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    J Locke

    I talked to Joe about using his podcast to help promote Swarm activism and the Mantra. He wants ideas on how he can help.

    Here is some of my letter to him:
    You need to figure out a way to compliment and build the ranks of the Swarm. Make Swarm terminology a regular part of your show, but we need all WN to get on board in being activists.

    If you think about it, it has to be as easy as sitting at home in comfort for people to save Whites or they may never do it. Now we can with the internet. The internet is our only media, our only means of awakening the masses.

    If you agree the Swarm is possibly the only real solution there is, spend some time considering how you can incorporate the Swarm into your definition on how we wake up White people. Consider what could be done to compliment the Swarm with your podcast.

    If you become a stronghold for an activism that any White person can do (The Swarm), us Swarm members might help promote your podcast when we post mini-mantras on the internet.

    Then you may have an active network of free publicists, essentially.

    None of us have found a way to reach the 200k+ WN that are members of Stormfront. If we had just a fraction of that number participating the Swarm, we could wake up Whites.

    The reason participating in the Swarm is crucial is because Whites need to be constantly exerting energy repelling their genocide, and the Swarm is the only effective way to do that.

    Here is some of his response:

    I will preface the following by saying that I am not an easy person to impress.

    But upon talking to Horus, both on and off the air, I was extremely impressed. We had a few breaks during that interview and talked personally for hours.

    I am also not particular fanatical about any particular ideology, memes, or philosophies but the mantra does it for me. It took me a while to come around to it and as the days have passed, I have realize that the solution lies within the mantra. I have some additions to it as you can read in my handbook [handbook link – ], which is more geared towards practicing White racial loyalists, but the mantra serves the greatest purpose. If you read through my twitter, I elements of it daily.

    Having said that, I am absolutely on board with whatever you can offer me. We are getting EXTREMELY good numbers. Last month we exceeded 100,000 hits and we continue to grow, especially with what we have planned.

    I am up for promoting the mantra all over, not necessarily to the extent that WRR does, but promoting it greatly. The only reason I say not in an exclusive manner is because we are a talk show.

    Let me know what I can do. We have, in The White Voice, a very powerful tool that would be of great help to the Swarm and I’m sure the swarm would be of great help to us. Our FAQ’s are a great start and example of an incorruptible message that just takes the mantra to the next level in my opinion.

    Let me know.


    Daniel Genseric

    Great initiative and networking. This is force-multiplying traction.


    Awesome news, networking in the WN community and getting everyone on a consistent message is going to be the key in this war. Nice work brother.


    J Locke

    Thanks to both of you. Does anyone have any ideas about how the show can be used to get people to participate in Swarm Activism?

    We could put a click-able Mantra image on his site ( ) that links to info on how to participate in the Swarm.

    We could produce mantra commercials and bits that encourage Swarm participation.

    Any ideas for Swarm and Mantra bits and commercials?


    J Locke

    I haven’t found a way to get people to participate in the only activism that can save them – the Swarm.

    I have tried on public chat rooms, the Whites just want to complain about the problems.

    I used to listen to a radio show where the host would prank call restaurants on the air and play a character.

    Could this podcast have a bit where they call random White people on the phone and discuss White Genocide and the solution? Could it be entertaining and motivating? Who could the show call?



    I am new to the Swarm but is there an email list I could be part of? Does Bob have a weekly email?

    My big suggestion is create front page link to a master list of mini-mantras. I had to bookmark the 2 mini-mantras lists. Very difficult to find if you don’t know where to look.


    J Locke

    zyzz, welcome aboard, great to have you here.

    There is no email list.

    A front page link to a master list of mini-Mantras is a good idea. I’m sure it will be implemented some day.



    Thanks runner!

    I found about BUGS after a few weeks of seeing the Mantra and wondering where it came from. I eventually found out about BUGS by accident surfing this racialist blog:

    Put up a front page short introductory post like that with links to BUGS, the mantra, and mini-mantras. I think it will help recruits find their way here to help out. I’m so glad I found this site. After reading and observing veterans, I started debating with the Mantra and have been spreading the good word ever since with great results.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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