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(Insert Country Here) Nationalist-How do they respond to the Mantra

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    Geee and i thought only Anti-whites were the problem.

    Haven’t came across this before. Its British Nationalist saying i am as bad as Jooos for suggesting they should put White Nationalism first and stop White Genocide. Can’t figure out if they are serious or just shills.




    The problem in the rural areas of Britain is that Polish and Portuguese (Whites) are coming over and taking the low paying jobs, which makes the British working class angry. If you jump into the BNP supporters way of thinking, they see the Eastern europeans as much an invasion as Africans/Muslims/Asians.

    In my opinion it’s people like that SF poster who are concerned about country first, and race second. I’d leave them be – I doubt any of us could change their priorities.


    Coniglio Bianco




    @Gar5 Yep you’re right and i know of the grievances and they are concerned about their country first but its a perfect example of putting the cart before the horse. As Bob said all that matters now is breathing. They honestly can’t see that White people come BEFORE their country. Their country is what it is because of White people and their country is rapidly becoming Non White, like ALL White countries. I am not sure if they are real White Nationalists or agent provocateurs or just half awaken Pro Whites. It certainly is a new audience for me. Kind of requires a slightly new approach, My concern is they have not answered my pro/anti questions and seem to be dodging them. Interesting. I am going to use it as a practice exercise and see what responses they come up with.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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