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Texas Shooter Memes

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    time for freedom

    Instead of worrying about whether the shooter was white or not, we need to jump on these very tragic events and highlight how the perpetrators became so violent as a result of the anti-whitism which exists in our whole system, and how this leads to anti-white violence, all in service of the ongoing program of white genocide. I’ve been tweeting out the following 4 talking points below. This is what the anti-whites do, and it’s been a very successful strategy for them, we need to start our own narrative which brings the issue of white genocide out as the cause of all this violence, regardless of who commits it, and regardless of who it is perpetrated upon.

    ‘The Texas Shooter was a card carrying Democrat. Not suprising because they have been advocating #antiwhitism for years. It’s #WhiteGenocide’

    ‘The Texas Shooter was created by the #antiwhite Media, Education, and Political System,Which ALL advocate #antiwhite Hate and #WhiteGenocide’

    ‘The Texas shooter was induced to become a murderous #antiwhite maniac as a result of the mental harm he suffered from #antiwhite schooling’

    ‘The Texas shooter did this shooting because he was so horribly damaged by the #antiwhite psychological re-conditioning in our schools’




    I agree with you. I always swarm at places when a tragic even happens such as the terrorist attack in NYC last week, including the Las Vegas massacre, etc. When I swarm at these kind of places the anti-Whites get very angry when I push the topic on White Genocide in the middle of a comment section of the Article talking about a tragedy. I also try to make sure I swarm when an article is talking about immigration, Diversity, interracial marriage, etc. For example, Anywhere that was talking about that Diversity visa. I made sure I hammered ‘Diversity’ is a codeword for White Genocide with a mini or just the repeater phrase itself.

    Regards to your talking points, I like the 3rd and the 4th. In the very first one that uses “democrat”, I would not use democrat and I would try to mix in “Self-Hatred” IMO. I modified the 3rd talking point below to my advantage:

    ‘The Texas shooter was induced to be a murderous/self-hating #antiwhite as a result of the mental harm he suffered from #antiwhite schooling’



    “White self-hatred is SICK!!” gets a people questioning their own anti-white biases, especially in relation to a discussion that’s already on mental illness. At the same time, one ought never to leave off pointing out the contradiction that Asia is for the Asians, Africa is for the Africans, but in every white country there is a criminal process of genocide making those countries non-white.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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