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White Genocide Petition

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    Daniel Genseric

    You bet. In the past two weeks it has been 90%+ from S. Africa, a smattering of American pro-whites, a couple from Ireland, Germany, one from Finland, quite a few from the UK, and a couple of anti-whites who signed Oblameya’s name and one registering their digital information as “Fucky McFuckwit.” Wonder if that is female or male?



    Would SF put up a banner linking to the petition?
    There is White Pride Enterprises on its own now – I’ve seen Horus with a banner.
    Not sure if Don charges but if not and he is agreeable.
    I’ll make a Banner image for you if you can get agreement.



    This is a quickie – it is the right size of image.



    Not sure if this has been suggested before but:

    A copy of this should be sent to to Marine Le Pen immediately. She has recently asked for a law “against anti-White racism”. I will leave the rest to the imagination.


    Daniel Genseric

    @Crazy Ivan

    “A copy of this should be sent to Marin Le Pen…”

    As Bob likes to say, suggestions for someone ELSE to do something usually fall on deaf ears around here. BUGS is about the doing part of the equation. Report your results please.




    1) I have contacted Beefcake who I know has spoken to Don Black as he has been on the SF radio show.
    I’ve sent him the details (message to Beefcake copy messaged to Daniel on this website). I’ve asked Beefcake if he would speak to Don about putting a link in on SF.

    2) I have started a link on the British Stormfront forum

    With the appliance of science the image I knocked together links straight into petition page.

    3) Does anyone we know speak good French? If Marin Le Penn is to be contacted then it must be in perfect French. I should ideally come from someone in France.
    The moderators for Stormfront en Français would be a good starting point.
    So do we have someone who speaks French?

    4) What about a chain email to sympathetic people we know. If each sends to 5 who send to 5. Many hands.

    I had a problem with the petiton which was putting my details in like address. Like who am I giving the address to suspicion.
    I guess there is no way round that really


    Daniel Genseric

    1541 signatures as of 06:21 CST.

    Almost entirely South Africa.

    What do you mean a problem? It wouldn’t accept the entry/data (or lack thereof)? Or did you have a personal problem with entering an address? Just enter fake information if that is the case. The important part is unique people are signing the petition.

    That was not exactly what I hoped you would do. Are you afraid of writing Don Black yourself?  I’m sure Beefy is plenty busy. Besides that, Jack Boot is the administrator on SF anyways.

    French would be great, but I have a feeling someone in her office speaks English. I will tell you what, Ms. Le Pen makes herself more available than anyone from Russia. It’s too bad I don’t know who WRITES for her. Letter sent anyways. Maybe it goes to that person by default.

    Dearest Ms. Marine Le Pen

    First, allow me to apologize for not writing this in French. Unfortunately, I only know how to speak English and some German.

    I am writing you as the call goes out to all European and Russian leaders to help stop the genocide taking place in every white country and only in white countries. Many people prefer to claim that they are “anti-racist” while they call for MORE massive immigration & assimilation (i.e. intermarriage with all those non-whites) in all of those white countries. It is becoming more clear every day that what these people really are is anti-white. Only white children are left wondering what to do about this genocide disguised as “Morality.” That is precisely why anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

    I hope you will find the time in your undoubtedly busy schedule to read the petition we have drafted and have had signed by no less than 1500 pro-white dissidents. My wish is for you to help get the word out about what is truly happening to our children in every white country. They have been targeted for genocide. Will you answer the call, Ms. Marine Le Pen? Will you help force the news agencies and other controlled media to call it what it truly is? Will you be the first to do so?

    Warmest regards,
    Daniel Genseric
    Senior Staff
    Twitter: @EuroAmericansMN


    Reference (talking points):
    L’Afrique aux Africains, l’Asie aux Asiatiques, les pays blancs pour tout le monde.

    Tout le monde dit qu’il existe un problème RACIAL. Tout le monde dit que ce problème RACIAL sera résolu quand le tiers-monde se sera déversé dans CHAQUE pays blanc… mais SEULEMENT dans les pays blancs.

    Les Pays-Bas et la Belgique en sont pleins à craquer de ces non-blancs, bien plus que le Japon ou Taiwan. Cependant, personne ne dit que le Japon ou Taiwan résoudront ce problème RACIAL en amenant chez eux des millions de personnes du tiers-monde et en les “assimilant’.

    Tout le monde dit que la solution finale à ce problème RACIAL est à la charge de CHAQUE pays blanc et que SEULS les pays blancs doivent assimiler ou se métisser avec tous ces non-blancs.

    Que dire si j’affirmais que ce problème RACIAL existe et que celui-ci allait être résolu seulement si des centaines de millions de non-noirs arrivaient dans chaque pays noir et seulement dans ces pays noirs?

    Combien de temps cela prendra-t-il à chacun de réaliser que je ne parle pas d’un problème RACIAL. Je parle de la solution finale au problème NOIR.

    Combien de temps cela prendrait-il à un homme noir sain de remarquer cela et quel homme noir dérangé n’y aurait d’objection?

    Si je déclare cette vérité évidente sur le programme génocidaire actuel dirigé contre ma race, la race blanche, les libéraux et les conservateurs respectueux tombent d’accord pour dire que je suis un nazi-qui-veut-tuer-six-millions-de-juifs.

    Ils se disent anti-racistes. Ils sont anti-blancs.

    Anti-raciste est un nom de code pour anti-blanc.



    A personal problem with the address.
    I’d seen the petition before but it seemed to be for Americans. Then I came back to it and thought sod it and signed up.
    As you may know in the last few days prothink has been thrown off GoDaddy. Indeed a number have been thrown off due to pressure presumably from You know Who.
    There has been trouble for quite a number of Whites and the less they know about you the more likely you can carry on your business without someone knocking on the door.
    The informaton goes into the site – it goes to you and the ADL, but you don’t know it ever went to the ADL. It was nothing to do with you, it was nothing to do with the petition website, it was everything to do with a little box installed at a junction somewhere controlled by You know Who.

    I am just a bit funny about putting details in. I’m not up to no good, but IMO prothink was not either. I don’t agree with everything Mike Delaney has done but his heart is in the right place.

    I’ve signed up – all proper details but it did make me hesitate.



    Daniel – my youngest daughter is fluent in French – I can’t believe I am so dumb.
    Have you sent it?
    I have put this on Stormfront en Français

    plus I will send it to my daughter. I should be able to get it done one way or the other. – emailed her [tick]


    Daniel Genseric

    Absolutely. “This thing of ours” we call practical politics can have real world consequences. Stay on your toes Euro rabbits. Just remember, ours is the moral high road.


    Daniel Genseric


    I am sure Ms. Le Pen (or staff) wouldn’t mind getting TWO letters from genuinely concerned citizens.

    Edit: I’d pull that logo off of your artwork if you want Don (and others) to take it seriously.



    Hi Guys,

    I don’t want to take all the credit for the spike in the number of South Africans who have signed the petition, but I put links all over my blog to the petition and in the last couple of weeks my blog went nuts, with more than 100 000 page views in two weeks. Mostly from the UK, strangely.

    People are scared in SA. The ANC and their Youth League are openly saying that land reform should be as forceful as war. The ANC are discussing the ‘second transition’ this week and they claim that too much of the economy is still in ‘white hands’. They’re even trying to get their filthy hands on our pension funds now.

    I managed to get a letter with links to my site on the British National Party’s front page.

    Please have a look at my site and spread the word. A lot of people are exiting my site directly to the petition.

    I don’t know if you guys know about the march that the people at have organized against white genocide in South Africa on the 22nd of September in Washington DC. They actually managed to get a booking in front of the white house or wherever they so these things. They could use some help to promote the march as well.




    Sorry I’ve been busy – have altered the banner so no on it.



    saffa – put the image
    on your site and link it to the petition webpage. I have taken the logo off this image but I can send you one with one on, which ever you like

    I would imagine the Nationalist parties in Europe would be positive.
    Are you a member of
    There is a South African thread. They will help you.
    There will be members of all the Nationalist political parties on the different threads for the different countries.
    Definite there is BNP and National Front on the British thread.
    Contact them – asking for help.
    If you are not a member you won’t be able to start a thread.
    If you aren’t a member you need to join and put up here what you want to say. Plus what your username is then I or someone else can start the threads and put who to contact via the messaging system on Stormfront.

    1) We want everyone to sign the petition – so the image linked to the petition webpage needs to be there.
    2) You want to talk to the representatives of the political parties for the various countries, so they need to contact you.
    3) You are looking for their support and whatever practical help they can offer.
    4) This needs to go on the main site and every national thread on SF.

    Any thing else?



    saffa – I would take your email off – people should contact you via the message system on this website or via SF when you join.
    Your email will get spammed if you leave it sitting there on the webpage unless there is a cloaking system on this website.
    Ask for it to be removed if you can no longer edit your post.

    Your webpage is set to a very wide screen -it looks great on one of my monitors but that is really big. The other the webpage is too wide and you have to scroll sideways to see it all. Would suggest you reduce this if you can.



    A poster on SF on the French thread answered – not with a translation saying

    “Marine Le Pen won’t answer your call. She’s not a racialist. You can send her this message but it’s a waste of time.”

    We should still send this. This is just one opinion. She is pro-White or she would not complain about anti-White.



    six gun – Thanks for your reply.

    I’ll follow your advice. Can’t seem to edit my post though. I’ll ask them to take it off.

    The blog: The truth about south africa is my site.

    The southafricaproject site is the site of the guys who are organizing the march in Washington DC.

    I don’t know which one you referred to when you said it’s too wide.

    I’ll join Stormfront as well.

    The BNP is definitely supporting us. They helped people from the Afrikaner community to do a presentation of farm murders at the European Parliament and helped them to lay charges against the ANC at the International Court in the Hague. And they published my letter, as I mentioned.

    I’ve also emailed all the other right-wing parties in Europe.

    Anyway, keep up the good work.


    Daniel Genseric


    Welcome. Yes you can EDIT. Click/hover on the grey in the upper left-hand corner. Hit the dashboard. Click on ALL replies. Find your entry. Click on the blue edit button. Edit the text. Click blue update button on lower right of screen. Voila.

    Please finish by keeping up the great work and reporting it more often.


    The hell she isn’t pro-white. That “poster” is bonkers in my estimation. Ms. Le Pen is well on her way to calling it what it is, white genocide. WE, the few who DO, decide what works. We do not take orders or cues from the peanut gallery permanently parked in the bleachers. Thanks for taking the initiative!



    LOL – Peanut gallery! could be an ADL operative on SF – go forth and multiply to those lovely people.

    She is pro-White and if we all don’t stick together, then when this all falls apart we aren’t going to come out on top.
    This has got to be seen as a first run for the situation should [when] it become worse.

    @saffa – let me know when you have a username on SF – we can work together to get your message onto all the different countries threads. I am six gun on SF.

    Are there any non US/UK BUGS who can help?

    I will chase my lovely daughter about the French translation. The other can do Mandarin but I don’t imagine the PRC will be willing to help.
    We need proper translations if we can.



    @DG, I know mate, and I do appreciate the criticism but HOW else can I put an idea out there and see what others think except to just state it? I did not theory-craft, only state it plainly.


    Anyhow, the folks over at SF are terribly demoralized, La Pen is not. I do not expect her to do anything. We argue with the AW but do not expect to win. We expect to make a POINT and the audience to remember it.

    La Pen has an audience. She has recently introduced them to the phrase ‘anti-White’. Let’s see if she can introduce them to the obvious fact that our race is undergoing GeNOcide. That’s the point.

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