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    I recently got another account suspension notice, and something appears different this time. Instead of simply clicking a button to appeal the suspension, it wants me to fill out a form now, under “file help request.” What to do?


    Benjamin Newells

    Ever since my second suspension, I’ve had to fill out forms. I usually just write something like “Whoops! I think I wrote too many messages too quickly!” And I get to use my account again within a few hours to 24 hours (I don’t really know the exact time).



    don’t follow too many people too quickly ….take it easy and go a little at a time over the first few weeks on a new acct.



    What causes a suspension.



    I can sympathize. I’ve had four Twitter accounts suspended in a week.



    “What causes a suspension”

    One way I know of getting a suspension is to sit on a hashtag and frequently reply to tweets. Frequently being 10-20+ replies an hour for a few hours.



    Thanks alot seapea.



    I’ve accumulated a lot of twitter accounts. So, as one gets suspended, I do the little appeal thing, sign out, and move to a new account. Later (maybe days or weeks later) I cycle back to it.

    Expect to be suspended a 100 times. It’s no biggie. It’s just an awesome way to keep raiding.



    Does anyone know if everyone can still see your tweets even while you are suspended? Including the people you followed or sent tweets to? Just thought I’d ask, because I’m proud of my productivity of late. I must have tweeted outgoing messages like 50 times without interruption the night before my last suspension! I didn’t even see the message until I logged back in the next day. I was on a real streak that night. 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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