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I’m new to this and in need of some help..

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    I had recently made a comment on a public forum at a local radio station in response to the ridiculous comment about a White Activist, who is a political official wanting to stand up for Whites. My comment was,”The whole Steve Smith issue is a prime example of a double standard…. a man like Al Sharpton is simply a Black Activist but Mr Smith being a White Activist means he’s a racist???”
    I got a reply back and it is as follows:

    “Here is what Steve Smith told W***:

    “I am going to try and get candidates not to be cowardly on these issues. You saw what happened in Wilkes-Barre. The crime rate is out of control. People are moving in from New York and Philadelphia and people are afraid to address the problem head on without fear of being called a racist or white supremacist,” said Smith.
    He calls himself a white activist who wants equal rights for whites and minorities.

    Hmmm, ok I’m confused as to exactly why white Americans need an activist to ensure our equal rights. I get why un-empowered groups would want that, but as a group “White Americans” are getting the whole equal rights things. I get why minorities may feel the need to have activists…but I think White Americans have had it pretty good for a couple hundred years.

    So I’m not saying he is or isn’t a racist, I don’t know but I think at least part of what he purports to stand for is pretty much covered!”

    I am looking for a good response to his reply. I am not a very articulate woman, and tend to fly off the handle, which would make me look quite foolish lol I just want to put him in his place, so to speak.

    Any and all responses would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance,



    David Joop

    “So I’m not saying he is or isn’t a racist, I don’t know but I think at least part of what he purports to stand for is pretty much covered!”

    “You’re implying that he’s a racist, but you’re only saying that because he’s a White person standing up for the rights of White people

    You wouldn’t call an asian standing up for the rights of asians in an asian country a ‘racist’ or an ‘asian supremacist’.

    You wouldn’t call a black person standing up for the rights of africans in an african country a ‘black supremacist’. In fact you’d realise the whole concept to be ridiculous.

    Wake up and realise that America, a white country is being flooded with masses of non-white immigrants which combined with forced assimilation means the end of white people in America.

    That is GENOCIDE.

    As covered by U.N. law.

    Why aren’t cowardly folk like you addressing this issue?

    Is it because you say you are ‘anti-racist’ when really you are anti-white?”


    That’s just a guideline, I’m sure others will help out.


    Undercover Lover

    I would go with something like this;

    “White people are getting the whole equal rights thing? In the 1960’s ALL and ONLY white countries were told to open up their borders to millions of non-whites. Then ALL and ONLY white people were told they had to “integrate,” that is intermarry, or face the consequences of being a “naziwhowantstokill6millionjews.” Now ALL and ONLY white children are being told that they are becoming minorities and eventually will be extinct EVERYWHERE and that they have to be “ok” with this. If this was done to all and only black countries, people like you would quickly recognize it for the genocide that it is. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white. Explain to me where the “whole equal rights thing” is.


    Henry Davenport

    @ Shoorix69: This would be my response:

    “Steve Smtih states very explicitly why there IS a need for white activisim…whites are afraid to speak up in their own protection because anti-whites will beat them over the head with the R-word.

    But your response, like the response of all anti-whites, is to sidestep the actual injury to whites that is being addressed, and to sidestep the general discrimination against whites today of affirmative action programs, contract set-asides, preferential college admissions and scholarships, and preferential hiring and promotion of non-whites, and other measures.

    And this broad-spectrum attack on whites serves to soften up whites for the LARGER program that’s being carried out to reduce or eliminate the white population altogether.

    ALL white countries and ONLY white countries are being flooded with non-whites, and whites are forced to integrate with them so as to “assimilate,” i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.

    That’s genocide by U.N. definition. Forced assimilation was genocide when it was carried out against the Australian Aborigines, and it’s genocide now that it’s carried out against us.

    You who support that genocidal program call yourself anti-racist. What you are is anti-white.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white!”

    Shoorix69, what we do at this site is spread the message of the anti-white program of white genocide as contained in our Mantra:

    The paralyzing R-word has been hammered into white minds by anti-whites’ relentless repetition of that word. We are shoving the R-word out of white minds by unrelentingly repeating to whites the phrases “anti-white,” “white genocide,” and “anti-racist is a code word for anti-white,” which we intend will be the phrases that spring into white minds and onto white tongues whenever the subject of race is raised, instead of the despicable R-word that now springs into their minds and onto their tongues.

    You’ll find some brief but useful ammo to back up the fact of white genocide under the tab “About White GeNOcide Project” at

    You are of course very welcome to hang out here and absorb our understandings and techniques, in which case you will NEVER BE AT A LOSS AS TO HOW TO RESPOND!! Lol!! GUARANTEED!

    And now let’s see what the rest of the crew is telling you!


    Henry Davenport



    David Joop

    Thanks HD.



    Goodness Gracious!!! I have never felt so relieved to have so many responses!!! I have to start by saying THANK YOU ALL!!!! I first became aware of the “problem” some 21 yrs ago, I had recently become a single mother to a beautiful daughter. My ex has a last name that is shared by another race of people, and I need to point that out because of the following “incident”.
    I was in need of some temporary gov’t assistance so I phoned the local welfare office to apply for food stamps. The woman on the phone was so eager to help me after she had taken my name and other income related information. We then scheduled an appointment. When I arrived at my appointment, daughter in tow, I waited to be called. Once I had been called over the woman whom with I had spoken only the day before, looked at the papers she held and then back at me a couple of times. When I was seated she flat out told me that they couldn’t help me, that I needed to go to my family for help. WHAT?! Just yesterday she had told me that they could help!! I was so confused!
    I had relayed the days incident with my mother whose reply was as follows,”You are the wrong color, of course they won’t help you” (dripping w/ sarcasm!)
    Then over the yrs I had noticed other obvious signs that still didn’t seem to sink in until my better half started to educate me. POW! What a lesson I have learned over the past couple of years!!!
    I am going to copy and past parts of these replies, of course with your permission!!!

    Thank You All again!!!!


    David Joop

    You should stick around and learn the ropes.

    We could do with a female BUGSer.



    Of course I will!!!

    Thank You! I hope I can learn quickly and be of the same assistance when needed!!!!


    Henry Davenport

    @ Shoorix: “I am going to copy and past parts of these replies, of course with your permission!!!”

    No need to ever ask. That’s exactly what we WANT! :) No attribution required or desired.

    Here’s an audio that’s one introduction to what we do:


    Dick Whitman

    Shoorix69, how did you hear of BUGS?



    My other half is a Wide Awake Stormfronter and when I asked him to help me out with the comment I posted, he told me about BUGS…

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