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Meme workshop, continued

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    Apparently, an effective way to stop globalists, anti-whites, or people on the left from screaming “Nazi!” and demoralising nationalists and pro-whites is to repeat (and repeat) the atrocities of left-wing tyrants, ( ). So, in this thread at 4Chan, I did so for about 20 posts, and now I’m linking the thread here so that I can copy & paste the writing for ease of use.

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    Excellent find. I truly miss Bob for his ability to cut right to the chase of any deception and share his insights with us here at BUGS.

    It reminds me of a conversation I had recently with two non-white fathers whose children attend a private Christian school that is 98% white. They both agreed the school was too “white bread” and had too many blue-eyed children. They were both for open borders and massive non-white (muslim/mestizo) immigration.

    I argued with them by trying to be “reasonable” and interjecting occasional
    (mantra talking points). I was called a “possible” white supremacist as they also discussed other people at the school who they had once liked but now from discussions labeled them as RACIST (which I am sure I am now also labelled).

    After the two anti-whites left, a conservative father who had been listening to the discussion said to me, “you should never talk politics with other people.” In other words: don’t be BORING.

    Aside: I had an empty feeling after this encounter with both the non-white parents and the conservative father …I now know from BOB’s article I had acted like a “respectable conservative” (cuckservative); something I despise.

    thanks for the article.


    When have you last thought about the far-left commie killers, who murdered tens of millions in their countries during peacetime? Those so-called “worker’s paradises” were turned into prisons, with borders closed against people from escaping and getting out. An Iron Curtain. 1Sec Stalin and Chairman Mao are infamous for their high body counts, as I already mentioned, in the several tens of millions.


    The ideas of the far-left are so bad that when they are put into practice, everyone tries to leave because their lives are under threat. However, today there are some people who march in the streets with hammer-and-sickle symbols, which represent these terror states of the 20th Century, like the Soviet Union. When will politicians denounce and disavow the far-left imagery? After all, killing on the scale of several tens of millions is something that must never happen again, the political activity which took place under the hammer-and-sickle.


    But it’s time to talk about far-left atrocities. Why would you try to cover that up?

    The blood of the slain cries out from history for recognition. Several tens of of millions murdered behind an Iron Curtain. That’s what happens when extreme left ideas are put into practice. Mass murder and closed borders keeping people in.

    Why wouldn’t you want people knowing, discussing, and maintaining awareness of those crimes?


    (That thread at 4Chan was removed from the archive and deleted out-right.)

    time for freedom

    “Denial of White Genocide is part of White Genocide”

    “Only anti-whites deny that there is a program of White Genocide”

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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