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How whites took over America

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    Can someone explain how all these European nations ban them so fast? Is it some tag associated with it? They can’t have listened to the video and decided that fast.


    Daniel Genseric

    It’s probably the IP’s and/or tags associated with the upload. The production contains all original content. So, it can’t be because of licensing/copyright issues.



    We are looking at bugs bandwidth and some other “stuff”. We may host some of these directly on BUGS (besides and Youtube and any other channel availible). The next one is far more hard hitting … we are planning right now.

    Youtube has a big red BAN button for every country in Europe. All they got to do is hit it once they get a complaint. OH and THEY know all about BUGS. Derek Black was taken back on how the Germans could know so much about the Mantra last summer. Everytime they loaded the Mantra in German on German Youtube Servers….(from various different ip’s). The Germans would take it down. We had to load it in the USA an and keep it there. They know who we are……EVEN if all of our enemy at the top ACTS like we don’t exist.


    Ice Knight

    Great video guys!

    I noticed the video was tagged with ‘nazi’ so this has probably been the trigger for it getting banned in Europe so quickly.

    The anti-Whites have also been posting our videos on facebook and their forums asking people to flag, hence why Johnnywhiterabit had so many vidoes taken down.

    One of the tricks I am now using is to post mirrors of the mantra videos without any tags relating to race whatsoever so the anti-Whites are completely unaware – hopefully this will also hit more mainstream White and NORMAL people not expecting this type of thing.

    Someone should post it up and call it ‘Pocahontas 3’ for example, lets help educate some White and NORMAL children!



    10:00am pacific time: nearly 22,500 views. Pay up, Horus :)




    How much you want to bet that the “mainstream” reporter thinks that video is a pro-immigration video? But I’ll take clueless anti-whites any day if they spread the meme. I also bet that some hard corp anti-whites get ahold of that paper and get the video sent down the memory hole.

    Great job BTW “BUGS helping whites since 2000 and something”


    Daniel Genseric

    H is right.

    Just look at how Geraldo Rivers blackballed the caller who started reading the Mantra on his radio program the other day. He cut it right quick once he remembered what it was and where he had heard it before. The professional anti-whites can only try to ignore us. White genocide is not up for debate.


    Ice Knight

    Interesting, when you search for the video “How Whites took over America” it shows 28, 125 views where as the video itself shows 22, 431. Certainly has given the anti-Whites a special Easter surprise!


    Rumble Rabbit

    I’ve been waiting for this animation for a long time and my expectations have been exceeded. Brilliant work.



    Good try with Geraldo. I would guess it is better to use a mini mantra with the essence of it on radio, since they generally don’t like anything as long as a paragraph read. Maybe we can slip phrase about anti-racism being codeword for anti-White in, easier?



    Hd and Mickey Mick posted a comment on that thread. GAWD DAMMIT! I could shoot him. DON’T AND WE MEAN DON’T EVER correct a major media outlet that lets our stuff play. LET IT PLAY! DON’T fool with an editor. DON’T EVEN COMMENT until the piece gets ATTACKED AND NEEDS TO BE SWARMED.

    LET THE AUDIENCE WATCH IT. Don’t run mouth off when it is unnecessary…..don’t waste a post.

    You guys MUST develop better first instincts. Lay back and watch. When someone is watching or listening and being Mantrafied……..ALLOW IT TO HAPPEN. Gawd dammit. This is a BASIC.


    Coniglio Bianco





    That post was harsh. I know that. WN and Palecons are NOT used to winning. We on BUGS are NOT used to losing. So the tenancy you have is to get excited when something is first doing well. You are not used to seeing something work like Ole Bob’s goods. Sit back and watch it do better. Don’t push a message somewhere it is ROLLING on it’s own.

    We must always concentrate our firepower. And stick to the basics. We are BUGS. Not enough to be just GOOD ….that is not good enough.

    The reason the editor said skip the beginning is because it sucked. I agree. This video should have had the hell cut out of it. Especially the beginning and all that middle dialogue. IF that would have been done……this would have been a blockbuster. Way too long for Youtube. This video was basically too long with fluff. We ain’t ain’t animating for disney……yet. Dialogue and concept were dynamite. But too long and there were other mistakes made…..that will not happen again.



    I should say…”some” of the middle dialogue.


    Henry Davenport

    I already apologized for my error on the working thread.

    When I first saw the video, I worried that viewers might leave it during the first 3 and 1/2 minutes, but I didn’t post the comment I wrote about that because I was exhilarated by the video and wanted to enjoy that and also not be a party pooper.

    But more importantly because I thought that what came after the beginning gained tremendous surprise and impact by following the placid ordinariness of the beginning. While watching the beginning and wondering what was going to happen, I had no idea what was coming, and when the “action” suddenly began it hit me like a ton of bricks!

    If you edit the video, I hope you can somehow retain that effect. If you just cut out the beginning and let the video begin at a later point, I think a lot of that effect will be lost and the whole video will have less impact.

    This video has made the best selection of basic idea…injuns and arriving Whites…that I can imagine being made, so I hope you guys will feel like getting this video as perfect as you can in spite of the possible attractions of moving on to other ideas.

    I don’t see any reason why in the form it’s already in the video can’t be a blockbuster. If you “improve” it, I hope you won’t take down this version but just put up a new one in addition.

    If the present version gains cachet, notoriety, surely people will spend 13 minutes watching it.

    My worry is how to make it become a staple of our culture so it will stay in the public mind for the next 10 years, rather than being just a flash in the pan that quickly gets a million views and then is forgotten about.

    For me, all the dialogue in the middle and elsewhere was great.



    dont apologize no need…just learn so it does not happen again

    I flew off the handle and played ole bob’s rendition of bobby knight and threw a chair at you guys…..the old coach was not around so you got me

    making mistakes is fine….not correcting them is unforgivable

    the beginning would have been fine for something MUCH longer than 13 minutes….but a 3 minute disney intro into a short anime is too much

    also there was middle dialogue that was dry….we could have had all the effect without the fluff and would have been more effective because MORE would view it

    Ten years from now I’ll be running the creative side of Disney or something and I can guarandamntee no one is going to be forgetting. Hitting the memes a variety of different ways in a variety of different media platforms will guarantee our success.



    *** NOTICE ***

    Tomorrow night (Friday 4/6) at 9:00pm Eastern, there will be a radio show at VoR and Horus will be the featured guest. Perhaps another BUGSer as well. The topics will include THE VIDEO.

    To listen, go to: and on the upper right of the page are all the links for accessing the show.

    If you’d like to join the Skype chat that accompanies the show, scroll down to “The Friday Show” on the right, and you’ll see a small blue “Skype” icon. Click that, and you’re “in” (if you have Skype, that is)

    See you there!


    Henry Davenport

    Go get ’em Horus, I guess I can stand a chair or two if it keeps your creative juices and spot-on coaching help flowing.

    I’ve been thinking about the idea I believe Bob wrote about recently, and Gavin repeated today, of giving people the space they need to think of the ideas they’re acquiring as being their own.

    (Gavin) “If someone is using our stuff we want to sit back and let them do it. If you rush in pounding their article with our stuff, they don’t take it on board as their own ideas.”

    I’m having some trouble with this notion of people “taking on stuff as their own ideas”…I can’t just see or feel that it’s something people obviously do. Instead I’m having to think about it. Offhand I can’t think of a single idea I hold that I would call my own.

    But certainly when I was young and in college I felt like I was quite the bright and independent-minded young fellow to be taking on all the ideas and attitudes of my professors.

    And recalling the exaggerated sense of self-expression with which most adults lit their cigarettes back in the 40s and 50s, certainly all of them who drove the sale of Winstons to the top of the charts after that famous Winstons jingle thought they had selected Winstons as their own idea.

    I’ll think more about this, and try to locate the blog Bob wrote about it. This isn’t a part of psychology I have a natural feel for.

    But about this video…I still think in its own way it’s perfect! Don’t you guys make like sensitive artists who decide their best work is no good and slash up the canvas!




    I was told 9:30 at vor but you guys can get on there early

Viewing 20 posts - 41 through 60 (of 119 total)

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