be really careful with that. It’s one thing to make a free PDF and upload it to file sharing sites etc (archive would be a good one, btw) it’s quite another to expose yourself to copyright infringement.

    In the future, I will TRY to use royalty free images but don’t hold me to it and don’t trust my judgement if you’re exposing yourself or someone else to all that nonsense. If you do, do so at your own risk. Sometimes an image is too good to pass up on to, ya know?

    All that being said, there’s a good chance you’d be just fine doing that with a minimum of cation.

    Hope all is well, let me know about any updates on progress, etc.

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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