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New Important Twitter Hashtag

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    time for freedom

    New Twitter Hashtag: #WhyDoWhitePeopleTolerate. It’s an open-ended question that has a million+++++ answers for our people.



    That is a very good hashtag. I went ahead and added a couple of my memes to that hashtag.

    I still haven’t gotten the hang of twitter yet.

    Like who should I tweet to?
    What should I retweet?
    What hashtags should I use?

    When tweeting somebody,

    Should it be for example, you go to fox news on twitter and tweet a reply to one of their tweets:

    Replying to @FoxNews
    Asia 4 Asians, Africa 4 Africans, White countries 4 Everybody!
    Can any sane person not realize that turning Every White country non-White through massive 3rd world immigration and assimilation is #WhiteGenocide?

    Should I Compose new Tweet and mix trending hashtags within my tweet along with a graphic and should I include people @’s

    Or should I retweet things and add a comment to it with our White Genocide meme if it doesn’t already?

    Anybody who retweets or favorites my tweets, should I follow them including all of their followers?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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