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    I created this post to kinda clean up the SMARM area a little bit since we’ve been randomly posting about it here & there.



    I do have a Facebook account. I don’t post anything Facebook. I have an absolute minimum of details on it. Not sure if they are even real.
    I don’t trust Facebook but for some posts you have to have a Facebook sign in.

    Twitter I have just started with this. I see lots of people on there. I think this could be helpful in swarming.
    People put links up in Tweets.
    If the swarm were following each other and one put up a link we would know where to go.
    Problem is so would the enemy.
    I recently had a Yahoo answers suspension. Alright I can make another account but considering I had 9% best answers it was annoying.

    Tumblr – had a look last night – not sure how this works.
    TBH I have had very little to do with these social network sites.



    Six Gun, when Yahoo suspended you, was it by email account or by IP address?

    I was able to use a facebook account to post a ton of stuff about 2 months ago, but it has since gotten much harder. I’ve changed fb accounts, so not sure if it is fb or that the sites see my IP address, or a combo of both.



    The account was suspended. As it turned out I had another account and this works fine on the same IP


    someone had actually started an unofficial whiterabbitradio Facebook a while back & it was nicely done w/ mantra quotes, pictures, & links the whole 9.. but I looked for it last night & the night before and now its nowhere to be found.. although the “Stop White rabbit radio” facebook account is still going strong.
    I’m wondering if it got pulled or flagged for some type of “Hate speech” violation.


    I started a Tumblr last night & I managed to get it set up w/ an Undercover lover avi & posted a few pictures, & a link to How whites took over America & followed a couple of people but Im not really sure how to tag posts & do a search on stuff or other users. If anyone is here is Tumblr savvy & has any suggestions please feel free to share.



    in your Tumblr blog, when you post images and other posts, look on the right hand side. There is a box. Type in the tag you want like “politics” “news” white genocide” anti-white” followed by a comma. Then your post should be viewable to people searching that particular tag.

    Great way for us to connect btw.



    also, my guess is the way to get the message out is to tag your post in unrelated topics (your account might be suspended though. I really don’t know) in topics like “lol” “gif” “what” “gif” and other popular tags. There is an entire list of popular tags on the Tumblr site that you can look up.

    The best part is if people want to respond to you, they have to reblog your entire post, which means everyone who follows THEM, sees your post. You can get viral really quick. Expect heavy backlash including social justice groups calling you evil lol. I expect none of us to really care about that though.



    Just thought I would post a mantra status report here. I have been posting mantra concepts on twitter for a few months now. I just wanted a change from doing the YT and web comments routine.

    At first, I had a couple of really vicious anti-whites bite, then they stopped. I am not sure why, but silence is a delivered message.

    The good thing is that my followers have doubled since I have being posting mantra concepts.I also have seen good tweets from other bugsters in twitter land.

    The terms “anti-white and “white genocide” occasionally show up in tweets that did not come from known bugsters. That is good.

    Using twitter forces one to be very creative in tweets because of the character limitations. If I keep working with this tool enough, I maybe able to find new creative ways to tweet mantra concepts.



    ioannes I just saw some of your tweets, I am following you now.


    Z, once again thanks a bunch Im gonna goof around w/ it some more 2day

    ioannes, your def gonna find some of the most rabid Anti-Whites on twitter & theres been times where I’ve had blood shooting out of my eye sockets dealing w/ them & no help from any SWARM members until recently.. I’ve also been noticing more Non-BUGSters that are starting to get on message as well so we’ve definitely made an impact.



    “I’ve had blood shooting out of my eye sockets” LOL



    @HVRabbit; I check my Connect messages on twitter everyday, and I have not seen any anti-white tweets recently. I am not doubting you, its just that I have not been on the receiving end.

    From now on, Ill pay closer attention to your reply tweets to anti-whites.


    @ zyzz, I figured out the tags but when I search a tag I cant find my post… any clue of why this is??



    It might just not just be showing up yet. I’m not sure why.

    This is the link to your blog btw.

    Your above link just gave the link to your “dashboard.” 😉

    I am following you.


    lol ok.. Im clueless w/Tumblr its amazing I got as far as i did.. Where do I find my followers?


    gettin better Z.. I Definitely see Tumblr as a being a great tool for us


    Hey guys, look who found on twitter.. remember him? >@goldentony111 .. another one on there as well sure both his accounts (@BobWhitakerNazi).. they are both hauting Bobs twitter.. anyone on twitter spam block the accounts & get them suspended


    sorry for the typos.. letters & words seem to magically disapear when posting via moblie

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