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    Anti-Whites obviously cannot attack our message because that would spread it for us, so their new tactic is to pose as Swarm members and disrupt our efforts.


    Troll Alert:

    the troll who is using my name Wolfram has now posted fake comments on:

    7/28/2012 at 12:59 am (page 469) as Wolfram and

    7/28/2012 at 1:00 am (page 470) as Wolfram.

    To the Webmaster: If this guy continues with my username delete both and I’ll come back using another avatar.

    ..first there was the rumor that I was dead (while I was away on vacation)

    Now we have my first imposter “H Avenger”…….I feel privileged
    Daniel Genseric

    I received a BUGS PM from an imposter of another BUGSter and knew straight away that it wasn’t said BUGSter. They are so transparent. Subversion.


    1. Report any unusual posts or personal messages from Swarmers in this thread.

    2. Don’t click on links in personal messages. They may contain viruses or spyware.

    3. Make sure you have decent Anti-Virus software. AVG Free is popular.

    4. If you are asked if you want to commit a crime reply “That is a crime.” Never reply “Yes” / “No”.

    5. Avoid personal details that could be useful in tracking you or impersonating you.


    there is a quick fix to this….  the administrator needs to disable the ability to use nicknames rather than their original login name… voila.


    It should be this easy for anyone to clone a user’s nickname.


    PS… if you are logging user IPs…. send me the IP of the person who is cloning


    It should be this easy for anyone to clone a user’s nickname.

    woops i mean it SHOULDNT be this easy to clone a users nickname


    Daniel Genseric


    I do believe BUGS is logging IP’s. I have seen them somewhere while posting. Hopefully Brian will drop the offender(s) IP in this thread when he gets a minute.

    There is an imposter in here already. Notice the TWO different Gar5’s? One is subscriber level. The other is Contributor level. You are being watched, poser.



    @ Genseric

    Notice too the difference in the Link to my profile and the other Gar5 username on this thread:

    My profile link:
    Other Gar5’s profile link:

    I don’t think that other one is trolling because they sign their post with, “Sincerely,

    I think he/she was just demonstrating to us, maybe?



    Thanks for the ideas folks. I’ll implement a few things tonight

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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